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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2018 3:00am-3:02am CET

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if you. visit all the way. to turn the most favorite hold. off on the low a bit to do so. actually the. turkish german journalist says he was held hostage without charge by ankara the forty four year old was released after over a year in turkish custody on friday pending trial for spreading propaganda in support of a terrorist organization denies the allegations five other germans who call political prisoners still remain behind bars in turkey. the german foreign minister sigma gabriele calls for european unity during his address at the munich security
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conference he also says the u.s. and europe need to return to historical bonds in the face of growing assertiveness from countries like china he emphasized this is not the time for pursuing individual national interests. a mexican military helicopter has crashed in the state as a prepare to land killing at least thirteen people on the ground and injuring fifteen others it was carrying officials including the country's interior minister who were serving damage from a powerful earthquake no one on board was seriously injured. kosovo is marking a decade since independence from serbia prime minister ramos says jew thousand and eight marked a new beginning for its ethnic albanian majority one hundred seventeen nations have recognized kosovo but its sovereignty remains fiercely contested by serbia. a museum's mistook she gets
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a once in it sounds cold so cold chain can sound good is kind of cool so i bought it for. people who put big dreams on the big screen. and movie magazine on the dummy. cut. its much say twenty three in the industry guys and their weekend kicked off on friday here in berlin with counter being outsmarted by robin quite sort of mites who win their first game on the road in awe.


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