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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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the same fourteen the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. to come on the floor just a sign and when it comes to the fans of the humans and see them why through fools who have desire to put their trust in us. my name is jim paris and i weren't. hi everyone and welcome to our highlights show i'm your host meghan lee bringing you the best pics of the week here's a look at what's coming up. on its head celebrating georg's final this is inverted
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style as the artist turns eighty. on his way back seems to moan sets out to revive the legendary house of azhar oh. and on her own sara in the background creative a three d. illustration. we start the show with a portrait of a man considered to be one of the most important contemporary painters of our time georg basel but now his work is deeply rooted in european history and american painting early on he decided to turn things upside down and we sat down with him to find out why. the world isn't upside down but gail vassalage says while there is the german artist who grew up in east germany started inverting his paintings in one nine hundred sixty nine his retrospective at basil's found us around by our features many of these images salutes his continued working with upside down
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imagery till the present day. is pretty new at the course the other one for the discovery but i love the idea and i can hardly believe i invented it because i had this idea when i was totally unknown with my peers or my competitors to the gimmick. but i think it's a great way to paint pictures that are unlike anything done in the past and be a lot or unlike what others do. over the course of a career that spanned six decades georg basle it's also made a number of mostly monumental sculptures to be d.m. group one of his most famous is on view in the garden or found out soon by and. helps him out basil it's his eightieth birthday the retrospective features some eighty paintings and ten sculptures on loan from renowned european and us os collections. vacillates co-curator the exhibition.
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i was quite anxious beforehand i didn't know if all the artworks would live up to the expectations of this fantastic space in this fantastic museum with all these visitors movies and public home i had a really bad and possibly a guilty conscience. but now that the works are on the walls i have to say bravo to augusta which is so far. at eighty eight is among germany's oldest living artists is clearly enjoying the bounce surrounding his upcoming birthday but despite his commercial success he's maintained his ability for reinvention. everybody likes a show off and everyone likes to get to go close for it but of course subsides quickly and is discarded swiftly if it is conformist and. gail bartlett's
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was born to hand scale can in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight in the village of deutsche positons which inspired his ideas. on by a lie is showing some of his early works like break night down the drain from nine hundred sixty three which sparked a scandal when it was first exhibited in west berlin the artist was taken to court and accused of showing pornography. is nine hundred sixty series the hero's addresses the bombing records on his childhood village during world water. in one nine hundred sixty nine he began painting his subjects' upside down this has since become his trademark and it catapulted him to wealth by fact. martin shanta curated a show together with vasilis aegis mrs rumors that bacile it secretly paints his
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works right side up and simply presents them upside down. in basel it's painted his motifs upside down from the very beginning and and that will prove that if you flip a reproduction of his paintings around you'll notice that its composition falls apart the picture only works upside down the built. in the new are in often called. ah so that's his latest work painted upside down of course also on display he now focuses on physical decline the theme of fun. he spends two hours a day working in his studio. gets a default blog about so close to my work so it becomes so lost that i can't paint on the wall even the smallest drops trickle down i work on the ground or norm and call him a call for. help consulate's at eighty years of age the painter is passionate about
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he's on to santa and he's still got plenty of fresh ideas. the biggest names in old crow tour showed their spring collections in paris this week but all eyes have been on the new kid on the block. maxime simone took over as head designer last march and he certainly has big shoes to fill le reese's are was a respected name in old couture and designed for legends such as brigitte bardot and elizabeth taylor well after s.r.o. died in two thousand and three the house changed hands it's now looking to simone to carry on its reputation. this was mc seem similar second to al xing for us. before the show the thirty three year old french design i was busy multitasking backstage he prefers to put the finishing touches on himself. yet as lost as you have it i'm
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a bit nervous but that's normal but i can say with a clear conscience that i gave it all our goal to the need to pull the hand i have a clear vision that people will like or not. simone's find his skills working for such a list could surely ace as. christiane to your and. then he turn to critic or take loads for men under his own label he was appointed artistic director at azhar last year greta new life into the fashion house. these awards are all key i did experience two strong decades because then it got a bit musty look these various designers tried to revive the brand but it didn't work. now might seem is here if you don't will do all the next you know it's much more interesting for investors to try to revive these illustrious houses studios and then to create new brands out of nothing did nothing to get so in the case of.
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d.s. our label turned fifty last year it was founded by telling design a lorises who builds a celebrity following within a state defined by luxury and. a whole constellation of stars warriors gals in the one nine hundred seventy s. including jane birkin and still lead. in music. as our own wants to make women more beautiful it's us style is very feminine. glamorous and extravagant community unlike my own style which is more stuff but i tried to combine the two which was very stimulating and a real challenge of a moment in some but i think the best. for his second collection he minded the labels archives and the result was
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a contemporary take on some of the fashion houses seventy signature is this is his take on larson zorro's three rings. receive him on speed research in the archives was a great inspiration and i tried to understand the clothing design and then to change them for example the sleeves so i turned long dresses into draped skirts the more you delve into a fashion label style the more you learn what is suitable for the present day so that the no to book maxime's maxime similar lens is good at putting himself inside laura says zorro skin the style is unmistakable miss your eyes are like black he liked white crystals and sequins. women had to be sexy and he opted almost exclusively for evening gowns and all that is present in this collection. not quite old could do a perhaps more like rock for young trainee and wealthy fans men and women alike.
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but you build the feeling i wanted the stars for men and women not to defy wildly to be androgynous you know if it lead to some still very glamorous fashion but obviously unicef. goal was to mix up the wardrobe of the most of the time for men to wear women's jackets and women to wear men's shirts. it's a topical concept but not a new one it's an open question whether similar ways will win over investors in a short amount of time to diffuse the flash and it's hard for a young. designer to redefine a brand and to make it successful against us people may think it's easy but it's not apology it takes time and today the fashion houses don't give their designers times to find themselves and their place to form a unit with a label so that it succeeds again to sample to do the nowadays fashion houses switch designers to fast. maybe make seem
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simple when's unique style will help green is our route back to new heights of success at any rate he stands for a new generation of design is from could put on is after the show he needs to put the crowd and enjoy the. more and more young people are using products that perhaps their parents or even their grandparents once used record players cassette players roll film cameras and even polaroid cameras are seeing a revival while camera manufacturers are taking advantage of this surprising development in photography. hidden beneath this is alex she's not into modern technology she prefers. cameras this one is perfect for getting a panorama shot st every shot is
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a considered decision. i have the feeling that most people now only see the whole the day or whatever they're taking a picture all through a lens since i stopped doing that and consciously opted for analog photography i feel much better it's taken off the pressure. she takes pictures and also teaches others how to use the technology as well as how to develop the resulting photos her studio is in berlin is former east every week she meets up here with like minded photographers. like most is how the whole process is slow down you concentrate on what's essential. it's not just a quick snapshot you can see the result immediately and that's what's interesting. i'm fascinated by analog photography it feels real because it's physical. you can actually touch it. it's not something abstract. this there's so much interest in analog photography that new cameras are now coming out on the
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market. on the reflex the first new manual film camera in more than twenty five years other manufacturers are also trying their hand at instant cameras with a picture costing about a euro a piece. which made its name with instant photography decades ago had gone bankrupt when polish businessman. bought it up he brought out a new camera last year with the hope of winning over the instagram generation. younger people are like wow this new thing is amazing yeah sure it was in the past but it's a new experience for them it's you know this photograph is a rare experience where you have some framing something happening outside of your smartphone that's interesting and i think this is the part that that the younger audience really appreciates where. kind of.
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the amazing accuracy the speed of sharing of devices instant photography shows across europe testified to its researching popularity the polaroid project at vienna's gallery showcases the works of some three hundred artists they include andy warhol and the photographer's gallery in london is showing previously unseen pictures by german filmmaker of him vendors he started using polaroids in the one nine hundred seventy s. . such a. joyful thing he would give her away because it was like a person or it had more right to a person the picture of it was just. out of life when you produce something it's nice but you could. almost reckless about the whole process. if subpoenas vintage devices break down she goes to see who he repairs and cameras . he has many young customers who have grown up in the digital era.
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to come up with words and they sometimes turn up with an ancient box camera and want to know how it works and take a photo they're amazed that a decent photo emerges a digital camera small for snapshots. by default you're taking kind of more meaningful moments only whereas on your on your phone and in your digital world you're taking a lot of photos and you're going to have to sort through it it's more about what you put in and the way it kind of challenges you have to think outside the box. and others have to wait to see the results of their shots first they use chemicals to develop the film. you just make sure you can find everything in the duck. then the negative is in large and projected onto a photographic paper. finally the image is fixed in another chemical bath.
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in the icing on the cake what makes this also appealing are actually the imperfections the bits that are out of focus or a bit of fluff. every analog picture is a surprise whether taken with a roll of film or a polaroid camera generation instagram is rediscovering the magic of taking pictures in the real world something that it seems was almost forgotten. czar in the bag is the one of europe's most successful three d. illustrators and perhaps that's because she sees creative potential in ordinary objects such as fruit while her illustrations have made it on the covers of international publications we paid her a visit in her berlin studio. a sunday breakfast made of paper. grapes made of marbles.
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meat made a vegetable. brain made of wool. or even a whole head made of. zahra illand bag it is a visual storytelling everything around her serves as a source of inspiration and of materials too so when she's out shopping there has studio in berlin she's also working even today i live out the i love all materials of course but i've been especially fond of fruit and vegetables for a long time because i belive lee because they're so varied and the colors are so vivid there's always an element of surprise because i don't know what i'll get it's an organic material will be no god this is my. this is the studio where sorry to limburger test the limits of traditional graphic design work is featured in
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adversus ment's glossy magazines and in galleries and he's anything but flat she describes herself as a three d. illustrator combining techniques from the realms of art graphic design i'm photography. many an interest lies in meticulous craftsmanship elin badger grew up in munich where her mother designed jewelry and her father ran a hip restaurant. my whole lives have to have my passion for crafting things probably goes back to my childhood i belong to the generation of children who grew up without t.v. or at least with less t.v. and without a computer in the digital world so there was enough time and space to make things with whatever was around four hundred. the pantry in my father's restaurant was my playground when i was around four
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fundamental. a lifelong interest in food. to study graphic design and then set up a jewelry label with her boyfriend at the time. she felt limited in her creativity so she started sending her three d. designs to magazines and got rave reviews works feature on the covers of leading publications all over the world. i think that as soon as you touch things with your hands and let your own energy
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flow into them something different emerges that's perhaps more human and not quite so flawless that interests me more than the perfect surface of a computer monitor. for says she regularly creates stunning displays for the luxury brand as in germany she loves challenges and wants to look good from. she tends to collaborate with. projects. she worked with. create these. black. thing my career actually began with a big failure. and they let me go after three weeks. by the i've been assigned to redesign an opera magazine and when the creative director
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saw my result he said it was unfortunately no better than the original so i had to go. but he did something that was encouraging for my future he said my portfolio looked more like a box of magic tricks than a traditional designer's portfolio and that i didn't have to worry i would make it somewhere. else. and she did today. is one of europe's most successful illustrators. is indeed the. time now for a trip to the sun. has been named one of two european cultural capitals of two thousand and eighteen and more than one hundred and forty projects and four hundred have been planned in the city this year so we went there to see how they are
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embracing their latest status. melissa says putting on a giant policy to the on ships year is a twenty eighteen come from love culture the spanish acrobats of love border there's follows a world famous for their spectacular show. the smallest one to get closer to the people and surprise the people to be something exacting something new something beriberi based spatial embury die young. people are performing at every turn most often in the open air the streets of this four hundred fifty year old city are serving as stages musicians and street performers are out in force nearly every artist in the chinese mediterranean country of malta this year is a major event for your self the most capital for me personally it's a very and i sixty and i am very grateful to the because chose us. so that we can
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show our ways in question of the divide up side quests that we used to play a kind of in. its day a nice thing we know i'm very grateful and we want something that is not just for artists but we want something that is also applicable and from which even the people of the residents of. and all of more benefit. but that's just population is less than six thousand people spend lots of time outdoors even in winter the sun shines most of the time and temperatures average around thirteen degrees celsius. the multiset book massive investment into the next is year as capital of culture by that magical place there. you know it has so much history on this financier since the sixteenth century so many people from the knights of morse to have come by and
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they've left such a legacy which now i think is finally being recognized in. the letter was founded in the sixteenth century by knights of the order of st john the entire city has been listed as a unesco world heritage site since nine hundred ninety. one of the main sites is the granting of pastors counted to completed in fifteen seventy five one grand master john perry so order laviolette gave the city its name. since john's kolker food is the conventional church of the order of st john the floor is made up of three hundred seventy five marble slab over the tombs of the orders leading knights to the latter doesn't just have historical attractions the city gate is based on plans by star italian architect renzo piano as is the new parliament building. the cultural capital of europe it's outstanding it's fantastic for us as maltese we are all
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very proud you know this is the best years of malta for us and these last few years walter has grown so much and. this is the place to be this is the place to be in two thousand and eighteen. this year there's a special spotlight on unesco monuments like st john's croaker phaedra more than four hundred events will be taking place in valetta underground malta this year. is determined to make a big splash in twenty eighteen. does certainly look like the place to be and with that we've come to the end of the show as always it was a pleasure having you along and we shall see you again next week. leave
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right to. everyone has the right to see. the observed. zubov. this is g.w. news live from berlin police have detained a russian opposition leader alexina lani the outspoken kremlin critic was detained after making a short here and at an anti putin traveling earlier today police also raided the bodies office also coming up. another day of heavy fighting in syria offering the region turkey claims a diplomatic success in its offensive against a u.s.
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backed kurdish militia. and a seven a goal thriller in the bundesliga.


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