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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Nick Mangwana  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm CET

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you're serious coverage of. george brown but it takes time to. still seventy six is excited about. to take the celtics. thanks for watching today terry martin will have your latest news update at the top of the hour. for global insights the news hour for local heroes.
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made for mines. my name is luka i'm a photographer and live in vienna i've been able to travel to north korea seven times since two thousand and five getting a picture of the country's people and their world view during these trips i saw more than i was allowed to be shunned any journalists visiting the country is accompanied by mind as around the clock i've known mine for a few years now. i'm taking pictures with them they check what you film who you talk to and what about i see the familiar images but time and again i see new ones i notice that there are a few new. ideas for many of the people caught in this collective mindset. a
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paranoid system one that i too have to submit to. it is a requirement on every visit to start by going to the statues of the two great leaders i'm familiar with this. they're part of the large man sued a monument which commemorates north korea's fight against the japanese occupation. the capital pyongyang is home to more than three million people and to a middle class that's becoming economically increasingly independent of the state a middle class that could in the long term become a problem for the regime around two million mobile phones have been approved since two thousand and eight i'm currently being monitored with one they used for phone calls too but only domestic ones and for selected citizens such as my mind. it's the first time i've been allowed to travel by taxi of course only with my mind
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we're going to a supermarket in which i even discovered typically western products in my opinion the people are strikingly well dressed there are casinos and a even spot some viennese coffee culture here of course i'm the only guest much to my surprise the state television shows western propaganda figures during my visit the controversial slovenian rock group live was the first western band to be allowed to perform the dreams of reunification between north and south still exist here but they regularly melt away as a result of new provocations and every day aggressive posturing at what's being called the world's most dangerous border i've tried to find out what the north koreans are really like because for me there are perfectly normal people behind the system.
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appearances are deceptive i'm not in a conventional souvenir shop i mean panmunjom in the demilitarized zone has no shortage of coffee smiles and cartridges coffee for him. and this is not my way. to solve. this just the railway has got interrupted for more than fifty years not yet. here we have manuscripts by committed some to the ringleader. visit this place for tunnels and getting to new to normal office when. i drive through the demilitarized zone with my mind is three in total the atmosphere is unpleasant full of tension and surreal on the day
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before my visit shots were fired today military exercises are taking place it smells of gunpowder and war my mind it tells me his army will protect me that's no comfort zone stretches across the entire peninsula or along with thirty eighth parallel this is where the allies arbitrarily divided the country after the second world war the border zone is two hundred forty eight kilometers long and four kilometers wide it's considered the most dangerous border in the world i meet a colonel here i've known him for ten years so well in fact that we often drink schnapps together after our meeting it's clear to me that there's the person in the uniform and the person underneath it. this is where the truce and the end of the war were negotiated.
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it's easier to do for you for taking pictures is the most important thing you don't when you go to the nation. i don't go on the colonel takes me from one barracks to the next it's always important to mention how often which leader has been to the site he has to tell me that but he's clearly also interested in other things. also. how does austria report on the current situation on the korean peninsula but always . with other good this is the most significant orcus location with regard to the armistice. two days after this building was completed on the twenty seventh of july nine hundred fifty three the armistice was a great and signed. on the day it was signed the americans wanted to move the building northwards they didn't manage because journalists saw it and prevented on
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the third of march two thousand and twelve the supreme leader kim young said during a visit if there is another war with the americans you know we won't sign a truce will destroy the americans until they capitulate. evil americans who move buildings sounds like a fairy tale to me donna but he told people you can fool me. into not you could open up. the casual way in which war gets discussed his sounds to me like italians talking about football my trip continues we're on our way to the notorious blue buildings in which the meetings between the delegates from north and south korea take place it's the exact border between the two countries drawn by the victorious allies of the second world war.
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i have to say you made a real effort with the photographs. here they are the blue hats the start of the drama for the korean people in the middle of an impenetrable border the pearl in war was a garden fence by comparison it said a few meters from here is south korea anyone wanting to get across is shot. i've heard there are some foreigners who are nice to us but who make money with us when they get home thought it. you've. got to put it you don't have the. oh it's a minute i later learned that all the interrogate me a different translation maybe the same face or what have you i don't know who
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questions it's dangerous here there are thirteen newspapers in north korea but only one opinion back in pyongyang and i want to find out what people think about it to north korea's reuniting i'm allowed to talk about this with the young student. but. i want to say i want to. thank. all of the korean people have. bothered you thank you for.
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the next obligatory arch money agenda is a visit to kim il sung's birthplace he's the founder of the state and the house where he was born is a veritable science of pilgrimage that everyone has to visit. his father and mother who are family members who are fighting against the japanese in these soundings present the most i was from audit times received catch a tick under alicia education from his parents so all of the credits oh great the color of the kings oh well look on young woman that one young kid for peace or or korean keeper level up here that are locked he said because he vetted like all of the present king as a he very like a with a generative. everyone loves the great leader but is that true it becomes impossible to determine what's real and what stage here. i.
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i i. i i. i i i. i i i i i i i. i i i i. the same flowers here a sold several times a day that night once and then they're collected again by an overseer standing at the back and then they're recycled eternal veneration of the eternal president i i
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i i i i i i. i . my next stop is the monument to the foundation of korea's workers party fifty meters tall and built of granite it depicts the communist symbols the hammer and sickle supplemented by a paintbrush that's meant to represent intellectuals. the release by the way the
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picture of the battle of the workers against the imperialist threat. here in the church of the life giving trinity i get surprised when the russian punk band pussy riot were arrested and i documented an event in a russian orthodox church in vienna i was even questioned by counter-intelligence as a result. here in this russian orthodox church in north korea i used the topic to talk indirectly about human rights according to the christian n.g.'s open doors north korea takes last place in the global rankings for persecution of christians. or you would but it was the most closely riot sang and danced in bikinis and most of those it's really just a savior with the drill to demonstrate against the printing regime during the russian election campbell we could still use hollowness for new polls on so little kids so little too. soon they don't swim and some i believe in the musicians insult
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when the holy mother of them go. to court in the congo and just promoted him the more. i wouldn't want to imagine what would happen here if the holy kim were insulted for a north korean priest the man is quite well informed in my opinion the information from the outside world must come from somewhere if i were to ask direct questions about human rights it would immediately be seen as a provocation and could make my state much harder in any case people deny what they don't want to talk about anyway concentration camps purges shootings none of that exists here officially it's a paradise on earth. north koreans are taught from childhood to sit. it to the state ideology to sacrifice
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their individual existence to the collective even the youngest children of called upon to denounce adults who expressed dissatisfaction with the leader in the party i want to know how and where the brainwashing starts i tried to find on sista that question in a school a school for more than a thousand students but during my visit the corridor was deserted the headmistress takes me through the rooms everything seems very new very tidy the schools i know look different this is our cloning lab here's a microscope and on the screen you can see a cell magnified one thousand five hundred times here the technical process is to clone animals.
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she tells me that kim jong il had declared nano and biotechnology to be at the heart of north korean science. it looks like it. and so that i just see empty classrooms the head mistress takes me to a class that's just having a math lesson. it all seems very staged to me i don't know what the students here are really being told. when i start filming the students use their calculators like mad for the calculations and seem to make any sense i believe the students just pretending. the pictures the great leaders are everywhere. in every room. when i ask one of the students whether he knows the man who discovered america christopher columbus he was silent at first then the headmistress asked me to leave
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the room because i'm interfering with the lecture. but there's another surprise in store for me during this visit i was invited to play football with the teenagers i've never experienced anything like that in north korea. it's a great moment for me in that genuine jersey for them it wasn't about winning i think the students played poorly on purpose to make me look better at times they were two to three hundred students sitting around the pitch it almost felt like a stadium. he said you felt. as though the. mood. of the alice. class. because of the latest u.n. sanctions north korea has been forced to be self-sufficient no.


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