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tv   Reporter - Child Trafficking in China  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2018 8:02am-8:16am CET

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landmarks around twenty million visitors are expected the ice and snow festival continues until the end of february. it's all about the moments that are like before. it's all about the stories inside. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and inspired by distinctive instagram or years at g.w. stories the topic each week on instagram. tunji is looking for her child she believes that her son move chen was sold to human
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traffickers she is not receiving any help from the chinese authorities on the contrary she thinks there's been a cover up. i've been looking for him for three years. give him back thank you time and again children in china disappear without a trace the chances of finding them are slim. i am. lives near beijing with her youngest son jay chen she divorced three years ago was born after the divorce his older brother stayed with his father the tangerine jane was later awarded custody but when she went to pick him up i wasn't there.
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to know it's him or for. my ex-husband threatened me he said if you report me i'll kidnap the boy then you'll never see him again since then my only purpose in life is to protect my younger son and find my older one i'm terrified every day. is convinced x. has been sold the child tens of thousands of children disappear in china every year there are no official figures. she petitioned the court and filed charges with the police. she goes through her paperwork again and again all her applications were rejected the way i had thought well me if i'm especially afraid for him when winter comes i think maybe he's out there somewhere where i imagine that he's living with people who treat him badly that he suffers and borrow grog and i'm helpless there's nothing i can do for him. yell ira it's your dear.
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it's. finally she has a small glimmer of hope an officer told her the address where the child should be now tandjung ging is on her way. can you tell him of course i'm excited i'm very nervous but i'm so glad there's progress i know he's alive and i can possibly find any that gives me hope and makes me have to leave. town jingjing has a long journey ahead of her and she has to be careful the state is targeting troublesome people like her even if she can't prove it she believes that corrupt officials are involved in the disappearance of her son.
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she stops halfway on her trip to leave with her sister in order to keep him safe. until. the last of. the journey continues by car identity papers a chant and recorded on buses and trains and tangent being fears that she'll be intercepted by security officer it is before she reaches her destination. if i didn't like i made myself up to look older i hope they won't recognize me in. my life you know she also got a new hand count to change her appearance. saturday
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. and. finally she reaches the village. she knows the address but most of the house numbers i'm missing she doesn't dare ask directions because she's afraid her son will be moved again. to this village is really big. on them i don't know where to start looking tell you. how much of. the village kindergarten. tunji carefully questions a care of the village children. none of the kids here look like my son. do you know where number one
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hundred twenty three is no. well then i'll keep going. the next morning she wants to try the local police maybe the author it is here more helpful. among the children who disappear in china every year those with the worst fate end up as slaves or being forced to beg and that's what is most afraid of only a fraction of the children are discovered. the officers take time to listen to her case and promise to look for the child that very day. oh. i'm so happy. that i feel like i'm finally getting justice i'll soon see my son again. i'm so
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grateful. i mean for a. time jane jane left our village at sixteen and has been working as a waitress ever since but since the search for her son she can hardly take on regular work. her dream is to open her own restaurant just as soon as she has her son back. the next day the police call town jane jane back in she hopes that means she'll be able to see her son again. but. i don't know how he'll react he hasn't seen me in three years he may not remember me. but i'm a little scared. and i'm very nervous knowing that i'm ok. you know pointing out.
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could you know that. after a short while she returns without her son the officers only took blood for a genetic test. you know what they told me that i didn't follow the right procedures. oh so. that those i tried everything gone everywhere now they say it was all wrong what's the right way to do this i try to lawyer without success i'm at a loss i'm just a country girl all i know is that i want to find my child here in the us.
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a few months later the old fart is finally confirmed that tonge ingoing son does live where she had been looking for him but she isn't allowed to see him he has now officially adopted one no one at all that what that you are. i don't know if i can find him just that my son lives in that village and man and i need to get back there and find him guilty it's the only thing i can do now that you are the. town jane jane now knows that move ten lives with a family that had no sons in the countryside it's important for parents to have a son to look after them in their old age. the result is a thriving black market for trafficking in boys.
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either you're in the country since we left town we've been followed oh there's someone after us all the time. oh. oh oh oh. oh oh oh. oh oh you know what does anyone know this child oh yeah you there how do you know i'm i can see it. was you know i think i'm going to be our president oh no no no you. just you seen him haven't you you don't know yet you are here the one of them are the only one where i mean. how old is he five you. never seen him before you. leave mama where is he supposed to be.
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time changing doesn't get anywhere with her charm she grows more desperate. oh yeah what's wrong i've been trying to find him for three years this is my child he was sold to someone in your village three years. i want my child back well yeah yeah yeah yeah well that kind of value. what about the mayor. thank. you mayor come out the child was sold to your village it's been recorded here in the family register you should go. goes to kindergarten here you know. how could that be on that women who paid for
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a ten thousand at. my house why where did this family get the money to bribe everyone i meet on a good staff. but i don't like having think about i tell you i'm yet to balance that. damn you know not that my last thirteen years criminals no one will save you you misfits you crooks yet either. it is another setback in the fight for her child and against a corrupt system. will not give up until she has her son back. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer
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