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tv   Reporter - Father Christmas on Tour  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2017 5:02am-5:16am CET

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he was in power throughout the ninety's. this is a fifteen year old girl. being gang raped. his teacher is beating a boy for talking back in class when the rest of the class points of. tears talk first being hit by his mother and breaking up the last. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean i wasn't there make them visible visible of us might violence against children disappear. all over aren't has just finished a training course on how to be a santa claus. now he's getting ready for his first public appearance as jolly old st nick the kids will line up to tell him what they want for christmas. can i have
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that. aren't is really looking forward to this. as my earthly vehicle welcome ladies and gentlemen today we're conducting a santa claus workshop and of our first order of business discover the centering you invited us one in one it's a tough job and some other trainees look more like saint nick so all of our has his work cut out for him the instructor takes his job very seriously. but look at these beards look awful is a bit lots of people think a bit like this will turn them into santa. but there's a lot more to it than that one. none of those guns is diminished.
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cheap beards are simply not allowed here let's see how all of her is doing. mama it's time for the practical exam all of her gets a little help from his wife. there's no private dressing room here so the men's bathroom will have to do. this is so this is the changing room right that's not what's in there you know what. it's the status or that of my wife made for me for want of she sold the whole thing by hand so. that's when it is hell and i just turned a bathrobe into a coat also my added some bits and trim some away it's not perfect i'm not a seamstress but it'll do. it's good. all of her aren't has just fifteen minutes to transform himself into santa. i will take it in fleece
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the need to beard live in. just a second how did you come up with the idea of being santa. your well one day my wife said to me you've put on weight. to know. what direction to go and now at christmas time i thought well i've already got the belly for. you didn't buy this one from him. i've often thought about becoming santa but i've never had the courage to try. so we decided to do it more than one with long as i've known were there but even thin men can look the part attitude if you have humans with as you can see are tribal he's got no belly why not want to be without his belly so we'll make him one. might as well and both no problem.
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i'm all good thing that looks fine going through the costume isn't all that expensive with the three i'd say altogether hundred or three hundred euros this dog . or if i'm talking slide i would or research do you think santa would be an easy job. their movement can noblemen if you're good with kids or you're like kids i think it's an easy job you know you just have to have some basic rules and principles and understand the idea behind it and then i think well of never done it before and we'll see what happens you know this is good for us but what about the woman goes like this. here that looks a little funny without the hat what was your before he was of the office. of. the arts own children are too big now to sit on santa's lap so all of her figured it
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was time for him to become a professional st nick but fewer men are signing up mostly because the pay is low the santas earn just sixty euros per appearance. well just get the sun. can you hold it. if. you go on all the back this out. out of the men's room and into the main hall now the others at the workshop will see all over in costume for the first time . oh. this is guns and like let's. do a practical exercise in just a minute divider between one of the time. and give you some tips on how you can improve or get more event tips. how does the question feel.
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good thanks we do better than divide we both look great. he's not scared of the kind out of santa how about a photo through the on his shirt c'mere. i'm going to take him up on it yeah we have gathered here at the christmas market in selma there's no doubt all of our aren't is santa and everyone wants their picture taken with him. how's it going good that's fine. well you are you doing. no. but then he runs into his first tough case look at this would you like some. one who was all i want her to look at this when you're you go any.
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further should. know merry christmas and the same to you. all over wasn't expecting that kind of reaction from a child or the next one either. from you know who i am don't you think i'm good old santa claus is. that you would think she started to cry cause he came up from behind and scared or was this like. ok. the other. criticism yeah no. do you have a blonde doll. with long blonde hair how long had on line in a car i'll go say as a christmas present in the heart and sorry i just mentioned but i'd like
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a barbie car like that but i'll be allowed to drive them into the thing i'm just checking to use for christmas angels told me about a blockbuster hunger the vinyl. nothing could you bring me one. shirt absolutely i'm supposed to all but i don't know. what's up on some candy yeah you know. and stuff the stuff to tell you israel i've been to that. area has my stuff and you know i need to show you off to the fifth and i was that the santa claus. the the real one to not know why not. no idea. i after the dress rehearsal of the christmas market all these experts critique oliver's performance. from of but he was fine under the costume is great i'm more of
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a kind of forgiveness of young to you know if you yeah that's the appropriate feel for you he looks the part for folks who dance to know the answer to the. two days later oliver aren't makes his real debut as santa on st nicholas day. was at this car dealership and mugged borgen sexually on heart i was thinking. how low. they only was nearly owning that you. are sure to show we go look for him which isn't. and. the children hope that santa has lots of goodies for them and the car dealership is looking for good publicity oliver takes it all in stride he wants. the yes but he got a fine let's buy. this in the u.k. are playing santa claus and you're dressed like this you really feel like santa.
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claus from foskett a point. or something you know the best with the best i know best how last through the storm. but did the car dealer put the right gift in santa sack. or. how old are you then the guy three three years old. with a. small home and well let's see what we've got for you i want to try to fit it. all here something nice a mug and it's possible for me. doesn't and some stickers to put on him so you can fix it up just the way you want to go in the moments with. hamas. the dealership management also has st nick handled some gifts to the staff first up the car salesman. thank you if you go home you've been
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a good boy at home right at home with me with those goods my might i'm a mom you know relatives. in the country should do this or that you know you should go for it if. they want to buy a car bomb you can't be afraid of santa claus that just can't be here working on big cars and then you're afraid of santa here's a chocolate set up to go through. yeah. back to work. for this. all. all of our returns to the show room to find more local children waiting to see santa but it's on christmas eve that all of her will really need to be in top form. so i hear you're working on
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christmas eve there was a social that's right over that one the most the most you've got to have a feeling for this job you really have to like being santa ana winds or enduring you have them time always impressed when i see the people started decorating their house with us when you come from under him it's always nice to look at your most one hundred of them or shouldn't use them while others enjoy their christmas eve all over aren't will be delivering presents and good cheer for the very first time i got married. the. images from an isolated country images from north korea. any tell me is a target for captured fascinating shots of everyday life in
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a regimented society. the north korean diary starting december twenty. fifth different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters d. w. may. for minds. to learn german with d.w. any time any place. whether with joe joe and her friends alex the skeptic in the woods or with friends all over the world online and interactive. in german to go. learn german for free with de dum.


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