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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2017 12:15am-12:31am CET

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leadership team at a conference in the city. and us president donald trump is under scrutiny after a tweet suggesting he knew his former national security adviser had been lying to the f.b.i. on friday michael flynn pleaded guilty to making false statements to federal investigators. watching good news in by then more from us at the top of the hour as ever up next chris harrington with all reaction so far this weekend in germany has been the thing. nationalists are on the right you know why didn't you know i am taking a more straight to highlight different shades of nationalism and to find out what does nation me to you. the serious story join the conversation here on to w on to
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the top i don't think. germany state by state. the most colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com. on match day four team one team in particular was looking to lick their wounds from the previous match day defective and to form two of men who gave up a four goal lead last time out the black and yellow spaced laver koos it who
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haven't lost at home yet this season. who's the boss pick the bosses right now it don't mean but for how long losing and labor couzin could be the last straw for the boss experiment. and european hopefuls collide hoffenheim will welcome the reluctant bowling rb leipzig the home side looking to rebound after their shocking defeat at the hands of hamburg. welcome to the bone as they go on d w m chris harrington up first dormant and a labor coups and possibly peter bosses last hope it keeping his job made the do it mean boss has been on the hot seat lately he hasn't led his side to victory in six matches bosch snapped at the midweek press conference when asked if he believes he has a future at the club of course i believe we have to win he responded and he's right
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but it won't be easy hosts laver couzin are looking to continue their hot streak of having the league's longest unbeaten run of eight matches and kevin fall in here is the highest scoring german this season could he and the hosts handoff meant another disappointment. the pressure was on for parents of bush and the dortmund bosses were hoping for a helping hand from above. it was the wayside that took the first hits in the opening minutes maximillian philip one of four changes in goldman's line up injured his knee in this challenge with jonathan tom the club fear he'll be out for weeks. defending has been diabolical at times this season and it raised its head again in the thirtieth minutes having fallen flat the defenders in his wake as he stormed forward to take the lead the first the medical was man's fourth goal in four games both sides took a hit when when dale wiped out two mins gonzalo castro the video referee had his
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say deeming this crunching tackle a red card offense window was off for an early shower while castro joined filip on the doctor's examination table. come the second half dome and had the better flow and combined well the graph again and under his sure sure letendre malenko won one in the seventy five minutes the but the pressure on boss began to let up but he would have had a scare is laid accusing came frighteningly close with two minutes left to go. to him and kept fighting for their coach and made one final push in the dying seconds of the match to grab all three points but to no avail. frustration on the pitch as the game ended all even and peter bush he's still in the job at least for the time being. the boss is still in a job but the bonus they get seems to have its fourth coaching casualty of the season. on the brink of leaving cologne his side behind him so thanks to
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a good job worked on the opener in the thirty six minutes in the second half. here i see pulled one back for the billy goats but it was a back and forth battle. because i'm a hurry took the lead. back. five minutes later here i see again leveling for the guests this time from the spot but a point wasn't enough for start out with a local cologne newspaper reporting he left the club within minutes of the final whistle if confirmed it would bring an end to his four and a half year run at cologne. next up hoffenheim in rb life seeing a match up between two nontraditional clubs the newest kid on the block red bull are riding high in the table the fact that they've never lost a hoffenheim in their short history leaves them hopeful besides hoffenheim have
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been in a rut for a while under you leonardo's mon one when the last two months nothing to celebrate they just lost to hamburg three nil last week but that's the past the question is will their attack get back on track. with just one win in seven games usually in novels man was looking for a strong response and while much the stasi in control it was hoffenheim who took an only lead. the not in a miri with his second of the season one after thirteen minutes hoffenheim defended resolutely throwing their bodies in front of every lots of attack both legally. and illegally. ralph pozen who too was clearly concerned he rang the changes at half time through munched replacing lucas close them on monday open the cano but it was to no avail hoffenheim restarts with
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a bang served not very lacking on to a long punch up field. the the good and the food he does spectacular second just ten minutes lights. and. an incredible strike pay to collect she with no chance. late in the game hoffenheim struck again mark boots converting for a full meal victory. i forget full day at the office for husband who had to unlock sick. not lose money on hoffenheim celebrating a neat thanks performance. with their performance life they clearly lost out on their chance to get within these guys on the table byron munich you know high i.q.'s might have been headed his first loss on unlucky matchday
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third tame but ali not serena munich have yet to lose under high kiss and yet to concede a goal hosting the hanover could just be a matter of history repeating itself in the last ten years hanover have never beaten the defending champions in munich plus robert levin dogs ten to score goals in bunches against the visitors was this time out any different. a win against hanover would put by a munich one step closer to topping the table that the winter break and they had thomas miller back after missing six weeks with a torn hamstring and the captain turned provider for a tour of the media one nil in the seventeen minutes. and over tried to capitalize on their few chances spend it looks klaus and the ref awarded a penalty. nick less food stepped up to convert the kick but it didn't count the referee would other players had encroached on the penalty area another go and this time came up with the say. that the visitors created further chances on this
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invention heading in the equaliser in the thirty fifth minute much to the dismay of your pint guess his team tried to answer shortly before the break but miller's header pushed over the goal by phillip cho no. biron stayed on the attack in the second half and missed the mark four times within a few minutes wasted chances with a vein of ok then they struck in the sixty seventh minute kings they come on making it to one. and by and kept pushing down in the box and robert leavened the firing home to round out the one score the bank is though still wasn't satisfied saying after the game his team should have scored more goals but by and do move closer to topping the table at mid-season. and the ball keeps on rolling with their match day around up one of the two matches
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being out in a fixture that has never ended goal list there have been goals and goals and more goals scored on both sides mice were looking to extend their unbeatable run versus aldeburgh but striker alford. had different plans for the visitors. a strong performance a way to minds keeps out spoke in contention for europe. that opened the scoring in the twenty second bennett. alfredsson bogus and then doubled the lead from the penalty spot shortly before half time. minds did manage to pull one back five minutes before the end through to get it. but a second goal from finn bogus and just sixty seconds later sealed the victory for the visitors months meanwhile slipping ever deeper into a relegation battle. cruisers goals
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are digging breman out of trouble he continued his hot streak netting against it got off to finn bottles quick restart from a free kick it was the lone goal in a bull millbrook three. killers i liked on two i think it was just pure relay for it was a competitive game with a nervy finish where we had to make sure we didn't concede a late equaliser. a second straight home win for braman there finally moving forward. now let's take a look at the results dortmund and laver couzin share the spoils by an bang up hand over three one hoffenheim start off december the right way for neil over rb life saying mike fought to outwork by two goal deficit vertebrae made over stew garc the late match was a thriller but ended even all square between cologne and friday night's match saw a goal is draw between freiburg in hamburg two matches to be played out on sunday let's move over to the table to see what's changed that much changed byron increase
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their question is to just a little bit a lot of bucks could jump up if they defeat wolfsburg tomorrow hoffenheim to win give them a boost to fifth and after their draw both dog meat and labor coups in drought without spurs slipping in at seven let's move down to the bottom half. nothing has changed at all down here though and watched burke have the chance to go up if they see victory tomorrow on sunday as always you say goodbye with a look at the play of the day and he was cooking up something special chosen by you on twitter the winner said good knob or e he caught lives a goalkeeper pittsburgh lushly off his live its national home clashes couldn't get it. a beautiful piece from forty five metres out in our breeze long range effort was the pick of the bunch in oftentimes four nil win over leipzig and your
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play of the day. that's all for us here at the bundesliga sit back and enjoy these images from saturday's action for me and the rest of the team here berlin. women in the driver's seat revolution and the fashion can for the first time ever a woman heads this institution barbara jessica is director of the best you can museums point mint is a sensation but how far his gender equality progressed is patriarchy gradually
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crumbling women on the inside tell it. next on d w. you're a man this week's highlights. listen is now the second of the year grieg's exclusive. experiences. for it. create. do it yourself how to design and make your own schemes. your romance in sixty minutes on d w. d w media center see it find it here it discover. video and audio podcast and language courses in the d w
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