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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2017 1:00am-1:03am CET

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came in vegas house of musical. close to me that was the only thing on the end unplugged. every night groups starting november third on t.w. . when cities are ingolf by the sea and all the dams walls and costly protective measures will have been for nothing. what's. the future starting november ninth on d w. the ousted leaders of the spanish region catalonia ever ported leaflets to belgium was after spanish prosecutors confirmed they were seeking charges of rebellion
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sedition and embezzlement against cattle and president carlos pushed him up the best we expensed national government imposed direct rule on catalonia after the region's parliamentary declared independence the. us president donald trump's former campaign manager has pleaded not guilty to charges including conspiracy against the united states and money laundering f.e.i. investigators allege to paul mann a ford acted as an unauthorized agent of ukraine. kenya's incumbent president who kenyatta has won last week's rerun election by a landslide the electoral commission says the vote was free and fair despite a coordinated opposition boycott the aftermath of the vote has been marred by clashes between police and protesters. french president amanda well micron assigned to counter terrorism law that gives authorities sweeping powers to search homes restrict movement and shut places of
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worship the government says the law is needed to replace the country's two years state of emergency which expires on wednesday. for. washington d.c. today donald trump's former campaign manager surrendered to the f.b.i. another former campaign advisor pleaded guilty to lying about his connections with the russians and president trump what he tweeted this isn't about me tonight the first move by the special counsel and what it says or doesn't say about the trump white house i'm bored off in berlin this is the day. our people nervous believe me if you're the person you know.


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