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his democracy was a lie but if the elections were a fraud it would his privatization was robbery to steal. instead of cultivating its culture its words and language and brought forth a rookie holes of nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on g.w. . this is day w. is live from berlin bangladesh asks for the world's help us of a hinge a muslim exodus from me and my approach is
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a million refugees desperately need food medicine and shelter and u.n. donor conference raises more money for a book full short of its goal also on the program. britain's prime minister theresa may delivers an upbeat speech to parliament about the progress of threats and talks we'll take a look at one time in the u.k. but people can't wait to leave the european union. i'm phil gail welcome to the program. united nations says it is a textbook example of ethnic cleansing hundreds of thousands of rohingya muslims facing persecution and violence in may and more and fleeing to neighboring bangladesh every day more and more of them stream across the border of bangladesh says it needs urgent help to cope about six hundred thousand range of arrived in the country from me
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a moderately in state since august bringing the total number to just owned a million more than half of those children i had agencies as a donor conference in geneva looking for more than four hundred and thirty million dollars a few hours ago their announced that they had raised just over three quarters of that you'll hear from the head of one of those relief agencies working in bangladesh in just a moment first here's more on their head the revenge is dire plight. thousands of people still flee leon maher every day six hundred thousand rwanda have left for bangladesh in recent weeks almost all of them have experienced great suffering. not big wanders through the refugee camp and cox's bazaar clearly traumatized the eleven year old tells us what happened in myanmar. my father was murdered by me and mary's soldiers thankfully i wasn't their neighbors had hidden me and
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then they brought me to bangladesh. then i think janet is now searching for her mother she hopes she also made it to bangladesh doesn't even have a tent she sleeps out in the open. more than half of the refugees here are children the relief organizations and the government of bangladesh aren't able to support them fully. everything is in short supply tents food and medicine there's just one hospital in the camp where a handful of doctors work around the clock. when they are on the run the heat and the long track are very hard going for those driven from their homes most people arrive here in very poor condition most of. the most serious cases are treated in the hospital in the provincial capital gong many refugees have been maimed by landmines were carry the scars of bullet wounds all of them accuse the myanmar is
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soldiers of brutality. we want support for them just like. medical support and most of. the myanmar these type of. me and bangladesh have formed a joint working group to discuss the repatriation route into refugees but very few actually want to return and dr mohamed morsi is executive director of the relief agency brock i asked him about the three hundred forty eight million dollars pledged today will be useful. there's an estimation of the cost to support holistically for the next six months is something like four hundred and thirty five million dollars so this is was to every member country of the united nations to see how that they can support. that cost because it this whole thing cannot be left in
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bangladesh so this three hundred thirty five million dollars is raised against the new requirement of four hundred forty million dollars for the next six months and what else does bangladesh need besides money. of course. basically a lot of initial support in making sure that these people who came from myanmar they go back to their home and there's an international support needed because these people started going home is in myanmar and there's a politics process that needs to be negotiated and supported by in that initial sanish members and that's more critical because the current interventions are only temporary unless we really had just done the language causes of the problem how people can invite people from from that they're now in from that area so that they can that is just and people can go back in and voluntarily leave there safely
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and with dignity then this is not going to happen and that has to be ensured through dialogue between not only bangladesh and me and mine but also through an international process that. pulls up what is needed. what mohammad mossad executive director of the relief agency brac. well a rough and russian journalist is in hospital after being stabbed in the neck by an intruder at work tania is deputy editor of echo moscow one of russia's few remaining outlets for independent journalism echo employees report that the suspect got into ms phelan galahs radio studio after attacking a guy a security guard with pepper spray a condition is said to be serious but not critical they doubly correspondent evolutional and in moscow told me more about the man police have in custody. well police say that he's a foreign citizen though it's not clear where he's from at the moment that's not been confirmed some sources say he's israeli there's a video of his interrogation that was shown on state t.v.
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where he's speaking in russian and he says that he has a telepathic connection to touch on a fellow can go hour and that she's been somehow sexually harassing him since two thousand and twelve via this telepathic connection so it's all rather strange and sources say that he may of course have psychological issues but there's another interesting detail there because the editor in chief of. the says that he also had a hand drawn map of the building and apparently he went straight to touch on a falcon goers office so he obviously had had a plan despite despite the issues that may have been waiting to find out more about that the recently show in moscow now to some of the other stories making news around the world the government of the philippines says it has defeated an extremist group allied to so-called islamic states in the southern city of moore rahway which had seized five months ago more than a thousand people were killed and hundreds of thousands more displaced heavy
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shelling has left much of merari center in ruins. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has paid a surprise visit to afghanistan to discuss washington's new strategy for the country and talks with president musharraf government mr tillerson reiterated america's commitment to working with kabul to bring peace to the snow also visited the iraqi capital baghdad syrian activists reporting that the bodies of at least sixty five civilians have been discovered in a town in central syria this after the government the government forces regained control of a carry out in in homs province from so-called islamic state on saturday most of the dead are believed to have been killed by us. a senior official in spain's catalonia region says its leaders will not follow orders from madrid if the central government moves to reassert control cats of our parliament is set to hold session on thursday in response to spain's proposal to impose direct rule. britain's prime
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minister has given parliament an upbeat assessment of ongoing bret's going to go. with the european union last week's round of negotiations ended without progress on a deal for britain to leave the new mrs may said she was optimistic the talks would go forward we haven't reached a final agreement but it's going to happen. i do have a degree of confidence i have a degree of confidence that we'll be able to get to the point of sufficient progress by december after the florence speech there is a new momentum the florence speech was a step forward and there should be a positive response to the willingness to work on the interim period and there has been established a momentum. let's get more from d.w. cause one child at chelsea poll who is in brussels welcome charlotte do european leaders share to reason why is impression that important progress has been made. well there were echoes of that at the european summit last week leaders were saying
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yes indeed certain issues there have been a little bit of progress in fact the prime minister to reason may even name checked several in her speech saying they included german chancellor angela merkel but the fact remains that if there really had been as much progress as to reason they would like to suggest that these negotiations would have moved on to the next phase and they haven't the e.u. leaders were saying there's simply not enough that's been agreed upon for them to talk about trade and the e.u. is future relationship the so-called second phase of these negotiations the biggest sticking point still being the so-called brics it bill how much money the u.k. owes the e.u. and e.u. leaders say they simply don't know yet where the u.k. stands on this some people here are even saying that that they're deadlocked on this issue deadlocked or not the fact remains that an impasse on this is not just bad for the case also bad for the e.u. as well and as german chancellor angela merkel pointed out the next phase talks on
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trade could be even more complicated so it's not looking good from this and either phil meanwhile a german newspaper seems to be making best just a front for the album on the title is reporting that theresa may beg you commission the chief junko you for help last week tell us more. yeah let me just read you a couple of extracts from that newspaper because they they are good for prime minister to reason may frank report said that she was anxious and tormented during during that dinner on monday that she was desperate and despondent that she had deep rings on the horizon what was interesting about this is this is the same journalist who wrote this report as the one who where it's not clear april saying that younker had reported that to reason may was in another galaxy on breck's in negotiations very damning that this latest report sparks you know the rumor mill
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about as here in brussels twitter was such a lie with people who you know wondering who was the leaker in fact it's even set out a spat between the former chief of staff to reason may and the current chief of staff of younger series maser staff accuse him of having leaked to the frankfurt the man is something that he denied what is goes to show i think is is just how easy it is for things to start getting very tense and fractious here in these talks so yeah very very exciting morning here in brussels salah just tell in brussels thank you. for the most recent poll suggests that britain is still split down the middle over bracks it's but despite any potential downsides it does seem that some brits can't wait to leave the european union so was it all about history visited hastings in southeast england to find out. history is everywhere and
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hastings and tour guide erica barrett knows all about it from up here there is a good view of the english channel this is where the normans came over from france and ten sixty six the last time england was invaded the french have historically been britain's biggest enemy when the wind blew that twerp. two from. the men of hastings went raided from and when the wind blew this way the french came and took it back again and got their revenge but what does this animosity mean for the vote for breck's it the british people have a famously stubborn streak can this be explained by the history and is it this quest for any pendants why they voted to leave the e.u. erica barrow does not regret having voted for breakfast and hawes any influence from brussels it is regarded as an invasion of our liberties if you like what englishman consider is the right tradition and by right. the very feel has
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been eroded if you miles further inland is where the actual battle against the normans took place people here don't follow the bricks of negotiations closely but most think that the u.k. is on the right track i think we'll be out to show the world that we continue their us and maybe yes go it alone and i think we'll succeed which is a small island off the coasts of fear and we're not really like your peers and i think it's better that way to manage their own affairs. even though it might hurt them financially people seem convinced that it will be worth it in the long run it's all about realigning britain with the image it has of itself strong and without too many ties to the continent returning the country back to. the british people feel was the better way should be independent trading yes
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friendly yes but independent. shaking off too much influence from the continent the people of hastings are prepared to start a new chapter in the history books. as a reminder of our top story this hour the united nations is appealing for more than four hundred million dollars in a full range of muslim dress your jeans so far the international community has only pledged three courses of that more than six hundred thousand range i have fled to bangladesh since late august because of violence in the home country member. i'll have more for you at the top of the hour ahead in the humphrey case a real business update in just a mark of a good. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word
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a look beneath. rico is in.


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