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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2017 2:03am-2:31am CEST

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fish is in liberia has taken part in a landmark election the ballot could mark the first peaceful handover of power between elected governments in the west african country in over seven decades. president ellen johnson sirleaf is stepping down after twelve years in office and final results of the first round are due within two weeks. in both syria's improbable world cup qualifying journey has been ended by australia in sydney to the disappointment of fans watching in damascus australia one two one after extra time to give them a three two aggregate victory despite taking a mile saima the underdogs in the civil war stricken country fell to two goals from socceroos captain tim cahill.
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this tuesday will not go down in history as the day spain began breaking up in barcelona with the world listening to his every word the leader of catalonia well the fudged his way out of a political earthquake and bought himself some valuable time tonight depended stick layered and deferred bridge off in berlin this is the day. that he would turn against me to study we have arrived at the historic moment and as president of the government i'm here to tell you the result of the referendum. on the mandate of the people is for catalonia to become an independent state in the form of very public.
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to better. myself and the government propose a suspension of the effects of the declaration of independence for a few weeks but. to enable a dialogue without which we cannot reach a negotiated solution without. also on the show tonight the story of how you and being gay in russia. i mean around school screaming that i'm a damn lesbian and that i should die there homophobia was reason enough to attack me. we begin the day with catalonia headed for independence but not they are just yet tonight the leader of catalonia told parliament in barcelona that last week's referendum for independence cannot be denied but it will be defer cattle on president carlist bridge a month said more time is needed to negotiate with madrid now how that will happen
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what it will look like mr month did not say he was clear in two points the relationship between barcelona and madrid has become intolerable and the trajectory towards independence is unchanged the spanish government says tonight that it will not allow catalonia to secede and is prepared to move in and take over the entire region when and if that will happen remains just as uncertain as the future of catalonia tonight. the independent for it has won a majority in the future and we have on a referendum. regardless of the circumstances the only one sanguine that we understand yet get this is the language that we saw in the ballot boxes. in one form of the republic we thank you and thank you thank you thank you thank
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you thank you thank you because you know i am convinced. if everybody completion receive on one of these days and does what he needs to be done the conflict between comes along and spain the million or so and then be solved. through agreement and respect the will of the citizens but people i'm sure if you don't want we want to be average don't you faithful to our history. to those who suffered and sacrificed themselves big not we want to see if you yes but it took the figures you know a good future on you for the for. the children you have parents or most russians thank you very much thank you. that was the president there of california we want to point our correspondents now who are on the story for us tonight marcus is in barcelona and. standing by in madrid
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both of you good evening i want to start with you and talk about what we heard from the leader of catalonia good did he go as far as expected or did he pull a political rabbit out of his hat. i think we're looking at a kind of a deal if you want an independence lite version that he presented tonight in order to not create losers and winners if you want there were a lot of people outside the parliament waiting for those very words and also inside parliament you can hear the applause the moment he said these crucial sentences without officially declaring independence and the key message i think in his speech was a dialogue dialogue and dialogue that is what he's seeking and i had the chance just now of to speak with one of the key representatives of the protest movement the pro independence protest movement and he told me it is exactly the message the people
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here want to hear they don't want the country going further into conflict that is the scenario they would like to avoid so the message that you get then go out tonight is that the pro independence supporters in catalonia they want this deferred independence eggs they want what they got tonight is that correct i mean certainly you will have people who are disappointed when i looked around the cafes when on the large screens that everyone followed the speech of course there was a bit of a disappointment you you could you could tell that some people i heard from they didn't admit that but that was clearly that they were disappointed at the same time over the last couple of days i talked to many people on in both camps particularly during the white march where people came out all in white because they didn't want to take sides and even people who voted yes in the referendum for independence has
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said look we shouldn't push things too fast we should only announce independence when the time is right and when the spanish site would accept such a thing. and you know we're getting the report now that the president of catalonia has signed the document declaring independence from spain and he's also signed a document which suspends it for the time being how is that going to go down in madrid where you will. well as expected to people's party to find people who are not on monday on a government essentially said you know it's the old saying it's a farce and they're going to continue with their firm hand which is what they've said we're still unsure what exactly is going to happen and what measures they're going to take money on a whole is expected to speak at the parliament building just behind me on wednesday afternoon at four pm and we will be getting some sort of statement from the
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people's party at some point it is believed that at the head of the main opposition party at the socialists is going to be having a meeting with money on a holy his residence here in madrid it'll be interesting to see what comes out of that meeting and whether there's going to be a show of unity amongst old parties in the spanish parliament which is something which is doesn't happen very often brendan and it's not often that you see these days these people coming together and being in agreement about something so you know that they've taken essentially a hard line to add to statement today yeah exactly and you've got to let me basically you know throwing the ball back in madrid's court right if you do one of the ordinary people what are they saying about the fact that now you know they could be looking at more time to deal with this crisis. well i'm glad that you used the word crisis because essentially dot's had the government here in madrid are still treating this i mean at the end of the day the suspension of they said
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declaration of independence and for dialogue i don't know how much dialogue we're going to be seeing between the money on the whole i'm the cutline regional government considering what we've seen over the past few weeks we did have some sort of indication in that part of people pull out as a representative there in catalonia said that there's nothing that they can dialogue about there's no reason to tell you like me is at the end of the day the constitution of spain is essentially and does not permit to watch as happened this evening in barcelona and you're right it's it's it's an odd situation to be in on the word blackmail or threats it's hard to understand which it which meaning that they were going for it was used as well by government here in madrid this evening and gave let me ask you before we run out of time the president of catalonia i mean he seems to have left his options open he's got some more time is he actually a stronger political leader tonight that's
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a good question bryan he just passed me and he left the assembly hall with a big smile on his face so obviously happy with the performance he has put forward and the big question really will be how does it go down on the street. is that is that the is there too much pressure for people who want independence and want it now and also within this coalition government because one thing is clear tonight the c u p the very far left the radical left one has to say who supports him is very unhappy about the speech they are the reason because why this meeting was delayed and it remains to be seen whether the pressure from without his government and from the street is something he can deal with in the weeks to come our correspondents are watch this in barcelona and pablo fully in the us in madrid to both of you thank you very much. well now i'm joined by ignacio dons from barcelona he was elected to both the cattle on parliament and the spanish parliament he has been open with his office independence for catalonia mr don we
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appreciate you taking the time to be on the day with us tonight what is your take on what we saw happen some people are saying that the cataloguing people were independent for about five seconds tonight yeah some people how combat. you know even taking away the moment now i think that what happened as president put them on really went to the cliff edge he held the bad to go about the figures when he tested of course of the very large companies leaving the country the economic consequences of that. moment he stopped but that's not enough sorry that's not enough to have any kind of serious political dialogue which intercessory needs to go back absolutely from the edge he needs to from the cleavage introduced all these baloch of independence that needs to be a political solution to this but he will not be independent no spanish government riflemen ever accept independent look at the audio that's something that he needs
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to realize had the same time of course he has promised that to many people so he will be the reason he did call you. and he did that again tonight that he said that the tradition trajectory of independents has not changed we're just delaying the arrival at independence. now sure i mean revolutions then devouring the children you know that's something that has always happened and that's what might happen in barcelona you were just mentioning the extreme left party who has been a very important element in the show pushing for independence and at the end using independence as a way to change the system under challenge the whole democratic system as we know it. and now put them on has used them to reinforce their position in the street and of course now he has failed them so he is not obeying the courts he's not obeying the law he's not fulfilling the constitution but he's not giving independence
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either so he is in a way betraying everybody and that is not a good position to be when you look at the president of cattle only after what we saw tonight our correspondent said you know there are some people saying that he's actually a stronger leader after what he did tonight. well we will see i mean does that i heard what your correspondent said i don't completely agree but we will see you know this these people in in between people in his own party who definitely would like this kind of constant keep independent school open and never actually delivering you know it's moral if you know if some for some of the listeners remind history it's like more or less calling for the state of israel before israel was actually declared the states you know and that was done the next next year in jerusalem yes that was not the same as actually fighting for a state in a land with a date this is something of that in catalonia for some people let's fight for
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independence but the moment really comes you know you need to control the borders you need to have a unit to actually implementing them implement that independence then they have these vertical and for those people today put them on yes he's a stronger leader because he has a he has more or less protected that situation but this cannot last i think that there is this sort of interim situation cannot last much under spanish government will need to return things to project well let me ask you you know as an attorney how do you see this after tonight's speech in the move to delay independence is one side on a more legitimate legal footing then the other i mean based on what you've been saying is madrid on the right side of the wall tonight. well definite solo has been let me say that this is not a company between madrid i understand that these needs to be portrayed in that way easier for the media and i'm not blaming you because this isn't some big cattle
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it's i mean remember that this guy an independent in normal action referendum never normal elections you know lections they've never gone beyond thirty eight percent so this is a country between god i am a catalan this is not good barcelona this is this is about part of the catalans taking hostage the other part and trying to impose a solution i think he has out from space now illegally yes of course the judiciary system will starting to put itself in motion it's been put in after now as in any all the state governed by the rule of law the judiciary system is an independent power and follows it's a rigged so yes i believe that the superior court of couple learned the high court of catalonia and the criminal court in madrid they are both from different angles following this case they will they will move forward very sort of here yes ignacio dons in barcelona mr what and i wish we had more time to talk with you fascinating getting your insights in this crisis in your country we appreciate your
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time on the day tonight. thank you for still ahead part two of our series on be gate in russia. and i have to look many times disgusting time i am doing. in russia you can make money with homophobia. fixed a piece of wire to my little finger and switched on the current. day in russia a d w special series that this week on the day. well earlier this year russia's parliament eased the punishment for people convicted of domestic abuse in effect decriminalizing violence committed inside the home within a marriage it's estimated that six hundred thousand women are targets of domestic violence every year in russia but it is even more dangerous even deadly for lesbian
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women human rights organizations report that suspected lesbians are sometimes locked in a room with the rapist chosen by their families so-called forced healings well tonight we continue our series on being gay in russia by taking you to st petersburg to meet a young woman named in a town. you know what they were running around school screaming that i'm a damn lesbian and that i should die but their homophobia was reason enough to attack me for being.
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so. when i started dancing i met people i knew i'd feel comfortable with doing a book on what. works and swore it would be most of them are either bisexual or lesbian it gives me a feeling of freedom for the. moment because my mother was really upset when she found out she cried a lot no no it was a shock for us she i'll admit i even felt a physical which was a version of my god is my daughter a monster or a freak. and i certainly felt uneasy about it. well why should she. and what will people say that there are people who can never find out you can't even hint actually and. does not know these are i can see that she wants to understand me more but she can you know this and my parents were brought up in the soviet union with the global it's interesting what is this year we went on
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a trip to greece and went to an island where there was a monastery and pilgrims one woman went down on her knees and crawled to the monastery i was surprised maybe she wanted god to help her heal someone and then i thought to myself if someone told me to get down on my knees and roll and then my daughter would be just like everyone else i would do it. last night that i get it in russia the reaction is harsh some parents freak out and kick their kids out of the house even disown them and that's not all one girl i know her father almost killed her for it he beat her out that's a natural use device. at the moment you don't when i was fourteen my classmates and some of the kids at school found out they spat at me hit me with their heavy backpack filled with books beat me up and insulted me. i freaked out
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i cried because i was so scared life was over almost never wash and brush me up english because reading about she bolted. from a sexual relationships are seen as degrading here people react really aggressively to them if i realize at some point that i just can't live here any more than i have to find a way to leave. well he can move the news cycle with a tweet and change the political agenda before most of washington d.c. has had breakfast yes i am talking about us president obama drop well today trump fuel suspicions that his relationship with secretary of state rex tillerson is on some shaky ground it came when the us president was asked by forbes magazine about
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reports that tillerson had called him a moron trump replied i think it's fake news but if he did that i guess we'll have to compare i.q. tests and i can tell you he was going to win. well many twitter users they are rubbing their hands in glee at the idea of and i give showdown between trump and tillerson political pundit chris cillizza quips the only way to settle this is with a life i.q. test paper view the donald versus king rex honestly i would totally watch others are questioning the behavior of trump and his top diplomat journalist bernie belvedere remarks the secretary of state calls the president a moron the president responds by assuring he would win in an i.q. test we are led by giants and jay dies posted a picture of a pacifier with the comment the president of the united states challenge directs tillerson to an i.q. test on world mental health day you cannot make this stuff up and this isn't the
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first time that trump has bragged about his intelligence look at this tweet from over four years ago sorry losers in haters but my i.q. is one of the highest and you all know it please don't feel so stupid or in secure it's not your fault. all right the german soccer powerhouse byron munich went from the pitch to the silver screen tonight right here in berlin it was a full house for the screening of the d.w. produced film the media sun media phenomenon it's a documentary about buying your ins motto and the manner in which germany's most successful sports team always seems to bounce back from tough times. so babylon cinema in berlin welcomes fans filmmakers and former byan players like clouds to the film's opening the draw of bahrain is big time to me a semi
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a phenomenon features fans from all over the world some of whom were in attendance . i'm a buyer and fan since childhood that's what led me to move to germany in the ninety's but you know. the club. we are who we are is said to be at the heart of buying unix philosophy and many hold the club close to heart. thank you for. your vote my view on the. second coming even the w.'s director general couldn't hide his affiliation. i want to begin by outing myself i am a buyer in munich fan. the film is available online and on d. w. t.v. from the fifteenth of october. all right moody
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from d.w. sports was at the premiere i'm not going to ask you to alger self. how did the thought of the film go down with the graph it was great it was a packed house and. i've a five hundred view is in there in the cinema including some very special guests an x. by and play as many legends of the club but also i found so it traveled from around the world to be out the premier protagonist they are in the film the travels from the us from brazil i'm from palestine as well to be had from yet see themselves on the big screen just what can we say that about the fans of buying music and how many of them were actually there tonight how many by i mean if i know that i'm sure and i guess you know i didn't take account but i'm sure there was a couple hundred in the in the audience at least you know by now is the biggest club in germany and sends a fan base you know around the world and. certainly we saw. in fun and of course the prisoners themselves who have this incredible passion for buying given that they've got no connection really to germany or to munich and they don't speak
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german in most cases as well and it's amazing to see just how strongly people can feel about the club i'm going to put you on the spot here so when as we have for the show if this is about buying your music why was the film premier in munich instead of berlin well that's a good question of course you know we're here in berlin friend and then for you this is a exactly when we produce this film this is a develop production my colleagues in the supposed apartment not all fairing and me as i put in a lot of work over a very long time to get this film together and it's. totally been with all the all the blood sweat and tears that they put into it it's a it's a it's a nice an achievement from them and i've everybody enjoys it let me ask you about your president all the hood as he was not there tonight right. now well as he fitted back into the buying world after serving a prison term for tax evasion well you know. this is one of the people he was interviewed one of the by in and then this he was interviewed for the film and he actually talks about his conviction for tax evasion in the film and see is very
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open about the crimes that he committed about serving his time and how it opened his eyes to the plight of prisoners and just how much affects people's lives to be sent to prison and. he has come back to buy in a fully expected i have to say i like it like i'm going back into rehabilitated exactly it's only within the club right over media as always thanks for being here at the table as we appreciate it. our the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can write directly to me a brit golf t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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it's a wild week on g.w. they couldn't think that we can do that with you because you give it everything revolves around our animal kingdom and a two legged fag. with small black spots on a case of weiss they always cut a handsome figure out how to deal make sure get its name we try to find out by connecting the dots. your roman. doubling. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word i looked in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free stuff from d w z e learning course he can
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