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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2017 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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will be over we are not suppose for what we are we're trembling unbelievably. good news on new phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w. this is d w news live from berlin and will catalonia as leader of the whole the trigger on independence he has pledged a declaration to break away from spain it will come within days he says this after the european commission reprimands the capital and government telling it to respect
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the rule of law and enter into a dialogue with majority. also coming up u.s. president donald trump arrives in las vegas in the wake of the most deadly match shooting in modern u.s. history investigators are hoping that the shooter's girlfriend will shed light on a possible motive and mishaps as british prime minister to resign may attempt to rally support at her conservative party's annual conference several painful interruptions to rail her speech we will look at what went wrong. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us spain is headed for a major showdown after sunday's disputed independence referendum catalan leader carlos pushed along is refusing to backtrack pledging a definite ration of into. pendants from spain in
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a matter of days no matter what the consequence is now at this hour a statement by the leader is being broadcast for the world to see you are looking there are live pictures and we are monitoring that statement and we'll bring you the latest as we get it. and that speech it comes as senior officials rally behind spain's central government in madrid coming to its defense european commission vice president franz timorous says that catalonia ignored the rule of law by holding the unauthorized referendum lawmakers in catalonia say that they feel abandoned by the e.u. . european flags and signs calling on the you for help are a common sight among the crowds of protesters in catalonia many here are asking why isn't europe stepping in. we feel abandoned by the you they should have intervened because of the police violence on sunday so i don't know.
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today if the european parliament in strasbourg lawmakers from catalonia are asking the same question. being a clear breach of fundamental rights and european values in catalonia the use of violence against peaceful voters goes against basic values against the libyan charter of fundamental rights so this is not an endeavor spanish matter catalonians president pushed him on has repeatedly asked for europe's help overseas regions future but brussels is in a bind. but the commission cannot force the spanish government into dialogue this is of course. entirely up to the government of madrid which is by a provision in the treaty. safeguarded from intervention from you commission and so there as the commission has already stated it will not enter into domestic
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affairs in strasbourg a commission vice president plans to months reaffirmed his support for madrid if the law does not give you what you want you can oppose a law you can work to change the law but you cannot ignore the law. meanwhile catalonia as leader has vowed to declare independence within days that you might shed its caution if the situation continues to deteriorate but for the moment it is in a bind hoping a compromise will emerge and earlier we spoke with max hole fan who was at the e.u. parliament in strasburg we asked him how concerned the e.u. is that this crisis could in bold in separatist movements in other countries to unilaterally declare their independence. as far as we can gather they're concerned for a whole range of issues about this conflict of course having this is part of the european
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union very important part and as you said there might be a ripple effect because for example the flamers parts of belgium or scotland in the u.k. all of those had some independence tendencies in the past and of catalonia did something successful by unilaterally declaring their independence and getting away with it that could be a problem for the european union but the sharpest sword that the e.u. has in this case is not necessarily mediating but repeating over and over again and they've done that here in strasburg today that whoever leaves you member state in this case it would be spain would no longer be part of the european union and it's a very lengthy and complicated process to get back into the european union so that that is a stark contrast to what catalonian leaders are saying they all insist that they would remain part of the e.u. but that is most likely not be the case. max hoffman reporting from strasburg thank
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you and that was nice hoffman speaking a short while ago with my colleague label iraq meantime in other news u.s. president donald trump is in las vegas three days after a mass shooting at an open air concert killed fifty nine people and injured more than five hundred trump touching down in the nevada desert a short while ago he was due to meet with survivors of the attack and first responders it was the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history investigators have been trying to establish a motive for the attack which they say was prepared extensively and meticulously. before now let's bring in our senior washington correspondent karsten phenomena who is joining us with the latest from las vegas good evening to you carson president trump we just heard there expected to spend about four hours in las vegas what's on the itinerary. well the president
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is coming to really one of the big cost with in las vegas the university medical center he spent about an hour there without cameras with survivors also nurses doctors. apparently tried to console them give them a message of hope and also appeal to the unity here in this country but once again that was all for cameras so far and later he would be first responders and other people who helped those victims when the shooting took place we heard about great displays of humanity and courage from ordinary citizens but also from the first responders who quite quickly within ten minutes rushed up the hotel from where the shooter was targeting those concert goers. so probably they managed to avoid more loss of life yeah and this is something that we hear so often
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in the wake of these mass shootings these tales of heroism that come come out there after beginning to get some some more light shed on those what we also often hear is calls of from from some in the united states for gun control we know the president has said that now is not the time for a debate on gun control what's the latest on that front in the united states. well basically this is one happening time and again whenever such a massacre happens then of course there are colts for stricter gun controls but then of course there are those who say that the second amendment to the constitution the right to bear arms is more or less and those who support the right to bear arms they feel that once they agree to even slide restrictions that they open the floodgates and then that this right to bear arms which is so central to
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many americans could be abolished completely the effect though and so there is this resistance and the republican playbook and also the playbook of the n.r.a. the national rifle association the gun lobby has always been first of all say now is not the time to talk about this then say we need more details you need more facts we have to investigate this and then hoping that over time the drive to change gun laws will disappear and this is apparently what they're doing right now and carson you've been talking with so many people there in las vegas in the wake of this massacre what are they likely to make of that statement and what is the mood like generally in the city and what do people really want to hear from the president today. i think what most people want to hear is a message of hope they want the presidents to be the consoler in chief that is the role that americans want to. want their president to have in such
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a situation they don't want politics right now otherwise of course the mood here in this place is as divided as in the country as a whole lot of tourists from all over the place are coming here and when we talk to people we found as many who say that guns should be abolished there should be no guns in the hands of private citizens at all as people who said no guns are not the problem the people who has used them the problem so a lot of big us is about as divided as the whole country. his very own carson phenomenon with the very latest from las vegas thank you. to the united kingdom now where prime minister teresa mayes bed to reassert her authority has suffered quite a blow after what some are calling a calamitous speech maze keynote address to conservative party members at the party's annual conference was intended to drum up into c.s.m. for her agenda but the british prime minister is africa where very much
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overshadowed by a series of mishaps including i had to learn who handed may a document usually given to people when they leave their job and that was only just the beginning take a look and it's the conservative party that has a vision of an open global self-confident britain. with a foreign policy of neutrality and prepare for a run on the ground. some people say we've spent too much time talking about jeremy corbin's past. was. this you know you know your group things only got more awkward as the stage began collapsing behind the prime minister that was shared around the dinner and it said something about this passion once more watch the letter and. and
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it said something about us and she also had some cost in that speech they say that bad luck comes and three that was certainly the case for the prime minister today but did she get her message through despite all of those mishaps despite the unfortunate optics well the master sent us her assessment from london. to reason they would have really liked to regain the upper hand at this party conference to show her strength as a leader she had some interesting ideas regarding social policy i think they went very well with a party audience about energy caps about more social housing challenging really jeremy corbyn the labor leader who's been very successful of late but then it went all horribly wrong she was struggling with a very bad coughing fit and could hardly finish her speech the audience was trying to carry her along they really felt pity with her but i think overall performance
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she did not appear strong and stable but instead she came across as battered and bruised to the mast there in london today marks the anniversary of a key event in the quest to understand space in one thousand fifty seven the soviet union launched its sputnik satellite a major triumph that opened the era of space exploration. sixty years ago today a satellite known a sputnik blasted into space becoming the first manmade object to orbit the earth. the little metal ball was launched in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven by the former soviet union as it raced against the united states to master space travel. satellite emitted a distinctive beeping sound designed to be easily picked up by a civilian radios across the globe the soviets wanted the world to know of their achievement. it was assumed with a mixture of wonder all. panicked especially from the united folks in the united
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states because. having the ability to put something into orbit also meant the soviet union had the ability to potentially deliver a nuclear warhead anywhere in the world. sputnik circled the earth for four months before burning up in the atmosphere but the soviet success marked only the beginning of a heated competition with the united states for dominance of the heavens. well from space now to something back here on earth that really looks out of this world because a st bernard named mochi in the u.s. state of south dakota now holds the new guinness world record for world's longest dog tongue mochi has an eight team point fifty eight seven meter tongue look at him go there she or she rather she has it to lick her fair share of peanut butter. human her owner carlos records said that seeing her beloved dog in the
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guinness book of world records will make all the water in the bar that they have had to clean up over the years well worth it the cat certainly doesn't have the stocks talking. just a quick reminder now the top story that we have been following for you here at the w. catalonia is regional president has renewed his pledge to apply the result of sunday's disputed referendum to break away from spain his comments come in a televised address ending just moments ago. you're up to date on news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thank you very much for joining us another news update at the top of the hour i'll see that. the whole g w o one hour. for in focus global insights the new.


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