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the couple married in prison and then april only immediate family members are allowed visitation rights. then his sister will cry is back in istanbul staying with friends she's just returned from a prison visit where a thick pane of glass separated her from dennis. it was very hard for me to see him like that. the fuss but he was very composed and hasn't lost his courage still i could tell it's taking a toll. dennis conceive is it has been so weak doesn't know when she will get to see her brother again. the only reason i came here was to see my brother. on the one hand it's been a relief to see him. on the other it's very difficult that i have to go back home
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and leave him behind one. guy used to enjoy coming to istanbul but this time she has no interest in the city's attractions or she can think off is her brother there's increasing concern for his plight as the situation for journalists in turkey continues to deteriorate. more than one hundred fifty journalists have been arrested since last year's failed coup. has not been affected by the government crackdown with a circulation of three hundred thousand its the country's second biggest day stands firmly behind the president one of its headlines maintains dennis you jill has close ties to terrorists a reporter with its english language sister publication daily there's no doubt he's guilty as charged. among the roughly one hundred fifty jailed journalists there are very many well known names of people who are not imprisoned
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because of their journalistic work but because of their ties to terror organizations. police investigations are ongoing but in the end they will prove that there were legitimate grounds to arrest the journalists and. he also believes then is your child's articles provided legitimate grounds for his arrest. and on monday i've long been closely following articles by denny's and the german media and anyone who has read any as huge as articles will tell you that they are more the work of an activist than a journalist. his attacks on turkey and an outer one go far beyond ordinary criticism. since the attempted coup in july two thousand and sixteen more than twenty five hundred journalists have lost their jobs some one
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hundred seventy media outlets have been forced to close they all exceeded the limit of acceptable criticism for and won. back home in first time the year chill family wake up to new disturbing headlines every day today's news the turkish president has vowed then is will not be framed as long as he is in office. with type one a pin that shows how false all those claims are about the independence of turkey's two dishes the prosecutors haven't even presented a formal indictment when this situation is so unreal to think he's languishing in prison. since tennis is a rest room has served as a regular meeting place family friends do what they can to support and her mother asma. for a long time i was beside myself and a bit better now i thank everyone for standing by me. at this point as well you
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chill hasn't seen her son since his arrest. for the last so i met my husband and i have each been there twice this week his wife will visit him. and. then we'll all go together to the open visit on the twenty fourth. and feel that. stuff you know that's the open visits where there's no glass pane the scene. the legitimate my mother said she wanted to wait to see him in an open situation rather than behind a glass pane she said soothe him. and then release me story i'll see him in the open visit i don't want to have to see him behind glass it's very hard for me. in berlin denis's friends are staging a motorcade to protest his detention. has come from first time. for months the network hash tag free dennis has been organizing events to raise public awareness
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his childhood friend is a member they used to work together at the left wing national daily details. hello motorcade it's sunday the paper's a putting their monday dishes to bed without danny's without without two and without one hundred fifty other journalists john is also here the former editor in chief of the turkish paper jim hoodie at nose dennis and was himself imprisoned in the same jail he now lives in exile in batman. thinking. of it i know the denny's took part in vigils for me he put a chair outside to leverage president sat out in the freezing cold i only read about of the next day in the paper the news will probably only find out about this tomorrow i hope the papers in turkey cover it such signs of solidarity are vital. signs of solidarity like the motorcade that has become
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a symbol of the protests against dennis's detention. sharing a ride with one of dennis's friends from college. but. within our circle of friends we always liked motorcades. so we thought this was an appropriate form of protest. and one that has a connection with danny's. and we'll keep organizing motorcades until we get him out. the times editorial offices in berlin it's doris kratz workplace one she once shared with janice. oh here it is. this was the first edition on the monday that we had denise on the cover. of. doris and crap knows dan is from first time where they both grew up for months she too has been fighting for his release.
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i'm not really worried about him he knows why he's in there not because he did anything wrong but because he did everything right denise has known the country for as long as he can remember back in the ninety's he was always telling me stories about people in jail. now he himself is in jail his detention has had a profound impact on his sister life too for example at her job at the turkish community center she's in charge of organizing integration and language courses but she finds it hard to concentrate on how work. i think in the days after his arrest i was here but i couldn't work at all the phone was ringing off the hook. it's been now i just don't answer it anymore not while i'm working otherwise i wouldn't get anything done it's quite exhausting unsettling you know have you heard the news from then it's the march i heard you
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got married i mean you know what yes that's what we heard today. because there was that engagement in his no no an official marriage. a wedding without any family not even l.k. was allowed to witness her brother exchanging marriage vows with his girlfriend like maya turk. as his wife she now has visitation rights. in istanbul. is on her way to celebrate prison an m.p. for the opposition republican people's party the c.h.p. she was a witness said dennis's wedding. and pays once had unlimited access to prisoners but since the attempted coup they have to apply for visits she tells us the wedding was very simple prison authorities even denied the bride's request for a bouquet. a visit stan is regularly we have to stop filming before she
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reaches the prison the camera crew isn't permitted to get any closer. not long before the coup attempt the pro-government channel i had better broadcast a report about syllabary prison it presented a modern facility that complies with e.u. standards. visitors going through this corridor pictures painted by inmates are displayed on the walls to the left and right just a few months after the report was broadcast syllabary became turkey's biggest prison most of the jailed journalists are detained here but none of them have been in solitary confinement longer than dennys you tell. us that you'll look let's say this is the cell in which terrorist suspects are held. there is no recent footage of the prisons interior. was granted an hour with banners then he was returned to the loneliness of solitary confinement.
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you know. i know that he listens to the radio in his cell he has a little radio. he reads the daily newspapers that arrive in the morning he subscribes to three. he also told me he started exercising he does five hundred rounds around his courtyard which he alone uses because he's in solitary confinement. that's where he makes his rounds i told him you must be working once you look for. him but. i didn't angin also serve time in syllabary the veteran journalist has been helping to run jim hurriyat since the arrest of seventeen of its journalists and executives. it's one of turkey's last prominent independent oppositional newspapers and one dentist subscribes to. that been obviously i'm not really the editors are editor in chief is in jail. i'm
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just the big brother who's helping out what you call a girl friday. night help out where i can i lend a hand wherever i'm needed. at the moment we have a young team putting out the paper as an editorial and they're doing a pretty good job that's part of the enormous pressure. with us jim hardy it is fighting for survival seventeen journalists accused of links to terrorist groups five remain behind bars insists none have any ties to terrorism. then good good you. have been doing this job for forty seven years and i can assure you dennis was only doing his job as a journalist. and he always exercised the required journalistic objectivity. which he embodies the right to information so if someone comes along and says that's not covered by freedom of the press then they don't know what freedom of the
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press is. to make. dennis is accused of propaganda on behalf of the country his party. which turkey has designated a terror group because of an interview he conducted with one of its leaders. dozens of turkish and foreign colleagues have interviewed p.k. k. leaders in the qandil mountains and attended their press conferences i don't want to elaborate i was one of them i was at a news conference and afterwards conducted a long interview with mordechai here and another p.k. k. leader and published it with photographs other happened to me by then to dennys. them. because there is any. i did was detained but released for health reasons in july he appeared in court for another hearing his trial continues its outcome uncertain it's also unclear what lies in store for dennis and defendants can be held in pretrial detention for up to five years. notion that
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dennis will receive a fair trial is a fairy tale the judge and prosecutors have a defendant before them who the president has described as a spy and a terrorist. there's a suspension of the trial doesn't go according to the president's plan we've seen enough examples where that's been the case. the remains under a state of emergency. situation is unchanged. his parents are visiting istanbul from germany the previous day they made the seventy kilometer trip to see livery prison for the first time since dennis is arrest more than two months ago the couple met and were not separated by a thick pane of glass. on monday we went to the open visit and talked to him. there were four of us in the room. he knew his wife from the two of us no one
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disturb us they kept their distance and treated us as guests. the second was mean to them so i told him don't you do anything to annoy my daughter in law. when he gets out denise says they'll have a big waiting. he hasn't lost any of his irony all sense of humor and i told him something as well. stop smoking. exactly what he told me here only smokes a little he even told me the number of cigarettes he smokes a day then i congratulated him on his marriage did you know where else could i have offered him my congratulations i told him to look after himself so that my daughter in law isn't unhappy and when he gets out we'll celebrate the waiting. was missed and i'm not against his profession he loves his profession and his job he's an honest person he identifies with his profession he said sia. he's not greedy he's not he's very helpful. but if someone asks him for help he'll drop everything
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to help that person yeah i'm saying that that means they're going to go mother down i mean i don't even know what he's formally accused of and there's been no indictment to mock him and i think. a lot of my what we do know that in our courts of law it's written that justice is the foundation of the state argument that judges wise has a conscience and passes judgment in the name of god. up until the founding of the republic judgements were delivered in the name of god and only afterwards in the name of the nation. that is why my wife and i believe the judiciary will be fair make the right decision. for you because your son is innocent. but who is there left to make impartial decisions
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since the state of emergency was introduced in july two thousand and sixteen an estimated one third of the judiciary has been patched four thousand prosecutors and judges. on world press freedom day the turkish embassy and balin is the focus of protests amnesty international and reporters without borders highlight the continued detention of more than one hundred fifty journalists in turkey the country has jailed more journalists than any other in the world. i don't mind hello friends thank you for coming on line no one should be arrested soley for conducting their legitimate job as a journalist. today for those in prison for their families and for press freedom we are making our voices heard loud and clear. back in berlin for the protest and us all she can to ensure dennis has not forgotten it keeps up her
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own spirits. was also top of the moment it's up and down. on. us there are moments where you think it's all going to be ok somehow someday. it's a mess now. and then there are other moments especially after you've addressed a crowd when you think there's no hope that this will end any tell you just this distance what's in bytes and isn't it. today demands for dennys your child's release have fallen on deaf ears even his german citizenship is found to advance his course on the contrary. i think is the price all the price for his release is going to be high because the turkish government evidently sees him as a valuable means of flaunting power it's tragic that an individual a journalist who is doing his job is technically being held as a political bargaining chip. this is the news room at devout everyone here is
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worried about their colleague dennis a journalist respected for his critical stance pay set him free editor in chief of course shot wrote in an open letter to president. today is meeting him for the first time. as the true of everyone here is hoping the door will open and dennis will walk back in there and start nattering our years off about this and that coming into the conference and saying you can't write that on the opinion pages that's nonsense nor he would complain about a headline when he was here you couldn't overlook it. for research for me as editor in chief the one who sent dennis on assignment it was our idea we came up with it together nearby and copy and on. naturally i feel responsible for these times and i should always have a lean on me to dish just the scums so a bit last night had been with. him so much i talked to him in the summer some time after the coup attempt. but and but you know then that he was in berlin and called
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me he said i'm going back because i and i said is that really necessary. i wonder is what he said i don't have to i'm going because i want to do so since you so he wasn't doing this job against his own well. it was his own decision and above all in the last few months when he knew there was a certain risk of this was equal for one let us you know if it was friends and i can then chido what about i mean quickly into today my colleague from german t.v. was here and dance does he really look like that and i'm like what do you mean she goes look he looks like a pop star and i said yes that's really what he looks like yes now there are pop stars appealing for his release. if it wasn't so sad it would be rather wonderful. to. be a concert as
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a sign of solidarity at the brandenburg gate. from the left wing to the conservative about a wide range of media representatives and journalists are here. with doris who is moderating the event. and doris once they were in the same class at school played together in floors times accordion club united today and their concern for dennis. clock will be doing a little interview in the six fifty five is that what i told you on seven twenty three on stage is what you told me. hundreds of people have turned out in a show of solidarity. still feels nervous ahead of such public appearances reeve. denise's sister i've known him longer than i've known denise what do you think denise would say to all these people standing here would he be glad they hear. point.
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it's not a question of would. the concert is taking place today and of course he's very pleased and very touched that something like this is taking place here at this site . and he says greetings to everyone who's here today and we've been. reporting on this and so i think that we're sending a three fold signal for one says the people in jails in ankara and istanbul here this we hope it's loud enough and that they'll be told about it. and we're doing it for the people of turkey those who are not in jail so they know we won't forget them. behind them because they're right not the government and naturally we're appealing to the german government so that it knows we're getting louder and louder . dennis your chill situation has remained unchanged since february despite high level diplomatic efforts to
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secure his release he is still in solitary confinement he still faces five years in pretrial detention and the maximum sentence for propaganda and incitement to hatred is fifteen years that there's still no indictment president head of one is pushing to reinstate the death penalty and. you know what i always have hope somehow but of course i hope he'll be freed soon. as in that it doesn't help to think how long will this go on three day three weeks three months three years i don't know right. from his cell denis you chill has written that all he wants is a fair trial i will not be handed over to anyone he says i will leave this prison not through a back door but by the front door through which i entered it. alls. the
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from hands on poetry to nail artist. fifteen minutes on d. don't. think stoddard the stadium was song it was a really special event or a memory all my life everybody have a dream. your dreams. things are going well but we can still win it. not the my homie return you can do an international break.
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climate change. what do you want to know about germany's general election. ask your questions about germany but if i had to. write to us on facebook we'll answer your questions for. germany to songs the german election will have why but special coverage and we'll have all the numbers as they come in followed by in-depth analysis who will the winners be to the losers and why is it so in polls. germany decides the german election september twenty fourth starting at fifteen hundred u.t.c. right here on the tell me.
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voters in germany are gearing up for federal elections on sunday both candidates for the post of chancellor are making a final push the latest polls have not been encouraging for martin schulz and his center left social democrats their trailing angle america's christian democrats by own wide margin surveys suggest her conservative block is likely to take about thirty six percent of sunday's vote. british prime minister has suggested a transition period of about two years after breaks it largely maintaining the status quo to allow a smooth changeover outlined the plan during a major speech in florence in italy a period of implementation would be. interest clearly people business public services should only have to play one set of changes in the relationship between.
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so during the implantation period access to one another's markets should continue on current. may also said that instead of single market membership or a canadian style free trade deal the u.k. would seek an entirely new model of economic partnership with you. emergency services in mexico are still working round the clock to find survivors after tuesday's seven point one magnitude earthquake officials say sniffer dogs and sensors have picked up signs of life at several krapp's buildings in mexico city nearly three hundred people are now known to have died in the quite. north korean leader kim jong un has leveled an unprecedented string of insults at u.s. president donald trump hinting at a test of a hydrogen bomb said trump would quote pay dearly for a u.n. speech where he threatened to totally destroy the north from responded on twitter
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by referring to came as a mad man who doesn't mind starving or killing his people the war of words came a day after trump announced tougher sanctions on north korea. a regional court in catalonia has ordered the release of officials detained during a crackdown by spanish authorities they were arrested for their role in organizing an independence referendum deemed illegal by the country's constitutional court hundreds of.


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