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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2017 5:03am-5:16am CEST

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talking earlier and all social media desk has been looking into this story for us calm has been with me now the good news from what he was saying there has been practically no outside interference in the german election campaign that's what i think is pretty much right especially when you compare this with the election france the election in the u.s. we just haven't seen that big wide scale effort to disrupt the german election but that doesn't mean there isn't any interference we've seen some smaller efforts especially from the global far right community and we want to show you just a few examples here this is from an online bulletin board called four chan and here there's a large group of right wing activists and they are trying to boost germany's far right party the a f d this thread features an arsenal of weapons that could potentially influence the election there's links to videos and means that are meant to spread online attacks against the rival parties there's tips for creating a fake social media profile even a link you see here to donate money directly to the f d a we've heard so much talk
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of course about a potential russian link some russian meddling even heard about a big hack of the buddhist tog computer system back in twenty fifteen we haven't seen any emails released we haven't seen any documents in fact according to many experts most of the online meddling so far in germany has not come from russia it's actually come from the u.s. and far right groups there having said that there is a different kind of russian connection. has been raising eyebrows isn't yes interesting germany actually has a large community of russian speakers around four million people and these german russian speakers are really being targeted actually by political parties here in germany especially by the a.f.p. take a look at what i mean here there are many fan groups like this one of russians speaking a.f.p. supporters this is a twitter account it's not run by the a.p. but it is followed by the party's top candid alice vital not only that but the f.t. even appears to be running at. ads on russian television take
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a look at this this comes from journalist sergey soumillon he took this picture of his t.v. screen and you see there at the bottom there's an election banner it says choose a hefty for your and our future that was aired on russian state t.v. but it was broadcast to russian speakers here in germany and the f.t. they're not the only ones targeting russian speakers the cd use sr party the c. s. who has a campaign there a ming a russian language ads a potential voters you can see here the party head horse is a whole he's speaking out against left wing politics and multiculturalism but it's in russian this could make a difference as many as one point five million russian speakers are eligible to vote here in germany so you never know what effect that could have on sunday ok. to do social media many thanks for that background. and as the campaigning draws to a close ahead of sunday's vote why not join the conversation online you can get all our coverage on our web site t w dot com there's also plenty of content on our
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facebook page and on twitter just look for hash tag germany decides and as mentioned do get involved in tell us what you think. feel free as well of course to join our conversation here on the day or find us on twitter as well either at g.w. news or at my twitter handle spring on the road and don't forget to use that hash tag the day we'll be back on monday with in-depth analysis all the german elections the for now from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching and have a good weekend. democracy day on d w a reporter has been in solitary confinement since february with no charges filed and no sign of release. and if you chose has become
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a symbol of press freedom under fire but the turkish president there to want he's a political bargaining chip. how his friends and family are trying to secure his release hash tag three decades. next on dealing. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of voice global news that matters d. w. made for minds. the german turkish. analyst has been behind bars in turkey since february fourteenth turkish president. accuses him of spreading terror propaganda and inciting hatred in his articles for
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a german day and. is fighting for her brother's release. guns the whole situation is still seem so unreal the hash tag three dennis has become a symbol for freedom of the press and free speech it's join increasing supporters. we're demanding the immediate release of. the journalist is a valuable political bargaining chip. they had an agent a terrorist hiding in the german residence. and the german chancellor and him over . the limelight she grew up with her brother in the western german town of fleurs high man frankfurt
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a town of just twenty thousand that until now face no bigger problem than aircraft noise now once a month it's mass organizes a vigil the community is determined to continue its support for dennis until he is set free. attends every rally public appearances have become routine but she's very different from her older brother an extroverted journalist a quiet social worker of the. garden. and i'm an emotional person and it doesn't take much to make me cry. that's why all of this was very hard for me in the beginning the live entities that touch on emotional things. when i talk about my brother with the conditions in jail it's very hard for me not to cry. today elkind
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has brought a message from her imprisoned brother to his supporters in first time. hello world hello. i have a request one of the first things i did in this prison was to subscribe to the daily newspapers jim her ears and every. i'm vitally to follow suit and support these papers or any of the few remaining independent turkish media that are all under tremendous pressure. here in istanbul is where dan is you just spent two years stationed there is turkey correspondent for the german newspaper. and this is where he fell in love with a turkish television producer maya took the couple married in prison and then april only immediate family members are allowed visitation rights. then his sister will cry is back in istanbul staying with friends she's just returned from a prison visit where i think pane of glass separated her from dennis.
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it was very hard for me to see him like that. with us but he was very composed and hasn't lost his courage still i could tell it's taking a toll.


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