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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2017 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try alice services. biala guest at frankfurt am. managed by from. this is daily news live from berlin the us president donald trump delivers his shot first warning yet to north korea the united states has great strength and patience but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to
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totally destroy north korea speaking out the united nations mr trump described kim jong un's nuclear program as a suicide mission we'll bring you full coverage also on the program. rick and maria rips across the caribbean causing widespread devastation in to mimic of the category five storm is now bearing down on the virgin islands and puerto rico. and minimize need i was on so she breaks her silence on the record in general fiji crisis and condemns the violence but human rights groups accuse her of burying your head in the sand. i'm still getting a welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has used his first address to the united nations general assembly to issue a stern warning to north korea the president said that if kim jong il. did not
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abandon what he called his reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons and the u.s. was ready willing and able to destroy his country he went on to say that he hoped that this would not be necessary and the u.n. member states to work together to isolate the north korean regime until it ceased what he described as its hostile behavior. let's get more on this from the cold round verse of the german council on foreign relations that here in the studio d.w. sat exam for norman a joins us from new york a welcome to you both let's start with you alexander phenomena we've already heard lots of angry rhetoric between washington and pyongyang was mr trump's warning today more of the same or a serious threat. well i think it was quite serious because president trump was talking here at the general assembly and some people after his speech were asking themselves were it is
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the right place to threaten north korea to threaten any other nation so he was quite clear about what is going to have to happen if north korea is not going to end its nuclear and missile program it's not going to stop its provocations he said that the united states is willing and ready to totally destroy north korea when it has to defend itself or its allies a very strong language and i talk about good with the nato secretary general stoltenberg who is here and to me and. to you know to ask him where he also things that it might be not the right place to use such strong language but he always said that you know that's what we are used to hear from the u.s. president and that he himself is happy that the you and security council is quite standing on ones or it's quite united to address those threats
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from north korea after approving the toughest ever sanctions against the regime. so i was wonderful nominate as well as north korea mr trump also iran in his sights we'll hear from him and then we'll come back to you that in new york is donald trump. the reining in government masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy it has turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence bloodshed and chaos to. the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into
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a hundred phenomena what watching this early today what went through my mind was this seems like a speech delivered to his domestic audience rather than the necessarily the international audience. well i think it's he was certainly addressing his political base and the conservatives here in the united states stressing that he is the president they elected that he who the interest of his own people had any over matters and then the he was also addressing of course the leaders coverage here at the u. and general assembly and the question is wherever we can analyze this passage about iran speculate about his commitment to this iranian iran nuclear deal because his administration has been criticizing the steel for months
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now has been criticizing iran for its destabilizing influence and for its support for terrorist groups so many experts here awaiting for next months to come because there is a deadline when the president. has to tell congress whatever iran is complying to this deal or whatever congress reimpose sanctions against iran nicole runs out from the german council on foreign relations we see that donald trump drawing those two red lines on north korea and iran european capitals like he said. well you know building up a sweat scenario is not a bad thing in the first place but if you do that then you are also have to consider if you really willing to cross the red line especially when it comes to north korea and the military. now announced she was willing to
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take. i think what's important is iran deal to go a lot of effort and european governments to you know prepare the ground for this. kind of dnd there has to be a distinction between the two situations which trump didn't he basically screwed the two cases in one bin which might challenge a lot of european leaders now to really really think you know what was be the next step he also didn't police punches when it came to the united nations we'll have a listen to what he said and then we'll get you your comments. we also thank the secretary general for recognizing that the united nations must reform if it is to be an effective partner in confronting threats to sovereignty security and prosperity too often the focus of this organization has not
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been on results but on bureaucracy and process in some cases states that seek to subvert this institution's noble aims have hijacked the very systems that are supposed to advance them the cold read of it was donald trump on safe ground there he seems to have the u.n. secretary general with him on this one but he remained incredibly basic you know how do you really want to reach the goal of making the united nations more efficient and more transparent and more effective if you only want to cut maybe the budget so he has to be more concrete here and he wasn't so yes he was on safer ground because you very much state baker on how you want to reach this goal nicola relevant from the german council on foreign relations thank you alexandra phenomena
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in washington thank you. now here's some of the other stories making news around the world spain has become the latest country to scale back ties with north korea in protest over recent nuclear tests. offered north korea's ambassador ordered north korea's ambassador to move country by the end of the month the u.n. security council imposed new sanctions on pyongyang after its sixth and largest nuclear test this month. so aside bombings in nigeria have killed at least twelve people and injured more than twenty two blasts hit a settlement in the northeastern state of boredom witnesses say the bombers detonated their devices at a gathering of farmers the region is at the center all he said we spoke to her insurgency. state prosecutors in south africa seeking a harsher punishment for oscar pistorius the olympic and paralympic stone the sentence of six years in jail last year for the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp prosecutors will present their arguments to the court of appeals on the
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third of november i reckon maria has begun to bash the caribbean the prime minister of dominica has described as devastating and mind boggling it's now intensified again and become a category five storm. maria is moving roughly along the same string of violence as with the hurricane that devastated the region earlier this month it's expected to move toward puerto rico on the virgin islands tonight and tomorrow we have made landfall on monday with winds of up to two hundred sixty kilometers an hour. maria ravaging the french island of guadalupe heavy rain and fierce winds have left many areas here without power authorities say they've already received reports of flooding. that i can we have limited contact at the moment it's really very patchy we're in touch with our forces and the police who are giving us some information but we have very little details at this stage.
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another french territory martinique has escaped the storm without huge damage. but neighboring domany car came off much worse. its prime minister roosevelt's carrot wrote on facebook that they have lost all what money can buy and replace earlier he posted that his roof had been blown off. many of the island on high alert from area are still reeling from hurricane alley or this month and she got is one of them here people are bracing for another potential disaster a similar scene in puerto rico shelves in supermarkets emptied as residents stockpile supplies the u.s. territory could receive a direct hit from maria. right now we're not prepared for next hurrican because we're still recovering from the last one two
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weeks ago. puerto rico is not prepared for us. we're going to have a bad time of it. we ask almighty god to get us through this without serious damage . after briefly weakening maria has again intensified into a category five hurricane and could cause further damage as it moves towards puerto rico and the virgin islands. a man must have found so late i was on search has broken his silence on the hinge of refugee crisis and crackdown has driven more than four hundred thousand one or two muslims into bandra dash triggering a major humanitarian emergency a national address was highly anticipated she's been facing intense criticism for remaining silent some of the un is now describing as ethnic cleansing in some of us speech there has been much concern around the world with regard to the situation in the car and it is not the intention of the government to apportion blame or to
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gauge responsibility we condemn all human rights violations and unlawful violence we are committed to the restoration of peace stability and the rule of law throughout the state. since a fifth of september there have been no armed crashes and that afternoon clearance operation nevertheless we are concerned to hear that numbers of muslims are fleeing across the border to bundle a day we want to find out why this exodus is happening we would all just pause on the midway point as they go action tonight host south that will lock horns with the buyer knew that in a match and a market much up with the you know winning with the winner heading to the top of the standings the bad news for bahrain is that star goalkeeper manuel neuer will be out for the rest of the year after front from his left foot for the second time and
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undergoing surgery on his absence for biron is a boost for his former club shall go. sheldon's impressive start to the bundesliga season has the team full of confidence under first season coach domenico to tesco the side from gals and kitchen have experienced many changes in style and tactics and it appears to be working the royal blues of won three of their four bundesliga matches this season sometimes with the help of the video assistant referee but now their attention is focused on their greatest test so far this campaign about the against. their one on may want to hold against you have to be i think that's the only way you'll have a real chance against fire munich when you need to have a heck of a day. buy ins dominance against child in recent years is unquestionable the last time unit lost of the royal blues in a competitive match was back in two thousand and eleven. but this time around byron
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go into the clash swimming in a sea of criticism their decent start to the season has been overshadowed by their recent defeat to hoffenheim and rumors of tension within the dressing room and criticism towards cotton on chalabi forced him to answer his detractors. and that. is like this all. right who do you. want to celebrate it with. decides this is football a mouthwatering battle is expected between these two old rivals. such a. full figure at the top of the hour benefits all about how business and just. when i'm travelling.


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