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do particularly similar to. ask w. your questions about germany but it's k. i had a medicare as good they were not a plan for the employer will. write to us on facebook we'll answer your questions. you're watching it every you do is live from berlin me and mars on song suchi breaks her silence on the real hinge or refugee crisis she condemns the violence but human rights groups say she is bury her head in the sand about what the u.n. calls ethnic cleansing also coming up hurricane maria devastates
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a small caribbean island of dominica and is now sweeping towards puerto rico and the virgin islands they are still coping with the aftermath of hurricane wilma. and the tiny parasite that sending the price of salmon soaring we report on canada's battle against the sea life threatening its multibillion dollar fish farming industry. i'm sorry so much going to good to have you with us mean mars de facto leader aung san suu kyi has broken her silence on the road hinge a refugee crisis an army led crackdown has driven more than four hundred thousand minority muslims into bangladesh triggering a major humanitarian emergency cities national address was highly anticipated she's been facing intense criticism for remaining silent on what the u.n. is now describing as ethnic cleansing let's listen to some of her speech. there has
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been much concern around the world with regard to the situation in a kind it is not the intention of the government to apportion blame or to epona gauge responsibility we condemn all human rights violations and unlawful violence we are committed to the restoration of peace stability and rule of law throughout the states since a fifth of september there have been no armed clashes and that afternoon clearance operations nevertheless we are concerned to hear that numbers of muslims are fleeing across the border to bungler days. we want to find out why this exodus is happening. for more on the situation of the rohingya refugees let's go to southeast asia correspondent bason heartache he joins us from . this was
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a highly anticipated speech as we said what. she had to say will it be enough to silence her critics internationally. well i don't think so soon because she hasn't said a word about the role that the security forces that the me and my army played in these clearance operations as she calls them and if you ask the refugees that come across the border into bangladesh they will almost unanimously tell you horrific stories of brutality of soldiers coming into their villages burning down their houses shooting at civilians kidnapping women and of course all those stories can't be independently verified but the reason the main reason why they can't be independently verified is because the myanmar government of the security forces have been blocking independent access to the conflict areas so it sounds almost ironic when she in her speech today invites the international community to come and
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have a look for themselves what's going on in that area but at the same time saying well what but we can only let you into those areas that we think are safe for you to visit so that doesn't sound like the unfettered access that observers have been demanding is especially u.n. fact finding mission that has been trying to get into that conflict area for months to exactly verify those claims that are being put forward from both sides and to ascertain what really happened there and who is to blame sumi das and just across from that region in bangladesh a lot of refugees are sheltered in camps and you visited them what have you been seeing there. the situation in those camps is absolutely chaotic there are more and more people coming in every day and they're all heading to those makeshift many of the makeshift refugee camps where they hope to find shelter where they hope to find aid but but it's very
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difficult for them because the aid that's coming in isn't sufficient for before that massive number of people that is come in over over and over the last few weeks more than four hundred thousand have a look at this report. they keep on coming. more than four hundred ten thousand refugees from me and mark have already crossed the border into bangladesh and no one knows how many will still arrive. in the camps the situation is already at a breaking point. food water shelter everything is scarce here. many of the eight deliveries are organized by private bangladeshi citizens. but. if we do not help the government of bangladesh this problem will be difficult to solve is how do we don knotts not see the refugees are getting increasingly desperate and distributing the aid to those who really need it can't be done from
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the back of a truck. the problem with the way this aid is being delivered is that it doesn't reach everyone and that it's a matter of luck and sometimes even the physical strength if you get some or not but there are hundreds of thousands of people here who are all desperately in need of food water and medicine and what they really need is a large scale coordinated relief effort some forty kilometers north lies the hospital of cox's bazar the district capital. here doctors are treating around thirty rohingya refugees with severe injuries. they have sustained burns broken limbs and gunshot wounds. the hospital only has two hundred fifty beds and was already overstretched before the refugees arrived. and this influx due to the.
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has been a great burden to us because these patients are huge in number diversity injuries and difficult to manage injuries from infected cases or cases are coming with the existing resources existing medicine existing meant to be difficult for us to deal with this influx outside the hospital locals voiced their resentment towards the rohingya refugees. that only because of the road our country is suffering greatly many of them break the law they steal they drop us and the women work as prostitutes. ninety percent. we don't. other we don't get them no good people don't get the service in our country back in
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the camps bangladeshi authorities are trying to manage the chaos. the government has designated an area to house four hundred thousand refugees where aid can be properly distributed but with hunger and illness spreading it's a race against time. and let's come back to you now we saw there in your report dire conditions in those camps and you said in that report that a lot of the aid is being organized by private citizens what can the international community do right now. well i think we're already seeing a major relief effort is already on the way but it just takes time to get there the big aid organizations like u.n.h.c.r. for example like i.o.m. they're already airlifting relief goods into bangladesh now they need to get them to the people on the ground and that's no easy task because first of all this is a very remote area the airport the closest airport and cox's bazar is
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a very small airport so big planes can't land there so they have to airlift those goods into dhaka and then drive them down or or deliver them with smaller airplanes to that region and then they have to get them to the to the people and now that's the next challenge because in order to do that they need a certain amount of infrastructure and most of all they need stable camps which the bangladeshi government has said they will set up now or with the help of these agencies because they need to distribute that aid in an orderly fashion to make sure that first of all they're not risking the outbreak of riots over food and over aid there and secondly to make sure that it really reaches the people who need it most first to me. porting on the refugee crisis thank you very much. now to some other stories making news around the world spain has become the latest country to scale back ties with north korea in protest over its recent nuclear
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tests spanish authorities have ordered north korea's ambassador to leave the country by the end of the month the u.n. security council imposed new sanctions on pyongyang after its sixth largest nuclear test this month. so sad bombings in nigeria have killed at least twelve people and injured more than twenty at least two blasts had a settlement in the northeastern state of borno witnesses say the bombers detonated their devices at a gathering of farmers the region is at the center of the islamist insurgency and oscar pistorius a six year jail term could be extended south africa state prosecutors are seeking a harsher punishment for the olympic and paralympic star they will present their arguments to the court of appeal on november third pistorius was sentenced last year for the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp now the prime minister of domenica has described hurricane maria as devastating and mind boggling after the hurricane swept over the caribbean island maria has now intensified again and has
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regained strength to become a category five storm hurricane maria is moving roughly along the same string of islands as other hurricane that devastated the region earlier this month it is expected to move towards the virgin islands and to puerto rico there tonight and tomorrow maria made landfall on monday with winds of up to two hundred sixty kilometers per hour. here you can maria has been battering the french island of guadalupe and much need with its final and winds it's a similar story on the island of dominican its prime minister russa said skerritt has recorded his harrowing experience on social media he said he didn't know what was happening outside as the storm surge and didn't even dare look out an hour later his roof was gone many of the islands on high alert for maria a stew reeling from her can only at this month on this one of them here people are
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bracing for another potential disaster. a similar scene in puerto rico shelves in supermarkets emptied as residents stockpile supplies. the u.s. territory could receive a direct hit from the. right now we're not prepared for the next hurrican because we're still recovering from the last two weeks ago. rico is not prepared for this. we're going to have a bad time of it. we ask almighty god to get us through this without serious damage . to rip reef drop and strength maria has again intensified into a category five hurricane and could cause further damage as it moved to what's put you rico and the virgin islands. let's talk to a jeffrey soaker and he's the host of island ninety two radio in st martin in the
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virgin islands hi jeffrey what is the state of things in st maarten right now how are island residents preparing for maria. you know we are doing all the things that we did just two weeks ago to prepare for months the thing that is just different this time around is there is debris everywhere the last twenty four to thirty six hours is all about trying to clean up the debris that could become something that just takes off in in that wind of maria that's really been the focus for the last twenty four thirty six hours as we repair from maria it looks like maria is going to stay just enough to our south that we're going to get a fair amount of rain and be subject to some tropical storm force winds which is nothing compared to what we went through with irma and you know my heart goes out to everyone on dominique because i completely understand what what they're going
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through as they. look outside for the very first time as as light comes up and it is just devastating everywhere when i look around st martin you know there's not a single building that is not somehow touched by armor that has passed and we're hopeful. and praying but maria stays well enough to our south that it's some wind in some rain and but everywhere we're all often for down impaired it looks like maria will be in her approach to us around ten o'clock this morning should be one of her closest points almost to our due south so we've got our fingers crossed jeffrey you mentioned you know we've seen some of these images of the debris after has there been any relief from that devastation have the rain efforts to to clean up and start to rebuild. absolutely within without
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a doubt if you look at the way this island looked right after burma and the way it looks today. the it's a sounding just yesterday morning i looked outside my house a lot of the government workers were outside cleaning up trying to remove large pieces of roofing material that they were afraid will be comes flying off that in the next storm so they're there are they taken all of the debris and they are most of the reimported in specified areas so it can be shipped off island women try to get away from where it's going to directly impact both residential and tourist areas all right jeffrey so can the host of island ninety two radio in st martin in the virgin islands thank you very much for that update. thank you but like. you're watching still to come on this program more than a million turks living in germany have the right to vote in sunday's general election but many aren't sure if they will we find out why and meet the berlin
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activist trying to persuade them they should. and a classic showdown between two old rivals shaka and byron munich we'll have a preview of all the midweek good to sleep action for. our parents in the u.s. and canada in need of some new toys for their kids they are in for a shock monica some sad news for them sumi because it looks like toys r us has just become toys are bust the largest u.s. toy store chain filed for bankruptcy protection on monday toys r us has taken a beating from competition with online shopping and discount chains filing is among the largest ever by a speciality retailer and it costs doubt over the future of the company's nearly one thousand six hundred stores and sixty four thousand employees it comes just as toys r us is preparing for the holiday shopping season which accounts for the bulk of its sales oh happy holidays indeed. and it was another record setting clear record setting closing for wall street also on monday investors in new york are in
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buying mode sending share prices sky high both the dow jones industrial average and the s. and p. five hundred closed at record highs the rallies are also having a global ripple effect in japan the nikkei ended tuesday with a record two year high a weaker yen and a strong american market considered positive signs for japanese exporters and all of that is certainly also interesting for traders at the frankfurt stock exchange that's where daniel cole our financial market correspondent is standing by so. any record highs in sight where you are. well i was looking around the stock exchange all this morning for this new record high there's a new boost but i couldn't find it. actually started already this morning with a slight minus a when you look in the background here on the big black wall we are
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pretty much at the same level why is this happening why we are not really benefiting from this boost at the moment mostly because of the very strong euro the euro is right now traded with round one with or around one twenty and when we have this very strong euro this is usually harming the export business because most of the companies listed in the blue chip index docs are dependent on export business and they're fearing that with this strong euro their product broad could be more expensive and with that not competitive and nevertheless a new survey suggests that investor confidence is actually on the up what's behind that you have that news actually kind of came as a surprise this morning the center for european economic research it came with fresh numbers this morning stating that in the next six months the economy will be growing even more they have a scale with seventeen points and the german economy is right now there were
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seventeen points experts here were just expecting a level of twelve points so yeah pretty positive outlook for the next half year here in germany ok well that sounds good danielle cope in frankfurt thank you so much for the positive outlook. not quite so positive ryan air europe's largest airline by passenger numbers is canceling a thousand of flights it's a rather unusual incident for the other way so reliable carrier and a ride in has just published a long list with all the floods affected until the end of october but that's not really any comfort for the airlines stranded to customers they demand answers the airlines c.e.o. says they messed up the pilot's vacation to know reese but not everyone is buying that. around forty to fifty flights are said to be canceled daily that's a total of around two thousand flights by the end of october ryanair canceled the
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flights to cope with pilot shortages and to improve its punctuality record we can either run the operation with a fifty five sixty percent punctuality we far more flight through options inevitably cancellations and huge past your dissatisfaction calls to thirty five or forty percent of our customer base or we do what i thought last friday was the sensible thing we need to take out about fifty flights a day for the next six weeks while we have this crew we issued two thousand cancelled flights that means hundreds of thousands of angry customers but that didn't seem to bother ryanair it's not fair for the people they have booked already their holidays. everything to because unlike these it's not put really that right. what about the drama but no idea the budget carrier is bracing itself for a bill of damages totaling twenty million euros but analysts are doubtful that
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improving the punctuality record is the real reason for the canceled flights rather ryanair could be aiming to grab as many of the landing slots still occupied by the now bankrupt air berlin if air berlin stops operations those coveted slots would be auctioned off but only airlines with a sufficient number of free planes for the additional flights would be eligible to bid. fishing is big business in canada the north american nation exports billions of dollars of lobster crap and salmon every year but now a tiny parasite this one is threatening the entire industry aqua cultural businesses a scrambling to find a solution to a lousy problem. there are big fish weighing in that almost five kilos but a tiny parasite is mercilessly attacking them lice they attach themselves to salmon and feed on them rendering them useless as a food fish once controlled through pesticides sea lice have now grown resistant
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and new approaches are needed to keep them in check for farmers version farmers and this is absolutely a farming issue. and we're trying to deal with it the same way every other farmer that grows all over food what that means with all they have because this is about the very life they hold of the farmers and an entire multibillion dollar business on board the colby persia ship pumping ten thousand fish at a time into a solution of peroxide and water it kills most of the lice but also some of the fish. at center approach is this thermal removal barge fish come down a water slide while a warm shower knocks the lice off the farmers preferred method however to use cleaner fish to co-exist with the salmon and eat the lice and you think this is the way to go because it's non-chemical based. and we can get them
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from our waters and it is their natural habitat and it's quite is it in programs whichever treatment farmers use time is of the essence farmers across the globe consider sea lice the biggest threat to the industry with current prices up as much as fifty percent over last years that means consumers are now having to pay more for their favorites cuts. times also of the essence when it comes to germany's political future the election time is coming soon this sunday monica and the main parties are battling to win over the last undecided voters before polls open today oh we're focusing on the turks living in germany with the right to vote they're more. then a million of them but many are unsure whether they'll actually cast their ballots that's because turkish president has called for a boycott of germany's established parties didn't you met a turkish activists here in berlin who's trying to persuade voters to exercise
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their democratic rights. on lay a pulled square in berlin i should tamir is handing out flyers in turkish and german her organization the turkish union of berlin is encouraging german turks to vote in the upcoming federal election demeanors message is clear vote or allow other germans to vote for you and this year the stakes are high the anti immigrant party a.f.d. the alternative for germany is likely to enter parliament for the first time in the desert come on yet monday in this campaign is meant to increase fights participation this is the only way we'll be able to stop the i.f.t. from getting stronger often when the stop for turks are the largest ethnic minority in germany and over a million have the right to vote but this year more than half are uncertain whether they will go to the polls in fact many will be staying home and protest claiming into turkey a sentiment in the german government turkish president regift you have edda one has called a boycott on germany's established parties this could be bad news for the green
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left parties which depend on votes from german turks still the mir is hopeful that she can persuade voters their interests are at stake in addition to handing out flyers her organization has hosted pennell discussions where candidates can make their appeal to the turkish community. to his distinguished it's important that we don't leave these people to be totally influenced by catalogue and see him by out of the unless we need to try to win them back and sort of it's a given and many attendees said the boycott will not keep them from voting for the party of their choice the two i'm not influenced by turkish affairs and give this sometimes some of the i don't support his hand might be influenced but not in general sometime next on sunday to me or we'll find out if her efforts paid off. and you can join the discussion on the election by following the campaign germany decides there's full coverage on it every dot com and you can get updates on our
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database news facebook page or follow us on twitter and germany decides hash tag our social media is waiting to hear from. ok for a bit of sports now in the going to see doesn't midweek action on tuesday night shaka will lock horns with bae in munich in a marquee match up shock i've been on a roll so far this season and they're expected to give the reigning champs a run for their money shell has impressive start to the bundesliga season has the team full of confidence under first season coach domenico to disco the side from girls and kitchen have experienced many changes in style and tactics and it appears to be working the royal blues of won three of their four bundesliga matches this season sometimes with the help of the video assistant referee but now their
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attention is focused on their greatest test so far this campaign about the against . you want to really want to vote against have to be. i think that's the only way you'll have a real chance against. you need to have a heck of a day and lot of talk. by ns dominance against child in recent years is unquestionable that last time unit lost to the royal blues in a competitive match was back in two thousand and eleven. but this time around by and go into the clash swimming in a sea of criticism their decent start of the season has been overshadowed by their recent defeat to hoffenheim and rumors of tension within the dressing room and criticism towards cotton on forced him to answer his detractors you know the thing that i have been is like me so bad that i'm no news but who do you. want to celebrate it we don't know it will be a while york of the size this is football
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a mouth watering bottle is expected between these two old rivals. you're watching t.v. we're back in thirty minutes. street art is entering the museum. urban nation museum is the first of its kind. shows the work of international stars and newcomers alike and we
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were there at the grand opening of the nation the venue for urban contemporary art. to go. to sleep guy lights. fire in munich made up for losing their last match by three rushing mines four nil just in time for the. tuning of october first. and after many goals and much debate dormant defeated come on and are once again top of the t.v. . sixty. two. my first vice was a sewing machine. where i come from women are balanced by the social influence in something as simple as learning how to write a by cycle isn't. since i was
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a little girl i wanted to have advice i'd lost my home and it took me years to when i. finally gave up and went to buy me and my cycles but returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing advice and now i want to reach out to those women back home who are boned by their duties and social rules and inform them about their basic rights my name is them out of the home and i work i need them. hello everyone i'm louise havenot that time of year again.


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