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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2017 3:45am-4:01am CEST

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for the local heroes. she. made for mines. seventeen beethoven c'est bon turning to her first. shift living in the digital age. coming up foodborne and instagram.
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mended reality for all banda whirlwind tour of new york but first digital daily routine yelpers chat bots are computer programs that can conduct conversations with people experts predict will soon become part of our everyday lives many companies are investing in the interactive interface. meets ponchos the weather catch poncho is one of the most popular chat bots on facebook messenger providing personalized weather reports it's basically a small conversational program that can recognize keywords such as weather and turn in. the bot scans for these keywords and provides an answer within seconds. not all boxer is cute as poncho but a growing number of businesses are introducing the technology mainly in the realm
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of customer support on facebook messenger alone there are already thousands of such messaging services available. mullin based online journalist andreas vec predicts that these digital assistants will revolutionize the way we use the internet it's. the way it seems highly likely that we'll see a shift in the years to come. instead of ups we'll be using messaging services. this will be a game changing development for the internet. max greece in twenty fifteen he and two friends founded spectrum the berlin startup uses bots to deliver news content via messaging platforms on behalf of publishing partner. clients such as business insider pay a monthly rate for the news service readers can communicate with the bot of any time via facebook messenger it delivers the content they want when they want it.
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then use a number of users get push notifications about content whenever they want for example if there's news about their favorite football team or a player switches clubs. it means they're getting news before everyone else before their colleagues are talking about it over lunch facebook wasted no time officially partnering with spectrum investors have plowed millions into the young startup jackpots delivering personalized content over messaging platforms are just the beginning cut your next vision is what he calls conversational journalism. if you are interested in politics and sport but are not into business you only get news that interests you but if there is a business story that's important the chat bot will give you a personalized explanation not the same as for someone who consumes business news every day. that's why we're moving away from newspapers which essentially assume the same level of knowledge in all readers we offer
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a more individualized service with chat bots. this river. a lawyer is accessed not via a messaging platform but file website it was programmed by nineteen year old british student joshua browder do not pay helps users challenge parking tickets it talks a series of questions to determine the validity of the penalty and then guides users through the appeals process brothers bought has helped overturn more than one hundred sixty thousand parking tickets. i think my lawyer is not going to be arguing in the high cost cream core anytime soon but the lore is all about information on rolls and i think that's perfect for technology. for now most chat bots can only do what they've been programmed to do but before too long they might be autonomous lee processing information and responding more flexibly. against the flow of artificial intelligence has been
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a big issue for forty years now and has never been more relevant to computers avoids today computers are able to process vast amounts of data and actually communicate with humans specifically in the form of chat bots. from digital sales assistants to news and weather services but so becoming increasingly sophisticated and might soon become our constant companions. the. shift says the. time now for shift ranking the social media platforms with the most negative effect on mental health number five you two u.k. health organizations asked some to fifteen hundred people to rate the impact of vibe social media platforms on there will be more than ninety percent of sixteen to twenty four year old news online networks youtube was the only platform in the study that was shown to have more positive than negative effects researchers said
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the video sharing channel aided self-expression and awareness amongst other things number four twitter micro. blogging service ranked favorably in terms of self-expression unfortunately cyberbullying was found to be a considerable problem all in all it was ranked as having a negative negative effect number three facebook the platform rank highly for emotional support and community building but poorly for its impact on sleep the problem the fear of missing out. as it's now called. number to snap chat this messaging app can be addictive its users were particularly worried about not reacting in time and that can lead to anxiety and depression. number one instagram the photo sharing social network was found to contribute to a sense of for body image and inspired feelings of envy and please note airbrushing is widespread. that was this week's ranking and not from. our
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looks is becoming increasingly important thanks to the internet many restaurants are now reacting to this trend and seizing a marketing opportunity by serving up deliberately photogenic. instagram is one of the digital platforms that stoking this growing as a time for perfectly arranged food is the favorite subject is both. for the business any kind of the ingredients as possible this new cafe is one place to see these bowls in real life three years ago modern vice fulfilled his dream of making food that looks and tastes good. on customers have high expectations for these balls they have to look nice on be worthy of instagram. so it's very important for the balls to look appealing some customers make out lots of toppings just to make them that way i've noticed that food has been turned into a visual media experience. smoothies and bones are especially popular among
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digitally seventy city dwellers in addition to taste unquote isn't greedy. and how much is a brain which is also important. because. we're trying to lay everything out symmetrically . we spaced the banana slices evenly and from the amount nicely for men rice is also a good idea symmetry plays a big part on school and sometimes because of allah. instagram is the place full stop shots under the food porn hash tag there are more than one hundred million photos. from berlin is one of the styles of nearly two hundred fifty thousand followers. of the vanished. i'm sure when i look at it and i prepare a dish for a photo shoot before i always imagine the pictures i'm going for and i found a summation being committed so i think about the angle i want to shoot from my
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sweat of that i'm not into and influences the styling even how i shape certain food just have to be infinitely before me. the twenty two year old has already published her first cookbook. she never ends a living from her photos and social media activity she's a food blogger by profession. some people in her line of work have been known to reach for the paint. is this rainbow color sandwich for example. there are you but you know infineon is really elaborate dishes are not for us. we want the future to preserve their origins to remain a strawberry just look nice and be fun to eat as i'm told that also possible so much. while food blogging is a legitimate professional hobby it's important to remember that what we eat is about more than just aesthetics food shouldn't just be for show even in the digital
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age. she says. don't play with your food. and not short and sweet the shift shot back we've all been there and online order arrives and it's nothing like you expected you can avoid such disappointment with the arising augmented reality. downs of third dimension to online shopping and giving customers a better idea of what they're buying. but it can also bring other things to life the weather forecast for example or even boring card games. just start the up but your smartphone in the cardboard casing and point at a starting price of thirty euros per kid arisan aims to make all mended reality widely affordable the app is also a valuable learning aid helping train the surgeons for example to practice
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procedures. that was the op shot do you want more stories from the digital age than visit our facebook page to tell you digital here you can find the latest digital news and trends as well as recommended apps tech gadgets and helpful to doritos and episodes of shift of course. follow us comment and tell us what you think this is deja vu digital facebook. as always we leave shift for the exit our internet find of the week today a whirlwind tour of new york everyone knows that new york is a high energy place but this is the big apple as you've never seen it before three austrian cameramen spent ten days shooting in teeming u.s. city from all possible perspectives even from a helicopter they ended up with a total of sixty five thousand photos two thousand alone of the famous yellow taxis
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this virtual tour really whet your appetite for a real trip to new york. then the next time and shift. self driving cars are powering ahead the software controlled vehicles are already being tested in many countries our large animal striving change our cities and the way we live the future of mobility next time on shift. to go. to sleep highlights. by only made up for losing their last match by two matching minds for nil just in time for the opening of october
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fest. after many goals and much debate dormant defeated colon and are once again top of the table thank you. thirty. dollars. that means people of the world over g.w. on facebook and twitter. today and in touch. follow us. tag germany decides what is your take on the whole position regarding not only climate change. what do you want to know about germany's general election. ask w. your questions about germany. write to us on facebook we'll answer your questions. gemini
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besides the candidates. d.w. xena's pool and just karim have interviewed all my. all the front runners in germany's upcoming parliamentary elections. and now we're looking forward to interview. them out. west and germany decides. the candidates september twenty first one. hash tag germany decides the day of decision is near. the coast you want germany to get what they want to bring a strong team to the campaign but if the we in the f.t.p. have a new conservation anyway sions is a virtue and you know my friends this will be a difficult election by we are ready to take responsibility and to help shape in this country. we have more than enough parties participating in incompetent government but not the left party germany can do better. polls in germany open on
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september twenty fourth. what do germans want for their country. what do the different parties stand for. and which party will come out on top. d.w. your expert on germany's bundestag election two thousand and seventeen. germany decides german bundestag election two thousand and seventeen on d w. another powerful storm front is bearing down on caribbean islands still trying to recover from hurricane irma which devastated the region earlier this month. hurricane maria has been upgraded to a major category four storm packing winds of.


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