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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  June 5, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> welcome to the young turks. i don't know if you know this. today is election day in wisconsin. >> it's about looking back on june 6th and saying, yeah, i did all i could. >> the question is: did the president do all he could? he sent a tweet today. we will debate that issue in a little bit. and then, of course bill o'reilly and fox news channel in favor of racial profiling. >> it's a crime-fighting technique that they are now going to take away from the nypd. and mark my words: street crime in new york will go up. >> if you can't discriminate against blacks and latinos, well, obviously crime will go up. we will tell you all about that
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story, outrageous. speaking of outrageous, the cdc had to put out a warning saying there is not going to be a zombie apocalypse. he said it was like from a zombie movie. >> so the american people worrying about an apocalypse? they have two great competitors. a republican with another whacky conspiracy theertr theory on president obama and another guy who hates gays in a particularly vicious way. in fact, that also involves zombies. in fact, we need you to decide who is the zom of the day? vote and you will see it later in the show. guess what. it's go time. >> no corporate control here independent programming by an independent company. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ]
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>> i don't know whatif you guys could tell but i am a little sick. so bear with me. i am a little sick of how little the police department did in wisconsin. anyway, how are we doing in wisconsin? the latest poll has governor walker up by three points unfortunately. it's 50 to 47. but there is apparently great voter turnout here russ feingold believes that lep help put barrett over the top. a tremendous amount of money has been spent 63 and a half million dollar of that amount, outside groups are a huge factor but when you look at just the candidates, scott walker has out-raced tom barrett 31 million to 4 million, all of this money, two-thirds of which poured in from out of state has gone to scott walker. but there are some people on the other side including the green bay packers. not all of them but some of them. i love these tweets they send out. to a girl who was a receiver for
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them and a tweet, finley is a tight end and on the football term. i am proud to be a union member, they say. sport whisk wisconsin workers and get out the vote on tuesday. look. it's an interesting point they make. with without collective bargaining, the nfl players wouldn't be able to get anywhere near the money and the benefits they get. any one player could be eliminated by the owners. they would get to keep all of the money. but when they collectively bargain, they are in a much better point, charles woodson, one of the best packers player has made that point over and over. it's nice to see the packers showing up and lining up on the right side of this issue. now, perhaps motivated by the tweets of the palkers, the president has gone out of his way because we have been telling you, he hasn't shown up in wisconsin. but today would you. he sent out a tweet. will you look at this presidential tweet? it's election day in wisconsin. tomorrow, i am standing by tom
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barrett. he would make an outstanding governor. he has a funny way of standing next to tom barrett by not standing next to him, by sending a tweet instead. the least supporting president i have ever seen until today, a video. too little, too late. this doesn't even have president obama in it. but watch. >> it's time that we get out and make that last crucial conversation to really make those votes come out on tuesday. we need you. wisconsin needs you. we can do this. sign up for a shift. knock doors and make only ifs and elect tom barrett, finishing strong, owning our votes, maybe voting for the first time. it's about looking back on june 6th and saying, yes. i did that. i did all i could. >> well, that's really the operative question here. did president obama do all he could? i know what the calculation inside the white house is: oh,
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my god. what if we show up and then tom barrett loses and then it will seem so bad according to the washington pundits. why don't you show up and fight and see if that makes a difference. wait a minute, if you think it would do damage in wisconsin, if that's your excuse then i thinkguess you are going to lose, you think, wisconsin. you go out and fight and win. >> that's what you do if you want to win. unfortunately that has not been the case here. where was president obama the night before the wisconsin election? he was with president clinton. wow. what were they doing? well, they were at the wald observe astoria hotel in new york, at a fund-raising. how fitting. >> thank you. i was in wisconsin a couple of days ago. 73% of the school districts have laid teachers off. >> that's the austerity policy. it isn't good economics. sglfrnings we have worked too hard and too long to right the ship and move us in the right direction. we are not going backwards.
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we are going forwards. >> that's what we are doing, new york. we are going to do it with your help. >> yeah. it all sounds good, but look at where they are. they reached three and a half million dollar. so talk about it in new york raising all of the money from those donors. >> that's the whole problem in the first place. >> that's why we have the wisconsin problem because the money in politics. the answer is not to join that but to fight that. unfortunately, that's not what's going down but hey, they might win in wisconsin despite president obama's lack of showing up. let's go to david shuster in wisconsin. now that you have shown up, what did you find there? what's going on? i am hearing about these huge voter turnouts. any since of how you get a sense of that on the ground? >> yeah. absolutely. you get a lot of information from both cam pages. the one thing they agree on is the turnout was heavy from both sides. the democrats are pleased the
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numbers they were rolling up in their districts but also fearful of the numbers they were seeing from republicans. republicans are pleased with what they were seeing in their strongholds but acknowledged the democratic strongholds were doing well in addition. the key is going to be of course, milwaukee county. >> that's where tom barrett needs to roll up the numbers in a very big way tonight. keep in mind the drama is only going to build because milwaukee counties are the last votes to come in. when the polls close 2 hours from now and the numbers start circling in, you are going to see walker with a strong advantage. the question is at the end of the night, can barrett close that night and swing it through milwaukee? one of the things that's been so intriguing throughout the day and we have heard about this is across the state is this festive atmosphere. people are celebrating this day has finally, come. there have been i ammpromptu demonstrations, song festivals with union workers. one-guy running down the street holding a sign and it said more runners, less walker. everybody is involved in this in their own way.
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>> very clever. let me bring in michael shure. milwaukee is about 70% africans american. would the president help drive the vote? >> i don't think we are going to agree on this. i understand your frustration with it. i don't think it really matters. i think the idea that president obama did go into wisconsin >> didn't got into milwaukee as we talked about before is curious on the one hand. on the other hand, it's 5 months before the election. the polls have been quite tight in the presidential race. i saw something interesting in the exit polls today which is that voters asked who they would select as president. six % more for obama. 51/45. >> that's what i don't get. any one of you can answer this. if if president obama is winning in wisconsin, how could he hurt? so i don't understand their logic. what's their logic? we suck and we don't want to show up in wisconsin and hurt tom barrett? that doesn't make sense.
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or is their logic, oh, my god, we care so little about you. we care so little about the democratic party, we care so little about progressives that we are not going to bother showing up on the off chance it might hurt us a little bit if you lose? david? >> first of all, on the africans american mote the union president, very popular et cetera he is going to get the africans american vote out. there is no advantage with president obama with that. second they saw no upside. if barrett loses and obama was here, obama gets blamed. if barrett wins obama is probably not going to get much credit because people are going to say this is all about wisconsin and collective bargaining. >> all right. >> i know people don't like it but that's the political reality at the whitehouse. >> no. no. no. only inside the white house. okay? the political reality is, you go out and you fight and you win. okay? and the president showing up somewhere matters a ton. but inside the white house, it's oh, my god, we can only lose. oh, my god, what if we showed up
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and tom barrett lost, then the washington pun dits would say something bad about me. it's an attitude of a lose her. >> it's wisconsin want to go win this for themselves. >> that's a big part of that 32%, nearly a 30 of all voters said they are in aun union household up six % from last time. >> that's a big number for tom barrett the union households are coming out strong. i think that helps tom barrett as well. it indicates there is some chance walker might lose. for me, the election is not aboutun youngs or not unions. i don't think it helps barrett overall. i think the framing is middle class versus the billionaires trying to buy this election. we know they are trying to buy it. we have got them on tape trying to buy it with walker if i was president obama, i would say, hey, you know what? why don't we go down there and talk about these sons of bitches
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trying to buy your democracy. >> that's what a strong president does. i don't want people to go over obsessed as i am about the president's role. people of wisconsin are going to decide this. you have to make a stand. you have to make a stand and say they can't buy every election. they cant buy our government. they can't buy our democracy. >> that's the stand you have to make today in wisconsin. >> that's it on the issues, we will talk to you again at 10:00 o'clock as these results start to come in. thank you so much, michael. we will talk to you again as well later in tonight's programming. when we come back, breaking news about how one the top al-qaeda leaders has been killed. we will talk about the side effects of that policy including inside the white house where there is a lot of internal fighting. we will explain when we come back. >> we have breaking news now from the pentagon where u.s. officials confirm thet
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al-qaeda's second man has been killed in a drone strike in southwest pakistan. >> we're not through just yet, >> they're swimming against the tides.
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you're about to watch an ad message created by a current tv viewer for allstate save 11 campaign. >>guess what? i got invited to prom! >>can i borrow your car tonight? >>i made the swim team. >>i got hired as a lifeguard. >>i think i'm in love. >>can i borrow the car? >>i passed my driving test. >>i want to join the military. >>i got accepted into law school. >>dad? >>[all speaking at once]
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>>mom, dad. >>i love you. >>i love you. >>i'll never hear my child say those words again. >>and i'm only one of thousands of parents who will have to experience the death of a teen. >>join the movement to prevent teen driving deaths. >>join the movement to prevent teen driving deaths at >> today there was great news about the killing of theoretically second in command of al-qaeda. it seems like every guy we kill is second in command of al-qaeda. there is something interesting in this clip. let's watch it and talk about it. >> it tooks several days to confirm the fact that abu yaya
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was killed. according to pakistani officials there were as many as -- count them -- seven to 15 other militants killed in what may have been a series of attempts to kill abbu yaya. pakistani officials say that abu yaya a few days earlier sometimes last week was injured in that strike and then was ultimately killed in the strike a few days ago. >> fications we should note that abu yaya is the least imposing nickname. it will sounds like a comic book character that my kids would watch. "look, abu yaya," dad. seven or 15 kills? i think we got them in the first one. it turns out we didn't. i think we got him on the second one. does it give you any kind of assurance we are getting the right guy or killing civilians as we have been talking about in the past? this is not going to give you insurance either. rick nelson, the director of
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homeland security says intelligence is never going to be 100% accurate. the president, himself, has to decide how much he is willing to take, how much risk he is willing to take when he approves a strike. i've got news for you. it's not any personal risk. you hate civilians there is no political risk. you don't hit civilians, you hit terrorists, it's no a political terrorist. it's the hits of the civilians down below. >> that's the real problem. an obama confidante told danny ocriman, "kill or capture," an interesting book. we will talk about it in a second. obama was obsessed with getting alalaki, the president considered relaxing some of his collateral requirements. i love the euphemism. at least if i get the guy i want, that will be great. more civilians killed, that will be great. well, it's an interesting
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standard. apparently, there was some discord at the whitehouse, too. axelrod, of course, the political advisor for the president got into a fight with the attorney general eric holder that nearly became physical and yelled at him don't ever ever, accuse me of trying to interfere with the operations of the justice department. all right, let's talk to danny kliman, author of kill or capture. also a reporter for "newsweek" daily beast. daniel, great to have you on the program. all right. first off, let's start with the fight between axleelrod and holder. why did that fight take place in the first place. >> it is always some degree of tension between plan of carely the -- particularly the justice department and the white house. the justice department is supposed to stay out of politics. the white house is supposed to support the president's political situation. in this particular case, wid a
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white house. this is early in the administration, in may of 2009 that was focused like a laser beam trying to get healthcare past and didn't want to be distracted. meanwhile you had an attorney general who was trying to push some of the president's campaign promises on some of these con contentious counter terrorism issues involving detain easy closing down gauptuantanamo. >> that's the kind of backdrop attention. the white house is concerned that eric holder is getting off message and saying things that are distractions. he had made a couple of early political mistakes and they wanted to put someone on his staff that would kind of coordinate the message between the white house and the justice department and holder was not particularly hope about this. he thought they were trying to put a minder on his staff. a couple of days after this first meeting between axelrod
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and holder, they are in a cabinet meeting. when they leave, an axle rod makes a beeline to the attorney general and says he heard holder and his aides have been spread spreading the word he is trying to interfere with the operations of the justice department and holder is, you know, vehemently denies it. >> that's when axelrod makes that comment. valerie garrett, the president's closest friend in the w450i9 house had to physically get between them and separate them. the reality is these guys often fight. >> i know. i know. i know. there is a right and wrong here. it appears axelrod was wrong. he tried to put a political person and holder was right? >> yeah. but from axelrod's point of view, he was not trying to influence the justice department's policy. >> he can have any point of view you are like. if you are trying to coordinate
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a message with the justice department, you are putting politics in the justice department which they did over and over. i don't just get that because i get it from your book. i mean holder comes on you in the beginning and actually appears to be a progressive. by the end he is saying due process is not judicial process, like more nixon than nixon so something happened to irek holder and they beat him up throughout your book. don't do that. don't do that. >> first of all, let me just say in defense ofaxelrod, i did not come up with any reporting to suggest axelrod was trying to influence policy improperly influence policy at the justice department. he did know where that line was. i think he was pretty careful about it. now, you are right that on some major decisions that the attorney general tried to make and these were policy decisions, the white house tried to influence him, didn't want him to make those decisions, were unhappy. i think it was pretty clear what their position was.
4:22 pm
the major one was to try kali shake sheik ma'amahmadinejad, the clear the president said it's your choice. you are the attorney general there was no there was no doubt ronnie manu. >> in your book, it sees the guys who were more conservative, rahm emmanuel keep winning, the progress evidently get fired like greg craig did or holder who wants to leave. >> that's an amazing part of the story i never heard before. holder wanted to resign. what happened there? why didn't he res sign? why dept to resign? >> he wanted to resign. his mother died. he was very, very close to her. that was a huge blow.
4:23 pm
he had had extremely difficult and run 5 in this administration. he felt isolated on some of these decisions like the ksm decision, on other issues as well. he was being attacked by republicans on the hill and by editorial writers. he wasn't getting a whole lot of back-up from the administration and so i think he felt as i said, isolated and depressed. he sank into a depression. he said to his wife, "i don't know if i can get through the day." he was talked out of it by valerie jarrod that said if he had done this, holder would have been a rallying cry. they would have said you were drummed out of? >> which is true. he would have been. daniel, here is the thing. i have to ask you one last question holder goes from trying to do the right thing to buy the end, doing whatever the political hacks want him to do.
4:24 pm
harold kole, by the end, he is the one operating the kill list and saying, how do i get to the point where i am killing people on a daily basis? it's hideous. most importantly president obama goes from signature strikes, we don't know who we are killing. i am opposed to that to now not only authorizing it but authorizing it in yemen. these guys come out like they are killing robots. >> look. there are different with all of them harold coe, the former dean of yale university. he was internally fighting battles to save people's lives. if you read the book if you read the chapter largely about harold coe, you will see that he was willing to battle pretty hard to make sure we were only going after certain people where we had the legal authorities. but it's absolutely true. people go through transformations. his job in the government is
4:25 pm
different than when he is a professor at yale and he is in a more theoretical world. on the other hand, there is probably kind of a process of irrationalization say there is this momentum toward more violence in these cases. i think it's hard to resist. there was some resistance. you know, it's very difficult. >> it's a really, really, taling book, daniel. thank you so much for joining us. i appreciate it. my last thought on it is a strong leader would have resisted. >> that's not the kind of leader we had. eventually going to say signature strikes. we don't know who we are killing? bomb away. it revolts me. all right. when we come back, speaking of revolting, bill o'reilly on racial profiling. what a terrific idea it is. >> crimes down.
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the left hates that. hates it because it is racial profiling.
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>> we're not through just yet, mr. vice president. >> they're swimming against the tides. >> all right. new york has this stop and frisk policy totally out of control. we will tell you about that in a second. there is good news today. they are thinking of amending it, going to downgrade possession of 25 grams or less of marijuana in public view from a miss demean or to a violation. that would be a $100 ticket for first time offenders before it would go on a record. that ruined a lot of people's lives. vanguard here had a terrific
4:29 pm
documentary called "war on we'd" where they showed the things the cops do. >> they are not supposed to search you but they searched you anyway? >> in my back pocket looked at me like he recovered it from a cigarette pack. >> where was the cigarette pack? >> in my pocket. when they run up on you. >> they don't give you a chance you know. they just go in your pocket. >> that's their job. >> not their job. >> okay. >> you know, the filler line they don't even give you a chance. >> that's so true. governor andrew como was talking today about how much this has dispropportionatley affected minorities. watch. >> this is a primarily new york city problem. 94% of the arizona primarily a young person problem, about 60% and primarily overwhelmingly a
4:30 pm
problem for the black and brown community, 94% of the convictions. >> let's talk about that. how stunning those numbers are. just last year along, new york pd stops over 685,000 people to do stop and frisks. >> that's unbelievable. it's a 600% increase from when mayor bloomberg came in which is also a shocking stat but here comes the worst one. 87% of the stop and frifkz were for blacks and latinos. 94% of the arrests, blacks and latinos. there are a lot of blacks and latinos in new york city. actually, there are real numbers on that. new york city, 25% black and 27% hispanic of any race. the number of arrests 94% black and latino. gee, i wonder if it's a racist policy or? bill o'reilly thinks it is.
4:31 pm
he lops it. this is what he says on fox and friends. >> this is about racism a racial story, no the a drug story. here in the city we have stop and frisk policy which has brought crime way down in new york. way down. okay? and what that is, is, the cops know who the wise guys are. they know who the dealers are. they know who the punches are and who the muggers are. they try to get these guys on anything. like getting al capone on tax evasion instead of mur. so they know these guys carry pot and other drugs and they stop and they frisk and they fine them and send them into the system. >> that's what drives crime down, gets them off the street. so get the blacks and latinos off the street and everything will be fine in new york city god. it's so repulsive let's talk about the reality. a vanguard respond ent great to have you here, christoph. first address what 0 rileo'reilly said? the cops know who the wise guys and the puncheses are the al
4:32 pm
capone. did it seemed like the cops knew who the beside guys were? >> we would go into a court in brooklyn and half of the people there are young and they are there for minor marijuana offensive that have come about because of the stop and frisk policy. i would say almost everybody we saw are all young. they are young kids with minor offenses. a lot don't have records. this is did be. >> so they are not getting the criminal master mine here? the guy who is running the drug cartel. >> absolutely. >> a guy who has pot in his pocket? correct me if i am wrong, but the last three presidents have all smoked pot and would all be? jail in new york if they got stopped and frisked? >> that sounds right. you sound sick. we could smoke a j because we are in california and we are white. >> the reality talk to me about that. when you saw this being applied, you were there? right?
4:33 pm
was it, hey, you know what? sometimes it happened to be blacks and latinos and sometimes white bankerses. were there any white bankers? a ton in new york city. were they busted? >> absolutely not. the kids would tell us about the areas you get busted in. never in manhattan. you are never busted in park slope certain parts wiiams bx, you are gciallyo get e interesting. >> in man hattedan there are a lot of rich folksmented in the end, it comes down to class. >> absolutely. everyone is smoking we'd. there are a lot rich white kids in manhattan smoking we'd but they are not the ones getting arresteded. there are a lot rich white kids in manhattan s ones en support marijuana. is this where they do to de decriminalize a small amount of possession so at least they don't have it on their record? absolutely. it's a huge step in the right direction. all over the united states, our entire country has been in this
4:34 pm
skits phren i can't about what do we do about weed the legalization of it? there are states that have taken steps in the right direction and you take a place like new york where they haven't and it's ruining kids' lives. a kid has a nickel bag on him and a miss 19or? >> it. these are kids not going to get their college scholarships, next defense, some are sentence to jail. it's pretty serious? >>. >> that is a presumption of guilt for the rest of their lives. you are all over the country. >> that's the last thing i want to ask you about. does it matter so much where you live? you know what class you happen to be in what race you happen to be in? two different worlds here? >> absolutely. here in california, you have seen, we have medical marijuana sdmeningsers everywhere. a place like colorado where they have done a lot to regulate it: you have more pot dispensaries in denver than starbucks but
4:35 pm
what they have done smartly is they taxed the hell out of it. so what they have done is the state is not so much aducted to marijuana as the money. last year, they got $5 million out of the tax revenue from medical marijuana. they have found a way to make it work for them. if they are figuring out how to make some money, then we will be going in the right direction. the state gets hook on the money as you just said. it's brilliant. i love t by the way, think about that when you are sitting at home. i don't know what bubble you are in, but if you happen to be in colorado, you are in all right shape. if you happen to be in the queens and you are a black or latino kid, you are screwed. they are coming for you. okay? that's the reality. chris, thank you for joining us. really great documentary. everybody catch it here on current. now, when we come back, is president clinton doing more good or damage on the campaign
4:36 pm
trail? i thought for sure that it was good. something happened today that has begun to change my mind. we will talk about that when we come back. >> his plan is to go back to the bush program except on steroids.
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
>> we have a great power panel with great topics. an entertainment attorney and a contributor for the huffington post wrote a great piece and linda killian at the woodrow wilson international center and author of "swing vote." our first question is: is there a downside to bill clinton as a surrogate? earlier, i would have answered no, even though he has a mixed record, he has positive things to say about mitt romney which
4:39 pm
didn't help and went on the attack. let's show you both of those. >> a man who has been governor and has a sterling business plan crosses the threshold. >> his plan is to go back to the bush program except on steroids. so a bit of a mixed message there. but overall, he was on cnbc and said this: >> should those programs and those tax cuts be extended? >> what i think they should do is to find a way to keep the expansion going, and what i think we need to do is to find some way to avoid the fiscal cliffs, to avoid doing anything that would contract the economy now. >> bill, what are you doing? the first private equity is great. now, all of the sudden, keeping the bush tax cuts out of anybody. bill clinton should know we created 23 million jobs with the higher tax rate. drives me crazy. first, you know, on the upside
4:40 pm
linda, obviously, it has to help with independent. it's a deeply popular former president in the country. right? >> he is very popular. on a gallup poll modern former presidents, he comes third in most popular behind jfk and ronald reagan. what i was finding when i was talking to independent voters i was surprised when i asked them who of their favorite presidents were bill clinton came up a lot. they like him. you know who likes him? are what i call america first democrats. what we used to call reagan democrats. this is a group that he can connect with that barak obama doesn't. he can help barack obama with this group. >> no question, i think he helped in wisconsin, he can help with obama because he is a good ol' boy in a sense but at the same time, he is one of us. he had a poor background, et cetera. it worked for everybody.
4:41 pm
the new bill colindon defending private he canequity and bush tax cuts cuts, is that the same bill clinton we had as president. >> it is because he goes both ways. i think bill clinton is dead wrong that obama not attacking romney on bain capital and being a vault tour capitalist. i think it has to be set up: he is wrong about that. but bill clinton is also the best politician in america. i heard him last night. i saw clips of his speech channelling paul krugman that romney is going to bring european socialists. >> that's the thing. he is such a good politician, he connects with the audience and talks about the downsides and let's not do austerity and connects to the wall street guys and gets 3 and a half million dollar from them last night. and puts it in obama's pocket. he can get the money from the wall street guys and appeal to
4:42 pm
the voters. he is brilliant at that. i am worried he has been spending too much time on wall street lately. let's move on to the second topic, which is president obama missing in action on citizens united? well, you know, of course in 2010, he had said this during the state of the union. >> supreme court reversed a sent re of law that i believe will open the flood gates for special interests including foreign corporations. to spend without limit in our leaks. >> that's a deeply popular. 81% of americans believe there is too much money in politics but miles you wrote about this. who is there and not there. i am disappointed the president obama wasn't there. there is a case that has to do with the ste ofe d and john mccain filed a brief in support of the state of montana limiting contributions to political action committees. 22 state generals, republicans
4:43 pm
filed a brief. barack obama wasn't there. i would like to see john mccain and barack obama standing on the steps of the supreme court together saying this system of political finance cannot go on. this has to be the last election where we have this. >> the problem is the point is too devastatingly good. 22 state attorneys general and you have 81% popularity. why is he missing in action? is he addicted to the same money? is that what it is. >> as miles points out in his piece, they are afraid to disarm because estimates are that the republicans with their super p.a.c.s will raise $500 million more than the democrats. so i think they don't have anything to lose. i think miles is right. i think barack obama should have taken the high ground and said look. i am going to forswear corporate
4:44 pm
tax and super p.a.c.s and, you know, i am representing the people. let's get this corporate money out of politicians. but he didn't do it. and i think it's a big mistake because the republicans are going to so out spend the democrats in this field. my last parting thought on this is, it's not that hard. i am campaigning to make sure that i am the last candidate to take this super p.a.c. money. mitt romney and i are the last candidates. i have to take it because of the system, but then i am coming for them. i am going to push for one. he can't do it single handedly. he can help. it can work towards it. >> that's right. >> the point, cenk. maybe, maybe he can't unilaterally disarmed. he will have to say this will not stand again. we must change the system or we don't have democracy any more. >> unfortunately instead, jorn mccain, a republican is doing
4:45 pm
more than president obama. >> that's shameful. thank you so much for joining us. great panel. all right. when we come back, we have our clown of the day. you guys are going to help pick one for us. brian fisher who is vehemently in favor of discriminating for gaze. take a look. >> all together right.
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>> now to one of my favorite segments on the show, the clown of the day. i will start with geoff land re a republican congressman from louisiana. he was talking to jay sekelo and talking about, the mandate on contraception coverage from the obama administration is so discriminatory against religion it's outrageous. >> that's not why he is a candidate. he went on to say this. remember, an administration who
4:49 pm
has no problem granting special status or waivers to muslims as they go through tsa screening. as they believe there is a need to grant them special rights, they go through the tsa trainings based upon their religion. i am okay with that. it doesn't exist. if it did exist, why would you be fine with that. he said turn around and attack christians when they don't stand up and say, listen we believe the policies attack christians. >> i will. >> what special exemptions do ms. limbs get by the tsa? he is not referring to anything. sometimes he will take a word or a sentence and twist it out of shape. he just made it up. he is a u.s. congressman saying you know what? obama loves the muss 4ri78s, gives them special exemptions. lims, gives them special exemptions. the muslims get on board. it is an obvious and ridiculous ridiculously. first candidate, geoff land refrom the great state of louisiana as he is trying to get re-elected there. there he is. i like con fet tee.
4:50 pm
brian fisher from the american familiar association. he is the spokespersonfetti. brian fisher from the american familiar association. he is the spokesperson. he thinks it's an awesome idea to discriminal name guess dates. >> it's right for a rational culture to discriminate guess homosexual behavior. i agree. doma discriminates against couples whose union is based on sodomy. it discriminates against them. we ought to discriminate against homosexual behavior. >> not surprising either. you have to take it to a whole different level. right? he then compared them in an article he wrote to pedophiles, three or four times, to rapists twice. then, public policy is about discriminating against behaviors that are socially destrustib and cross i have to the social fabric. so we rightly discriminate
4:51 pm
against people who will rip-off vens stores and burgle houses and eat the faces off of homeless people. >> a guy so high on balt salts he ate the faceoff of a homeless person. >> that's a special level of clownishness. our our second candidate. that will be tough to beat. there goes the confetti. we have to tell you, of course about, on the zombie theme here we had the miami cannibil who ate the homeless guy's face. it was unbelievable. >> that's the video there. we had the texas mom accused of killing her newborn eating part of his brain and biting off three toes. then we had the guy in maryland who ate the heart and brain of his roommate. they are not actual zombies? right? the cdc, center for disease control actually puts out this statement saying quote, cdc does not know the virus or
4:52 pm
condition that would reanimate the dead or present zombie-like symptoms. you don't say. cdc, i have to put you on the board. you are third candidate. it's not just the c d.c. it's the american people that they felt they had to say by the way, there is no frickin' zombies in the real world. in this cavalcade of clowns who is going to win? you voted. it was a tight, tight election. 39 to 42. and the winner is brian fisher for the win. hating gaze in a new way. calling them zombies and cannibals. you moron of the world, clown of the day. all right. now, let's go from a really dumb guy to a smart guy elliott spitzer with "viewpoint." >> not sure what to make of that
4:53 pm
introduction but i will take it, i suppose. i have no choice. we are going to have one dynomo. we have the vice president of the united states, al gore with us the entire hour going to be analyzing wisconsin and what it means for the politics of our nation. is it a microcosm of what's going on out there in the positive and very negative sense as well? michael waldman from the brennan center who has done so much when it comes to voting rights citizens united what's going on and what it means for the national e elections. a lot of stuff to discuss. >> he was a great fighter on that issue. and i think the vice president knows a thing or two about e elections. it should be fun. >> looking forward to it. you mentioned michael waldman. the brennan center has been in the forefront of not only litigating citizens united issues but what's going on florida with alec and the bad guys trying to suppress voting something we have been focusing on, as you have been. >> thank you, eliot, we
4:54 pm
appreciate it. >> thank you. >> when we come back, you know, verizon is having to lay off some people. tough times. >> is it tough times for their executives? wait until you see these numbers. they are going to make your blood boil. >> verizon's innovation is forged in the labs of its technology team and in lowell mcadams garage. >> they have their story. it's kind of fun to bring them back.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
>> we're not through just yet, mr. vice president. >> they're swimming against the tides. >> tough times have arisen. it looks like they are going to have to cut 1700 jobs. >> that's a shame. i am sure the pain is spread throughout the organization. wait. no. it's not? wow that's shocking. let's look at the executive pay. ceo lowell c mcadam?
4:57 pm
how much did he make last year? 22 and a half million dollar. perhaps you keep some of those jobs and don't pay that guy that much money. so how about in the last five years? the top 5 executives have made $350 million so what do the job creators do over the last couple of years? in 2008, they laid off 10,000 people. in '09, 16,000. in 2010, 13,000 people. wait a minute. i thought they were job creators. i thought that's why we had to give them the tax breaks. turns out they put it in their pocket. don't they? $350 million to five guys and you all get laid off? >> how this economic works. stay with current throughout
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