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tv   Steve Bannon at CPAC in Texas  CSPAN  August 8, 2022 10:01am-10:47am EDT

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these other television providers giving you a front row seat to democracy. ♪ >> c-span now is a free mobile app. keep up with today's biggest events with live streams of floor proceedings. white house events, the courts, and more from the world of politics. you can also stay current with "washington journal". plus a variety of podcasts. c-span now is available at the apple store and google play. downloaded for free today. c-span now, your front row seat to washington anytime, anywhere. >> c-span covered several days of the conference in dallas and
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sessions -- you can find the sessions on we will have some of those speeches darting with steve bannon. he called president biden illegitimate and said the 2020 election was stolen. >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome this ceo of -- 2020 trump campaign, and the host of war room. steve bannon. ♪ [applause] ♪ >> thank you, thank you, very much. could carry lake -- could kari
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lake rise for a second. [applause] {kari!] >> stand please, this morning on morning joe, for five minutes they tore her apart. they called her an insurrectionist. they said she was guilty of treason and finished by saying that she was a bill of rights racist. ladies and gentlemen, she had the audacity to leave a job in
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media and say, guess what, i want to give the people of arizona a voice like donald j. trump gave the people of this country. $30 million, $20 million for her opponent and another 10 million from outside groups, not a penny of that spent on differences of policy. all $30 million of that spent on the politics of personal introspection. carry lake -- kari lake, you are not only a politician, you are the future of this movement. [applause]
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we are at war. we are in a political and ideological war. you can say whatever you want about it, but we are at war. think about after high noon on january 20 on 2020 one -- 2021, an imposter took over pennsylvania and the administration. there is no doubt in anyone's mind who looks at the facts or information from arizona, wisconsin, georgia, and the commonwealth of pennsylvania, that the 2020 election was stolen from donald j. trump.
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it is only controlled opposition that say it is about the future. elections are about now. this is an about president trump. this is an issue far deeper than president trump. it is about the republic and what was bequeathed to us and what we will bequeath to our children and ran children. if you are prepared to sit here and have them steal an election, they told you they would have them steal it. months before they said, don't pay attention to election night, because it will be a red tsunami but just wait. when all the mail-in ballots are counted, and after verification in three weeks joe biden would be the president of the united states.
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and, kari lake, you work and they have these phony ballots with no verification and they steal it. since 1968 with president nixon, the conservatives have one more elections than we lost. house seats, senate seats, president, vice president, and on high noon that day we lost to the country. the babylon b, was putting it in satire, a parody, but at the heart it was not funny. what they have done to our culture is not funny. what they have done, it's not about deregulating or cutting or cutting taxes.
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this nation has taken on the chinese model by our elites. this isn't regulatory capture, this is merger between state capitalism and an authoritarian state. five years ago i was here, talking about the three lines of work of president trump and his movement. america first national security. what is that? postwar international rules-based order that the american people have underwritten with their blood, no longer works for the american people. we can no longer afford defense spending every year. we can no longer afford $9 trillion that kills -- and
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veteran victims are dying at 20 day, that doesn't work for the deplorable's. around the rim of asia, our trade deals, our commerce, and american security guarantee in nato, and the persian gulf, in the south china sea, taiwan and up. it is a trillion dollars a year. it is not sustainable, not close to being sustainable. as an obscenity. it is an up senate he that we send $40 billion a day -- we
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send $40 billion in a day to defend the russian-speaking border of ukraine. when the cartel is bringing fenton in here. -- fentanyl in here. we have gutted the greatest industrial power that mankind has ever seemed -- that mankind has ever seen or filmed. we under eroded -- underwrote it. the deplorable's in this country underwrote all of the shipping of god -- all of the shipping of jobs to asia. why, to allow slave labor by beijing.
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the whole system works to allow slave labor by china. for every slave labor dollar that they get, they can't get their money out of the bank, because their savings have been turned to investment product. and shallot -- and china collapses in front of them. the last line of work was the deconstruction of the media state. they were sitting there going, deconstruction of what, what is this madman talking about until the audience stand up and chaired -- chaired-- cheered. the audience knows what it is, we can't talk about the swamp
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anymore, it is a leviathan. it is anti-democratic because they set it up to be impervious to elections. this is how we have one more elections and we've lost and we lost the country. president trump's brilliance, he was able to think through the courts system. we are now on the edge of a revolution. how? because of the supreme court and the federal court system. brought to you by donald j. trump. when the history of this time is written, roe v. wade, which is monumental to the right to love first, 50 years. incredible. that is going to pale in comparison to eta versus west virginia. that's the one that has them scared.
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we now have a court system with major intellectuals, gorsuch, kavanaugh, alito, they are going to be the driving force. they will talk about independent state legislators. including, this is where elections will be decided. no longer with governors who have assemblies when they want to change the ballot. we will have courts on our side. that's why this rate patriot, -- this great patriot, who is a genius of national security, cash understands the
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administrative state. it has its own courts. it has its own capability. it is an absolute government and it needs to be taken apart brick by brick. cash showed us how. remember, we have 4000 political appointees in any administration. 1000 need to be senate confirmed. 3000 can hit the beat day one. 16 was a come-from-behind victory. we had it been organized -- we were not organized. now we have no excuses and we have -- we are going to hit the beach day one and take apart federal democracy brick by brick
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-- federal iraq proceed rick bright brick -- federal bureaucracy brick by brick. we have an opportunity that will never come again, we have the ability to shatter the democratic party and the national political institution. how are we going to do it, have you seen moms for america? we are going to do it at school boards, election boards, medical boards, canvassing boards, state legislators, house, senate, all of it. we could take the house right now with 40 or 50 seats. there are 74 in play, we should
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take everyone we can possibly get. in babylon b, the hispanic and african-american communities are some of the most conservative communities and they did test what is going on. their parties are destroying young men and women. [applause] the senate cycle in 2024, we could actually get a senate that is filibuster proof, and the return of donald j. trump to the white house. [applause] this time, this time, trust me, the people out there, the people who worked so hard for kari lake, that made that victory possible. she one in every district and
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precinct in arizona. she was on fox, fox news, one time in seven months. that was bret beyer who regretted that interview. the bright bayer trap he set in the trap piece, that's just junior varsity. we can't mess around this time. people talk about succession, we ought to leave. that's nonsense, we are two thirds of the nation. we are going to give them a democracy suppository on
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november 8. [applause] there can be no half measures, we have seen exactly what they're going to do, they are going to cancel you, put you in jail, deplatform you, look at mike lindell, where's mike lindell. stand up for second. [applause] >> i love this guy. without him there's no kari la ke. he put his company up, his profits are so profitable for walmart, and they took amount of walmart. do you know why, his political beliefs. his ardent belief that the
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election was stolen and he is not going to rest until he proves it. [applause] we have allowed the progressive left to build the administrative state over the past 50 or 60 years, to build an authoritarian state that has now merged with big tech and media to start the rule of the authoritarian state. our mandate and destiny at this time in history is simple, we need to take that on and taken apart brick by brick. the easiest victories we have had are behind us. they are going to come after you like they came after kari lake and mike lindell. look at president trump. they understand that they cannot
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beat him at the ballot box. they are coming at him by a death by a 1000 cuts, they are trying to put him in jail so he cannot run again in 2024 to be the rightful president that he should be right now. [applause] there are no half measures we need to choke down the administrative state. we have to cut off the oxygen and starve the beast. do you think that joe biden had and a pit ami -- had an epiphany about climate change? kyrsten sinema comes out and says we gotta work this thing out, you know that it is just
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the wall street guys that fund them. they are absolutely corrupt. that is my point of -- about half measures. investigations, investigations, investigation. accountability and criminal charges in d.c.. we need to fight fire with fire. trust me, they are playing to win and we are not right now. we need to play to win. the country is in the balance. we will not bequeath a constitutional republic to our children if we don't. what am i saying?
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the biggest scam that they have, the biggest con, is not just the appropriations process and how they fund it, it's the federal reserve. ok? 0.5% of the citizens of this country have more than the bottom 90%. we take the balance sheet of the fed under bush, it's $9.5 trillion today. we have 100 trillion dollars of contingent liabilities. all of that rest on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren. those bills will come due. all we have done, we have
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cranked everything up. that's where we have these is insane bills of trillions of dollars because the federal reserve will float money. the federal reserve is not by -- is not owned by the american people, 24 prime brokers. how does that work? and governors are selected every 12 years. and the best of those governors, told you what would happen by going into negative interest rates, and told you what would happen by printing all of this money. now $9 trillion on the balance sheet of the federal reserve. $15 minimum wage? that's to money. that's how the administration state pays for itself.
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we need to end the federal reserve. the federal reserve has usurped its power and the power of the american people and our elected representatives. no. they do not have the consent of the american people, we will not comply, and it must be ended. from the founding of this nation up to the founding of the federal reserve, in those years, hamilton versus apperson, abraham lincoln, henry clay. teddy roosevelt. william james brian. the whole concept, the politics of money, it was actively debated what the currency was, who controlled the currency, what was the central bank, who controlled the central bank? after the federal reserve was formed, we lost that.
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that is going to be one of the, if not v most major issue -- if not v most major issue that we have. we need to end the federal reserve. and the central bank will be owned by one group and you know who that group is, the american people. not third tier bankers from fifth tier firms like powell. the american people will control their own bank in their own currency. we are at war. i like are on -- i like our odds. if you are not 120% committed to this, it will not happen. divine providence works in mysterious ways. donald j. trump is providential, god works through trump.
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stealing the 2020 election was providential. it has flipped the cards. these are not kennedy democrats, or the guys from the 50's or 60's, these are radical ultra marxist who want to destroy this republic. it is either their way or our way. andrew jackson was divisive, abraham lincoln was divisive, ronald reagan was divisive, it is only after their victories that they bring the come -- they bring the country together. that's what president trump will do if we have his back. it is your personal commitment that will make this happen. cpac, leaders of conservative movements, we need to do that. if you think it's ugly today of what they have tried to turn this country into, you have not
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seen where it is going. thank you. let's make america great again. ♪ [applause] ♪ >> i feel completely inadequate because that was one of the best cpac speeches any of us have heard. i am going to attempt to ask questions of steve that you might want to ask. the first question of steve is, when did you wake up?
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>> that's interesting, the beginning of my awakening was the financial crisis in 2008. i saw a lot of what was going on in the middle east and a hostage crisis, i didn't like where the military was headed in that has lingered for decades. in 2008, my father had been a career lineman for the at&t company. i remember hearing, the little guy got wiped out completely. and what we did, $4.5 trillion under obama, the elite got bailed out by the federal reserve. a guy named richard fisher in this very city, in those minutes argued, if we get those interest rates to zero, if we bailout the wealthy, we will crush the
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working and middle-class of this country and they will not recover for decades. i don't think anyone in this room disagrees with how bad it is. i tell young people, when you think it is so bad, it's actually worse. >> the problem is a lot of people are saying it so bad you can't fix it, irretrievable. if it is salvageable, can this election turn it around? >> not totally. that's a great point. that's why kari lake is exhibit one. if you think the trump campaign is the little guys. this was truly the little guys in arizona. /look at the folks in small counties. do you know what they are doing
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now? they say, kari, we have your back. that is what is incumbent on this job right here. remember, joe kent, in washington. they said joe kent wasn't going to win but he beast butler with no money -- beat bultetr with no money. we need to be 1000% committed to a plan. if we do that, we have two thirds of the country, look what mercedes has done with the hispanic community. we will have 55 or 60% of the hispanic vote. we have to show them that we earned that vote by action.
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[applause] >> i want to mildly correct you. [laughter] >> stand up. [applause] >> i don't like that governor of michigan. >> i don't have my glasses on. >> look at the two slates of candidates in arizona. look at michigan, she is an existential threat to the system because of gretchen whitmer. gretchen whitmer and newsom are getting ready to change the drapes in the white house. look at matt to pernell, --
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these are slate of winners that can win and they can execute. they are our future. we need to have their backs, have their victories, and then assist them in their aggressive execution of their programs in arizona. look in south texas, they are the first to say build the wall, give me security. but we have to deliver. we can't do half measures. we can't say, let's do a deregulation. that's the politics of the past. the politics of the present is attack. attack bureaucracy and corporate interest. the american people are looking to us to provide -- the
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political party that provides will be in power for 100 years. the republicans ran the country from the civil war essentially until the great depression. now, this is like 1932. this is our moment. we could shatter the whole thing. it will take commitment from the people in this room. if you are prepared to walk away from everything mike lindell did, kari lake was a big star in broadcast television news. she was going to bigger cable networks. they walked away. why? because their country is more important than them self. -- than themselves. you are a good set up man.
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>> i set them up and you take them out of the park. steve i want to get more personal, you said you woke up to the economic reality. reality hit you in the face in 2008. we like watching war room and it's an honor to be on your show, it's great to have you here today. >> this cpac has been magnificent, the energy of the crowd is great, we are ready to take the show on the road. >> when donald trump couldn't decide if he would come to dallas, when i talked to mom the phone, he said -- i said well we won't go if you don't come.
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it brings us back when you see all these folks. i didn't know what this was and i am blown away by the size of it. [applause] everything is big here, president trump said to steve, that jail thing is making you a star. there are a lot of things i could go to on that one, but your lawyer may call you on your cell phone. i just want to put this out there, you and i agree on so many things, but i think the thing we agree on the most, no one should ever go to prison
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because of what they think. [applause] >> no one should goat to prison because -- no one should go to prison because they want you to verify that you are a legal voter by showing id. >> you also can not comply and not submit. >> that's right. steve bannon didn't make that roll up, that is a divine rule -- steve bannon didn't make that rule up, it is a divine rule. god made you for a purpose, have you found your purpose? >> i think my purpose is what i'm doing now, i have the
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easiest job in the world, all i do every day is turn the mike's on. and the deplorable's are some of the most fascinating people in the world. they come from every walk of life. moms for liberty. the first interview i did with tutor, she was the voice on the american first show. we have huge intellectuals. i understand that people are thirsting for action. they want to use their agency. they don't want to sit with a channel changer listening to fox give you nothing but talking points. >> should i give my might to
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mike lindell? >> i've known you for a long time, i have dedicated my life now, i was in the service for a long time. i have dedicated my life, 80% of those in this room, you could do -- you have dedicated your life to this cause. 100 years from now they will talk about this like they talked about the revolution, the civil war, the great depression. they are going to teach this in schools 100 years from now. how do you want to be remembered? as somebody who left it on the field? it would be easier for all of us to do something else. kari lake, tudor dixon is going
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to get chopped up every day because they see how the apparatus works. her victory speech the other night should be taught in graduate schools of politics. it was magnificent and appeared to be off the top of your head. they can't compete with that, they can't compete with carrie lake, they can't compete with donald trump. that is why it has to be a deeply spiritual check. i am all in. if i am all in, then you are impervious and we get on with it. matt: i agree, be not afraid, which i don't think i have to tell you. i want to see if we agree on this. you come from wall street, know about financial markets. there is a lot of knowledge in this room about corporate america, fortune 100 companies,
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you can go down it. but something cool can happen here. the most interesting thing about republican politics today is, the corporations that used to sponsor cpac left. because they think we are bigoted. they think you are bigoted and racist and anti-semitic. they are not here. you know who else they kicked out of financial support? the republican party. any republican who said they were going to stand up for secure election and election id would not a pac check. no pac money flowed to these candidates. you are going to have a bunch of congressmen, senators, governors, guest who they got elected with -- guess who they got elected with? your money. nothing corporate money. [applause] this has never happened in the
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republican party. we always had big money guys behind us. now, we have moms, dads, cops, preachers, hispanic leadership, immigrants, black leadership, we have the chance to break the back of the corporate stranglehold on the republican party. steve: absolutely. that is why it has got to be now. because you are unencumbered, unencumbered with all the favors and everything that comes with that. that is why when we take over this house this time, and the house is where the power is, the appropriations process, the tax process. it is declaring war. and investigation. the moment is now. this opportunity will never come again. all these converging forces, and the next cycle in the senate and the white house. in 24 months, we can change the direction of this nation for 100
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years and do it unencumbered by any or permit interests. matt: it takes one to no one sometimes and that is the moment we are in. it is something that is not covered and it is really exciting. you have never been more powerful than you are, and these republican candidates have so much power. they do so much good. when we get the house, we have to outvote the fraud and the money. steve: that'll comes from grassroots. we have to get 100% of the trump voter out. that means every one. if we do that with new people we are bringing in from the hispanic unity, the african-american community, the asian-american community, it is
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two thirds of the nation. we run the tables and we run the country. [applause] matt: i hear you are a good dancer and are going to lead a two-step. i was told if i got you scotch, you were going to lead everyone? steve: if you gave me scotch, you may not see me for a month. matt: we had a great conversation with jim jordan, are you fond of jim jordan? we get the majority in the house. we already got 15 seats in the last cycle on the way there. steve: 15 seats in tough districts and the one that we lost? the presidential. matt: impossible. steve: i have not met one hedge guy -- hedge fund guy in the world, they know that trump one.
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it is an insult to your intelligence when they hammer with it every day. wyatt are they afraid to turn anything over? if they had the facts, rachel maddow would rub your nose in it. they say it is all -- guess what ? when we get to the house and have a real january 6 committee had to get to the bottom of wray and the fbi, the 14,000 hours of tape, we find out who murdered ashli babbitt, we get to all of it. we are going to adjudicate through november because it is part of a cause. we are going to see that insurrection is what markey lies and scumbags did to steal this election from a duly elected president and anybody who says it is too much for me, we have to focus on the future, does not understand the future, how the
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future develops. it develops from here and now and from the past. i am so sick. i am so sick and tired of these phony, and this is what they are, the same gutless phonies that got us in the are -- that got us in this and say forgot about it. we will never forgot about it. matt: i think we are done on that note. [applause] ♪ >> our look continues. conservative authors and film directors spoke in dallas for about 30 minutes. ♪
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>> we could have a late arrival. she is running, she might join us here. perfect. ari, take it away. i am very excited to be here with my co-author. what inspired this was this particular gathering was our book of prayers which we hope all of you own and the importance of the book is simple. it names the enemy the enemy is those who want to desecrate all we


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