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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Rep. Hoyer Remarks on Rep. Greene Committee...  CSPAN  February 7, 2021 11:20am-11:38am EST

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and once again, this congress will get listed as the least productive congress in history. but the one thing it will have a record of is changing the rules to be one-sided, a long history that i believe this body will be embarrassed by. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california yields back. the gentlewoman from ind of the representatives, mr. hoyer. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. hoyer: mr. speaker, this is a sad day and a difficult day for the house of representatives and for our country. i have had the great honor of serving this body for 40 years, and in that time, i have never encountered a situation like the one before us. now where a member has made such
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vial and hurtful statements, engaged in harassment of colleagues, and expressed support for political violence. none of us should take any pleasure in what we must do today. to do nothing would be an abdication of our moral responsibility to our colleagues, to the house, to our values, to the truth, and to our country. a great forbearer of legislators, edmund, famously declared, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. yesterday, the republican conference chose to do nothing,
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so today the house must do something. i have heard some condemnation from across the aisle of the contents of representative greene's statements. some have condemned the white supremist and anti-semitic things she said and posted online. some have condemned the falsehood she shared about 9/11 and the horrific school shootings. but i have heard little from republicans about the horrific statements made by their colleague making threats of violence against democratic elected officials and her threatening conduct towards representative bush and others. indeed, mr. speaker, there seems to be much silence when it comes to her incitement of political violence. in "the washington post" yesterday, columnist greg sergeant wrote, and i quote,
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whatever happens to greene -- representative greene -- the truth is unavoidable. republicans have yet to offer a clear and unambiguous declaration that political violence is unacceptable and has no place in their ranks. i have heard too much about process and not enough about accountability. no member ought to be permitted to engage in the kind of behavior that representative greene has and face zero consequences. this vote can be a first step in correcting the error of those who so far have chosen to do nothing. a short while ago, representative greene came to this floor to defend her indefensible conduct. i heard no apology. she claimed that we are here
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today only because of some things she wrote online before she ever ran for congress. and if one's moral slate is wiped clean when one becomes a candidate for office. regardless, the conduct we are judging today continued to occur even after representative greene became a candidate and even after she was elected. mr. speaker, i urge my colleagues to look at this image.
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i heard about motherhood today. two of those women between them have six children. they're mothers. one of them does not have children, and she's come to this body asking for more housing for people, for more health care for people, for more income for people. how awful. and they're not the squad. they're ilhan. they are alexandria. and they're rashida.
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they are people. they are our colleagues. and, yes, you may have disagreements. but i don't know anybody, including steve king who you precluded from going on committees, for much less. and this is an ar-15 in the hands of mrs. greene. this was on facebook just a few months ago. that is a message of peace and reconciliation and peaceful democratic dialogue. the squad's worst enemy, ar-15 in hand. i have never ever seen that
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before. is this a precedent setting event? it is. because the conduct, the tweeting, the qanon association. i heard the disavow of qanon. i learned more. ar-15. squad's worst nightmare. is that what it was intended to do, that each one of these ladies would have a nightmare about somebody with a gun, an ar-15, to carry in the clip up to 60 bullets. i urge my colleagues to look at that image and tell me what message you think it sends. .
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here she is, armed with a deadly assault rifle, with three democratic members, the pictures were put together, i understand that. and she captioned it, the squad's worst nightmare. some people are having nightmares. and fear. and some other people who wanted to give people nightmares committed sedition and broke into the house of representatives and tried to stop us while electing a president of the united states. these three faces are real people. they're three reasons we are here. but there are many other reasons we are here today. in 2019, in the same election cycle in which she ran, showed support for comments online that the quickest way to remove speaker pelosi from power would be, and i quote, a bullet to the head.
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did any of you hear steve king say anything like that? you removed him from all of his committees. but as i said, you did nothing. as a matter of fact, gave a standing ovation, as i understand, i wasn't there. what message does that send, what message does it send to have a standing ovation, to give these three women nightmares? indisputably, these are clear threats to commit or incite political violence, not from years ago but just months ago. imagine the pain that these members' families must be experiencing when they see pictures of -- like this one. imagine what their children think. or when they know their loved ones are walking the halls of congress and may encounter
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harassment as happened to representative bush. i ask my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, when they take this vote, imagine your faces on this poster. imagine it's a democrat with an ar-15. imagine what your response would be and would you think that person ought to be held account snble but when i -- when a suggestion of violence is allowed to go unchecked, that metastasizes on the body politic of our nation as we saw a few days ago on the 6th of january. a cancer. that's how senate republican leader mcconnell characterized
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it. he said loonny lies an conspiracy theories are a cancer of the our country. mcconnell. should we stand silent in the face of that kind of active city ty? he continued, somebody who suggested that perhaps no plane hit the pentagon on 9/11, that the horrifying school shootings were fake, that the clintons caused the crash of j.f.k. jr.'s plane, is not fit to serve. this has nothing to do with the challenges facing american families or robust debates on substance that can strengthen our parties. my colleagues across the aisle have an opportunity today to reclaim their party from the dangerous cancer of qanon and violent conspiracy theories that promote and have demonstrably resulted in sedition an insurrection. senator romney -- you remember
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senator romney -- he was candidate for president of the united states on the republican ticket. nominated in the republican convention. he said of his party this week, i think we should have nothing to do with marjorie taylor greene. and i think we should repude kuwait the thing she is said and move away from her. our big tent is not large enough to both accommodate conservatives and kooks. not my word, his words. a republican member of the united states senate. he's not a big buddy of trump's. so apparently he doesn't have to do what trump suggested he do senatorerness, conservative woman from iowa. she doesn't represent the party. i don't want her to be the face of our party. i think this is a great time for us to really talk about what we want to see in the upcoming years and continue to build. we don't need people that are
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promoting violence or anything like that. that's a republican conservative senator. republican senator and former governor of florida rick scott said, conservative republican senator, that's not what the republican party stands for. let me suggest to you, if it's not, vote with us. vote with the house. not democrats. vote with the house of representatives. vote with good order and peace. furthermore, senator young of indiana said, there ought to be no place in the republican party for the kind of views espoused by representative green. that's what mccarthy said when you kicked king off all of his committees. this is not something you haven't done. however, sadly, you left it to us to do your job. representative cole called her
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statement extraordinarily disturbing. he said that yesterday. it's an old quote. an senator thune asked his fellow republicans in the house, do they want to be the party of limited government? i think the answer to that is yes -- do they want to be the party of conspiracy theories an qanon. furthermore, senator young of indiana said, there ought to be no place in the american -- in the republican party for the kind of views espoused by representative greene. that's what your republican colleagues have said. this is not partisan. this is about principle. and you can shake your head as much as you want. this is not about party. it's about whether or not you will vote for decency. an truth. not being member's worst
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nightmare. i hope we can do it together. all of us. embracing our humanity and basic adherence to the constitution. edmund burke, who i quoted earlier, said, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. let us not do nothing. i often share another passage spoken so long ago by edmund burke when a new member arrives to serve in the house. it concerns the duty a representative has to his or her constituents. his condition collusion on that matter is that we owe them our unbiased opinion, mature judgment, and enlightened sense of conscience. what does your conscience tell you to do? in light of this kind of assertion?
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nothing? burke told his own constituents that these virtues does not derive from your pleasure nor the constitution, they are trust from prof. innocence for the abuse of which you are deeply answerable. your representative owes you not his industry only but his judgment and he betrays it instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion. this is in the about polling. this is not about your base. this is about your conscience. and your moral judgment. in other words, each of us ought to look inside our hearts to the answer we know is right and is best for the house and for our country. the republican party for less toxic language took committee assignments away from steve king. should they do les in this instance?
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there's no doubt if somebody came to congress and before they said -- before they came to congress they said, i am for violent revolution against the united states of america that your party would say that's in the somebody we want to be associated with. that's not what she said, i do not assert that. but should we do less than you did for steve king? for far less toxic language. let us not do nothing. mr. speaker, let us do the right >>


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