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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Increasing COVID-19 Relief Checks  CSPAN  December 29, 2020 6:05am-6:52am EST

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>> follow the senate live when they return at 2:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two. t consume. the spear pro tempore: the times he may consume. such mr. neal: thank you, madam speaker. are here at a moment for extreme hardship for families across t country. last wk, the housend senate passed bipartisan that wl provide relief foreople people to st in their homes p
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and put od on the table cemberite the fact and appred allhe measures that it conined, the president unexpectedly decided to delay signing the pkage into w for severadays.
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and i introduced this legislation on christmas eve, madam speaker, with the following in the mind. it was forewarned that the three osts would visit scrooge before him about the path toll redemption. we started with christmas past and start with christmas past acknowledging that three years ago, one of the largest tax cuts in american history that overwhelmingly came to people at cut and and a rate corporate rate cut and part of that endeavor. in the christmas present, there are 20 million americans who are receiving unemployment insurance. more than 350,000 dead and 19
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million people infected with this pandemic. for the christmas future, harley warned scrooge there was a way for redemption and that was through a new generosity and new kindness and emulate that here this afternoon by raising that impact payment from $600 to $2,000. the miracle of the season would remain the triumph of light for those who desperately need our assistance. we could have passed this bill four days ago but our colleagues on the other side went against the president's wishes and they blocked it. here we are today to try to get a bigger check for the american people. and i hope that the house republicans have had a change of heart and will join us in passing the cash act. let's pass this bill and do what's right for our neighbors back home as they try to survive
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each day and i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from massachusetts reserves. the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. brady: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. brady: last fall, speaker pelosi and washington democrats refused to accept a bipartisan covid relief bill insisting on from han $3 trillion bill marijuana banking to earlier release of criminals and a month ago they rejected $2 thrillion covid relief proposal by president trump. many americans knew right then the leading democrats were sabotaging the economy ahead of the election for political gain. during those months while speaker pelosi stalled covid relief, thousands of americans died. tens of thousands of small businesses closed. hospitals and nursing homes struggled while millions of
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merica cans were left jobless. they paid a steep price with voters giving house republicans 2/3 of the seats needed to take back the majority. i thank president trump for signing bipartisan legislation even with its flaws that included several separate bills that rides on the annual funding bill for the government, including covid relief, a ban on surprise medical bills and urgent tax relief for families and local businesses. i recognize that today's cash act will pass with bipartisan support, republicans and democrats alike and i respect the decision of each member of congress. but for me, i worry that this whopping $463 billion won't do what's needed, stimulate the economy or get the job less back
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to work. at this point in the recovery, the fact is it is hard to stimulate a main street that is locked down by local politicians. this won't help restaurants get their workers back or hospital industry rehire workers or won't get energy workers back on the job. will this stimulate our local economy? not a lot. at we know is this extra $1,600 will pa pay down credit card or make new purchases online at wal-mart, best buy or amazon. merely sending checks to credit card companies, this half a trillion dollars could more than double the number of small businesses and mid-sized usinesses getting m.p.p.p. forgiveable loans to help their
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workers. it could make sure airline workers have secure jobs for more than just a few months and more to replenish frontline health care workers. we should be focused on the families that are hurting most none more than the eight million americans who lost their jobs due to covid. our top priority, in addition to defeating the virus is to give -- get them back to work. congress has already approved more than $20,000 800 to a family of four with one parent out of work. that's on top of their state unemployment benefits. if we want to do even more for the jobless this huge amount of money today could give every employed worker from covid a $50,000 incentive to return to work. with this huge amount of money, you could even give the bottom 90% of workers in america an
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income tax-free year for 2021, a full year where you go to work each day for yourself rather than for washington. can you imagine what a no-tax 2021 would do for middle and low-income families, workers and local economy. or we could hold this money back, not spend another half trillion dollars we don't have, while we assess the impact vaccinations are having on consumer confidence and unlocking of the economy. there are a lot of ways to spend money if that's the goal, but in my view, let be smart about it and target assistance to those who need it most. the ways and means committee should be the place to explore and analyze these options not just have a bill that spends over $400 billion dropped on us
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at the last minute. i know working together we can do better to help people get back to work and truly help this recovery. i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas resevers the balance of his time. the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized. kneel kneel i recognize the gentleman from -- mr. neal: i recognize the gentleman from michigan, two minutes. mr. kildee: i thank the gentleman nor recognizing me. i stand in strong support of this legislation. the american people are struggling. we hear from them every single day and need this additional relief now. the recent coronavirus relief bill passed by congress is long overdue. the house wanted to pass relief last may, but republicans refused and then the pandemic has only gotten worse and the pain has been so much worse.
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while the relief bill does supply short-term relief, it was regrettable president trump delayed signing that legislation. it hurt families with greater uncertainty and caused some people to lapse their benefits. i did support the legislation that included the $600 stimulus checks because that was all we could get the other side to agree to. but it's obviously not enough and i support this legislation. $2,000 indirect payments for americans who are struggling. i along with my democratic colleagues have pushed for higher payments for some time. and now president trump agrees. the leader of the republican party stands in support of this effort. these $2,000 payments every member of congress should support. this would make a difference in the lives of americans who are facing the greatest uncertainty
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they have experienced for many of them in their lifetime. putting money in their hands allowing them to pay their bills which will help them support those small businesses and possibly, more importantly, to give some of them the financial support they need in order to make the decisions that they have to make to protect their families. president trump changed his mind and supports this legislation. that's why we anthed. we would have included much larger payments in the legislation had he spoken up sooner. but never too late to do the right thing. president trump stood up and i support this legislation -- mr. neal: give the gentleman an additional one minute. mr. kildee: we can come together democrats and republicans and the president of the united states to do something big and bold to help american families.
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i commend the chairman for his work inputting this legislation together. i commend those on the other side who will stand with us who will support this and i hope this legislation will quickly go over to the senate. they will get the message and send this legislation onto the president. wherever he may be, he'll sign this bill and get this help to the american people. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. brady: i yield one minute to the the gentleman from oregon, mr. schrader. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. schrader: i rise to speak against the cash act. this is a poor approach to aiding americans. it is a political maneuver by the president and extremists who have been largely absent during months of hard negotiations and chosen to tweet their recommendations instead of
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getting aid in the hands of small businesses. over the last six months, as holidays loomed and covid cases, includedm solve caucus vetting programs like the p.p.e. and unemployment compensation that have been improved upon. i feel for those who are suffering and i continue to work with my colleagues on a bipartisan bicameral basis to find ways to continue to find relief. people who are making six-figure incomes who have not been impacted do not need checks. we have tried to fix this programs. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. . . the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized. mr. neal: thank you, madam
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speaker. let me recognize the gentleman suozzi, for , mr. two minutes. he did a great job on the surprise billing legislation that passed in the covid act. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york is recognized for two minutes. r. suozzi: thank you, madam speaker. and thank you, mr. chairman, for your leadership on the cash act and also, as you mentioned, on surprise billing act. it's really amazing the relief we will be giving to consumers basis ar on a bipartisan with your leadership. we're going to be making people's lives a lot better. so thank you so much for the you've done on both the cash act and on the work to address surprise billing. madam speaker, the effects of his pandemic have been cruelly uneven. ome remain unscathed, working remotely and still healthy. while millions of others are misery, unable to return to work or pay their for , even funeral bills lost loved ones. while the stock market has hit a there are today, still bodies stored in
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refrigerator trucks. retail and grocery stores are booming, airline, and mom and pop store employees have been laid off, invested in ngs small businesses have been wiped out. president's cynical ploy to threaten the covid relief obscure his dark of night pardons has now resulted in a fighter's chance that we pass this $2,000 stimulus check legislation if we can only to finally connell show some empathy. let's pass this bill, and then immediately work to send the billions necessary to save our state and local governments police hey fire officers, teachers, and frontline workers, which will unemploymentn more checks from us and financial ruin for those families and the serve.ties they let's rebuild our infrastructure and put americans back to work let's build back better. we can do this if we remember
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and we, both e democrats and republicans, recognize that outside of this fantasy land, millions of americans are desperately pleading for our help. madam speaker, and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york yields back. the gentleman from massachusetts reserves. the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. brady: thank you, madam speaker. to the two minutes gentleman from wisconsin, mr. grothman. r. grothman: well, as i -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. grothman: thank you. while i look around the room looks like in the u.s. congress. i mean, i see the american flag there. washington's over there. it says in god we trust. today, ing at this bill it makes me feel like we're in the parliament of afghanistan, bolivia. do we really think the way to improve the quality of life for to just print more money from the fed? around, we're going to be printing another $400
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billion. anybody look lately with the monetary supply? 50%.p m-2 up 20%. don't people realize that when money it's notre a way to make our citizens wealthier, it's just a way to debase the currency? the way for a wealthy country is hard through frugality and through improving one's having the fed print money. sent out that we $1,200 checks, i stopped by my local wal-mart and people in the electronic's section said they haven't seen their life.n when we look at inflation. we have inflation right now, twice in the recent past we hanged the definition on what inflation is. so we do have inflation. it's just we keep changing the it.nition to mask that's why the market is up.
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we market is up because really do have inflation. we're in the u.s. congress. think the way to prosperity is just printing money. should act like we're the united states. it's why for my whole life other countries like to invest in the dollar. they respect the value of the national e than the currencies of afghanistan, blif bolivia. i encourage senator mcconnell to hold the line here, to act responsibly. thank you. the peaker pro tempore: gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from texas reserves. and the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized. you, madam ank speaker. might i remind the gentleman this is not about creating a to practices parity. this -- prosperity.
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his is creating a path to liquidity which creates a path to demand for people at the lower end of the economic spectrum. of whom are not working at the moment through no fault of their own. with that, let me yield two from s to the gentleman virginia, an excellent member of the ways and means committee, for two an buyer, minutes -- beyer, for two minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. r. beyer: thank you, madam speaker. i rise to support the cash act which will send $2,000 checks to people.ican i want to thank chairman neal for coming together very quickly to create this act in a way.htful the american people are hurting this holiday season. they need our help. ur bill would increase those payments to $2,000 which would include adult dependants, realizing that $600 is not enough for people facing eviction and hunger. this will pay a path due -- past due rental bill from july. it's good we're sending support to small businesses, nutrition and rental assistance. is coming seven months later than it should
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have. t's vital that congress not pinch the american penny. helps the american people now. bipartisan. if senator mcconnell will put it n the senate floor, it will be bicameral. 40 million americans work full less than $18,000 last year. the minimum wage, $7.25, there two-bedroom e apartment you can rent in a county in america for that money. of millions without health care. my family sells new cars and used cars. the debt burden of so many people rise and rise and rise over the years. is there a better way? you know, my republican friends hate it when so-called big government decides what we need. let people to manage their family is to put the money in their hands. freedom. that american somehow we can print money to do $4 trillion tax cut over 20 years but we can't print enough money to help the american people. this is a good bill. my chairman richie neal and i hope every democrat and
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every republican will vote for and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from virginia yields back. the gentleman from massachusetts reserves. he gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. brady: thank you, madam speaker. i yield one minute to the gentleman from california, mr. mcclintock. the peaker pro tempore: gentleman from california is recognized for one minute. mr. mcclintock: thank you, madam speaker. let's get this straight. small shopkeeper who's lost their entire savings because of the same wns will get $2,000 grant as the government who's been enjoying a steady paycheck at home for the past 10 months. is wholly inadequate for those that have been harmed y the lockdowns and wholly unnecessary for those who have not. and this free money doesn't come from heaven. it comes from the future earnings of those who will be back on their et eet, making the postlockdown recovery more difficult and prolong. and much of the burden of this young ll fall on the
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who've already borne the brunt of these lockdowns. this is a massive wealth transfer from the future to the present, from the young to the old, and from those who have lockdowns to he those who have not. there is only one way to end the caused by these ockdowns, and that is to end them. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from texas reserves. the gentleman from massachusetts recognized. mr. neal: thank you, madam speaker. let me yield one minute to the texas, dy from congresswoman jackson lee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from texas is recognized for one minute. i thank the ee: gentleman and the chairman of the ways and means committee for his distinguished leadership. thank our speaker for her persistent leadership and all of the democratic members and who lican members understand what this legislation is. payment urvivor cash or americans making under a certain amount, which means they're on the survivor pathway.
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haven't spoken to the constituents of, i believe, of ably 90% of the members this congress who have said they are on the edge and they're to go over. they can't pay their rent.'t buy they're in food distribution lines. before i came here sunday, i was in a place at a church and we were giving out food. i asked during the spring for $3,000. to go for $600 so that desperate americans could get enough to survive. i am supporting this. i ask my friends and colleagues aisle, sides of the recognize that when you are privileged to stand in a place ike this, where the constitutional fathers gave us he opportunity to lead this government, stand for the american people. i support the cash act because it is survivor for americans. back.d the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired.
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the gentleman from massachusetts reserves. the gentleman from texas is recognized. brady: i yield myself 30 seconds. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. brady: i'd point out to my this gue that nothing in bill helps anyone get back to work. to the eight million people who are left unemployed because of covid. to help our small and medium-sized businesses. for main with that i continue to reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. neal: thank you, madam speaker. let me yield one minute to the gentleman from texas, green.sman the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for one minute. r. green: thank you, madam speaker. and i thank the chair for the mr. speaker, at some point on infinity continuum we call time we will all have to account for our time. we will all have to answer the question, where were you when a pandemic was gripping the land? what did you do when you had the opportunity to put money in the
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pockets of people who needed it? where was your courage when you chance to cast a vote to make a difference in the lives of people? you, my dear friends, this is a time for us to take a people.r the american let's vote yes to put money in their pockets because we caused to stay home as a result of the pandemic. he government is for this reason. this is why the government exists, to take care of people. yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from massachusetts reserves. from texas is recognized. mr. brady: i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas reserves. massachusettsfrom is recognized. mr. neal: thank you, madam speaker. me remind members of this here today.we're the cares act passed this house i think, five dissenters
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entire chamber. that was months and months ago. exhausted the $,200 -- $1,200 that we allocated based upon our tax system and even the to iculty we had in trying find adequate identification for in america as joint filers making $124,000 a year. making under $12,000 a year. who can live on $12,000 a year? month.$1,000 a eople have exhausted that benefit. they have tried earnestly and these ly to overcome obstacles that were created for them, not because of anything did. we are not here because of
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speculation that derailed wall street in 2008, or corruption. because of an international pandemic when members of the american family lower end of the economic hurting.are when we sought advice on putting together the cares act, the and myself, in particular, in those very days, with secretary mnuchin, we sought the advice of former economists, treasury secretaries, members of the federal reserve board, that do this every single day, and they all said you need and t with speed determination. speed. and that's what we did. we got it to people at the lower end of the economic spectrum. as we proceed now to the new ear, these people need another
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infusion of cash. and i'm going to go back to this point that i think is something we need to remember. three years ago, this house overthe objection of myself and any others, passed a tax cut that clearly benefited the people at the very top of the economic spectrum. he top 1% in particular. cut ends, buy-backs, a top in the corporate rates from 39% to 37%. and we can't find it in our hearts in this holiday season again based on the difference in
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"a christmas s' carol" to provide assistance to our brothers and sisters at the bottom of the economic spectrum. our chamber is better than that. i are he serve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from texas. mr. brady: i will reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas reserves. mr. neal: i was hoping that the nking member might have more to say. mr. brady: with your permission, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for such time as he may consume. mr. brady: you can say a lot about this congress but you cannot say we have not worked together and appropriated
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remarkable funding to help families defeat this covid, to get back on their feet to save small businesses. a good example is that so far, congress, both parties, have approved $20,800 direct cash payments to a family of four with one parent out of work that is on top of $18,000 of state unemployment benefits, a little less than $40,000 to help working families survive this covid pandemic. but today, we do nothing in this bill to help eight million americans who lost their job due to covid. we could double the amount of money that goes to small businesses or mid-sized businesses so they can rehire workers and keep them on the payroll to try and survive and ride this out. we don't know what the
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vaccinations will do to consumer confidence or to the lockdown. our view, and again, we expect a number of republicans to support this bill. in my view, we would be wiser to assess the impact of the vaccinations and the recovery going forward so we can target relief to main street, to helping people get back to work and to truly stimulating our local economy. that's where we aid the harm that has been done by covid. with that, i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized. mr. neal: i'm glad the ranking member reminded us of what we were able to accomplish together in the cares act and that's what we are asking here this evening. let me recognize the speaker of the house.
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the speaker pro tempore: distinguished speaker of the house is now recognized. the speaker: i thank the gentleman for yielding and i thank him for his masterful work in on the only bringing this legislation to the floor and working in a bipartisan way on that thenitiatives and president happily signed last evening. i thank him for his initiatives that are job creating that stimulate the economy and help meet the needs of the american people. i'm interested in the comments made by mr. brady, because he said we could be putting more money into small business and we do, indeed, in the covid package, around $300 billion. i think it is important to note that that brings it to almost a trillion dollars since march 27, 28, when the president signed the cares act.
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about $950 billion for small business. nearly a trillion dollars. very important. small business is the heart of our economy. what could be more optimistic for anyone to do than follow their dream, start a small business, create jobs, create capital. so important. we see the importance of that to the tune of about a trillion dollars, just under a trillion dollars in these past several months. if you want to talk about job creation, i hope the gentleman will join us when we go forward to do state and local. our health care workers, honoring our heroes, they are at risk while losing their jobs and they risk their lives to save lives. we are talking about health care workers, talking about police and fire, our first responders, talking about transportation, sanitation, food workers, our
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teachers, our teachers, our teachers, the custodians of our children for the large part of their day. they are at risk of losing their jobs because of the failure of the republican side of the aisle to support funds for state and local governments to honor our heroes. we want to honor them. we cheer them and applaud them. let's give them pay and have job security and give them p.p.e., the equipment they need to do their jobs. if you want to talk about saving jobs or growing jobs for the purpose, the distinguished the gentleman from texas mentioned, how are we going to add minister and focus on the distribution of the vaccine. where do you think that happens but in city, county and state hospitals in large measure. by health care workers in those places wherever it is
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distributed on an individual basis. but they are the heart of the matter. that is why we need to go forward with another bill that invests in our state and local governments, not to talk about government, but to talk about services, health care services, education, transportation, making our lives possible, making our very existence possible by what they do. and without them, how do we function? so again, let's create jobs, let's save jobs, grow jobs by dd ministering this vaccine as fairly and equitably as possible and free to everyone in our country because we are not protected, none of us, unless all of us protected, none of us protected. this $2,000 which i thank you for bringing to the floor on
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christmas eve. and roundly rejected by the republicans. his could already be if it happened, but today we have another chance. some of the republicans said, if they wanted that, they would have called for a vote that day. that isn't true. that was a pro forma session and you had to have the consent of the republicans to bring the bill to the floor. they were held their consent. here we are today on a legislative day where we act with the majority to bring the legislation to the floor. i hope that we'll enjoy a strong bipartisan support. the president of the united states has put this forth as something that he wants to see and part of his signing the legislation yesterday. i hope that that view will be
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shared by the republicans in the senate. because we will pass this bill today either under suspension or under a rule where it requires a 2/3 vote requires -- a large number of republican votes, which i hope we will have, because i do think the american people would love to see that unity on their behalf. we are a consumer economy. putting money into the hands of the american people is a boost to our economy. not much. this isn't a big stimulus package. the covid bill is an emergency supplemental. but this piece will make it, will make it something very important to sustaining our economy. and i thank, mr. chairman, for the work that you did. brandon and the others, for putting in the dependent clause,
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otherwise, 60 years and under would get the direct payment. children are dependent after 16 years if they are still in school. and there are others who are dependent because for one thing or another, some physical challenges that they may have in life. who knows what goes on in a family. but nonetheless, if they are dependent, they will be receiving the direct payment, another important boost for america's working families, another important boost for our economy as we go forward. so let me thank the chairman for his work. it's a simple vote to put more money. crush the virus. crush the virus. honor our heroes rgs who help us crush the virus and put money in
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the pockets of the american people. today, we will be doing that right now. legislation would be a lifeline for millions of americans and improves on the previously passed bill to ensure that families with children in college and elderly family members can also receive relief. republicans have a choice. republicans have a choice. vote for this legislation or a vote to deny the american people the bigger paychecks this need. to reject this would be in denial of the economic challenges that will people are facing and it would deny them the relief they need. i urge a strong bipartisan vote for for the cash act. thank you, mr. chairman. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from california, speaker of the house, yields
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back. the gentleman from massachusetts reserves. the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. brady: may i inquire how much time is remaining? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas has nine minutes remaining. the gentleman from massachusetts has 3 1/2 minutes remaining. mr. brady: we are prepared to close. and with that, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is yielding himself such time as he may consume. the gentleman is recognized. mr. brady: first, let me congratulate the chairman of the ways and means committee, mr. neal, for working so closely together on our bipartisan priorities. ending surprise medical bills. when you go to the e.r. or a scheduled medical procedure, ensuring starting at the end of next year for the first time
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when you go to that procedure, you have a true and honest bill in advance of that, will be so crucial for so many patients. and i thank the chairman for working so closely in a bipartisan way on the covid tax relief provisions in the first reforms of our temporary tax provisions in five years. chairman neal, i applaud your work and enjoy working with you. the previous speaker talked about essential workers, our firefighters, health care workers, others, manufacturers, who have done an amazing job. we had an opportunity earlier this year to help them. president trump, with an executive order, proposed a payroll tax holiday for five months for these workers. that would have meant for those essential workers, that firefighter, that nurse, they would have kept a family of four would have kept an extra $5,000
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in their paycheck throughout the holidays. if we wanted to help essential workers, our democrat friends would not have blocked that payroll tax holiday and would have adopted our bill to make sure that those taxes, payroll taxes, were for deliff given. state and local departments, they, too, even though i disagree with many of the decisions deserve ours thanks and thankfully because this was the most rapid labor-market recovery following a crisis in history and we recovered more than half the jobs we lost. state and local revenues this year are almost even, down a mere less than 1%. thank goodness congress came together in the cares act to provide more than $150 billion to those state and local governments to be able to
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address these needs and continued to function. . . again, i speak only for myself. the best way to help struggling to get them back to work. the best way to save our main give our small, medium-sized businesses more have.han we this bill does neither. i don't believe -- i think it is correct when the earlier speaker said this is not a stimulus. it is not. to help get othing people back to work. spend anothers we early half a trillion dollars so hastily that we're not the ting this help to very -- americans that are who needg the most and that help. also point out that as i said
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earlier, congress has come ogether to provide a family of four with one unemployed parent, short of little $40,000, of federal money in their traditional state because we knew they were struggling. now's the time to get them back to work. is my personal objection to this bill. a rge congress to pause for moment, to assess the over the next few months or year to determine in, next we need to weigh if at all, on this recovery as together to o work defeat this virus. with that, madam speaker, i am today, and i here yield the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the yields the om texas balance of his time. the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized. you -- hael thank mr. neal: thank you, madam speaker. i'm prepared to close. i want to acknowledge the good brady of ranking member
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on the energy front of the tax package as well. compromised measures. did a terrific job. say, on t's fair to urprise billing, and not to mention usmca. those were very substantial accomplishments that the ways committee led on in the 116th congress. that, as he was closing, he mentioned this not want to see treated as stimulus and he's right. this is not about stimulus. is about stability. this is about building a bridge those people who are really hurting as we turn the page on year. this is about those who are to make who are going payment, rental sustenance for the next american family, how they might repair sits in theile that
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garage idle because they couldn't afford it. what this is about earlier this evening. started out by charles dickens a "christmas carol" and the marley.of jacob epict to conclude with the america. hen asked what it was that set america apart from the rest of the world it was suggested it heart, a t of the kindness and a decency and a goodness. let me close the debate on that basis and urge passage of act and $2,000 for the


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