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tv   Campaign 2020 Wisconsin Certifies Election Results  CSPAN  December 2, 2020 5:59am-6:19am EST

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by your television provider. >> the wisconsin elections commission met to discuss certification of the 2020 election results. during the meeting, republican members objective to how the chair of the commission moved forward with certifying the results of the presidential election by signing off on the canvas report a day earlier and sending results to the governor for approval. here is a look. for approval. here is a look. >> commissioner. >> i would like to raise a question of privilege. >> ok. concern, these comments will be about your activities as chair, and i think they take precedence to anything else on our agenda today. i cannot express strongly enough my disappointment in your actions yesterday, particularly after i formally asked at the
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last meeting that we would have a meeting and a chance to discuss prior to any certification. you twog that, i sent separate emails, neither of which was, received any reply. in which i explained you would be violating the law if you went ahead and did what you were proposing to do. the law is very clear and you have violated the law as our chair. -- iconsequence, i believe have lost all confidence in you as the chair. i can't see that we can go forward as a group. i don't think you realize even at this moment how much you have destroyed the bipartisan nature of what has gone on. meeting, when i pointed out that there would have been no meeting had i not asked for it because you had
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determined it was no need for the meeting, you condescendingly said to me, you asked for a meeting and we had one. that has been our president. i formally asked for a meeting before this action and yet if you look closely at the agenda noted you have carefully this meeting so it does not include discussion of the presidential election. and that is just wrong. that just piles onto the whole thing. if you wanted to create mistrust from one side, we are in a minority position here, where you have a certain amount of power, you have done it. cannot be any clearer about what needs to go on here. the chair has certain duties and responsibilities, they are 7.73a as youn
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pointed out, but also 7.37g where it says at the end you will prepare a statement and determination and deliver it to the commission. we are the commission and you did not deliver anything to us. we are the commission. i have yet to see what you prepared yesterday. you violated the law in that. it was a pretty clear violation. ends whenyour role the determination you made is filed formally with the commission, and the commission isn't the commission staff and eight is not you. -- and it is not you. it is us. , it should have been filed and recorded. delivered, filed and recorded, your role is over at that point. it is very clear. 7.705p where it
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says the commission shall prepare for the governor's signature. the commission has prepared nothing for the governor's signature. didit happened that you your little dog and pony show yesterday and then forwarded something onto governor e verse , which her evers signed and then told the world he had done his duty, it was wrong and a clear violation. i am going to make a few points here. i am going to call for your resignation as chair. we will need a new chair and i think you should think about that. i'm going to ask that on one of our next meetings we have an agenda item for consideration of scinding our re
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election of the chair at our next meeting. and until this is resolved, this commission should take no action on today's agenda or any other agenda. i moved to table the rest of the agenda items until a future placed, and that they be after discussion of your behavior. >> i second. >> there is a motion to table, motions to table do not have discussion, therefore we will call the roll on a motion to table, everything on our agenda, which includes the postelection equipment audit, the spring ballot design, and the canvassing and certification of election of all of the results of the november 3 election, including all office with the exception of the presidential election.
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that is the motion, i will call the roll. >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> aye. no.he chair votes number one, i am not withdrawing as chair. number two, what i did is not illegal, you are misinformed about what took place and absolutely incorrect. arguing with you about email is not a fruitful use of time and effort. a determination of the state canvass was determined by me pursuant to 7.70, and as , a statementub b of that determination was prepared and given to the
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governor with the results. you can shake your head, but you got to spout off and now it is my turn. waseparation of the canvass signed by me and that document was available online within minutes after it was completed. document,ce of the certificate of determination, was issued to the governor pursuant to the delegation of authority and with the acquiescence and legal support of the department of justice. the governor completed it and sent it on. no certificates of election were issued under 7.750a whatsoever because president is not elected in wisconsin, there is no certificate of election under 7.750a. that remains for today's agenda so the people who are elected can be formally certified as being elected. , congress,, assembly
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state senate, all of the people who were elected on the agenda for today. that has to happen today and it will happen today. that is what has happened in the past, that is what has happened at every other election, every other election. , the seveni believe or eight certified under your auspices. and we will proceed as we have enough -- have in every other election, and today we have on our agenda, a postelection audit i think would be worthwhile to have, and we will move from there to the spring election ballot design because we need to have ballots for the spring elections, and we will follow it up with allowing those people who have been elected to get their certificates of election so we have representatives in congress, state assembly and the state senate.
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because that is what we need to do. >> madam chair, i have a few comments i would like to make if i can. >> that seems to have opened the dike, so if you wish, you can go ahead. am extremely disappointed in you as the chair and the staff, rushing to the certification without authorization from the commission, to the governor. he signs it and announces it in time for the national network shows to cover the certification along with arizona. you have not only set a standard of mistrust with your fellow republican commissioners, we cannot count on you to do what you say you will do, but also half of the wisconsin voters, approximately 1,160,000 voters
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who voted in the last election. as i understand, our memo before you agreed to make and determination not to provide certification for the governor to sign, when you and the staff that in awell contested presidential election such as this one, the commission, not the chair, shall prepare certificates showing the determination of the results of the canvas and the names of the persons elected. we should have been discussing this at this meeting now. you and the staff arbitrarily prepared this document when you had no off the ration to do so. allow me to go through the timeline. i have the journal sentinel saying the chair is going to certify on monday. this was sunday afternoon about quarter to 4:00. i did not know we are supposed to talk about this at the meeting on tuesday.
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shortly after that when i was in my car, i heard a congressman -- congresswoman say we will certify the vote in wisconsin tomorrow early. trying tot a memo justify the actions of the chair. rangesly this is long democratic planning solely to mess up the trump campaign. but we know they will still appeal, as we see the lawsuit this morning. how come the a pump -- republic ministers were not advised before the hearing -- before hearing about it from reporters or a congresswoman? i'm extremely disappointed staff would participate in this highly partisan and aquatic activity and i hope the staff in the future does not continue to work in this very partisan way. are my comments and i am very disappointed in this whole
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situation and it should not have happened, and i hope it will not happen in the future. >> commissioner thompson. know, i have the honor and privilege of serving as the in 2016. what is really sad about [indiscernible] you followed the procedures i thathen we certified president trump had won in 2016. procedureed the following the recount. two board of canvassers
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in milwaukee county and another county that were unanimous. that is very important because there are republican members of that board of canvass that had no objection to the final confirmedion that that president-elect biden won this election. proceeded as we did in 2016. -- and i amuse of looking forward to future involvedns and being in these issues. ballotsed all of the the same in 72 counties. two ands a recount in the republican members of the board of canvassers said it had been done right. won inesident trump
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2016, at the recount, i announced to the world that wisconsin was going to [indiscernible] fraudthe elections, no and president trump won in 2016. we have 72 counties and the board of canvassers that confirmed president-elect ciden won wisconsin in 2020 won wisconsin in 2020, by the same rules. the threertunate that members of the republican party chair.acking you as the ago, no one brought
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up and said we were counting illegal votes, in april or august, the one before that. no one said there were illegal votes counted. today, whenng that we follow what we did in 2016, you are calling for resignation of the chair. she is a woman and i am a white guy and it occurs to me that's the only difference. republicans did not call for me to resign in 2016 when i did what ms. jacobs did this time around. yesterday after 24 hour notice like an 2016 that allowed president trump to file his appeal. and actually, just before this
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meeting started, i pointed out he had filed a lawsuit, he was saying we counted illegal voids all over the state but he only wanted to counties. now it is a legal question. but there isn't anything this commission did or the chair did that was unlawful, and frankly, the personal rebukes are unheard of. hurt ourng is going to bipartisan efforts, it's this kind of unfounded, personal attacks. frankly, i think we can go on, but i had to say something. really this is >> joe biden as president-elect. coverage of the process
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and the transition of power. your unfiltered view of politics. >> attorney general william barr is pushing back on the idea of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 president election, as claimed by president trump and his attorneys. in a recent interview with the associated press, the attorney general said u.s. attorneys and fbi agent's have been following up on specific complaints and information they received, saying quote, to date, we have not seen fraud on the scale that could have effective a different -- affected a different outcome of the election. this comes after attorney general william barr issued a tellinge last month prosecutors to pursue any allegations of irregularities. the president's attorneys have responded in a statement which reads in part, with the greatest to -- with the greatest respect
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to the attorney general, his statement appears to be without any knowledge of the substantial irregularities and evidence of systemic fraud. you can read more from the associated press by going to >> american history tv on c-span3, describing the people and events that tell the american story every weekend. coming up this weekend, saturday at 10:00 p.m. eastern on real america, as officials prepare to roll out a vaccine against the coronavirus, we take you back in time with archival films of vaccines in the fight against disease. sunday at 6:00 p.m. eastern on american artifacts, tour new york city's lower east side tenement museum that shows how immigrant families coped with poverty and crowded conditions in the early 20th century. president to leadership during the cold war
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with william hitchcock, also the author of the age of eisenhower, america and the world of the 1950's. at 9:00 p.m., a u.s. constitutional debate hosted by the colonial williamsburg foundation, featuring a reenactment from founding fathers james madison and george mason from issues -- on issues from the bill of rights to slavery. watch american history tv, this weekend on c-span3. >> next, remarks from mark travis, the former deputy director of the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency on what led to his decision to step down after the 2020 election. he also spoke about combating disinformation domestically and abroad. held by the aspen institute, this is about 40 minutes. by th, this is about 40 minutes. >> thank you for having me here. i am excited to interview matt travis.


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