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tv   Campaign 2020 South Carolina U.S. Senate Debate  CSPAN  October 31, 2020 2:55pm-3:56pm EDT

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>> with three days to go until election day, president trump heads to pennsylvania for a campaign rally tonight, one of a number of events he is holding in the keystone state today. pennsylvania by just 4000 votes against democrat hillary clinton in 2016. watch at 8:00 p.m. on c-span. senate judiciary committee chair lindsey graham is running for reelection for a fourth term in south carolina against democrat jamie harrison. up next, their final televised debate. hosted thisna etv debate. ♪
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>> good evening and welcome to the 2020 united states senate debate live from south carolina etv studios in columbia. with just four days until election day, south carolina has already seen a record number of early voters, but there are still more ballots to be cast. the candidates looking for your vote republican incumbent lindsey graham and democrat jamie harrison. our people from the columbia career and npr. have 90didate will seconds to answer questions and,
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if necessary, i will allow a 62nd rebuttal. mr. harrison, we begin with your opening statement. our motto is while i breathe, i hope. that might as well be the theme of my life. i grew up in a mobile home. son of 18 mom. en mom. i was able to go to georgetown law school. clyburn,rked with jim and the private sector, and now i'm running for senate. that only happens in america. that is why this country is so great. in that time, we had senator lindsey graham, who i respected, who admired, because he could rise above the political fray, but senator graham has changed. that is not the senator graham of today. we need a senator who can bring us all together, who can unite
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this state regardless of whether you are a democrat or republican or a progressive or a conservative. we need to fight for what is in the best interests of the state and we will do that. >> thank you, mr. harrison. senator graham. sen. graham: thank you for the honor. 2020 has been a tough year, but we are going to get through this. i believe that south carolina is the best place in the world to raise kids and start a business and, as your senator, i intend to keep it that way. that is why i am asking for your vote tonight. this is a big choice. is on the the senate ballot here in south carolina. i am a proud conservative republican come but i will work across the aisle. i have a record to prove it. mr. harrison is a good men, but barack obamaon and are his political mentors.
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borders,orders, secure private health care versus socialized medicine, conservative judges versus liberal judges. i am proud of the fact that i got amy bear on the court. -- amy barrett on the court. mr. harrison would not have voted for barrett. than 3600ow, more people have died from covid-19, our positive rate is consistently in the double digits. we will talk about the economy in a moment, but i want to hear explicitly about your public health perspective on how to address this crisis and what needs to be done. sen. graham: we are not going to lock the state down again. many peoplence, but are going to work tomorrow. you have to feed your family. at the end of the day, common sense will take us a long way
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until be get a vaccine. europe is going through a problem but a vaccine is around the corner. we are going to defeat this virus. just use common sense, it vaccine is on the way. what will america look like after? that is what is on the ballot. we are going to get through the crisis but if i am in the senate, i'm not going to change the supreme court and pack it with liberals. i'm not going to destroy the legislative filibuster. i'm not going to change the electoral college that would take south carolina's voice away. to democraticgo hands and they have the house, senates, and white house, we will see the multi-medical change in our country. they are going to do away with the border security we have achieved and go to open borders and health care for illegal immigrants. they are going to change the structure of the supreme court to make it liberal. i cannot stress what high taxes would do to destroy this recovery.
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increase in gdp, we are on the way back. the worst thing to do is tax and regulates. i will not do that. i will be a conservative that will move us forward safely. >> mr. harrison, your perspective and making sure it does not get worse in the state. mr. harrison: the coronavirus has dramatically impacted south carolina. we have had 755,000 people lose their jobs, 400,000 lost health insurance because they lost their jobs. 160,000 have been infected. 3600 have lost their lives, including my aunt. what we needed was real leadership to address this issue at hand. what you heard from senator graham is what we get, the discussion of washington, d.c. i don't care what is going on in washington, d.c. because right now, rome is on fire in south carolina. the families that are at the hospitals don't care about
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courts, they don't care about that, they care about their loved ones that they can't hold their hands as they are losing their lives. they care that they can't make ends meet, they can't put food on the table. in the greatest time of need, they needed a senator to say, it would be better and i will work to do better, but we did not get that from senator graham. we need that type of leadership. not the food fight in washington, d.c., democrats did this, republicans did that. we care about the lives of the people in south carolina in the lives that have been lost. >> your response? sen. graham: people care about whether the senate isn't conservative or liberal hands. people care about whether you are going to change the supreme court and pack it with liberals. people care about whether they are going to lose their private health care and live under socialism when it comes to medicine. people care about when it comes
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to getting illegal immigrants free health care and going back to an open border policy. people care about that. as to the covid crisis, i know it has been tough, but businesses are struggling. ,hey have lost customers occupancy rates are down. we need another round of assistance. i want to get the $1200 check to have a south carolinian but not illegal americans. i'm for a package that will help you get back to school safely. i'm not for ballot harvesting which is in nancy pelosi package. the package has a lot to do with things other than covid. we are going to get through this virus but not shut the economy down and not turned south carolina into california politically. it is right on this topic. >> i appreciate the segway. it was just announced that the third quarter gdp increased by a
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record 7.4% thanks in part to federal stimulus. the economy remains 3.5 percent smaller than it was at the end of 2019 and money become its say that recovery is slowing down. almost 200,000 south carolinians are seeking weekly unemployment benefits, businesses and investors face unknowns, yet there has been gridlock from washington on another round of relief. what do you believe must be included in a new package to keep the economy growing safely? graham,ison: senator this is what people care about. they care about their senator saying, over our dead bodies will be allow an extension of the unemployment benefits. why do they care about that? if you are unemployed in south carolina, the maximum you can get is $320 a week. imagine if you are a family of four and the husband or wife is the only breadwinner.
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all they can bring in is $320 a week. they need that unemployment benefit from the federal government because it was making them make ends meet. they are on the verge of being evicted. i know what it is like to be evicted. they needed their senator to hold their hand and help them up when they fall down. they did not get that. we got, over our dead bodies will be allow went on up limit extension. our senator did not fight for small businesses. south carolina is not first in terms of ppp dollars, we are 50th. i know you like to tout your relationship with president trump but if i were in the senate and i was friends with the president, i would have said, mr. president, i need more money for small businesses, and you did not do that. we need a senator who is going to work for us and not fight against us. that is what we have.
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sen. graham: we need a senator who understands business. we need a campaign where you don't manipulate and deceive people. you are asking people to vote undermineessio to conservatism. what i said is if you have a sick hundred dollar federal benefits on top of the state benefit, that us when he three dollars an hour, you will be paying people more not to work then work. i want to help people but if you own a business, you can't compete with that. i want a federal benefit that does not encourage people to stay unemployed. when it comes to the ppp program, we need another round. the house bill, your mentor nancy pelosi, does not have a dime for ppp. there are businesses along the coast and upstate that need another forgivable loan, count me in for that. we need money for school so we can go back to school safely.
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i'm not going to vote for a package that bails out california and new york. i'm not going to vote for a package that gets $1200 to illegal immigrants. i'm not going to vote for a package that requires ballot harvesting as a national ball that has nothing to do with covid. i grew up in a small business family. my family owned a restaurant and liquor store and if you get sick, you go to work because you can't afford to be out of work. i grew up in the back of the liquor store until we got a mobile home. i know what it is like to run a business and i know how hard it is to be successful. the government should help you. not only as chair of the party did i have appeal, but as coo of a small nonprofit. you are very young about washington, d.c. -- you are worrying about washington,
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d.c. and not the people who need help now. nettie pelosi this -- nobody cares about you and nancy pelosi. all they want is some relief from the anxiety that they are dealing with. nobody cares about what you and chuck schumer are debating about, the question is are you delivering for the people of south carolina? the answer is no. time months since the last we have had a relief bail. you and the senate took a vacation in august and i wish he would have put the urgency of the supreme court nomination into getting the bill done for the people of south carolina. they don't want to hear excuses about who is to blame, they want action. question, we start with mr. graham. judicial confirmations have become partisan over the past few years. senators basing their votes on how they predict nominees will rule on certain issues in addition to the qualifications.
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do you think you should be taking more than just qualifications into consideration when deciding on any judicial nominee and if so, what would you look for? sen. graham: i will answer that -- i would like to tell mr. harrison, why don't you call nancy pelosi and say, take out of your relief package a benefit for illegal immigrants, call her up and say, don't give $900 billion to blue states who are in debt, let's focus on the coronavirus? i'm not the problem when it comes to finding a deal. as to judges, i'm not the problem. likeerybody behaved senator graham, we would not have the mess we have today. i voted for sotomayor and kagan. democratic nominees by president obama because i thought they were qualified. it used to be not this way. when they tried to destroy mr. opponent,s life, my
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mr. harrison, cheered them on. mr. gorsuch, but he was appointed, mr. harrison supported the filibuster. i supported democratic nominees because they were qualified. mr. harrison has opposed kavanaugh and gorsuch and won't say how he would have voted on barrett. if they followed my lead, the world would be better off. i'm not going to support democratic nominees and watch people like judge kavanaugh have their life destroyed. mr. harrison said the reason he ran against me was how i behaved in kavanaugh. i still up for a friend. for sohe courage to vote meyer and kagan and the determination to stand up for a conservative judge barrett how would you vote on judge barrett? please tell us. mr. harrison: wasn't merrick garland qualify? you voted for him before, why not again? you talked about the president having the power to nominate and
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it is up to the senate to pass them through and you failed to do it. that is the problem. you have a job that the people of south carolina pay you for and you only do it when you feel it is in your power, the right to do it instead of doing it when you are supposed to. a week ago, we talked about qualifications. for nowhe nomination justice barrett, and congratulations to her. senator graham was the chairman of the senate judiciary committee, also passed through a young woman, i think she is 32 years old, she was at some law , american bar association, which has always deemed whether someone was qualified to sit on the bench, and under democratic and geordie's, we followed what the aba recommended, and you would not pass them on for a lifetime up women when they are. they deemed that woman on
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qualify. that is not the first nominee that has gone through his committee that they deemed unqualified. we need to have standards and not just because it is politically expedient, but because it is the right thing to do. would you have voted for judge barrett or not? >> we will be asking the questions, gentlemen. sen. graham: at the judge garland, scalia dies in an election year, president obama is a democrat, the senate is in republican hands, we have not field a they under that scenario in 140 years. what happened here is you have the republican president and republican senate. you may not think people care about the supreme court's, i do. what i hate is the way conservatives have been treated over the years. why is it always our people, clarence thomas, alito, kavanaugh, the left has declared
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war on all things conservative when it comes to the courts. as chairman of the committee, i have shepherded 220 nominations -- 135 nominations, judge barrett is on the court, i'm chairman and i was proud to do it. i have worked with democrats but they seem intent on destroying our nominees and would you vote for judge barrett's, yes or no? >> this next question is for mr. harrison. can you tell us whether there should be more than nine judges on the supreme court, would you support adding more justices? in terms of this -- i'm going to respond to him and then go to your question. what i hate is that you are talking about liberal judges and conservative judges. why should they be fair and impartial? waytics is getting in the -- i thought justices were supposed to be blind, not conservative -- you can see conservative but you can see liberal?
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that is why people hate politics. as it relates to packing the court -- i have been clear on this and i will be clear again. this is the stuff i pushed back on on my own party, we can't do the political expediency thing to do. i have said this on the issue of the filibuster. you you open pandora's box, have to be willing to live with the consequences of opening that box. i believe folks are hungry for r aside andhe d and focus on the right thing. that's what i'm going to do as senator. i'm always going to fight for what i believe is in the best interest of the state. i'm not going to talk about if you are conservative you can do this and you are liberal you can do that, we are not dealing with that. what we are dealing with is, can we build a country where everybody can live the american dream? >> would you support adding what justices? mr. harrison: i thought i was clear, no, i don't believe i see
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any reason why we should do that. sen. graham: let me say this. about judges and mr. harrison. he uploaded me along with every liberal when i voted for sotomayor and kagan, the only member of the publican senate judiciary committee to do so. it you not to be this way. senator thurman voted for justice ginsburg. she was qualified. senator holland voted for justice scalia, one of the conservative justices in history, a great man. senator holland said he was qualified. i felt the same characteristics in sotomayor and kagan. mr. harrison, when it was his turn to speak up, he said, bring out the kites, encouraging the filibuster of gorsuch, the first partisan filibuster in the history of the senate led by senator schumer, who has been the worst advocate when it comes for judges. when it came to kavanaugh, who i have known for 20 years, mr.
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harrison cheered on the destruction of this good man. he has said publicly, one of the main reasons he got into the race was because of the way i behaved. one of the main reasons i'm going to get reelected is because i stood up for justice kavanaugh. people in this state are fair-minded. we are a bite of centerstage, we don't want a little supreme court, no matter what he says tonight. the people in charge of the democratic party -- he is the associate chairman of the national democratic party -- have in mind changing the court to make it liberal. don't be fooled. mr. harrison: senator graham, for i'm a democrat -- i am a democrat -- before i'm a democrat, i'm a self-care lien. before that, i'm an american. i believe in the constitution, in this entity of the building you work in. when i see that dome lit up at night, i get goosebumps because i know the power that that place
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has to improve the lives of folks. it can give the american dream to so many and it has. this is the thing. justice is supposed to be blind. this is part of the reason we are in the gridlock now and you say you are not part of it but you are. you are a cause of it. you said, this person is qualified, i applaud you, thank you for voting for so tamayo and taken, i would have voted for john roberts because i thought he is a good guy. i don't agree with him on everything, but i would have voted for him. you did not vote for merrick garland. he is a good guy, and you voted for him in the past. why? >> we are turning to the environments. experiencinga is some of the effects of climate change such as flooding, increase heat and humidity, and extreme weather events and scientists expect those problems to worsen over the coming years.
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do you believe human-induced climate change represents an existential threat and if so, would you support phasing out fossil fuel carbon emissions and using federal government incentives to transition to clean energy sources? sen. graham: i believe climate change is real, that is why i'm one of the members of the climate solutions caucus. i think the green new deal will destroy our economy. this war against oil and gas waged by joe biden and his allies will destroy millions of jobs and make russia and iran stronger. if we get out of those businesses, our enemies become stronger, we become energy dependent again. you don't have to destroy the economy to save the environments. i hope we stay energy independent but if we go out of the oil and gas businesses, we are in a world of hurt.
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clean energy, taught me in. south carolina could be a winner in the clean energy economy that is going to come, but you have to have india and china in the mix. we are been using carbon emissions, good for us, but we have done nothing with india and china, the paris accords give them a pass. i understand the beauty of our states. i'm in the climate solutions caucus. i have worked to set aside lands across the state for future generations can enjoy it but in the name of saving the environments, i'm not going to go down the aoc road who supports my opponents come out this radical agenda coming out of the house. if i'm in the senate, we will work for solutions to help the economy and god knows if democrats get it all we are in trouble. mr. harrison: i believe the greatest treasure the lord has given us is this green earth and i believe it is our legacy that
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we pass on to future generations. i have two boys and i want to make sure that i leave this earth better than i inherited. we are on a course to leave it worse. it is not good enough now to just say that you believe climate change is real. folks are tired of the talk. they are looking for action and we need action to save the green earth that we live on. the senator said he is a member of the climate solutions caucus that has no solutions. where is the bail? how are we producing carbon emissions? i don't see it. that is the think they do and the senate, they do the press conferences and come back home and there is no solution. where are the solutions? here is senator graham's solution, the south carolina offshore drilling act, let's drill off the shore of south carolina, let's destroy the environment that we have in
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south carolina and the economy. nobody want to look out their window to see oil rigs off the coast. but our senator is the one waving the flag, here, oil and gas companies, you can drill off our coats. not on debbie harrison's watch. sen. graham: i have had a consistent view of south carolina offshore drilling, south carolina will decide and nobody else. we have achieved energy independence under president trump, i don't want to go back where there were -- go backward. i don't want to be depended on middle east folks to supply energy, i don't want to make russia and iran stronger. protecting the coast, i am for that. on the one who went to president to extend the moratorium that he was planning for florida to include south carolina. let me say this. aoc has endorsed your campaign. she is the author of the green new deal.
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i understand that south carolina could benefit from clean energy, nuclear power, i proponent of marginal reactors, i am a proponent of wind, solar, not of the green new deal and when you look at it, you said, that is something i think i could support, until you understood where south carolina is at. the one think you can do is trust me not to go down the aoc road. >> we turn to race and policing. erupted in, protests response to incidents of alleged police brutality and racial inequality. did you believe systemic racism exists in america and if so, what would you do to start dismantling that system? mr. harrison: thank you for this. this is a big issue. as a black man who grew up in south carolina, a place that had seen -- that has seen its share
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of racism, i grew up learning about the massacre with three young folks and 28 college students, three lost their lives and 28 where shots because they were protesting and trying to desegregate a bowling alley. i have lived my life with these scars, its historical pain that has been passed on from generation to generation. familyhave grown up in a of law enforcement officers. my grandpa serve in the detroit police department for 30 years. got fbi training, oversaw homicides. i know police are good. but there are some bad apples as well. part of what we have to do is fix that. we have to bring accountability to the system, root out the bad apples, the people who take this power that we give them, because it is the american people giving them this power, and the abuse it and use it for negative things.
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we have to change that. we have to establish use of force standards that are national so you know if you are in chicago or charleston, it is the same standard by which that force will be used. there is so much we can do. i applaud tim scott for his legislation but it does not go far enough. >> mr. graham? sen. graham: this is an important topic. i'm a little older than mr. harrison. i grew up in central south carolina, the first in my family to go to college. my dad was a world war ii veteran. he started a restaurant, bar. a liquor store on the other side. when i was a kid, after the americans would buy beer to go, i remember asking my parents why was that and they said, that is why it is -- that is the way it is. that is not the way it is anymore and i'm glad. act,ported the first steps
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working with senator booker to make sure young african-american who arelatino men imposed long sentences under three strikes offered by joe biden get a second chance. he scott is a dear friend, has a police reform bill that i support. he supports the policy bail, he pelosi bill over tim scott's. tim scott understands the difference between supporting committees a color and supporting cops, you can and i will and i have. this election does matter. if you want somebody who will be with the cops -- and this is the hardest time to be a police -- i will be there for them, but i'm also for reform. tim scott got it right, not nancy pelosi. mr. harrison: again, with
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lindsey graham, it is the nancy pelosi show. maybe you should call the speaker to be here next to you, because i'm not nancy pelosi. i don't look like her, i don't believe everything she believes. if you want to debate her, please do that. you have not been telling the truth on all this. you said i was for defunding the police, i don't believe in defunding police. i have two members right now in my family who are serving in the police. who go in and put their lives on the line every day. you need to be careful with your language. you are supporting defunding the holy spirit -- the police. because you have not passed this covid believe bill, we have had to reduce the budget of police. so senator, you need to do better.
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graham, we are sticking with police. police officers are forced to handle many issues, including that of being mental health workers, essentially. this is due to decades of deinstitutionalization. yelling a quarter of people killedi police since -- by police since 2016 had a mental health issue. sen. graham: you don't take money away from police officers, you may plus up mental health services. got to be for that. senator scott bail was bipartisan. he took the best ideas in the senate and brought them to the floor and chuck schumer, the guy who is supporting you, filibustered the bail because they do not want to give any wind to tim scott or president trump erin the reason we don't have a desperate to jump.
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tim scott or president trump. i believe this bill coming out of the house is a bad deal for south carolina. it gives $1200 to illegal immigrants. that is not the solution. it has money to bail out blue states, not helping businesses in south carolina. there is not a dime for small businesses that need it in south carolina. when it comes to police reform, count me in, more transparency, hiring officers of color, body cameras so we can see what happened. one thing i want to do, i have been a prosecutor, a defense attorney, a military judge, i have been around about enforcement all my life, moveon. defund thech want to police, he is one of their chosen candidates. planned parenthood want to defund the police, they are supporting him.
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can you tell me how we would just how you would help police officers as mental health -- mr. harrison: we put too much on the docket for police. we are asking them to wear too many hats. they can't be a drug treatment person, mental health specialist, also do the job of protecting and serving. i believe we need to fund policing in a different manner and plus up in areas so they can get additional assistance when they go to domestic abuse situations so they have counselors who can direct folks in the right place. they can't wear all of those hats, that burden is too much. we need to look at how we fund them and make sure there is funding to handle that. isdon't need to say, it chuck schumer's fault, nancy pelosi's fault. sometimes i sit in this debate, this is our second debate, and it reminds me of my son. last night, he woke up and said
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something was spooky under his bed. i wonder if nettie pelosi is under senator graham's bed because every time, he is talking about her. i know it is halloween, but let's talk about south carolina and how we can improve the states. if he was serious about senator scott's bill, he is the senate of the judiciary committee, why didn't he bring that bill up? he could have allowed senators, democrats and republicans, to debate that. he didn't do it. if you're serious, don't just talk about it, act on it. he just wants an issue for this campaign. sen. graham: i am serious about this. deadly serious. deadly serious making sure our police officers have an ally in senator graham. we waived the bill out of the committee so it could go to the floor so we can expedite its passage. you talk about washington in terms that are good for you but
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not reality. the reason senator scott bail never got a vote is chuck schumer would not let it happen. that was a low point. here is what we do with mental-health issues. guns,republican, i own 50 but i believe we need a system that if somebody is a danger to themselves or others in police interact with them, there is a way to get guns out of the hands able, test --ally mentally ill. the guy who shot up a school, they had 30 visit with him and nobody could do anything. i believe in common sense. >> let's turn to health care. we are going to dig into the details of each of your plans. you have called for expanding the affordable care act by adding a government
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run health insurance option for the public. how much do you anticipate that would cost, how do you plan to pay for it, and why do you believe the federal government to take a larger role? mr. harrison: i believe in a system because health care is personal. i believe in a system that allows the private option through employers but also a public fullback. health care is personal to many of us and we see right now how important it was to have some form of public assistance. in a pandemic, when 750 thousand people in south carolina lost their jobs, 400,000 lost their health care. the question is, what do they do? we are in a pandemic. what do they do? if there is no public option was something that is a safety net? system why we need some that will allow and cover those folks who did not get coverage
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through their employer. passed a $1am just trillion tax bill where the bulk of the money went to the largest companies. top 100 companies in this country did not pay taxes. thanks to senator graham, that is why they contribute money to his campaign. to pass the needed bill to contribute to his campaign. we need to make the affordable care act more robust, and we don't need what senator graham is proposing. i don't want to get into the graham cassidy bill now. you wanted to replace the affordable care act with a proposal to block grant money to the states to design their own health care programs. nonpartisan analysts that examined your bill in 2017 found people with pre-existing
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conditions that see a spike in premiums. millions would lose health insurance they have today and medicaid enrollment would decrease. how would that help south carolina? sen. graham: i don't buy that. let's talk about bernie sanders. appetizer, thee main meal is bernie care. there is a commercial with mr. harrison talking to bernie sanders and he says, with champions like you, we will be in good shape. ofnie sanders is in charge health care with aoc and they have in mind to destroy private health care, medicare for all means medicare for nobody. if you have insurance through your employer, it is going to go away if democrats are in charge. obamacare has been a disaster for south carolina. premiums went up 30% in this state. we started with five choices, your down to one. i was on obamacare for a while. it was not a good deal for me.
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almost no coverage. what they want to do? i wanted to take the obamacare dollars and send them to south carolina. here is the secret about obamacare. three states, new york, california, massachusetts, at 35% of the money, 22% of the population. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, elizabeth warren wrote this bill. if we got a fair allocation met a regular if, it would be a $1 billion increase. that is my proposal. pre-existing conditions have to be covered but we can do it differently. innovation is the key to health care. the money is south carolina, in control of people you can vote for, not a democrat he never meet. mr. harrison: this is not fairytale our. you need to be honest. getdo south carolina not its fair share of the affordable care act? it is because of folks like you
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who said, we will not allow medicaid expansion. that is why we are not getting the money. we would cover 250,000 people in this stage right now if we had the medicaid expansion. ,8 other states have said medicaid expansion is a good thing, we should do it. you know the reason our hospitals have closing under your watch? medicaid has not been extended. thetalk to the head of hospital association, i have talked to him, he said the two reasons, we don't have medicaid expansion and we don't have broadband, which is an important component of telehealth. both of those things come out you have failed to act on. let's call a spade a spade. we have not under job. -- you have not done your job. >> broadband is important that really important
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-- announced the infant mortality rate dropped 2.4% but racial disparities remain. the infant mortality rate remains relatively unchanged along nonwhite women at 11.2%. that is 2.4 times higher than the mortality rate of infants born to white women. how would your health care plan improve the health outcomes for all south carolinians and andres these racial disparities? replaceham: i would obamacare with something better. telemedicine is important. 5g, high-speed internet. if your kids get go to school and you are doing distance learning and don't have internet , you are disadvantaged. carolinians,h particulate african-americans, there is doubt when it comes to innovation. putting money into telemedicine, count me in. congressman clyburn has a bill.
3:38 pm
toave a $10 billion bill to cover upmoney the dead spots. there is a reason these hospitals closed, because obamacare, a 30% increase in premiums and we are down to one choice, medicaid expansion. the second largest expense in this country. it is bureaucratic. i don't blame the governor and statehouse for rejecting what 100% federal government for five years, then it goes away. it is not going to be 100% free. we are broke. we have to save medicare and medicaid and reform social security. his idea that everything is free, it sounds too good, it is. taking federal money all the it comes out of your wallets.
3:39 pm
when it comes to mr. harrison, there is no limits. >> how would your health plan improve health outcomes for south carolinians? in harrison: i grew up orangeburg, i grew up on medicaid. i know the importance of having health care. i would not have had classes in school had not been for medicaid. would not have done as well as i did if not for that. it is important to understand that everybody does not have the goldplated health insurance that lindsey graham does. but everybody in this country should have health care. it should be affordable and it should be accessible for all. two years ago, 14 of our counties had no ob/gyn's. 46, not oneout of ob/gyn in the county. whatnder our maternal tally rates are high. that happened under lindsey graham's watch because he has
3:40 pm
this monstrosity of a bill that everyone believes is a bad thing. that youys taught me can't beat something with nothing. his bill is nothing. he cameoke and mirrors. up with the idea in a barbershop with rick santorum. how serious are you in terms of a health care bill? the aarp has condemned his bill because of the age tax. it does not cover people with pre-existing conditions. he supports ripping health care away from millions of americans with this case in front of the supreme court's. we will do better once we have better leadership. >> your response? sen. graham: if you don't like the way obamacare is set up, we are not getting our fair share, who wrote it? nancy pelosi about it. the three states that get the most money happened to be
3:41 pm
california, new york, massachusetts. i'm trying to get a better deal for us. obamacare is appetizer, bernie sanders is in charge, his champion. socialized medicine is one vote away. control of the senate is on the ballots. if they get control of the house, synods, and white house, your health care will go away. we will be under the government banner of socialized medicine. you will have less toys and the quality will go down. my goal is to help people who are struggling, i don't need a lecture, i lost my parents 15 months apart, i know what is the like to wake up and have your life doing to be ready the answer is not -- to have your life the wind -- life ruined. harrison, the fbi director said that the greatest threats we face in the homeland
3:42 pm
is that posed by loan actors radicalize online would to attack soft targets with easily accessible weapons. the fbi disrupted a plot to kidnap michigan's governor and there were plans to do the same to our own governor. what you believe is fueling this and how do you combat such terrorism? this stuff is hard. it is personal to many of us. ago, five years ago, we remember what happened in mother emmanuel. friend. good i remember the call clearly. me up at night and says, there was a shooting at the church and we have not heard back from him. wifeember praying with my that everything was ok. then i got another call saying
3:43 pm
clem was in the church that had been shut up. we were devastated as a community, i was devastated as an individual. fast-forward, that young man got that gun because of a loophole. the charleston loophole. jim clyburn, joe cunningham passed legislation, bipartisan legislation, and not much passes bipartisan these days. that bill is sitting in the senate. you know who's desk it is sitting on? the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. he lost nine lives and the families are still in south carolina. the question is, who do you represent? do you represent the people in south carolina or do you represent the special interests outside of the state? >> what do you believe is doing this and how do you combat such terrorism? sen. graham: the first thing you
3:44 pm
need to understand about being a senator is you need to understand all the threats we face. this is one. the fbi could -- you have balls on the books. -- laws on the books. people who have been adjudicated a danger to themselves or others are not able to buy a gun, put them in the background system so they pop up. we need to do better but not a national gun but history. one thing i wanted to know is you may be tired of talking about radical islam, we have been in this campaign and only has asked about national security. got me in for common sense red flag laws. kathy in for expanding background checks, -- count me in for expanding background checks and going after racist groups.
3:45 pm
i have been to iraq and afghanistan 56 times, i never heard you say anything about what is going on in the world when it comes to our military. the budget cuts under obama decimated our military. donald trump has rebuilt our military, he has destroyed the caliphate. we are safer but still at risk. radical islam is on the march. the next president, and i hope it is donald trump, needs to understand the threat we face. what joe biden did hurt us but as long as i go senator, i will never take the eye off the ball. mr. harrison: i'm sure you are aware of general stanley mcchrystal who was our commander under both president bush and president obama. our commander in afghanistan. i'm proud to announce that i have the endorsement of general mcchrystal and i know you know him well because he believes
3:46 pm
that our better days are hot of us -- are ahead of us and we need someone who not only understands peace, but understands how precious our forces are. i'm going to get back to the issue at hand as it relates to the guns as well. , nobody isn is asking for you to vote for the charleston loophole bill, but the indifference to our citizens who lost their lives, why don't you bring the bill up for a debate and consideration in the committee? you are the chairman. the most powerful person on the issue of judicial issues. your constituents lost their lives. about the weight each of you have conducted your campaigns. after the confirmation hearings that you said would not have been two years ago before an election, you did an interview with reporters in the halls of a congressional office building and asked you where to donate to
3:47 pm
garvey election campaign. the former debbie counsel said defy rules. you repeatedly referenced the campaign during those hearings. do you believe you have youth your platform as chairman of the committee to unfairly benefits your reelection campaign? sen. graham: not at all. i believe that the senate judiciary hearings where ,ell-run, they were respectful although the public and incumbents were mentioned by my democratic colleague. myself onoke, i pride taking my job seriously. i have had my words cuts. i had been accused of supporting segregation because they took a line and stuffed it. i have been accused of things i'm not. what is going on in this campaign, it started hopeful, now it is desperate. tv urging an ad on people to vote for dr. calypso.
3:48 pm
why? you know if conservatives vote for me, you are going to lose. this is the most deceptive ad i have seen in south carolina. the doctor is supporting me, he wrote you a letter said quit using his image. you and your liberal allies to drive both to him there at a vote for the doctor is a conservative vote that helps jamie harrison. i don't need a lecture about ethics, i don't need a lecture about how to bun a campaign. i have done this for a while. this effort by mr. harrison to treat conservatives -- trick conservatives into voting against conservatism will not work. this is going to be rejected. >> mr. harrison, you have accused senator harris and up playing political games, -- accusednator graham --
3:49 pm
senator graham of playing political games. the doctor has dropped out and supported senator graham. i you not playing political games with those ads? mr. harrison: not at all. he has not officially withdrawn his name. ask him. know what lindsey graham said in terms of using his words against him. we know his word does not mean much. i don't know what the doctors word means but i can guarantee if he got more votes than you and more votes then b, he will be on a plane going to washington, d.c. at the next senator. candidate toas a let folks know where folks stand in terms of who is on the ballots. you can vote tomorrow in south
3:50 pm
, first is the doctor, then lindsey graham, then jamie harrison. the doctor is more conservative than lindsey graham. i want folks to vote for me. let me tell you this, but for jamie harrison, don't vote for lindsey graham, don't vote for the doctor, but for jamie harrison. i'm trying to build a bridge to the future. our graham: if this is future, god help us all. [cross talk] sen. graham: it is nancy pelosi and hillary clinton are your political mentors, you are probably not conservative. they understand that if bernie is a champion, you are not
3:51 pm
conservative. what conservatives need to understand, this matters, the control of the senate is on the ballot. mr. harrison is playing a game with the ballots. the doctor is technically on the ballots, but he has asked his supporters to vote for me because he wants conservative judges. he has never answered the question, would he vote for justice barrett's, one of the most qualified women to be nominated in the history of the supreme court's. he opposed cavanaugh and gorsuch. god be with him when it comes to the big stuff. i think it is one of the most radical agendas coming out of nancy pelosi's house. if republicans keep the senate, i'm the budget chairman, if democrats take it, bernie sanders is the chairman. this stuff matters. don't be fooled. if nancy pelosi is on the
3:52 pm
drinking game tonight, get a designated driver. you are the man who said, use my words against me. you have constantly lied to the people in south carolina. you like about term limits. you have lied about the supreme court's. >> we are coming up on time. a quick question to end this on a bright note. i will give you 45 seconds a piece. we live in divided times. before we leave, can you tell us something positive about your candidate and likewise, senator graham, 45 seconds. have greatn: i did admiration for senator graham because i believe he was someone who could rise above the political fray. senator graham, i appreciate your work you have done on behalf of south carolina in the past. i don't agree with you now, but i do appreciate you on that. closing -- let me say this.
3:53 pm
recently, i went to vote with my son. that was emotional for me. i've named my first son after my grandfather. my grandfather could not always vote in south carolina. we have made great progress as a nation. we have lived up to south carolina's motto, but there is so much more we need to do. proud of this moment. i'm proud of the kids that i see coming to our events, smiling and inspired by this campaign. regardless of what happens on tuesday, i have already one. conversely clyburn -- he is very smart. he comes from difficult circumstances and you have made your life a success. the difference is not personal. it is about where we will take
3:54 pm
the country and the states. that as associate chairman, the democratic national committee, you buy into what they are doing. i think you are in a ticketed spokesman for their cause but south carolina is not where you want to take it. we don't want chuck schumer running the senate whether you agree with him or not, they are going to pack the courts. we want to judge barrett, you want to tell us. that is the kind of judges we want in south carolina. >> we are coming up on time. sen. graham: it is not personal between us, it is about you and your family. >> thank you all for watching and our candidates. good night. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ >> with three days until deciden day, when voters who will control congress and occupy the white house, stay with c-span. watch campaign 2020 coverage every day on c-span.
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