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tv   Washington Journal Tim Boyum  CSPAN  October 30, 2020 6:50pm-7:34pm EDT

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afternoon. we will see you next week. campaign 2020 coverage continues at 7:00 eastern time, when we bring you the debate between south carolina republican senator lindsey graham and his democratic opponent, jamie harrison. at 8:35 p.m. eastern, we take for a easton -- houston stop by kamala harris. you can follow our live coverage online at >> with four days left until election day, on november 3, when voters decide who will control congress and occupy the white house next year, stay with c-span. watch campaign 2020 coverage every day on c-span must stream or on demand at, or listen on the c-span radio app. your place for an unfiltered view of politics.
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over the past week on the washington journal, we have been focusing on key battleground states this election year with political reporters and political analysts on the ground, trying to gain clues as to what will happen in four days. happen in four days. today, we are looking at north carolina. tomorrow, we will wrap up with arizona. tim boyum is the host of capital tonight and the host of tying it together, a podcast. he joins us now to talk about the tar heel state. why is north carolina important this year compared to 2016? guest: it is continuing to become a microcosm of the nation. we are a split nation. we have urban centers that continue to grow and become more democratic. we have our rural areas that are more conservative. those are shrinking. the state is changing.
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the economy is changing. athink it represents microcosm of the entire country. host: where do the polls stand right now? guest: it is razor thin. most of the polls show joe biden up one to three points the hallway. the real clear politics average is 0.7 in favor of joe biden. hase 1976, north carolina only voted twice for a democratic president. i'm in the camp of i will see it when i believe in. i don't think it could not happen, there is a strong chance it could. host: when you take a look at 2016 and the president's victory ere, three percentage points, 173,000
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why is this race tight now? host: before that in 2012, mitt romney won 192,000 votes. before that, barack obama won in 2008. after the historic win in 2008, the african-american vote, which is hugely important for democrats in north carolina, dropped off a cliff. after four years of donald trump, from the democratic perspective, the believe is they are going to come back. we are over 55% of african-american turnout in north carolina. the numbers are incredible. because of that, that is why we are still this battleground state. donald trump sees it as a must win state. host: what are the early voting numbers? which candidate benefits? who benefits on election day? since we have been voting
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september 4. absentee ballots went out. as of this morning, we have almost 4.1 million people have voted in north carolina, almost 56% total turnoff. -- turnout. 2016 80% over total turnout. mecklenburg county, which is where charlotte is, that is at a very high percentage, over 90% of the 2016 turnout. in north carolina, we have had a huge surge of unaffiliated voters. unaffiliated voters outnumber republican voters. they are gaining quickly on democratic voters. we do not know. most of them mean in one way. i have heard from people on both sides that they believe it is
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going to help them. veryesday, we could see small lines in north carolina. traditionally, that is a republican stronghold. host: what are you watching for on election night? guest: we are waiting to see the final results. tomorrow is the final day of early voting in north carolina. as we sort through the demographics, we will have a good idea. we are waiting for 7:30 tuesday night. there is this talk about we will not hear results for days or maybe weeks. north carolina is going to until ballots always november 12 that are postmarked on november 3. we could have 75% of the vote drop at 7:30 tuesday night. if there is not a razor thin margin, we could know early who wins. 7:30 is when i am watching. carolina start
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counting early votes before november 3? guest: we will have those results as soon as they start running them through. they do not tabulate and release them. as soon as 7:30 has, we will no results. mean fort does this down ballot races for the senate and the governor's race? typically we thought the senate race would follow the presidential race. historically, that is what happens in north carolina. we have had some drama in the u.s. senate race. thom tillis is the incumbent. he came down with covid. there was a report that came out that cal cunningham, the democrat in the race, had an affair with a woman. he has not spoken since. cal cunningham was ahead. that has narrowed to where the presidential race is.
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race, ray cooper, the current governor, a democrat, this is a close race. i think it is going to be closer to 6% when it is down to it. it is not affecting the governor's race. the governor has been doing news conferences since march almost weekly. he has a clear advantage. host: why is it that the governor is running against his lieutenant governor? guest: they do not run together. they are separate elected positions. the lieutenant governor is a stepping stone to running for governor. we knew all along he wanted to run for governor. he does not believe in wearing masks. he has been critical of what the governor has done on covid-19 on the shutdowns.
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it is sort of the classic republican versus democrat in north carolina. host: we are talking with tim boyum. he will take your questions on campaign 2020 in north carolina. if you support the president and vice president, (202) 748-8001. if you are supporting joe biden and senator harris, (202) 748-8000. if you have another candidate in mind or undecided, (202) 748-8002. north carolina residents, please dial in at (202) 748-8003. robert is first in greenville, north carolina. supporting the biden ticket. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: anything to get away from donald trump to be honest with you. country.olina is trump what trump has done to the ,conomy with the pandemic
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actually what he is doing now, he is doing super spreader events. it is basically for herd immunity, and he wants to do that until the end because if he wins it, that is what he wants. if he loses, he is going to leave us in a bigger mess with the virus. he is despicable. everybody needs to pull together and get this mental paraplegic out of office. host: two issues from that trump, the anybody but sentiment he talked about, and then the pandemic. guest: one thing he mentioned was these super-spreader fears. the president has been in north carolina almost a dozen times since august. most of them were campaign events. he was supposed to be in gainesville last night. he had to cancel an event
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because of wins from the storm. he held an event in gastonia last week, which is outside of charlotte, 10,000 plus people. the health department confirmed to people at that event did test positive for covid-19. they will not say, they do not know they got it at that event. that is a concern that has been talked >> we will leave this discussion at this point to bring you live coverage for the debate of the senate seat in south carolina between senator lindsey graham and his challenger, jamie harrison.
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[inaudible] [no audio] do the absentee ballot, because i travel. i sent that in quite some time ago. did take it to the post office. i find amusing on c-span, i will not say i'm the smartest guy in the world, but when i -- il, i listen to
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primarily listen to right-leaning. nd of funny they all get the same script and then want to hear people supporting trump against biden. it is the same talking points. it just kind of blows my mind. do you have an original thought or original opinion based on your own experience? you keep saying biden is divisive. biden is going to turn us into socialist, communist, marxist. can you make up your mind? socialism and communism are different forms of government. i find it curious people repeating the same things. look at me, i'm smart repeating something sean hannity said. host: what is it like where you live? what are you seeing on the ground? trump i see more
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signs. my neighbor has the trump signs out. we don't really get into talking politics. go out and vote. that is the american way. host: i want to leave it there. wilmington, north carolina, where it is in the state and who lives there and who votes the re. guest: it is in hanover county. it is a great place to visit. it is interesting because it is becoming one of the important districts that represents a shift from more rural to urban north carolina. they are experiencing all of that. one of the dynamics that is interesting that he mentioned is these trump science. -- signs.
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at these rallies, we have seen 10,000 to 20,000 people at these airport stops. we do not see that with joe biden. he is doing smaller pooled e vents where only certain media go in and observe it. they are doing it because of the pandemic. do these events show true enthusiasm for donald trump and joe biden does not have that? democratsa show, and are going to go to the polls and vote? that is one of the big questions as we watch this moving forward. birmingham asks us, what is happening with the north carolina legislature? are democrats going to gain control of the senate or the house? guest: great question. we have a legislature that is controlled by the republicans,
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and our governor is a democrat. since 2010, republicans have dominated the legislature. they have super majorities. they had a republican governor. they could do anything they wanted. the last cycle, they broke that super majority. the governor's veto could come in question. the democrats believe they have enough to potentially take one of the chambers. democraticwith operatives, they believe they have a good shot of taking the north carolina senate. they hope they have a shot of winning the north carolina house. it is more challenging. republicans believe they can hold onto both chambers. it is going to be razor thin. that is something we are watching closely. why is that important? for our governor, secretary of health and human services, many of his cabinet, they want to expand medicaid in north carolina.
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roughly three quarters of a million people could benefit from that. republicans do not want to. that is a key item that could make a difference. you have probably heard about some of the voting laws we have passed that have been controversial. all of that stuff could hang in the balance depending on who wins in the legislature and assuming governor cooper remains in the executive mansion. host: breakdowns of voters in north carolina statewide, demographic, college-educated, white and black, etc. they are incredibly important to the democratic party. white voters, rural voters are incredibly important to republicans in north carolina. that is what donald trump picked up on, uneducated white males in north carolina in 2016.
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the question is does that drop off from 2016 much like the african-american vote dropped off 2016 for democrats? are living in our growing urban hubs of raleigh .nd charlotte and asheville republicans are dominant in the rural areas. those suburban areas and the area's growing out from there are the battlegrounds for white women and white men and the growing population of latino vote in north carolina and the youth vote. it looks like it is going to surpass early voting in 2016. we are becoming a diverse state in terms of the voting population. both sides are going to have to
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work on it. like virginia, we are trending blue. host: the l.a. times did a series about the youth vote across the country. 0 young north4,00 carolinians have already voted, a 66% jump. we have done a lot of this on our show. this social justice movement led by young african-americans. they are working with a lot of justice programs and organizations to make changes. young folks are stepping up. i think some of these protests have spurred that to voting in the fall. we have talked to experts. they believe these younger generations are much more active, not afraid to speak their mind. it appears they are doing that at the polls. host: we are talking the
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battleground state of north carolina, where tim boyum says it is razor thin leading into tuesday. at stake 15 electoral votes. jeannie, you are supporting the president. democrats, they can only tell you what trump has done wrong. they don't tell you nothing about what biden has done and is doing. they will vote for a dog if it is a democrat. democratok at the states and cities, it is burned, luke, murder. they do not care about black lives. check the pages. as far as your uneducated rural areas, by the way, where do you buy your groceries from? they come off the farm, off the back of the farmer. has supportedp the farmers of this nation. uneducated i say voters, i do not mean people are
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not smart. traditionally, we are talking about whether it is a college degree and beyond. those are the categories people consider. this is a common complaint with a lot of elections. you are against something rather than for, show us what you are going to do. that is why we do debates. joe biden has a lot of plans on his website. he has his tax plan, his climate plan. the truth is the discussion is largely about donald trump and the response to covid-19. the caller is right about these democratic cities in north carolina that has been part of the fight. republicans have been upset that democratic run cities let protesters -- i should not say protesters, rioters. windows boarded
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up in downtown raleigh. there is concern with that. the president has gone after our democratic governor for shutting down north carolina for so long. those are all legitimate concerns. i think social media and talking points from both sides has put people in this camp or that camp. both sides go into those camps, and they do not want to hear from the other side. host: how many people do you estimate are undecided in the state of north carolina? guest: [laughter] i cannot imagine there are very many. the polls show there are enough percentage points that it will sway this election. interesting is not those that are truly undecided between joe biden, perhaps those that are deciding do i skip that race? do i go to a third party or not vote at all?
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we are atrue that 0.7, those voters could make a huge difference if they choose not to vote for one candidate or the other. it is hard to imagine that there are true undecided voters. at davidson,te north carolina, they have a handful that are out there. host: welcome to the conversation. you are supporting the biden-harris ticket. caller: i am. i live in a rural area. there are not enough jobs. people here need medicaid. they do not need to lose their medicaid. i feel like joe biden understands the common man. these people are hurting in my area.
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there are people here who are homeless. someone has got to help these people. has notour president reached out to help enough people to make people comfortable voting for him in north carolina. thank you. interesting talking about the rural democrats. historically, back in the 1800s and first part of the 20th century, rural north carolina was democrat. the most important voters in north carolina were down east in north carolina, rural voters, conservative democrats. i think there are a number of conservative democrats, some who did flip to donald trump in 2016. someone like them, who did not speak talking points and political jargon. there are still democrats out
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there in the rural area just like the last caller. they will be important in this election. do not make any mistake. when we say republicans are in the rural areas and democrats are in the urban areas, that is stereotyping in a lot of ways. there are folks out there like the last caller that could make a big difference. host: we will go to marcia supporting the president. caller: yes, ma'am. i am wanting to ask him where everybody gets the masks at the trump rallies that are saying maga and trump? i know that they are not on sale. them people have received the mask from the trump rallies. the gentleman to call to talk about that he was homeless, that is cooper. that has nothing to do with trump. cooper runs the state, not
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trump. trump runs the country. you all degrading trump for being homeless, that is cooper. if the media would tell the truth, they would know what biden has been up to and how he sold out the american people. he has received money from other countries. why in the world would anybody vote for him? the media needs to tell the truth. host: i want to pick up on this, the hunter biden emails story and if that is changing any minds that you know of with a few days to go before this election. guest: i don't think it is. uphink it is firming support with his own party. outside of conservative news outlets like fox, it has not been in the media.
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some would blame the mainstream media for that. voters, it is something that has not been discussed extensively and explained in a lot of ways. it was important for the president. i was in nashville at the debate last week. our stand up position was near three or four fox cameras and oan, that is all they talk about all day long. lot generallyit a in north carolina. i'm not sure it is going to have a huge impact for better or worse in north carolina. it is not being discussed on the ground in north carolina. to the point about the masks, one of the spokespeople for the trump campaign, he said they had out those masks. i'm not sure they are exactly on them,that say maga but they do hand out those masks
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, and it is up to them to put them on afterwards. one more point about the shutdowns and the person that was homeless. it is true that republicans have gone after roy cooper. the one thats been put in these restrictions that shut down restaurants and bars. ins are still barely open north carolina. democrats will argue it is because we did not have enough testing and it spread so much that he was forced to do that. who is at fault? is it the governor or the president? host: let's talk about the competitive house races in north carolina. what are you watching on tuesday? guest: north carolina is technically 10-3 republican, although i should say it is 9-3 because mark meadows left to be chief of staff, so that is an open seat. north carolina lawmakers changed the map.
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we believe we are going to go from 10-3 to 8-5, republican advantage. south of the triangle and district six in the piedmont triad, those are going to flip democrat. there are a couple of other seats i am watching closely, astrict eight richard hudson, republican. a lot of outside money put into that race. that could be interesting. we might be a site always from that being very close. away from that being very close. district, which is mark meadows, traditionally republican stronghold. republican money has been put into those in recent weeks. there is concern that those seats are closer than they think. we could have some interesting races. for the most part, the
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republicans are likely going to win this race. host: brenda, charlotte north carolina. caller: i want to tell tookbody, governor cooper care of the people all the shutdown things. i am proud that he did. if other states would close down things, this virus would not be spreading like it was. if trump had not done what he done, trump has already made the statements after three years if he is going to get reelected, he is going to cut social security. what am i going to live on if he does that? host: let's talk about favorability rates for the governor. guest: it is interesting in particular on the coronavirus -- ipsost sells
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released a poll. ads, it seemshe really split. either roy cooper has done the best to stop what donald trump is not, or he is terrible shutting down our economy sending us into recession. showed that almost two thirds of north carolinians support the governor on covid-19, generally support the shutdowns, generally support a mask mandate in north carolina. the section where there is less support is with what is happened -- has happened with schools in north carolina. for a long time, we were shut down. then they were allowed to do partial in person and partial remote. my daughter is in school all
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week this week and that out of school. kids are across party lines. there are more people that are concerned their kids are not in school. in spiteof saying that of what we are hearing from republicans, generally the approval ratings are at near 50% if not above. host: tom. tim, your entire network is anti-trump. i get new york one down here. you never say anything good about him. you never say nothing about the biden criminal family. that is all minor. in the future, donald trump is going to be single-handedly responsible for saving millions of babies.
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i don't know if you believe in heaven and hell, but you better get right before you get left. guest: thank you. this is a lot of the response we get in the media in general. i would humbly disagree with you. i think we are considered one of the fairest outlets in the state by far. it is not my job to say good or bad things from my perspective about what the president or joe biden has to say. i think we have talked about all of those things on my program consistently. you have talked about abortion. the supreme court issue has become a huge issue in the north carolina senate race. up until the cal cunningham personal affair issue came up, that was one of the top issues in the campaign. thom tillis was standing firm with amy coney barrett, and cal cunningham stayed away from
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saying whether she would be a good justice are not. i think that has had an impact on some voters in north carolina and perhaps pushed some people that were concerned about thom tillis to his side. biden-hars supporting ris. caller: i have been listening to your program. it appalls me to hear people talking about, when man talking about he was a farmer. back these hispanic workers, who is going to work the fields? you better go right before you go left. you talk about the criminal empire of the biden family. this man is a crook. he told you that. he comes from a current family. his kids are making millions of
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dollars off the taxpayers. hiltetlerout the media, and the rest of them cats talked about. roy cooper shut down the state to save lives. putin has shut russia down. that is trump's right-hand man. i do not understand talking about the media, media, media. who is telling the truth? of what royact cooper did. my niece runs a daycare. if she gets sick, she cannot open her daycare. they going to have to leave their job to come home. host: got your point. saw where the divide is in the state and country. people are very passionate on what they believe. i think that is going to be the
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crux of where we go after november 3. can we find common ground? i hope we can. that is what my mission is going to be after this. what this election is over, we still need to move this country forward, this great state that i love forward. i hope we can get together in a room and have good conversations and move this country forward because i think that is what we need after what has been a very tough time. i think people have been stuck at home for 7, 8 months now. that has not helped the situation. people are very frustrated. watch.ard to i have seen people arguing about things i never dreamed they would argue about. it is hard to watch. race ism boyum, if the
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too close to call in north carolina, at some point what triggers a recount? guest: important to the absentee issue, candidates have a right to ask for a recall when it is within 1% in the state. balance -- the absentee ballots. if it is close like that, you have to have your absentee ballots postmarked by november 3. because of this settlement, they will have until november 12 to receive those. the certification in north carolina is november 24. we could have a long november potentially with that. i don't know if people in north carolina believe that is good to happen, but it can with how razor thin these things have
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been. won,in 2008, barack obama we did not have those issues of not knowing. i'm not sure it is going to be an issue. host: we will go to judy, winston-salem, north carolina. caller: good morning. i did not realize you all were on during the week. usually i see this type of show on sunday morning. i'm calling to say i support very strongly the president that we have now. the reason because we have done what he says he is going to do. i do not support socialists. i amlearning that listening to you talk. you have callers call in. theythey mention that
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desire trump, you seem to contradict him. the media do that. i looked most of the time for good news, common sense about certain things. this man has not done anything. joe biden has been in for 47 years. this man we have in today come in three months hustling, got sick, still came back. nancy pelosi is an accident waiting to happen. i supported him when he first came in because i liked the way he talked. he does not bite his tongue. people have thrown the horns at him like jesus christ. he still holds up. he is not a lawyer. i have gone into law. they are the biggest liars. that is what you learn in law school. host: tim boyum. guest: the republicans and
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president trump do not believe the media is being fair. that is fair to say that and believe that. i think we are at a point in this election where it does not what anybody says. they are going to believe what they believe. that is not to say anything bad about the previous caller. is power of social media showing in this election. we are talking about talking points and repeated things from both sides. people want to hear what they want to hear. it does not matter what you say. they are going to respond how they are going to respond. every single time i have a national pundit from either side, for example, this week we had on andrew yang. from both sides telling me how terrible i am.
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i have a thick skin. i did not get it right every day. it is unfortunate where we are in society. host: linda, hampton, north carolina. caller: hello. host: go ahead. caller: i'm for biden. if it was not biden, it would be anyone but trump. think trump ever had covid. bounced out of there too fast. i am from new york. raised the same year, the same month donald trump was born. i watched him screw new york. jersey.d him screw new i moved to puerto rico. what he did to puerto rico was horrible. he declares bankruptcy. that is all he does.
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he is going to bankrupt the country. host: i'm going to leave it there. beuld there -- will you watching for any early signs on election night for this race tilting for one or the other? drop off we get a huge votes at 7:30 tuesday night in sout north carolina, we need to look at who those votes are. we need to watch for those unaffiliated voters are swinging. they are the biggest question mark. we do not know how many of them are going to come up and which way they are leaning. i would watch those, and i think we may get a clue fairly early on of who is going to win north carolina. host: tim boyum, thank you for the conversation, host of capital
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>> unfortunately, we are unable to resolve the issue with the signal from this live event. we hope to have it for you in its entirety later. >> joe biden is joined by president obama on saturday, three days before election day. r, watchline at c-span.o on c-span, or listen on the c-span radio app. >> with four days left until election day, on november 3 when voters decide who will control congress and occupy the white with next year, stick c-span. watch 20/20 coverage every day on c-span. coverage every day on c-span. anspan, your place for
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unfiltered view of politics. ivanka trump is the daughter and advisor to president trump. she headlined a campaign event in pennsylvania in a philadelphia suburb. she was interviewed by former white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. this is 30 minutes. ms. sanders: thank you very much. thank you. thank you for coming out on a dreary day. but


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