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tv   President Trump Tours Ford Motors Plant in Michigan  CSPAN  May 22, 2020 6:00am-6:21am EDT

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analyst -- talks about his book, my vanishing country and memoir -- a memoir which tells the story of america's working-class through his own life. watch washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern this morning. join the discussion. today, democrats on the house judiciary committee will hold the discussion on the trump administration's response to the coronavirus in prisons and jails. watch live on c-span, or listen free on the c-span radio app. with the federal government at work in dcn throughout the country, use the congressional directory for contact information. order your copy online today at
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trump traveled to michigan to visit a ford plant producing ventilators in response to the coronavirus pandemic. the president received a tour of the facility alongside company executives, then gave a speech to plant workers.
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1000.eria, we just sent we have various countries, france, spain. we have a lot going to italy. we have a lot going to 15, 18 countries. we have the capacity to do this. nobody else did. every state has more than they
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need and our stockpile is totally full. now we are helping other countries where they are losing a lot of people because they don't have ventilators. i want to say that ford and general electric have done a great job working together and also the country -- the companies that work with you, the did a great job. they do a great car and they did a great job on the ventilators. the quality of the ventilator has been top-of-the-line. we really appreciate it fella s. >> there were a lot of inquiries about whether you would end up wearing a mask today. can you take us your -- take us through your thought process? >> i had one on before but i didn't want to give the first impression of seeing it. i had it in the back. mask.goggles and a
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why would you not be wearing it here? >> not necessary here. everybody has been tested and i have been tested. it is not necessary. >> they are wearing a mask. >> that is their choice. i put it on and it was very nice. they said it was not necessary. example itut the would set for other americans? say, i did: as i did have it on. thank you. >> we have seen the manufacturers here. in terms of our manufacturing,
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-- pres. trump: this is the biggest mobilization since world war ii, and these people were in charge of it. they did a fantastic job. they did a really fantastic job and we appreciate it. all of these companies came together. they used to make cars here and other things, and now not only the ventilators but the masks and other products. what are the products you make? the head of ford, by the way. >> you know what we are making. we have pressure respirators, ventilators, masks, downs -- gowns. anything anyone needs, we respond quickly and our workforce has been doing amazing. how does this crisis compare?
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>> every one is different. i will not take you all the way back to the oil shock or the dot com meltdown. what is amazing is how our people splendid. instead of waiting to be asked to do something they said here is an opportunity, let's go. they didn't ask for permission, they just went and that is something we have done throughout our history and i hope we will always do. pres. trump: here is my mask. right here. i liked it very much. i think i looked better in the speechut i am making a so i won't have it. i did have it on right here and i think some of you might have gotten the shot. thank you very much. can someone confirm the
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president was told he did not have to wear one here? here, youwalk around can see the respirators. day we had this conversation, we were trying to figure out how to use automotive parts. [inaudible]
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pres. trump: it really is artificial pressure. we will be able to open it up. this isn't like load curve problems that takes years and years. the depression take 12 years. -- took 12 years. we will be back here next year or in the fourth quarter, because we closed it and now we opened it. it could be one more nice shot. i would rather do it at the appropriate time. today we are celebrating these great companies doing ventilators and other equipment, but we have a very specific plan and it will be great for the american people and our economy
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is going to be back soon and ford and general electric and these great companies that helped us so much in a time of need, they are going to be very happy. , youre already gearing up lines are starting to roll, building cars again. our southern border has never been so secure. we have never had -- that whole area, nobody comes through that area, where the wall goes up. that is the end of that. aboutt are you thinking in terms of campaign rallies? pres. trump: as soon as you are able to have people come in, we have never had an empty seat since the day i came down the escalator with our future first lady, we never had an empty seat. thousands of people we sent away and i think the demand now is greater than ever before. we are going to have to go to certain states -- i don't want
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where you haveum a person and then seven empty steet -- seven empty seats in then another person. ormay do some outdoor things we may just wait until we can go to the stadiums. we will go to a place like florida or georgia where they will be opening up. incrediblehas been for the rallies. i hear the music in the backgrounds and i am saying we had rallies like nobody ever had before. i think it is going to be sooner rather than later. new astrazeneca vaccine that hhs has invested in. how much promise does that hold? pres. trump: i think it holds tremendous promise but we have many other companies who are just about as far along. we have many companies.
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we have the greatest pharmaceutical companies in the world. they are really in a position, andi am talking about cures therapeutics. therapeutically we have some things coming out what you're going to be great but they have to be tested quickly and we are doing it very quick. >> who will get the vaccine first? pres. trump: we are -- we are sending logistically with our military. our military is in gear so that 150 million, 200 million shots quickly. the military is in gear. we can move 100,000 soldiers immediately, in time of emergency, so this is not nearly as big a deal is that. it is equally important perhaps, but not as tough logistically. >> how will you prioritize? pres. trump: i will sit down with a lot of people and figure it out. we hope to be in that position
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very soon. rather than having the vaccine, doing the test and starting to gear up, we are taking a risk because it could be that something happens but in addition to that company we have other companies that are very far advanced. don't forget therapeutic's and cure. we are talking about a vaccine in this case but therapeutics and cure. that would take care of people in trouble right now. testing, issue of there are questions about whether or not you are satisfied with what the cdc is doing, particularly the director. can you address that? are you satisfied? pres. trump: he is doing a very good job in a very complex situation. we started out, nobody knew what the virus was. it came from china, and frankly i think they have done a very good job, i am very happy about it. a lot of other people think they have done great work. because weond cdc
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have done it between jared kushner and a lot of geniuses coming in from silicon valley. these companies where they could make ventilators -- what we did was ventilators. it is incredible. we geared up in a short time through general electric, ford, through other companies. we were at honeywell the other day. who would think honeywell was making masks? but it is a very high-tech company. for make dashboards airplanes and now they are making masks. our companies geared up quickly, so fast. honeywell opened a plant three from, literally zero opening to making masks in three weeks. there has never been anything done like this since the end of world war ii. >> you said a number of weeks ago, we can't with the cure
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become worse than the disease. pres. trump: i think i was the first one to say it. would you say i was the first one? you can't let the cure become worse than the problem itself. i think the governors have to start opening up. we know the disease. we know the weaknesses and the strengths. we know that older people are affected gravely and younger people are not affected gravely. that we have to protect some people much more so. i think a lot of governors have dental -- have done a very poor job on nursing homes. i can grade every governor, but we have made a lot of hero governors and had done a lot of great jobs with governors and my relationship with them and almost -- with them in almost all cases is very good. not one person who needed a
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ventilator didn't get a ventilator. how close are we to the cure being worse than the disease? pres. trump: the ones that are sticking to a certain very rigid pattern, i don't think the people are going to stand for it. this is a country that is meant to be open and we did the right thing. we saved millions of lives, millions of lives. you would had anywhere from 1,000,500, to 2,500,000. 100,000, it would not have been acceptable. it would not have been sustainable. you couldn't have done it. we called it right and now i want it open and we are going to fireand if there is a someplace, we put it out, but the people have done a great job. general electric and ford have
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done fantastic work. and honeywell, again, i was there last week. they have done fantastic. thank you very much. about smaller fires in the virus popping up. are you concerned about a potential second wave? pres. trump: people say that is a distinct possibility. we are not going to close the country. we are going to put out the fires. we are not closing our country. thank you. >> will you replace dr. redfield? pres. trump: no. >> please welcome for' -- ford's plant manager.


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