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tv   Sen. Mike Braun talks to Reporters on Coronavirus  CSPAN  February 26, 2020 4:59am-5:03am EST

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i took it from their explanation that they don't know if four weeks from now, we will ask for more. reporter: thank you. >> thank you. >> this is my opinion. it was a top-secret briefing, but i feel good and confident with our heads up and where we are at, not only on containing it but mitigating it. there have been 14 cases in the u.s.. the cruise ship, we had two indiana families that were stranded. but in general, when it comes to even the discussion of vaccination and all the things you need to be ready with, i feel like we are in good shape. we were just getting into the conversation that are in general. there was nothing really new in terms of what we are up against. the community transmission is
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, probablyg like it is the worst characteristic of it starting to occur in places like iran, south korea, and italy. but in general, we have had 14 cases. i feel good that we are prepared to handle whatever it is. reporter: is the supplemental requests that came down yesterday enough, in your opinion, or whether concerns raised that it wasn't? >> there was not really much discussion of thought. but i think we will put the resources to it because, it is having an effect with trade. you saw what the market did yesterday. i think once we get through the immediate effect, we are going to find that we are in is best shape is anyone to deal with it. and we have already had the heads up of how aggressive it is. opinion, we will learn
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from it, but that we are in good shape to do with it. reporter: is there any indication that the quarantine protocols are changing at all for military bases? >> no discussion about. i think when it comes to quarantines or moving on vaccination, which is a key difference, we can now produce vaccinations quickly. anything that is going to be probably the mid-to long-term response to this, and ideally to a countries, if they don't have the infrastructure like we have here, is probably going to be issue.gest i think when it occurred in a place like china, which is still not where we would be, and you can see that in the sense that they have scrambled to do the best they can with something everyone else's learning more about, i feel confident but here in this country, we are in good shape as anyplace to make sure it is contained and mitigated.
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one more question, i've got to go. reporter: to americans who are worried about some kind of work, that they want to go and buy supplies. they should be buying facemasks, should people be buying facemasks? >> look at it, 14 cases here in the states, not including what happened on the cruise ship. i think that should tell you that panicking about this does not make sense. i feel that we are in the best shape of probably any country to have it contained and mitigated, like i said earlier. i think all of that is something the -- stay steady, call across -- be calm. across our agencies, we are prepared to do with it. just watch and be careful. thank you. [chatter]


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