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tv   President Trump Visits Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial  CSPAN  January 21, 2020 4:01am-4:04am EST

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>> here are the resident and vice resident -- president and vice president arriving at the memorial. they paused to honor the civil rights leader. >> today, president trump
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addresses the world economic forum in vos, switzerland. the president canceled his visit last year due to the government shutdown. live coverage on c-span2. live was a look at our coverage for tuesday on the c-span networks. heritage at noon, the foundation hears from the former australian prime minister tony abbott. at 3:00, a forum in recent of elements in venezuela. trump'sn2, president impeachment trial in the senate formally begins. the senate is coming in at 12:30 with remarks from majority leader mitch mcconnell. afterward, the senate will recess. p.m., the senate will resume consideration of the articles of impeachment with debate expected in rules for the trial. publishing executive steve forbes discussed the


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