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tv   Articles of Impeachment Engrossment Ceremony Delivery to the Senate  CSPAN  January 16, 2020 6:37am-6:53am EST

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pledge our children take, allegiance to the flag and to the republic for which it stands. for that, i urge a yes vote and you'll back the balance of my time. >> for the third time in history, a president will be on trial in the u.s. senate. watch live today at noon eastern on c-span two. >> later in the day, speaker pelosi delivered remarks and signed the two articles of impeachment against president trump. the ceremony was followed by the accompanied by the house clerk and sergeant at arms delivering the articles to the senate chamber.
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>> good afternoon. 18, thenow, on december house of representatives held its constitutional duty and voted articles of impeachment against the president of the united states, donald trump. it said in the course of the debate that he did not uphold his oath of office to defend the constitution. the president takes a special oath, different from the congressional oath. he takes an oath that was taken by president george washington, the patriarch of our country, in front of whose picture we stand here. so tragic for our country that
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the actions taken by the president to undermine our national security to violate his oath of office and jeopardize election, theour integrity of our election, has taken us to this place. today, we will make history. when the managers walk down the hall, we will cross a threshold in history and the delivering articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power and obstruction of the house. to make that history, we are making progress for the american people. progress in support of our constitution. progress in honor of the sacrifice and the vision of our founders. progress in honor of the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform. progress for the future of our children. make it be very clear that this president will be held
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accountable, that no one is above the law, and no future president should ever entertain the idea that article two says that he can do whatever he wants. with that, i will sign the resolution transmitting the articles of impeachment to the senate, which will be delivered by our managers. when they bring this over, it will set in motion a process on the senate side, probably tomorrow. it might be as soon as tomorrow. the senators will take an oath of office. they will take a special oath of office to do impartial justice according to the constitution and the law.
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let's hope they uphold that oath that they take tomorrow. now, i am very honored to be here with our six chairmen, who worked so hard to uphold the constitution with their legislating, their investigating, their litigating. you know the chairman of the judiciary committee, jerry nadler, mr. schiff, the chairman of the house committee on intelligence, congresswoman maxine waters, the chairman of the national services committee, congresswoman carolyn maloney, chair of the oversight committee. chairman eliot. engel of the foreign affairs committee, and chairman of the ways and means committee. we thank them for all of their difficult work.
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we honor our darling elijah cummings, who said one day when we are dancing with the angels, what will we say about what we did at this difficult time in our country's history? i am proud mr. nadler and mr. schiff are part of our managers. i want to matted -- acknowledge our other managers who are with us. i should not say freshman. they have been here one year. things.shed great crow ofman jason colorado. congresswoman val demings of the state of florida. congresswoman garcia of texas. are we all here? where is hakeem?
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distinguished chair of our caucus, hakeem jeffries of new york. is that everybody? and zoe lofgren. this is her third impeachment. for the nixon impeachment, she was a staffer for a judiciary committee member, don edwards of california. she was a member of the judiciary committee on the clinton impeachment. and now a member of the judiciary, the house administration which oversees elections, and a manager. with that, i thank them all for their leadership and service. i am now going to proceed to sign the article.
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speaker pelosi: that is why it is taking so long. [laughter] [inaudible]
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speaker pelosi: i will keep one for myself.
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>> the senate will receive a message from the house of representatives.


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