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tv   Sen. Ron Johnson R-WI  CSPAN  December 22, 2019 7:56pm-7:58pm EST

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he sent this email 90 minutes after the president of the united states talked to the president of the ukraine. if youtor, i wonder could quickly, i am sorry to rush you. i know you voted against the brett kavanaugh nomination and still manage to win your senate seat. there are republican strategist that say if you vote to impeach president trump in your deeply red state, he basically signs his death warrant. is that what you are doing? are you worried about that? , iyou know, let me tell you took an oath as a u.s. senator and i will take another oath. that is where my duty is. i think the problem we have in america today and the problem, all due respect in the media, everyone wants to talk about this in political terms and clinical consequences terms. this is a much more serious matter than that. this has to do with the future of the presidency and how we
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want our presidents to conduct themselves. it has to do with the future of the senate and how the senate should handle articles of impeachment that come over. that is how i am looking at this. if i did all of this based on political argument, you would just need a computer to match a button. that's not what the country is about and it is not what the founders intended or what i intend to do. >> you said you thought the consensus in the senate would be to let the house make his case, the white house to make its case, and then to put forward a motion without witnesses. is that what you see happening? >> i think so. just general discussion in the conference. case is thin that the house is sending over, if they ever send it over to us. pretty thin gruel from my standpoint. let both sides make their case and then we should take a vote. >> you believe there are 51 votes in the senate for the quick trial with no witnesses?


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