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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Talks to Media Outside Bakersfield Restaurant in...  CSPAN  August 1, 2019 11:03pm-11:18pm EDT

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>> we are going to go outside -- >> we are going to go outside now. mr. biden: about barack, about the president. i'm proud of the job he did. i don't think there's anything he has to apologize for. it kind of surprised me, the the criticism. god love you, you have been covering me a long time now, but this is a marathon, and i feel good. we passed the quarter mile -- quarter mark and i feel good. >> mr. vice president, you told me in the earliest days of your campaign that you were not going to speak ill of fellow candidates. you were pretty tough on your opponents last night. why did you change your strategy? mr. biden: because i responded.
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debate hope on the next -- our aim is to fix the things that trump has broken, not how barack obama made mistakes. he didn't. what i want to make clear is that this going back 20-30 years, this is a game to make sure we handle republicans in the election coming up. look, folks, there are a lot of things everybody has done in the past, votes that don't have a context today. it was taken out of context. i want to make the point that some of the assertions being made were absolutely, how can i say it nicely? not true, taken out of context. and if they meant what they said, they would not have done what they did. >> do you think your party has gone too far to the left? on immigration, for instance?
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mr. biden: the world has changed since obama, and here's the deal. this is about the future. this is about taking the same kind of integrity and moving beyond it. by the time the president's term ended, he was able to focus in ways that weren't just about keeping the car from going over the cliff. and us going into a depression. he was able to begin to focus. he focused on immigration and what he did was serious. he changed the dialogue. he changed the whole question. he changed what was going on. the idea that it's comparable to what this guy is doing is absolutely bizarre. look, this is three years later. the world has changed. president trump has turned it upside down internationally. he has turned it upside down economically. people are hurriedly badly. there is no response. we faced a different problem 10 years ago when the economy collapsed because of republican policies. now we face the follow-up that the economy as well as the soul
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of the country are collapsing. it's a different problem. but with the same basic principles. we have to be honest, straightforward, and definitive -- and authentic about what we are going to do. i'm looking forward to going into detail and explain the differences we have. they are all good people. here is my plan for health care. what is yours? let's talk about it. >> your party has changed as well. do you feel it is moving too far to the left? care, they want to decriminalize those who cross border. mr. biden: this isn't about left or right. i think i represent the party. i think my views are where the vast majority of people are. there is a lot of really good people that got elected border. for -- you are really pushing the envelope. it's good, it's healthy. the idea that they represent the party today does not comport with who gets elected. it does not comport with when we won in 2018.
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it does not comport. it's a legitimate debate to have. the one thing we have to focus on, the thing i agree with what have to focus on what it is we can do together. we are so different. every one of the people on that stage has a fundamentally different view than the president of the united states has. let's argue, who has the best path forward? >> are you supportive of the debate stage shrinking going forward? mr. biden: i'm supporting of having a debate. not when -- not one minute assertions. look, it's not anybody's fault. there are 20 candidates, and that's a good thing. but the idea that we don't have a chance to explain our policies in less than one minute and if you are not asked a direct question about your policy, you get 30 seconds.
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that's not a debate. i understand why it has to be that way, but i am looking forward to being able to actually exchange ideas. >> can you clarify your position on nafta? house democrats talked about four concrete changes. you asked me whether or not trump plan had been offered. the four changes, as long as i got to make sure that this time they are written in stone. they must be imposed. last time there was a proposal that said you have to -- this was 20 some years ago. you have to make sure you provide alternatives for people who may be caught in the crossfire. that did not happen. that's a different deal. >> going back to last night, is
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there anything you would do differently? sayingen: no, instead of the name joe, i said joe when i gave the number. i should have said text. i would have changed that. you guys have printed it 16 times. >> black voter turnout is down in states like michigan. you invoke president obama a lot when you talk about race, but i'm curious how you plan to get obama level turnout in 2020 as a white politician. >> i am from a state that has the eighth largest black population in the country. i have never gotten any fewer votes in an off year than in on year than any person in delaware, black or white. i come from the community. they know my heart. they know me.
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i think that is why so many are supporting me. i think the black community is no different than any other community in the sense that they are being hurt badly. they are being hurt badly and they want to know someone, first of all, are they telling them the truth? are they laying out what they are going to do, no doubletalk? what are you going to do? secondly, do i believe you know my heart? i spent my whole career -- i am not a black man, to state the obvious, but i have gone out of my way to understand the best i possibly can what the concerns are. and they are legitimate. you have so many african-american businessmen and women, they have to have access to capital. i started off my business life trying to deal with redlining at banks. it's still not done. any bank -- should have to lend in the lack community. we should be in a position where we fundamentally change the
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education system. we didn't get a chance to talk about it. i laid out a plan in great detail but now -- everybody agrees it's good. i look at what's going on. if you don't have access to education, everything gets backed up. all the dreams get backed up. that is why i proposed increasing from $15 billion to $40 billion to title i schools. we challenge children, black-and-white, poor children, hispanic children, they can do as well as anybody else. that is why i insist it has to be 3, 4, and five-year-olds having preschool. not a choice. we know the numbers. you have great universities here. find me a university that does not say that the addict -- the education department points out if you provide 3, 4, five years old genuine education they don't increase their chances exponentially. what are we arguing about?
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and we can pay for all of this. we don't have to spend all these billions. we can do it for another $35 billion a year. just education. -- just in education. we should make sure every single solitary child is qualified. and people coming back to school because they've lost a job. everybody laughs about -- i should not say that, i'm not going to go there. but the point is there is a real concern for people who have jobs about the industrial revolution. i have been speaking about it for six years. people are deathly afraid. you pressall of people, you are in jeopardy. i'm not joking. you are great people, but look what's happening to you. you are in a situation where the digital world is changing you. you are a print newspaper. hang on.
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it's changing. you understand what i mean. i don't expect you to agree with me. >> what do you see being your biggest challenge in this state? mr. biden: i can win michigan. they know me. i have worked my whole life for the middle class. i understand it. i know what is going on. if you notice, i promise you, if i get the nomination, i will win michigan. i promise you that. i will win pennsylvania. i will win ohio. i will win the state he got 72,000 extra votes into give himself an election. it is not that there is this great migration didn't occur to him. it did not occur. we are talking about 7200 -- 72,500 votes. otherwise, hillary clinton would be president with over 3 million votes. >> quickly about health care. do you think you drew a sharp enough contrast with the more liberal elements of the
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democratic party? would you say your plane is more moderate? mr. biden: no, it is not no more -- not more moderate. for my entire career in the senate, i was never listed below one of the 25 most liberal people in the senate. i wish you guys had called me a moderate when i was running for reelection. i would have won by 80%. there is nothing moderate about what obama had done with obamacare. nothing. no president had come close. and they tried and tried. seven presidents. this guy did an incredible thing. in addition, he covered 100 million people who had pre-existing conditions. he allowed kids to stay on their parents policies until they are 26 years old. he covered 20 million more people. we tried it to get the medicare option added to it. we could not get it done. i will get it done this time because the people have realized what it's about. they have figured it out.
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what about veterans? one of the things my wife and michelle did, because veterans were being left behind in so many ways, we need more 75,000 psychiatric nurses. i carry a card with me that has my schedule on it. every day i have my staff check with the defense department, how many people died. how many people died or were wounded in these wars? because every one of them, because these are fallen angels and we owe them. it is 6678 have died so far. here's the thing that is not told. we have 300,000 people coming home from afghanistan with post-traumatic stress. we have more people committing
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suicide's, veterans getting killed in battle. we need to care for them. that's why i -- when i was a senator, i changed the law that people no longer had to prove their immune system was compromised. just prove it happened to you, and you get coverage. it's the same as what i did when the president agreed we had so many people coming back with brain injuries because of concussions. more amputees and brain injuries than any war i am aware of on a percentage basis. here's the deal. now all you have to prove is that you are in an area with -- where there was a concussion and you have something wrong and you are covered. we have to do a lot more. i have got to go, guys. >> is president obama going to be joining you next time? announcer: c-span's washington
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podcast cohost of perino and star walt. and on friday, jennifer briney, host of congressional dish. as he left the white house on his way to a campaign rally in cincinnati, the president took questions from reporters for about 20 minutes. reporter: are you worried about the [indiscernible]


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