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  President Trump Departing White House for Camp David  CSPAN  June 22, 2019 12:48pm-1:35pm EDT

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parenthood action fund is taking a lunch break. democrats are in south carolina talking about women's productive health care and abortions. we have already heard from pearson gillibrand, kamala harris, elizabeth moran, pete buttigieg, and bill de blasio. after a break, we will hear from joe biden and tim ryan among other candidates. live coverageyou when this event resumes. meanwhile, earlier today before heading to cap david, president trump spoke to reporters about iran and the deportation of undocumented immigrants. [indiscernible] we are going to camp david. we have meetings and a lot of work. coming back sometime tomorrow.
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i want to say the stock market is on pace to have its best year over 50 years in the dow's have its -- on pace to have its best year in 80 years. -- tariffs are obviously doing very well because we are taking in aliens and billions of dollars from china. butight be from others billions of dollars are coming in from china. frankly look at what is happening with the stock market which is pretty much what i have been saying. also an article came out this morning that the tariffs are having very little effect on cost going up and in some cases no effect. the countries that the products come from our bearing the cost which is also what i have said. the dow is up, it looks like it could be an 80 year high, it's on track for an 80 year high and
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the stock market itself is a 50 year high. i'm sure you are all very happy about that right? [indiscernible] >> i don't know on intentional or not it was probably unintentional as i said. regardless, they targeted something without a person and without a man or woman and certainly without anybody from the united states in it. we want to be proportionate. we are getting a lot of praise for what i did. we have people on both sides that don't like it and some probably not as much. my impression is we have plenty of time. [indiscernible] that camere people into the country illegally. they have been served, gone through a process of the court's. they have to be removed from the country. they will be removed from the country. a very big effect on
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the border. the fact that we are taking them out. the people who came in illegally are going to be removed from the country everybody knows that. of this nexturse week maybe even a little bit earlier than that and again, everybody that came into the country illegally will be brought out of the country legally. the borders are in much better shape, we need congress to fix asylum andes and fix we will have the cleanest border there is. [indiscernible] >> we don't know we will see. [indiscernible] some cities are going to fight it. if you notice, they are generally high crime cities. if you look at chicago, they are fighting it and if you look at other cities, they are fighting it. many of the cities are high crime cities and sanctuary cities. the state of florida is now
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ending all sanctuary cities. they are doing a smart thing. the governor is ending all sanctuary cities in the state of florida. been fantastic. he is right on the ball. we have others that are following you will see a lot of that. people are tired of sanctuary cities and what it does and the crime it brings. they are very tired of it. [indiscernible] >> we will see what is it with iran. everybody was saying i am a warmonger. now they say i am a dove. i think i am neither. i am a man with common sense and that is what we need in this country is common sense. i didn't like the idea of them knowingly shooting down an unmanned drone then we kill a
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hundred 50 people. i didn't like that. [indiscernible] i can't hear. >> [indiscernible] >> yet we are moving forward with additional sanctions on iraq. some of them are in place. as you know, we have about a strong ascension grouping as you can possibly have on any country but we're putting additional sanction, they are going on slowly and in some cases rapidly but additional sanctions are being put on iran. >> [indiscernible] very little. that's what it's all about. we have built and right now if you look at the united states very importantly, we are the number one oil producer oil and gas in the world by far.
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we are way ahead of russia we are way ahead of saudi arabia. we don't need this anymore. the biggest beneficiary of the straight is china. 90% of their energy comes from the straight. japan, indonesia and many other countries needed. we are doing them a very big service by keeping the streets open. this is not about the straight. iran cannot have a nuclear weapon. it's very simple. because we don't need it. we don't need it. >> [indiscernible] >> yes i do because i have john bolton who i would definitely say is a hawk. i have other people on the other side of the equation. ultimately i make the decisions.
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so it doesn't matter. much with johny bolton, his attitude on the going east and iraq was into iraq. i think that was a big mistake and i have been proven right. john bolton is doing a very good job. he takes it generally a tough posture. i have other people who don't take that tough posture. the only one that matters is me because i will listen to everybody and i want people on both sides. having people on both sides to me is very important. >> [indiscernible] >> i started to her that it was a lot but again, no decision was made. i said you come and see me and they came to see me at the time we hadn't done anything and i asked the question and i said i want to know the answer before i make a decision. decision not made his
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to go forward. i said everybody we will meet one thing i want to know and i want to know it is accurately as possible, how many people will.? , i come fromnow new york city. in new york city, we have a lot of iranians and they are great people. i have many friends living in new york city. you meet many iranians. they are very smart and ambitious and they have -- they are tremendous high quality people. kill 150ant to iranians. i understand it. i don't want to kill a hundred 50 of anything or anybody unless it's absolutely necessary. most people very much agree with what i am doing. irane leadership of behaves badly, then it is going to be a very bad day for them. smartpefully, they are
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and hopefully they really care for their people and not themselves and hopefully we can get iran back into an economic track that is fantastic where they are a really wealthy nation which would be a wonderful thing. all the specs i want to do. if they are going to be fully's, that will never happen. -- foolish, that will never happen. >> [indiscernible] >> i have no idea who this woman is. this is a woman who has also accused other men of things as you know. is a totally false accusation. , i haveshe was married no idea who she is, she was married to a nice guy. a newscaster. standing with my coat on and a line. give me a break. with my backs to a camera. i have no idea who she is.
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goinghe did and what is on is terrible. it was a total false accusation and i don't know anything about her. she has made this charge against others. people have to be careful. they are playing with very dangerous territory. when they do that it is happening more and more, when you look at what happened to justice kavanaugh and you look at what is happening to others, you can't do that for the sake of publicity. new york magazine is a failing magazine it is ready to go out of business from what i hear. they will do anything they can. this was about many men and i was one of the many men that she wrote about. it is a totally false accusation. i have absolutely no idea who she is. there was some pictures where we are shaking hands at some kind of event. i have my coat on. i have my wife standing next to me. i did not know her husband but
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he was a newscaster. i have no idea who she is. none whatsoever. it's a false accusation and it is a disgrace that a magazine like new york which is one of the reasons it's failing, people don't read it anymore. they are trying to get readership by using me. it's not good. that thee cases mainstream media did not pick up. i don't love you have seen them. they were put on fox. there were numerous cases where women were paid money to say bad things about me. you can't do that. can't do that. those women did wrong things. they were actually paid money to say bad things about me. is an absolute disgrace that she is allowed to do that. >> [indiscernible] >> the deportation rate as you ofl them are really a group
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very good law enforcement people going by the law, going by the rules, going by our court system and taking people out of our country who came into our country illegally. i they came into our country illegally and we are taking them out legally. we are bringing them back to their country. while i am here, i want to thank mexico. so far, mexico has been really good. they made an agreement, probably -- not probably -- because of ,ariffs, they made an agreement and a lot of things are changing. something quickly on asylum, ,omething quickly on loopholes the border would be so
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beautiful, but the democrats just won't do it. maybe now they will rid there's no question we have a national emergency. they said that -- in the last caravan they had hundreds of people to commit crimes trying to come into our country. we are not letting them. now mexico is bringing them back. hundreds of people, hundreds that were criminals in the last caravan. we are not letting them in our country. it missed 13, and i hope you will not stick up too much for s-13.s 13 -- -- m we are very focused on getting ms-13 out of this country. >> very quickly on a rant -- ran, what was that different from the estimate you got earlier in the day. rump: it was a really.
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no decision to go forward was made because i said, we will meet at a certain time and nothing goes forward until we meet. i did not want anyone doing anything. when we met, they gave me a rough estimate earlier, but i wanted a more accurate estimate. he more accurate estimate, i will not going to be numbers, but you guessed it pretty much right. you have an particular, all right? it was a number of sites and on average 40 or 50 people in each site, and when they shot down the plane or drone -- i didn't like it. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: no, that came from me. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: it was given to me by a general. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: i had a great talk
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with done spurt. he's a great general. a greatreat man and general. we had a series of meetings, and a series of well-connected phone calls. we have a great phone system up there, as you know. we will do a lot of work. >> [indiscernible] >> we may release it later. now are an economic mess. they are going through hell. sanctions hit them hard. a lot more. .t's a mess all i want is no nuclear weapons . under the horrible obama deal he gave $150 billion, one point $8 billion in cash -- think of that -- in cash. $1.8 billion in cash and he got nothing.
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most places you could not go to, you could not inspect. the other thing he did not get his time. in a very short number of years they will legally be able to make nuclear weapons. the deal was not ratified in congress. it never got proper authorization from congress. , it was veryhat important to me. we can have a deal with them very quickly. if iran wants to become a wealthy nation again, a prosperous nation -- we will call it lets make iran great again, does that make sense? it's ok with me. but they will never do it if they think in five or six years they will avenue clear weapon.
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i know too much about nuclear -- . lot about nuclear it has very little to do with the oil. japan gets its oil. indonesia, so many other countries. it has to do with, very simply, we will not have iran have a nuclear weapon. they are going to have a wealthy country. they are going to be so happy. and i am going to be their best friend. i hope that happens. i hope that happens. it may not. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: anything is a lot when they shoot down an unmanned. anything is a lot. i didn't like it. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: we'll see. but i don't think that will
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happen. i do not think that will happen. if you notice the result plane with 38 people yesterday -- did you see that? i think that is a big story. they had it in their sites and they did not shoot it down. i think they were very wise not to do that and we appreciate they did not do that. they had a plane in their sites, 38 people on the plane and they didn't shoot it down and i think that was a very wise decision -- and i think that's something we very much appreciate. --fully formed estimate on casualties? no, they brought me a great plan. i wanted to know at the end -- they gave me very large numbers. i wanted an accurate count, how many people would be killed. coming from new york, i know a lot of iranians. they are great. thank you. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: it's always on the
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table until we get this solved, yeah. we have a tremendously powerful that it's always on the table until we get this soft. thank you. solved. we get this thank you. >> president trump also talked about a plan for ice together and the board undocumented immigrants in at least 10 cities. that is set for tomorrow. republican senator tom cotton tweeted --
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and democratic representative susan davis wrote -- this is yet another -- >> c-span is in south carolina plan event hosted by the parenthood where nearly all of the democratic candidates are attending talking about their views on women's health care and abortion. earlier we heard from kiersten gillibrand,, harris, elizabeth
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warren, pete buttigieg, and bill de blasio. ♪ ♪ you gotta get on the move you got to move it you gonna do if you really don't want to dance it ifu gonna do you really won't take the chance a standing on the wall? get down on it get down on it get down on it get down on it get down on it down --♪ down
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timesgood leave your cares behind good times happy days are here again the time is right for makin' friends let's get together, how 'bout a quarter to 10:00
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come tomorrow, let's all do it again boys will be boys, better let them have the joys girls will be girls, cute ponytails and curls ♪ at an eventooking live at the university of university of south carolina. early we heard from several presidential candidates. we are going to show you their remarks. ♪ at first is new york senator kiersten gillibrand. [cheering] hello? how are you. hi. >> take a seat. she is popular already. i needed about 10 seconds. rightator, we will jump
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on end. several states have moved to block abortion. do -- would you support moving these barriers? how would you do that? senator gillibrand: there has been an all out assault on our reproductive freedom by this , by legislatures literally trying to overturn roe v. wade and turn back the clock on women's reproductive health. make no mistake. if president trump once a war on america's women, it is a war he is going to have and it's a war he is going to lose. as president, i will do for things. first, i will only appoint judges and justices that believe is the settled precedent that it is. i will caught a law.
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amendmenteal the hyde . , as president, i will guarantee that no matter where you live in this country, all 50 states, you will have access to legal, safe abortion procedures. sayenator, what would you to those who claim that abortion is dangerous and has to be heavily regulated to protect women's health and safety? senator gillibrand: that's not be fooled. there have been several attempts over the last few decades to women'smerica -- reproductive freedom. they started first to say there were medical issues. for example, they would say you needed to have admitting privileges, so they started to close down different facilities. then they started to talk about
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religious freedom and say no federal money could go toward any abortions or mrs.. that is how the hyde amendment got put in place. they tried pretty much every measure they could think of to make it harder for women to get access to medically necessary procedures. limiting title x, title x funding really hurt land area. they have been trying everything. of them are criminalizing access to care. criminalizing a woman seeking abortion services, regardless of regardless of her circumstances, no exceptions for life or well-being of the mother, no exceptions for rape, no exceptions for insist. and criminalizing the doctors
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providing the care with 99 year sentences. that's how serious what's happening in this country is today. it's a pending her constitutional rights. it's saying that women don't deserve a right to privacy, number one. number two, it's saying we don't have basic human rights, autonomy over our bodies and that we have no agency, that we are not allowed to make the decisions that are fundamental to our lives. how many children we are having, under what circumstances we are having them. those decisions are hours. and for many women and look at our maternal mortality rate in this country, they are the highest of any industrialized country in the world. if you are a black woman, you are four times more likely to die in childbirth because of institutional racism in our health care system. when you are telling a woman that she does not get to make those decisions, it's a life or death decision for her. it should be her human right. [applause] >> thank you, senator. i want to introduce a member of our audience. she is a reproductive activist,
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dulla, writer and parent. she is part of the organization that provides direct funding and practical help for abortion funding. let's hear from her. [applause] >> first i want to thank you for all of your years of dedication to abortion access. i have met you like once before but kind of in passing at the capital. that's neither here nor there. i'm just here to say that anti-choice activists for years have told anyone who will listen that laws and abortion bans protect so-called " women's health." especially women like me. marginalized women, black women, yes, i'm black, light-skinned but black -- they love to invoke that they are saving black women
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and babies from abortion. i'm here to say that that is nonsense and it is a lie. when i was 19 years old and living in michigan city, indiana and as a separated mother of three who needed an abortion and when i went to planned parenthood in maryville, indiana and was turned away because i did not have enough money. i did not feel saved. and i did not feel rescued. i felt violated. i felt betrayed. and i felt scared and alone and desperate. i had a new baby at home already and having another child meant facing my third c-section in four years and risk preeclampsia again. i was desperate not to have that experience, not any of that experience. so desperate that i try to end my pregnancy by throwing myself down the stairs, by drinking until i threw up, by taking a hot bath. i even tried every ride at the
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county fair that said do not write if you are pregnant and to be clear, that does not work. that's not an abortion technique. nothing ended my pregnancy and i just had to deal. and i did and i'm glad that for me, i made peace with the fact that i had to carry my pregnancy to term and i have a beautiful child that i love and adore. but that's my story and i was able to come to peace with that and we have a great relationship that does not mean that i am grateful for the trauma i was put through by the fact that the hyde amendment exists. and no one should have been able to make that decision for me but me.
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and i am devastated that in 20 i am still getting calls from women in the mississippi delta saying, miss lori, please help me because i am going to drink bleach or my friend told me to drink water, turpentine, with sugar. not in a state of emergency where we might go to a pre-roe existence. we are already in a pre-roe existence in the deep south. i am here to let you know we are in a crisis. we are not about to be in a crisis. even if we stop all the bands right now we are already in a crisis. anti-choice activists fail to understand that, while i adore my child, the only person who should have had the power to decide how to handle my pregnancy was me and the only person who should've had the power to approve or deny my
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health care was me and i have never and will never apologize for any of my children's existence, but i do feel that i being robbed of the fullness of robbed ofights i was something that i work hard to give my clients, and that is a joyful pregnancy and birth. every person deserves to have a family, or not, win or if they are ready without stigma, without shame. how are you going to expand access to sexual and reproductive health care, including abortions, to ensure people like me and my client have access to care no matter what? you.or gillibrand: thank [applause] senator gillibrand: thank you for sharing your story. thank you for sharing your truth with all of us. i think your story is one shared with millions of people around
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this country and for poor women, black women, marginalized women, i think this attack on their freedoms undermines their humanity. thathe ability to have understanding that they have basic human rights and that they have a constitutional protection , because no legislature in any , which are mostly white men, mostly older men, can not know a minute of your experience. not a minute of your experience as a mother, not a minute of your experience as someone who that decision, not a minute of being this close to putting your life in your hands. throwing yourself down the stairs could mean death. for all the friends and families
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and patients of yours to say i am going to drink turpentine, it could mean death. women are desperate and we deserve constitutional protections. will lead on repealing hide. it is why i will make sure marginalized and poor and black women have the same reproductive freedoms as any person. that is why i will not allow male legislatures around this country to make these life and death decisions for you and i. it is why i will guarantee reproductive freedom for every woman, every transgender woman, every nonconforming individual basic,ns these a sick -- civil, human rights. >> thank you, senator. thank you, thank you so much. all that, lori, for you do and for sharing your story with us today. >> thank you so much.
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>> god bless you all. and for all of you who care about planned parenthood and for all of you who care about women's reproductive freedoms, this primary is about you. i urge you to be heard or do not sit it out. high information voters. we may say, oh, my god, there are so many candidates. you can't decide. no one is asking you to decide who to vote for today. what i am asking is to decide who you want on the debate stage today. if women and candidates of color are not included on that debate stage, your voice will not be heard. my ask all of you is take your top five. send them money. the sure they make it to debate stage. this is not a time to be silent. >> wonderful.
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thank you so much. [applause] that was great. and now we are so proud to bring to the stage, our next candidate, california senator, lie harris -- kamala harris -- [applause] california's first black senator. please welcome senator harris. ♪ and applause] >> hi. come on over. senator harris: hi. >> right here in the middle. thank you for being here. senator harris: thank you. senator, i am going to dive right in.
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crisis pregnancy centers have opened up around the country, 115 california. many of these clinics divide -- refused to give complete information. tot will you do as president ensure the people are given accurate information when they come for birth counseling services? senator harris: i will speak to what i did as attorney general of california when i ran these against largest department of justice and the united states and i was there is the first woman elected attorney general of california. we used this very useful thing called a microphone where we informed everyone, women in particular, about their right and their right to have honest information. with transparency, which, of course, is not being provided at
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this clinics. as president of the united states, it would be the same thing. that is what is wrong with the current occupant of the white house. he does not understand the power of the microphone in the power president ofof the the united states to inform the public of their rights on this issue of choice. we are talking about often women who are in a state of real iniety, real vulnerability terms of needing help, needing , needing counsel, support, nurturing. and what is most important is that we informed them in every way possible they are in title feedback,d to honest feedback that is in their best interests, not in the best interests of an agenda of a politician in a state house who wants to limit a woman's ability
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to make decisions about her own party. federal money is going to health care providers that refuse to offer contraception and provide information about abortion to patients per if elected, would you continue to provide taxpayer dollars? harris: well, no. this is why i am opposed to the hyde amendment. we have to understand poor women in particular -- that is going there. women who do not have the means to go to a private health care provider. right? we have to make sure that we are a country that lives and works by our values. we say that everyone is equal and should be treated that way. that is not the case for women. it's also true in terms of we are not treating people in our
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health care system the same writ large if they don't have money. we are about women who go to a place that is supplemented by federal dollars and we want to make sure that no one is deprived of the same access to health care as anyone else. you count on that. this is about values and principles. pull back be able to and understand the macro point here, which is every day in america, women who'd do not have financial means are treated like second-class citizens and that is intolerable. >> senator harris, i would like to introduce you to a member of our audience. charlene carruthers is a strategist, author, and a leading organizer in today's black liberation movement. she is a founder and former
1:29 pm
national director of black youth project 100. charlene is the author of the best-selling book "unapologetic: a black, queer, and feminist movement." radical let's hear from charlene now. >> senator harris, good to see you again. [laughter] my name is charlene carruthers. i am a black, queer woman who wants to become a mom. while growing up on the southside of chicago, i remember learning about power in politics with my mother in the welfare office. we spent way too much time there, and i remember going into this nondescript building full of worn chairs, seated with black and brown moms and i remember having this talk with talks with thehe other women in that room and in
1:30 pm
that building, motherhood was not celebrated. it was vilified. in that building, women were shamed for having children. i remember my mother admitting she was not raising three healthy children. she was not treated like a human being. i am 33 now. looking back on my younger years is a thing -- [laughter] i remember choosing not to become a mom. i remember every time i went to the local planned parenthood because i had access to reproductive health care, i knew i had access to birth control. after working with -- i know, right -- talking to middle skill students about their relationships with the bodies and realizing i was not quite ready -- middle school
1:31 pm
students about the relationships of the bodies and realizing i was not quite ready. frankly, this is not the reality for far to many all. people are fighting for things we should not have to fight for all across this country. our ancestors did that work already. we should not have to do that. but we do because we must. we are fighting for everyone. folks,transgender non-binary folks can have access to abortion care. i personally believe that abortion should be free, on-demand, and accessible to all people at all times. reproductive justice is actually about our ability to choose to parent or not to parent and to choose to do so without being criminalized, without being punished or experiencing systemic violence.
1:32 pm
senator harris: or judged. charlene: or judged. i want to know -- as you mention, as a former attorney general, what is the role of system to not criminalize people? how are you very specifically going to work to expand access to sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion. meensure that people like have access to care no matter what? [applause] senator harris: i want to thank you for your leadership, for your courage, for your voice. you and i have a similar experience growing up. my mother -- you know, i don't talk about it often, but i
1:33 pm
remember walking into a department store and people looking at my mother, assuming she could not afford to buy what she might be looking at. i remember getting stopped, and my mother would brace every time that we were around law-enforcement. i remember people looking down on my mother, assuming she was somebody's house keeper, and treating her like she was a substandard person, because of assumptions about who she is based on how she looks. and she was a housekeeper -- meaning she kept our house, and she happened to be a breast cancer researcher. but the point is there was an assumption that this five foot ,all, brown woman had no power and should be given no power. and going up as her first and eldest child, i watched that as a child because you know, the first child tends to see a lot. i watched and saw that. i realized i made a decision at a very young age.
1:34 pm
i am not going to let anybody do that to anybody else. when you are that child of that parent, you see it and you know this person you know to be strong and smart and powerful should never be treated that way by other people. i understand exactly where you are coming from. let's talk about the answer to your question. when elected president of the united states -- is everybody ready? is everybody having fun? all right. i love the music. going on today. are you already to get started? get those fans waving a