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tv   Road to the White House 2020 Virginia Democratic Party Gala  CSPAN  June 15, 2019 7:00pm-10:12pm EDT

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announcer: this is live coverage of the virginia democratic gala. there are a number of speakers expected, including members of the virginia congressional delegation. also, presidential candidates senator amy klobuchar and south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg, who will speak in the 8:00 our. this is live coverage on c-span. ♪
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♪ >> welcome to the 2019 blue
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commonwealth gala. youre make your way to seats, as the program will be starting shortly. ♪
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♪ announcer: welcome to the between 19 blue commonwealth gala. 2019 blue commonwealth gala. please make your way to your seats as the program will be
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starting shortly. ♪
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♪ announcer: all come to the 2019 blue commonwealth gala -- welcome to the 2019 blue commonwealth gala. please make your way to your
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seats as the program will be starting shortly. announcer: the virginia democratic party blue commonwealth gala should be starting shortly. there will be speakers throughout the evening, including members of the virginia delegation, as well as x governor terry mcauliffe, and presidential candidates senator amy klobuchar and south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg. they will be speaking at the 8:00 hour. this is live coverage on c-span.
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announcer: please make your way to your seats as the program will be starting shortly. ♪
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>> 7:16? yeah.
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♪ announcer: welcome to the 2019 blue commonwealth gala. please make your way to your seats as the program will be starting shortly. ♪ ["i can't help myself" by the four tops plays]
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♪ announcer: welcome to the 2019
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blue commonwealth gala. please make your way to your seats as the program will be starting shortly.
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announcer: please take your seats. remember to silence your cell phones. the program will begin momentarily.
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announcer: the virginia democratic party's blue commonwealth gala should be getting underway shortly, but until it does, we will show you some of this morning's open vote washington journal -- this morning's "washington journal." >> he is here to talk to us about ethics in the trump administration. you have a book coming out. what are you studying? >> we wanted to take a different
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tack on the crazy last few years we have had. we are examining the trump era from the eyes of mid-level people in the white house, the administration and media, et cetera. the inspiration was the gentleman who wrote the novel in which the movie "goodfellas" was based. he compared it to writing napoleonic wars in the eyes of napoleon's foot soldiers. we thought that was an interesting way to tell a story. it is a book about trump in the sense that he is the thread that runs throughout, but we want to tell the story through the eyes that worked for him and followed him to washington, the hangers-on, the outside advisors, and people who have sort of filtered into this town over the last couple years. ethics and the trump administration, that's in the news right now. the office of special counsel says kellyanne conway has
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violated the hatch act numerous times. tell us what the hatch act is, and what specific violations they were talking about. it dates back to the 1930's and the new deal, when a number of opponents of frank when delano roosevelt accused the employees of essentially using the government positions to try to advance the president's political prospects. it bars federal employees from using government resources or official government time to conduct political activity. that can be calling to vote for or against someone or campaigning for a political candidate, or even public statements that suggest the use of one's official position as a government employee to advance a political candidate or political party. host: so, who is the office of special counsel in this situation?
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what is this office of special counsel, and where are they located, and what do they do? guest: not to be confused with special counsel robert mueller, this is a post-watergate creation. part of the scandal surrounding nixon was his use of the federal government as a political weapon, up to and including the attorney general, the use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to advance his own political goals. this is one of the things that came out in the watergate investigation, that the nixon administration had ranked federal employees on a scale of one to four on how politically loyal they worry and how valuable they would be from a political perspective to the presidency. congress wanted to avoid that happening again. they created the merit systems protection board, which is supposed to protect merits as a form of federal hiring and promotion so that political considerations would not come into play. the office of special counsel was initially part of that.
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it was later spun off into an independent government agency that was tasked with enforcing the hatch act. they deal with a lot of whistleblowers and whistleblower protections. they are trying to protect the integrity of the federal workforce, make sure it is not misused and that wrongdoing is investigated and potentially prosecuted. pies --e hatch act of applies to political appointees? more: it does, but it is difficult for special counsel to take action against political appointees because the president is given a lovely way in managing who he appoints. career comes to a federal employee, the office of special counsel can work with the merit systems protection various impose sanctions, ranging from a suspension to a firing. when it comes to political appointees, it is much more difficult, and really all they can do when it comes to, say,
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a senior white house employee is to recommend certain actions by the president or the white house. in the past, there has been a fair amount of deference given to their recommendations, but more recently this appears to be one of many norms that has been shirked to the side. host: has anyone ever been fired because of a hatch act violation? what kind of punishments have other people gotten for hatch act violations? guest: generally it is less severe than firing. expliciteems like less cases, there is a warning letter issued, additional training required. these can be sort of obscure roles that some appointees may not be aware of. deferences a bit of to the idea that, let's make fulks aware of the rules before
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we take severe action. but they are anywhere from five to 10 federal employees per year that are disciplined in some form, most not fired, but suspensions, official reprimands, things of that nature are more common. host: has the office of special counsel ever recommended someone be fired before? guest: they have. in the case of kellyanne conway this past week, i have never seen a reprimand or public statements by the office of special counsel that were that scathing and that definitive. the lengths to which the office went, including getting an interview to the washington post to say not only is this a routine violator of the hatch lies arethe
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effectively undermining the law, period. they are using the hatch act as a tool to discipline or keep in line presidential appointees. host: let's go to our viewers. we will open up the regular lines. republicans, your line is 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. .ndependence, 202-748-8002 keep in mind we are always reading social media. this is what the white house had to say about the office of special counsel and their suggestion that kellyanne conway be fired. others of all political views have objected to the office of special counsel's unclear and unevenly implied rules which have had chilling effects on free speech for all federal employees. its decisions seem to be
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influenced by media pressure and liberal theyizations, and perhaps should be reminded of their mandate to operate in a nonpolitical manner and not weaponize the hatch act. who exactly is in the office? please welcome the pledge of allegiance. [applause]
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me in reciting the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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[applause] announcer: for tonight's rabbition, please welcome noss.l >> good evening, virginia democrats. i invite you to pray with me in any way that is mean full -- that is meaningful for you. we ask that you bless this
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gathering of the virginia democratic party. look with favor upon those assembled, along with all who serve our commonwealth and country, and along with all who pursue justice and peace in your world. theeet this evening under shadow of unprecedented attacks on the structures of our democracy and the norms that support them. a moment when empirical fact and self-evident truth face unrelenting daily assault. when public policy is so often rooted in ignorance, shaped by cruelty and sold through falsehood. poweren the pursuit of routinely triumphs over the demands of justice. we pray that you help us hold fast to the rabbinic wisdom that justice, truth, and peace make up the very foundations upon
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which the world rests. fortify our resolve to secure, strengthen, and advance the that ared institutions the glory of our commonwealth and republic. tradition teaches that you created all humanity in your image. enable us to recognize the infinite dignity and equal value of every individual, regardless of the shade of our skin or the country of origin, regardless of whether we were born into privilege or poverty, regardless of the anatomy with which we were born or the language we speak, regardless of our gender identity or our sexual orientation. bigotry us to eradicate , to root out prejudice not only in our hearts, but also in our laws, and usher in a new era of inclusion in a -- inclusion and
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equity. you champion justice for the wrong, free the bound, lift up the downtrodden, protect the stranger, and encourage the orphan and widow. empower us to uphold the cause of the impoverished, the marginalized, the vulnerable, and the oppressed, ensuring equality and justice for all. justice tolls of the readily fold for silver and the needs of the poor are betrayed to benefit the wealthy, encourage us to demand our leaders discharge the duties of their offices with honesty and integrity, holding to full account those who violate the oath's of their office and the public's trust. give us the courage and resolve to remind our leaders whom they serve and before whom they stand.
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ready us to remain mindful for our unique privileges and responsibilities as virginians and americans. work through us so that we never become complacent or stand i by, so we stand idly always support the meditations of our hearts with the words of our mouths, the deeds of our hands, and the marching of our feet. help us remember that winning elections, flipping districts, and holding majorities are not ends to themselves, that such victories are vanity unless they become the means through which we make justice well up like water and righteousness like an unfeeling stream. grant us the wisdom to recognize s, regardless of their color, are insignificant unless they watch away persecution and
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cruelty, and unless they bring in the great tide of liberation and love. may our gathering inspire us to join together, bound by common cause and shared destiny, to speedily bring about the day when the shackles of people are loosened, when the chains of bondage are broken, and when all who are oppressed are set free. on that day, our life will burst forth like the dawn. our healing will spring up. our redemption will advance. our oneness in god and each other will prevail. may it happen speedily and in our time. amen. [cheers and applause] seatscer: now take your and put your hands together to welcome democratic party of susan sweckerwoman
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r. swecker: ok, everybody take a seat. good evening, democrats. virginias lou commonwealth gala. this is important, so i want y'all to listen up, because before we get started tonight, it is important that we address sorrowin and suffered may 31 in virginia beach. here in virginia and across the country, we are all too familiar with this pain. we will take action to stop the scorch of gun violence. [cheers and applause]
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ms. swecker: and we will take it immediately. honor the 12 members of our virginia beach community who actions.with our i agree with governor northam. he said thoughts and prayers aren't enough. we need action. room,re tonight, in this i do ask for -- we have a lot of people from the virginia beach community with us tonight. please stand, and i aske tha you all please stand with them -- i ask that you all please stand with them in solidarity for a moment of silence in their memory.
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ms. swecker: thank you. crowd.ok at this there are 1800 democrats here tonight. [cheers and applause] for everyr: one democrat running for president. [laughter] ms. swecker: in all seriousness, let me say it one more time. there are 1800 fired up democrats in this room. [cheers and applause] the state of the democratic party of virginia is stronger than ever. ourre really lucky to have -- have two of our presidential
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candidates with us this evening, two incredible public servants who understand the importance of virginia not just make year, but this year. mayor pete buttigieg and senator amy klobuchar and their staff get it. sure, there are a lot of roads that lead to washington, d.c., but let's be honest. who wants to go through maryland or west virginia? smartest round to 1600 pennsylvania avenue is right here in virginia. trust me, i know. i looked it up on google maps. so, mayer and senator, to be helpful, i prepared three tips to help you score big with this crowd. , "youyour remarks with
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are happy to be here with the greatest elected official in the history of virginia." every elected official here tonight will think you are talking about them, especially terry mcauliffe and mark warner. [applause] ms. swecker: when asked where you will be on super tuesday, the answer is virginia. and finally, the best way to make a lifelong friend is to add these eight words in your speech. , doesn't susan's wacker -- ecker looked great for 35 years old. achieve ourher to goal of winning the house and senate this november. but this isn't a victory just for victory's sake. it is so we can make sure that the progress that we have made
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chuck,he leadership of kaine,doug, mark, tim terry mcauliffe, and governor northam continues. [applause] ms. swecker: we know what's at stake. we just need a few seats in the house and senate to take control of the general assembly, and with control of both houses, we will raise the minimum wage. [cheers and applause] we will stop a repressive alabama style abortion ban on coming to virginia. [cheers and applause] ms. swecker: we will pass the equal rights amendment and make it part of the united states constitution. [cheers and applause] ms. swecker: and we will fight
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like hell to get this done in july. inh control of both houses january, we will pass common sense gun reform. [cheers and applause] ms. swecker: i repeat again, whether it is in three weeks or in january, we will pass common sense gun reform. [cheers and applause] no virginian should have to fear not returning home when they go to school, work, or worship. over.ur primaries are we are once again united by our common values and shared commitment to progress, and with your efforts, with your being here tonight, with your energy, and with your hard work over the make 2019ays, we can the greatest year in the history
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of the democratic party of virginia. [cheers and applause] ms. swecker: so, let's enjoy the evening and the fellowship and, and the let's -- fellowship, and tomorrow let's get up and go to work. [cheers and applause] now please welcome, from the second district, congresswoman elaine luria. ♪ plays] stop believing" rep. luria: good evening. i'm elaine luria, and i represent the second congressional district, which includes the city of virginia beach. two weeks ago yesterday, a gunman entered municipal blooming 2 and murdered 12 innocent people and seriously
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injured four others. those 12 people went to work friday morning serving our communities, and we are looking forward to one of the first weekends of summer. a summer weekend filled with festivals, children's sporting events, barbecues, and sunday worship. , their families spent the weekend planning their funerals. was tara gallagher, a mother of a 22 month old son. a native of belarus who wanted nothing more than to be an american. one of those killed was my ledon, keith cox, who
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his colleagues to shelter, saving their lives. and once they were safe, he went back out of the room to save more people. over the past two weeks, you may have heard many people say that this will not define us. that is a sentiment of a community that wants to tell the nation we are better than this. over the past two weeks, i have prayed with our community, called neighbors at a makeshift clasped the hands of a survivor in a hospital, and shed many tears during nine funerals and wakes for the lives senselessly taken in this horrific act of violence. today, as we look back over these two weeks, i want to say
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that we should let this define us. we should let peace actions define us. -- we should let keith's actions define us. keith is a hero. as officers rushed in the building to save lives, keith was in the building saving lives. this moment to define us. i want to be keith, and i want to be the first responders, and i want to be the grief counselors, and i want to be the stranger who cries at the memorial. tragedyd let this define us, for in our darkest hour we see hope. we see we have more in common than differences. as the nation has moved on to the next big story, i want you to know that i will never stop
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talking about keith. , oure coming weeks community and commonwealth need to have difficult conversations to see how we can be keith. we can be bold. we can be brave. we can save lives. as we do this, we will let keith define us. and if there are people in office that don't want to have those difficult conversations, then those people don't deserve to represent our communities across the commonwealth. thank you, and god bless. [applause] announcer: please welcome from the seventh district, congresswoman abigail spanberger. ["say my name" plays]
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[applause] rep. spanberger: good evening, virginia. do we have any democrats in the house? [cheers and applause] rep. spanberger: i know you are eating, but i am going to need this to be a little interactive for a minute. how many seats did we flip in 2017? 15! how many seats did we flip in 2018? three! how many seats are going to flip in 2019? all: all of them! rep. spanberger: all of them! i'm a bit of an optimist, i amit, but when you are in seat that people say is unwinnable, you have to be an optimist. i will tell you this. if we have learned anything from 2017 and 2018, it is that there
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is no such thing as an unwinnable district, and there is no such thing as a seat that we cannot flip red to blue. [cheers and applause] rep. spanberger: and the reason we can do it is because of people like you. the reason we can do it is because we have engaged, excited people across virginia who believe that change is possible and who are willing to put the time and energy into realizing it. so let me ask you a couple questions. how many of you were inunteering before 2016 virginia for democratic politics? raise your hand. and how many of you were engaged in 2017, knocking doors, donating money, supporting candidates? in 2018?of you did it
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[cheers and applause] rep. spanberger: and how many of you have ever put your name on a ballot? [cheers] rep. spanberger: this is how we when. win when good people fight and work and donate their time and energy and newsy as him -- and enthusiasm. we talk a lot about flipping seats here in virginia, but it is about so much more than flipping seats. it is about the results that happen when we have people in our legislative bodies who are committed to making our communities better and stronger. and in 2019, we have an opportunity to fundamentally change virginia. in 2017, we got medicaid expansion. we got the increase in the felony larceny threshold.
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because we got 15 new seats in the house of delegates. 11 of them won by women. [cheers] in 2018, weger: and fundamentally changed what the virginia delegation looks like when you all elected me and elaine luria and jennifer wexton. and in 2019, we are going to do it again. and in 2019, we are going to put the focus back on virginia, and we are going to win the house of delegates, and we are going to win the state senate because when we get behind good candidates and there are good candidates here tonight and there are good candidates running across the commonwealth of virginia, that is how we ourize the focus of making community stronger, our policies better, and we create opportunities.
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i will ask for one more thing. everyone running in the commonwealth in 2019 who will have his or her name on a ballot, please stand up. [cheers and applause] rep. spanberger: thank you. thank you. thank you. it is because of the bravery and the excitement and the fierceness of candidates like you, whether you are running for school board or state senate, that we can foundational he make our communities stronger. make ourtionally communities stronger. one more time, ladies and gentlemen, please keep fighting, because here in virginia, we have proven time and time again that it is worth it, and we are living proof of that! so thank you. [cheers and applause]
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please welcome, from the 10th district, congresswoman jennifer wexton. ♪ rep. wexton: hello, virginia democrats. i'm jennifer wexton, and thanks to you i proudly represent virginia's 10th district in the u.s. house of representatives. and i know what you are wondering. what is it like serving in this historic class in congress? not going to lie, it's pretty awesome. being one of the women in white at the state of the union and looking out to see the amazing diversity on our side of the chamber is something i will never forget. lewisto call john
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colleague. and yes, aoc is really cool and nice. eachusly, we sit next to other in financial services, and she has something of a sweet tooth, so she often has candy, and she always shares. she walks the talk when it comes to democratic socialism, aoc does. and if i do say so myself, abigail, elaine, and i have brought a serious upgrade to the virginia delegation. [cheers and applause] it is great to be serving in the majority, and it is great to serve with so many women because it really does help shape our priorities. i am so proud we passed paycheck fairness in the house, that we are fighting for paid family leave, and that we voted to close the boyfriend loophole and extend the violence against women act. we are fighting to lower the cost of health care and make sure no family goes bankrupt because of a medical emergency.
7:58 pm
we are fighting to protect lgbtq americans and live up to the fundament a promise of this nation that all americans were created equal -- the fundamental premise of this nation that all americans were created equal. we are fighting to give dreamers the fair pathway to citizenship they deserve. and as a mom of two school-age boys, i am so proud that we took the first meaningful step to end gun violence in two decades by voting to pass universal background checks for firearm purchases. yes, it is good to be in the majority, but i remember when it was like to be in the minority in richmond. as a lawmaker, it is not fun, and more important, it is bad for the commonwealth. when republicans hold the gavel enrichment, gun safety bills are dead on arrival. special interests and corporations, for our environment and virginian
7:59 pm
families. women's access to reproductive health care comes under attack, and that's what the stakes are on november 5, health care, clean water and air, knowing that our leaders in richmond are doing everything in their power to stop another mass shooting from ever taking place again in virginia. we have to keep all the seats that we flipped in 2017, make sure we elect all our delegates that the republicans are coming for this year. we all know that the best defense is a good offense. luckily for us, we have amazing candidates who are going to help helmer is going to finally retire tim hugo from the house of delegates. and to our 2020 candidates, we love that you are visiting virginia and visiting with us
8:00 pm
tonight, but we would love it a lot more if you came to knock doors and campaign with us in the fall. so, senator klobuchar and mayor pete, thank you so much for joining us tonight, and i know you will be back to help us get out the vote in october. [applause] rep. wexton: thank you to our incredible 2019 candidates. i know it is not easy, what you are doing. hard work is only going to get harder as we get closer to election day, so you are not in this alone. we've got your back. i can't wait to come back next year and celebrate all the things we have accomplished with virginia's new democratic majority. thank you so much. announcer: please welcome congressman gerry connolly.
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good evening fellow democrats! i thought this was going to be a quiet dinner. with a couple of thousand of my best friends. [applause] fellow democrats, listen up. listen these are no ordinary times. year andctions this next year are not ordinary elections. have,the opportunity we to reclaim our democracy. are in the fight of our lives for control of our country. [applause] in 2017 the way.
8:02 pm
in 2017 showed the way. and it was an auger of things to come in the midterm elections. we need to win back the state to showthe statehouse, america the way to 2020. [applause] thes time to retire rationalize or's and the and hear no see evil when it comes to donald trump. [applause] all but a criminal enterprise that came to the white house through the trump organization. and we need to hold them accountable. majority, we are doing just that.
8:03 pm
and he does not like it. and we need more of us to pick that up. again has the opportunity to show us the way. final point. make our, after we decisions, we must come together. a united team going into battle next year. that is how we retire donald j trump. democratic the american value system and reach store america's reputation in the world. restores make sure -- america's reputation in the world. so let us make sure that whoever we pick to be our nominee for the president of the nominee --
8:04 pm
for president of the united states, that we get behind the nominee. and go into battle as a united party, open to all americans. thank you for having me here today. winlet's go into battle and against this president. god bless you all. [applause] please welcome from the fourth district, congressman donald mceachin. ♪ >> good evening, my fellow
8:05 pm
virginia democrats. i am so excited to be here with you tonight. look at this capacity-filled room. if your selves a round of applause. yourself a round of applause. it reflects the enthusiasm and energy of democrats around our commonwealth. inhave a big opportunity this election to take back the general assembly. what comes with that opportunity is a big responsibility. each of us needs to knock on doors, to talk to our neighbors, to open our wallets, and to support our candidates. let's talk about these. who have put aside their lives and priorities to run for office it. towill have that opportunity take virginia forward in a progressive and inclusive way.
8:06 pm
this past week we saw some emotional candidates in the primaries. let me think the winners and those who do not quite succeed. those folks all make us a stronger and better party because of their participation. now is a time when we must come together. these elections make a huge difference. cannot get the general assembly to take away the despicable band on gay marriage out of the virginia constitution. even though it is an illegal law. we need a virginia where you can love who you want to love and be who you want to be. thewe cannot even get general assembly to pass a law for the e.r.a. in the constitution. we need to address sexual harassment and assault, and not pretend it is not happening. a simple,not get legal process for restoration of right for a person who has served their right -- serve their time to become a productive system -- a
8:07 pm
productive citizen, with all rights and response abilities. and our family, friends, and neighbors continue to be temps of senseless gun violence. we have gone to too many -- continue to be victims of senseless gun violence. we need commonsense sense gun safety and universal band round checks -- background checks. and limits on magazines. we cannot get an acknowledgment of climate change as it becomes more extreme and more dangerous. what beacon -- what happens to the responsibility we have to our children and grandchildren to leave the world a better place? be apparently, women cannot trusted to make their own health care decisions? we need to trust women. and we still need -- and we still live with the remnants of a 400 year history. we need to address these and
8:08 pm
virginia. to make it the progressive home we all want. we need to win these elections. i know we will. your dedication, your commitment, your belief makes it possible and give me confidence. do not ever doubt that you make a difference. every march, every postcard. you are the true champions. just know that i and all of us up here will be out there with you on this fall when we ride on your shoulders. for all you have done and all that you will do, i offer you a heartfelt thanks. and i would be remiss if i did not think one other group of people. , came to our shores the first africans in chains. people who are strong enough mentally and physically to survive what we would call the middle passage. to them, we thank them here and we stand on their shoulders. to the ancestors known and
8:09 pm
unknown, god bless you. and look at what happens. one of your children is a united states congressman. god bless you. [applause] [cheers & applause] please welcome from the third district, congressman bobby scott. ♪ [applause] >> virginia democrats, good evening! i would like to welcome senator amy klobuchar and mayor pete buttigieg for being with us tonight. with candidates like this, we know that we are going to take over and win the white house in 2020. give them a round of applause. [applause] [cheers & applause] wayinia is already on the to winning our country back in
8:10 pm
2017 we flipped 15 seats in the house of delegates. 2018, we put three remarkably talented women into congress. westin, and spanberger, along with donna kitchen, jerry conley, and myself. this year, we are going to repeat. we are going to take over the house of delegates and state senate. and then in 2020 winning back the white house, winning the senate, and holding the house of representatives. electw that when we democrats, we are putting the interest of working people over those of special interest. over the years, republican obstruction in the general assembly. we overcame that with your hard work.
8:11 pm
democrats gained the house of delegates in 2017. work, wef your hard expanded medicaid to 400,000 virginians, who now have access to affordable, lifesaving health care. [applause] i want all of the members of the of delegates and state senate to stand up so that we can show our appreciation for what you did. all of the members of the general assembly. and then, all candidates, join them. because you will make the difference when we take over the house and the senate. [cheers & applause] thank you. and the u.s. house of representatives, the new democratic majority passing legislation that is putting working people first. and moving an agenda that is actually for the people. months, we have already passed legislation to eliminate the pay gap.
8:12 pm
to ensure rights for lgbtq virginians and americans. we have reformed laws, passed legislation for a pathway to citizenship for dreamers. we passed legislation to make sure that the united states upholds its obligation to climate change under the paris agreement. and we passed legislation to address gun violence. ahead,weeks and months the democrats on the education and labor committee, will pass legislation to raise the minimum hour by 2024.r that would be the first increase in minimum wage in a decade. [applause] we are going to pass legislation to protect pensions. you're going to pass legislation to make college more affordable. we are going to make it easier to join a union. and we are going to create millions of jobs by fixing our
8:13 pm
kremmling infrastructure, and modernizing our public schools. -- by fixing our crumbling infrastructure and modernizing our public schools. difference, and could make a difference if united states republicans take up the bills and consider them. mark, and tim, and amy, are working. but they need help. in 2020, it is important for us to focus on the white house. and also focus on making sure that mark warner returns to the united states senate. so, virginia democrats, we have much to celebrate. we have a lot of work ahead of us. and we have two, this year, organize, register voters, when doors,dors, -- knock on and remind everybody that we
8:14 pm
have a critically important election in virginia. and the blood, sweat, and tears toput into 2019 wealth help take over -- will help to take over the house of delegates and the virginia senate. and make sure that virginians are once again in the democratic column for the white house in 2020. virginians deserve a general assembly that works for them. the american people deserve a congress and a president that works for them. and all of that work starts right here in 2019. so let's get to work. think you very much. [cheers & applause] [cheers & applause] [video clip] in 2017, i saw the direction our country was going. i decided to change. my state had not been one by ed
8:15 pm
democrat in 26 years -- had not been won by a democrat in 26 years. with the help of many of you, i was able to win my district. the first-time candidate. the democratic party virginia was there every step of the way. >> i felt like i had support from the party, i had support from democrats all around the state of virginia. ♪ over the past decade, the democratic party of virginia has been on the front lines fighting. volunteersf and knocked on over 4.5 million doors and contacted nearly a million voters, which contributed to flipping nearly 15 house seats. in 2018, we walked knocked -- we knocked on over 2.7 million doors and contacted to enter 32,000 voters in support of our candidates. contacted 230 2000 voters
8:16 pm
in support of our candidates. election, we 2018 helped elect congressman bobby scott, sherry connelly. we also helped elect three women into congress. luria, abigail spanberger, and jennifer wexton. the democratic party of virginia is committed to electing democratic leaders from the courthouse to the statehouse to the white house. ♪ have been able to expand medicaid to more than 400,000 virginians, ensuring they have access to quality health care. we have restored rights of 200,000 virginia citizens. we have done so much more. there is so much at stake in 2019 and 2020. >> you never know when your one vote can be the one vote that decides an election. can you imagine the possibilities if i had just had one more field organizer, or one more person making phone calls?
8:17 pm
one vote matters. one vote. your vote. could make that big of a difference. this the year that we empower women, people of color, and are lgbt brothers and sister. let's make this the year that we take back the house of delegates. >> let's make this the year that we take back the virginia senate. >> let's make this the year we make every vote count. >> let's make this here we enact gun violence prevention. >> let's make this the year we try even harder for virginia that works for us. >> folks, this is an exciting election year here in virginia. for the first time in 26 years, we can win the house, and it, and the governor's mansion. think of the great legislation that we can get done. >> the e.r.a., protecting health care social security, medicare, gun safety bills. we cannot let this
8:18 pm
opportunity go by. this is a historic moment for the commonwealth of virginia. a historic moment for progressive democrats. we can change virginia forever. we need your help. we need it right now. a critical resource needed to make every phone call, to make sure we knock on every single door. we need the help of the party. with an additional $10,000, we can hire the field staff to knock on thousands more doors. you know that i once wrestled an -- to raise make money for the democratic party. i am not asking you to do that. but i am asking you to give money to the democratic party. help us put the folks on the ground and do what we need to do. you can start right here, right now. will you join us? ♪ [applause] please welcome richmond mayor
8:19 pm
. good evening virginia democrats! i want to welcome you to the great city of richmond. a city that is putting children at the forefront of our agenda. taking a more inclusive approach. we are building new schools. havee city of richmond, we a record investment in public education. in the city of richmond we have expanded afterschool programs, so every elementary school are and every middle school or has access. ours, weties like cannot do this by ourselves. majority progressive in the virginia general assembly.
8:20 pm
tonight, we stand on the precipice of change in virginia. reduced too, we were 30 night seats in the house of delegates. seats in the house of delegates. - to 39 seats. two years later, we were at our lowest. they said our party was done. what we came roaring back. tonight, let's commit ourselves to finishing the job. and winning back the general assembly. so we can pass the e.r.a., andon sense gun laws, protect our rainbow community. tonight we not only need your time, but also we need your treasure as well. so get out your phones. get out your phones, everyone.
8:21 pm
text 9779, so we can ensure that our candidates will win all over the candidate -- the commonwealth of virginia. thank you! [applause] please welcome delegate jennifer carol boyd! ♪ right, so clap twice if you can hear me. i said, clap twice. all right. good evening. i said good evening. represent prince william and first i would like to thank our hosts for giving me the
8:22 pm
opportunity to speak with you tonight. a briefg to start with story of a conversation that i had in 2017. doors, andocking on going to candidate forums, i met a woman named eunice. and when i tried to tell her about the things i wanted to do she was at delegate, very short, petite woman with salt-and-pepper hair. dark black deep swollen eyes. started,e i could get she reached out her hand, and she said, i have done everything right. i have done everything that i was told to do.
8:23 pm
kids and myd my three grandkids. i have worked every single day of my life. long. worked and i have worked hard. and there is this narrative out there, that poor people do not matter. that poor people want a hand out. do not want toe work. and that is not true. she said, poor people are some of the most hardest working people i have ever met in my life. [applause] and it is expensive being poor. higher interest rates. higher taxes. no one looks out for the little man. even when you do, everything right.
8:24 pm
me how she was at her job. and she has had three, working at the same time, raising her three grandkids. when she started to get excruciating headaches. headaches,ored these because she had no health insurance. and she could not afford to go see a doctor. she popped pill after pill after pill. day, eunice hit the floor. and she crawled into the fetal position. until the emergency medics were called. and when she arrived at the hospital, they told eunice that she had a tumor on her brain. on tois tuner would go eyesthe site in one of her
8:25 pm
. and now she is legally blind. me, ande leaned into she said, this is my story. my site loss could have been prevented if i would've had -- the loss of my site could've been prevented - the loss of my sight could have been prevented if i would have had medicaid. if people had not been playing politics with my life. what are you going to do? to 400,000 medicaid virginians, to people like eunice. that is what we did. because that is who we are. we feed the hungry. we house the homeless. we give voices to the voiceless. and the faces of people that we will never see. because we are a big tent party.
8:26 pm
we are inclusive and not exclusive. know that to let you our work is far from done. we have to pass common sense gun safety legislation. ,e have to fully fund education to pre--2008 levels. we have to care about clean air and clean water. and until women can stand in the , and ourll equals rights enshrined in the united states constitution, and pass the equal rights amendment, our work is not done. [cheers & applause] the $15actually pass minimum wage, we can have a conversation. this is what i need you all to do. to theyou to donate virginia democratic party,
8:27 pm
because it will donate to all of us. we have an opportunity to flip the house -- keep the house and flip the senate. you cannot be on the bench. you cannot sit on the sidelines. we need all of you in the game, doing what needs to get done, in order for us to take the majority in 2019. are you with me? i said, are you with me? >> yes! >> let's get this done. thank you all. [applause] welcome virginia senator jennifer mcclellan. ♪ good evening virginia democrats! are you ready to go? then i need you to do something for me. we are almost to our goal. 97779 blue totext
8:28 pm
get to our goal. i have been in the minority party my entire time in the general assembly. and i am tired of it. i am tired of bill after bill that should not be partisan dying on a partyline vote. i am tired of bills to end discrimination in housing and employment on the basis of sexual orientation and gender, dying on a partyline vote, if they get hurt at all. i am tired of the equal rights amendment dying on a partyline vote. i am tired of gun safety legislation dying on a partyline vote. bills that will protect a woman's right to choose dying on a partyline vote. so what are you going to do about it? we are going to knock on doors. we are going to make phone calls. we are going to push the house
8:29 pm
and the senate. -- we are going to flip the house and the senate. we are going to flip some of our local elections. we are going to get school board members who believe in fully funding education. we are going to get board of supervisor members to fully fund our education system. so we need your money. we need to reach our goal. we are not there yet. we need 10,000 dollars tonight to help us flip all of these seats. to 97779.ue if you do that, we will do our part. we will flip the house and senate. we'll have a blue wave in virginia that will lead the way to a blue wave in 2020. that will continue the blue wave on and on and on. thank you all, virginia democrats! [cheers & applause]
8:30 pm
,> please welcome mark warner the 69th governor, and your seni senator. good evening virginia democrats! mark warner: i know it is a little loud in here. but from up here, you guys look marvelous. tonight, virginia democrats, we are going to hear from two of our candidates for president. i first got to know mayor pete through the new deal organization, and organization stateing young, local and officials from around our country. he brought energy, passion, and
8:31 pm
his unique story of a vision for america that we are all going to want to hear. amy klobuchar and i have worked together for 10 years. our families are friends. we socialize with her and john on a regular basis. she sits with me on democratic leadership meetings. she also brings a unique set of minnesota values that you need to hear about tonight, in terms of her vision for our country as well. i am going to start where others have already spoken. to say, thank you, in particular are we you did, not only in 2017. for what you did in 2018. you flipped three wonderful , and now we house have a democratic majority in the house of representatives. [cheers & applause]
8:32 pm
sent back my friend of if hers, tim kaine, who, can never get off of highway 95, definition can get off highway 95, - who will be here shortly. his leadership and turning back the trump agenda, was an incredible message all across the nation. amy,rginia, mayor pete and we never take a year off. so in 2019, as you have heard from earlier speakers, if you care about medicaid expansion, you will get out and work. if you care about the passage of the e.r.a., you will get out and work. if you do not want virginia to fall in with the georgia and alabama and missouri for women's health care, you will get out
8:33 pm
and work. if you care about sensible gun legislation, you will get out and work. if you care about our right to vote, you will get out to work. peopleyou leave that ought to choose politicians, rather than politicians choosing their voters, so that we can have independent redistricting, you will get out and work. [cheers & applause] change, we also change what our legislature looks like, to make it look more like the people of virginia. i want to acknowledge the new pack -of a brand that supports women and women of color in local state elections. but everybody at table 80 to stand up and take a quick shout out. stand up and get a
8:34 pm
quick shout out. as well, one other item. one other brief item. you today, or during the reception, have kindly come up or senator,rked, thank you for what you are doing in washington. senator, thank you for what you are doing in washington. standing up for the rule of law should not be viewed as extraordinary. we are at a moment in time in our politics in washington unlike anything any of us have seen in our lifetimes. we have a president who would rather pick a fight with canada, then stand up to vladimir putin. we have a president who believes it is better to have a trade war
8:35 pm
that hurts virginia farmers, then to actually have an economic policy. never president -- we have a president that says it is all right to rip families apart at findorder, and then try to -- and then cut pro and then cut funding to every program that helps the poor. thoughtorld of trump, i things could not get any weirder until last week. roomany of us in this thought that we would need - or had any ambiguity about - if a foreign power tries to intervene in our elections, what the right thing to do is? well, donald trump, the right thing to do is to not say thank you. the right thing to do, is to call the fbi. [applause]
8:36 pm
so what we need to do, if we are going to send that message, not only to flip our legislature, but we know the path to washington, the path to the white house, leads through virginia, we have to send a message to donald trump. rule of law for the is a minimum requirement. we need to pass legislation that says if a foreign power intervenes, call the fbi. we nee to pass legislation that amy klobuchar and i are working on, that says, for every voting position in america, when you vote, you have a paper ballot trail, so nobody can interrupt that voting process. we need to make sure that the social media companies that lead to too to hatred and misrepresentation, as the russians used twitter, facebook, and google in 2016, put
8:37 pm
reasonable rules of the road going forward. nothing less than our democracy is at stake. and it all starts here in virginia in 2019. let's get out here and when. win!t's get out there and thank you. [cheers & applause] welcome, his excellency, the governor virginia. gov. mcauliffe: good evening, fellow democrats. it is great to be back. iok at this crowd tonight! have never seen anything like this. susanwant to thank
8:38 pm
swecker and the state party. i want to welcome amy and pete to the commonwealth of virginia, the greatest state in america. . know pete, and i know amy and minnesota is a beautiful state, and so is indiana. but you are here in the action. we have it all going here. we got it all. we got lakes, we got mountains, you come tos, virginia beach, dolphins come up to the beach and give your children ride. they drop them back off. and pete and amy, while you are wineries. eight varieties of oysters. craft breweries. you come to virginia, you drink
8:39 pm
our wine, you drink our beer, you eat are oysters. virginia is for lovers. you figure out the next step. ago, ia month and a half was running for president of united states of america. but i decided that you have got to go where you can make the biggest impact in life. and i decided that i had to come back to the commonwealth of virginia, to help us win the house and senate this year. [cheers & applause] years, first time in 26 we can win the house, the senate , and have the governorship. [cheers & applause] now, think about this, i asked all of you fellow democrats, five years ago, when i took office, our state was mired in
8:40 pm
debt, a 2.4 million dollar debt left over by the republicans. our state was a laughingstock. anti-women, anti-lgbt legislation. nobody wanted to come to this state. we got to work over the last four years. we got our state humming again. and we have the largest surplus in the history of the commonwealth of virginia. hundreds of thousands of new jobs. billions of dollars in new investment. that is what you get with democrats. fiscal responsibility, high-paying jobs. virginiaade sure that was open and welcoming to everyone. record 120 bills passed by the republican legislature, that would have allowed folks to carry loaded shotguns in their cars. sell machine guns out of gun stores. , youor an absentee ballot
8:41 pm
would have to faxing your drivers license. we vetoed all 120. and thanks to the democrats in the assembly, i never lost one veto, 120-0. but folks, it was bigger than that. years, weast five worked to get every virginian health care. we were the largest state proportional to get folks to sign up for the marketplace. after five years of struggle, we got medicaid expanded here in the commonwealth of virginia. [applause] wei leaned in on these big issues and health care. we also leaned in on education. i am proud that under our four years, the largest investment in public education in the history of the commonwealth virginia. that is what you get with democrats. pay raises for teachers. five sols.of
8:42 pm
virginia led the nation, we had thousands of children who went to school hungry every day. and next to the efforts of my wife and our former first lady, our last year in office, we saw nearly 15 million more breakfasts served to needy children in the commonwealth of virginia. standd like my wife to up, to give her a great round of knowuse, to make sure we she knows we know it she led the effort. is not enough. we cannot rest until every child in virginia has access to a healthy meal. because that is how they learn. the other big issue that we leaned on, which is so important, is criminal justice reform in the commonwealth of virginia. our criminal justice reform system was antiquated. we were putting people in prison
8:43 pm
too long. we were putting people away for drug offenses. we made an effort. i had a young man i pardons before i left office. lenny singleton had five robberies. he stole a total of $550, nobody was ever injured. do you know what his sentence was? sentences, plus 110 years. tohave to end the sentencing scrim and nation that we have in the commonwealth of virginia. discriminationng that we have -- with that we had in the commonwealth of virginia. we knocked it out of the park. progressive democrats stepped up to the plate in january. in arlington and fairfax county, bail. -- noalizing marijuana, cash bail, and fair sentencing.
8:44 pm
and we knocked off both commonwealth attorneys. we won both of those. guest thehave as my new commonwealth attorney for arlington county. please give her around applause. [applause] so folks, are you ready to share? yes! >> this is not a republican fundraiser, i cannot hear you. [applause] >> this is our time. both chambers. and you know what will happen? after you helped us get elected in 2013? only16, we were the southern state that went for hillary clinton. we were proud to be blue. then we wanted 2017. going to win this year in 2019. duringe 2020,
8:45 pm
charlottesville, which was one of the worst days in our state's history, when a thousand neo-nazis and white supremacists came to our state, screaming the most vile things against african-americans and members of the jewish faith. donald trump failed us that day. he said there were good people on both sides. there are not good neo-nazis in the united states of america. there are not good white supremacist. i stood up and told him to get the hell out and go home. that you are not wanted here in the commonwealth of virginia. and in 2020, we are going to donaldnald swap, -- trump, delusional donald trump, we are going to tell them to get the hell out of the white house and go back to mar-a-lago where he belongs. that begins this year. [applause] [cheers & applause]
8:46 pm
plays welcome virginia andratic leaders, gore hering. hello everybody, good evening. the leader ofbe the house democratic caucus. and i am honored to be the chair of the house democratic caucus. together, along with owl of our members and all of you, we are the house republicans' worst nightmare. [cheers & applause] and together, we get to spend a lot of time.
8:47 pm
>> they are doing all they can from -- to stop us democrats gain the majority. but we are not going to let them, are we? >> we can hear you. are we going to let them? >> no! >> speaking of no, we have heard a lot of that last year from the house republicans. many frontsk on so by the republican majority. >> a majority selected out of a ball. >> we heard no so many times. >> no on the environment and environmental justice. >> no on making it easier to vote. >> no on an increased minimum wage. >> no on workers rights. >> no on discrimination. >> no on women's health care and affordable reproductive rights. >> they even said no to making
8:48 pm
virginia the 38th state needed to ratify they call rights amendment. how about we start saying yes? [cheers & applause] ofyes to each and every one these most important issues. onwe have a special session july 9. we will give it our all to introduce reasonable gun violence prevention measures into place. >> and to our colleagues across the aisle, when it comes to ns, -- when it comes to guns, saying no and doing nothing is not an option. seats, we were able to use our power to do so many things. budget that on a improved tuition, raised teacher
8:49 pm
pay, and raised state employee pay. >> we found transportation funding to deal with i-81. >> we came to an agreement on solar and ash call. felony larceny threshold. medicaid topanded foo over 300,000 in vigils today. over 300,000 individuals today. as we are able to do with 49 democratic members, just think what how much we are going to be able to do when we are in the majority. to create the most impressive underpainting -- undertaking that this caucus has ever been part of. money, candidates, more more opportunity, and more diversity. >> i can guarantee you that if you like to 2017, you are going to love 2019.
8:50 pm
[cheers & applause] a diverse really have caucus -- we truly have a diverse caucus. would al of our members stand up ? forward to again working with these individuals, in the majority of the virginia house of delegates next january. nomineesall of our please stand up and remain standing? >> we look forward to having you join us next year. everyone, please take a look. take a moment to look around. and let me introduce to you, the 2020 virginia house of delegates democratic majority! [cheers & applause] with can make it happen your continued support and hard work. in november, and
8:51 pm
in january say yes to solving the problems facing virginians. >> please join with us, work hard with us. and help us to get to the majority in the house of delegates, for the first time in 20 years. yes!d remember, [cheers & applause] please welcome the leader and chairwoman. ♪ respect ♪ >> good evening, virginia
8:52 pm
senatets! i'm the democratic caucus chair mimi locke. i am glad to be with you today to share in this year's excitement. and to tell you about the task at hand. year that we flip the virginia senate blue. [cheers & applause] the blue wave started in virginia when we took 15 house seats in 2017. it continued last year, when we reelected senator tim kaine. an elected three new women in the u.s. house. this year, the wave continues. to flip the senate and house blue. just two seats away from
8:53 pm
retaking the majority, so we can finally get back to the common sense agenda virginians are craving. with the democratic majority, we will pass common sense gun reform, increase access to quality, affordable health care, and we will invest in public education. and we won't stop there. we will pass increases to the minimum wage, protect women's rights to abortion access, and invest in critical transportation infrastructure across the commonwealth. some of you may be wondering how we plan to do all of this. i have good news. we have democratic candidates for senate in a record-breaking 37 districts across every corner of the commonwealth. , tore competing everywhere ensure that we flip the senate in november. this is a big goal, and it is
8:54 pm
one we are going to accomplish with your help. we all know that democrats are ready to lead. in the minority, we have managed to pass medicaid expansion, teacher pay raises, and funding for improvements for i-81. in the majority, we will build on those successes. excited about our prospects this november. but it is important to remember that none of this is a done deal. we need you all to knock on doors, make phone calls, and raise money for our great candidates. senate democrats are ready to lead. help us get there in november. i will now turn it over to our senate leader. [cheers & applause] >> good evening.
8:55 pm
good evening. senate democratic later. just call me landslide. -- i am the senate democratic leader. just call me landslide. you have seen what the republicans have done wherever they are in control. we do not need alabama laws telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. what that woman does is nobody's business but hers. nobody's business but hers. and we need to make sure that these people do not get ever empower again. power again. i have seen what has happened when they have been in control. the leave you me, you do not want it again. me, you do not want it again. you take a look at the gun laws. in virginia today, the only
8:56 pm
thing you need to be able to do to get a gun is to be able to fog up a mirror. breathe, tods, to get a gun. population inhe the u.s., and 43% of the guns on this planet that are not held by the military or the police. we need to put a halt to this, and we need to do it with common sense. many years ago, and this is important. a prominent businessman in northern virginia told me that isnoticed something, and it what changed him from helping republicans to helping the democrats. what he told me was that every time the republicans were in power, the white house or in control of the governorship, his checkbook went down. every time our party was in control of those, his checkbook went up. that is something we should not forget. we have been good for business.
8:57 pm
we have been good for the people who work and make this country work. finally, let me tell you this. [applause] there are three things in my lifetime that are essential and axiomatic. toward jerome kern and oscar hammerstein. fish got a swim, birds gotta fly, and democrats need to run america. are you with us? are you with us? you bet. thank you so much. and thank you for putting up with 800 speakers. [cheers & applause] >> put your hands together for your democratic party of virginia chairman, susan swecker. listen up.r:
8:58 pm
i'm not getting another speech. but i want to invite everyone to quit talking. listen. virginia democrats are known for their hospitality, and their respect. and we have two presidential candidates that have taken out from their busy schedule, they could be in any one of four states. but they are here with us tonight. so i'm asking you, to sit, be quiet, this is your chance to take a good look at two of the really great candidates. are you listening to me? are you with me? [cheers & applause] thank you very much. and i am so happy that we have mayor pete beta judge and senator amy klobuchar willis -
8:59 pm
and petechar: buttigieg with us. >> klobuchar: thank you, what an amazing crowd. hello virginia democrats. are you ready to be donald trump? are you ready to get rid of betsy devos? are you ready to paint your legislature blue? honored to be here tonight with all of these incredible leaders. thank you so much. your great former governor terry mcauliffe.
9:00 pm
your incredible democratic congressional delegation. haveding three women who flipped republican seats. your senators, who are two of my closest friends in the united states senate. i'm not just saying that because they are running for president. i will start with tim kaine. there is a lot to love about tim kaine. his honesty, his faith, his willingness to stand up against the president and say clearly that it is congress that decides if you go to war, not donald trump. warner. mark and i have a lot in common. mark made a fortune building an empire with cell phones. i own a cell phone.
9:01 pm
mark set a senate record by raising $12 million in one year because he could paint that see blue. i set a senate record one year by raising $17,000 from ex-boyfriend's. i did that. out, it is not an expanding base. mark is in fact a truth say are in the senate. he is when he is talking about the economy. to have himrtunate as ranking member of the intelligence committee at a time when we need him there. he is someone who took on something that no one was talking about. he left early as the one who stood up and said, these guys, a foreign entity, try to steal our
9:02 pm
democracy and they are not going to do it again. virginia democrats, you must make sure he wins his next election. you may have seen my announcement for president in the middle of a minnesota blizzard. i had four inches of snow on my head. and, sleddingiing in. and the president sent out a tweet. he made fun of me for talking about climate change in the middle of a snowstorm. he called me snow woman. i wrote back, donald trump, the science of climate change is on my side. and i would like to see how your hair would fare and a blizzard. [applause] i announced by that river for a reason.
9:03 pm
to make the point that it is time to cross the river of our divide to get to a higher plane and are politics. we have a president who wakes up every morning and tweets something to fracture our communities. he goes after immigrants. he goes after people of color he goes after people and our party every single day. videosng sending out dr. which is our biggest fear in this democracy and he does by care at all. i will tell you this, virginia democrats. we need to take back our country and we need to make this the country that we have built. starting right here and the commonwealth of virginia. we need to put the heart back into our politics.
9:04 pm
my background is a little bit different than donald trump's. my grandfather was an iron ore miner. he worked 1500 feet under and ground in the minds -- mines. he saves money and a coffee can to send my debt to college. my dad went to a two-year community college. my mom grew up in wisconsin. she moved to minnesota and she taught second-grade until she was 70 years old. she was a proud union member. [applause] and i stand before you today as the granddaughter of an iron ore daughter of the union teacher and a union newspaperman. and the first woman elected to the united states senate from the state of minnesota and a
9:05 pm
candidate for president of the united states. that is what this country is about. no matter where you come from, no matter who you know, no matter how much money you have or what you look like our if you worship and one place or another or who you love, that you can make it and the united states of america because this is a country of shared dreams and shared prosperity. that is what this is. you have a state that understands that community. you understand what happens when the disaster strikes. what happens with hurricane isabel. with the tragedy at virginia tech and the horrific recent tragedy at virginia beach. that is when ordinary people do extraordinary things.
9:06 pm
i announced by that river because it was a mile and a half from where that bridge fell down in the middle of a beautiful summer day. sees justhe world like they solved when they looked at your state? they saw an off-duty firefighter who tethered herself to the side of the river and dove in and out, looking for survivors and those mangled cars and trucks. they saw a school bus that plummeted 30 feet and was hanging on a guardrail when a school bus counselor, who could've just jumped out the thosehe got every one of kids off that bus to safety. that is community. so what is this community and
9:07 pm
the shared prosperity about? that all ofensuring our families have a fair shot. you should be able to afford college if you work part time. -- ihould be able to of for prescription drugs and health care. not the casehat is for so many americans. but it can be. struggling worker who told me a few years ago that she had always thought that the words restore the middle class were nothing but a political bumper sticker. lost her joband and she had to start working multiple jobs. saw the wordshe restore the middle class as nothing but a prayer. we need to make restore the middle class more than a bumper sticker, more than a prayer.
9:08 pm
a reality fore it every american, regardless of where they live or what they look like. [applause] shared prosperity means tearing down barriers to success. racism and sexism persist in this country. we see it in the schoolyards and in the boardrooms. we see it shouted at white nationalists riots like the tragedy in charlottesville. we hear it from presidential podiums. when the vice president of a fortune 500 company and my states go shopping at a department store. she is african-american. she gets followed by store security. pregnant womenit in new orleans tells her doctor of out swelling in her hands and he does not listen. she loses her baby. when a blackry day
9:09 pm
woman takes home $.61 for every dollar a white man makes. these are barriers that this president does not care about. but these are barriers that the democratic party will break down. [applause] democrats, we must take on child poverty. as tim kaine has said, fighting poverty is a growth strategy. it is a competitive strategy. but it is also a moral responsibility. today, 15 million children in america are living in poverty. there are children who fall asleep at their desk because they cannot get a good nights sleep when they don't have a bed or a home. there are children who think that college or a job are for other people. luckier people.
9:10 pm
virginia democrats, we can do this. we can cut child poverty in half in 10 years and end child poverty in a generation. we can do it by expanding the earned income tax credit, the child care tax credit, and snap and if it's an by overhauling our countries housing policy. we can do this. cannot havear, you a fair shot in america if you do not have health care. we must move to universal health care and we must take on the pharmaceutical companies. they have two lobbyists for every member of congress. the price ofr why insulin has gone from $18 a vile to $1200 a month. and you wonder why at the pens shot up in price. monopolyause of the
9:11 pm
power of pharmaceutical companies. they think they own washington. but they don't own me. [applause] when it comes to women's health, your state, you understand this. you understand that you do not , witho be another georgia what they did. 73% of americans stand with you. they do not want to overturn roe v. wade. they do not want to do that. i have put forward a plan for addiction and mental health. heart. it comes from the my dad struggled with alcoholism my whole life. he had three dwis. when he got his third, he had a choice. he was either going to go to jail or he was going to go to treatment. he picked treatment.
9:12 pm
in his words, with his family and his fate and the help that he was given, he was pursued by grace. that one out of five americans to struggle with a mental illness, one out of two americans who have addiction amongst their family and friends, those people also deserve a chance to be pursued by grace. you and virginia have taken this seriously, inspired by the work you. we need to take this on as the public health crisis that it is. is one thing that people have not talked that much about that we need to talk about. and that is climate change.
9:13 pm
we have a councilmember here from norfolk and i have seen what is happening there. this is no longer happening and 100 years. it is happening now. as your president, on day one i will sign us back into the international climate change agreement. and i will then bring back the obama clean power rules that are on the cutting room floor. and those gas mileage standards. and sweeping legislation to take this on. this is no longer just an issue on the coasts. from the heartland who has seen the floods, the tornadoes, the wildfires, is the one to take this on. none of this, whether it is immigration reform, climate
9:14 pm
, children'sth care poverty, none of this will get done unless we protect our democracy. everything depends on that. you want to take on the nra? we have to get the dark money out of our politics. you did that in virginia. we cannot do it in washington because they are paralyzed by the power of the nra. a are literally losing classroom of young people every week. that is wrong. we must not just take state action when it comes to guns, we must take federal action. how do we take back our democracy? i have an idea. we can pass a constitutional amendment to overturn citizens united and get the dark money out of our politics. [applause]
9:15 pm
we can and partisan gerrymandering. stop discrimination of the ballot box by restoring the voting rights act and it is finally time to pass my bill to young person to vote when they turn 18 years old. this is the time to do it. [applause] we have some debates coming up. mayor pete and i are looking for to them. it will be a lot of fun. you are going to see in that that what unifies our party is more important than what divides us. the most of one thing we can do in this election in 2020 is what? win. we must win this election. i have never lost one race i have ever run. i have one in every
9:16 pm
congressional district in my state. districts that donald trump one by more than 20 points. because i did not see that ivide.or been -- urban d we don't write off states and we don't write off areas of our country. that is how we went -- win. i want to end with this we are on a march. that march started the day after donald trump was sworn into office. you remember that day. americans peacefully marched all over this country, including right here in richmond. what happened nine days later?
9:17 pm
the anti-muslim refugee ban order came out. people spontaneously showed up at airports across the united states. fast-forward today 100, my favorite march, the march for science, with my favorite sign, what do we want? science. when do we want it? after. peer review. the repeal of the affordable care act, president obama's signature legislation. in this moment when no one thought it was possible, it was two states, new jersey, where a said, i hope they
9:18 pm
will be home in time to make lost., that guy he was beaten by an african-american woman. [applause] and what happened here in the state of virginia? it was an unbelievable victory. you might have barely started that job you are going to finish this fall, but you elect most diverse group of people you have ever seen and the virginia legislature. you did that. people stood up and won. in this incredible victory for decency and dignity, doug jones one in the state of alabama. that is the march that we are on. those parkland students marched. they did not just march, they voted.
9:19 pm
that takes us to the last election, where you sent us those three incredible women. where we finally turned to the house of representatives back into the people's house. that is the march we are on. and it will and in 2020. at any moment that you think you cannot stand another one of aese tweets or stories or president to goes over on foreign soil and calls the mayor andondon a stone cold loser the duchess nasty and goes after an american company calls for a boycott, that all happened in 24 hours. if you see those things and say i cannot deal with this anymore and you go home, we can't win. we win when we finish the march. let's get it done.
9:20 pm
let's win in 2020. thank you, virginia democrats. thank you. [applause] >> please welcome from south bend, indiana, mayor and presidential candidate pete buttigieg. mayor buttigieg: thank you. thank you, virginia democrats. let's hear it one more time for my fellow midwesterner, my competitor, and my friend,
9:21 pm
senator amy klobuchar. [applause] thank you for your leadership in the united states senate and thank you to everyone here for what arating forward-looking, unified, fearless democratic party looks like. we are proud of you. you have a beautiful city here and we are proud to be in richmond. thank you for showing that even someone a little bit younger than me can be a fantastic leader. thank you so much for showing of the way to the rest of the country. since announcing for president, i have spent a lot of time in
9:22 pm
this commonwealth. madeht i feel like i have a whole bunch of new friends. know virginia is for lovers has a nice ring to it. but it is starting to feel to me like virginia is for buttigieg. [applause] and you make me feel right at home. last time i was here campaigning, it was last year to help some extraordinary women we saw a running for congress. it is fun to go up to them today and say, hallow congresswomen. they're making us proud. ,s a democrat from a red state i believe we have to stand together and demonstrate that there is no place in this
9:23 pm
country were democrats cannot win. not one state and that one commonwealth. [applause] just ask some of the leaders we met. i know the primary is not that far in the rearview mirror. arevirginia democrats demonstrating the party unity that our entire democratic party have to show in 2020 in order to win the white house and i thank you for that. there's a lot of talk about 2020, as you might expect. but i'm very glad that we are here to talk about how important 2019 is. our conservative friends spent decades building up majorities in states and local offices.
9:24 pm
it's time for democrats to demonstrate that we know we will never again treat the presidency like it is the only office that matters. [applause] we are here not just to join the conversation but to change the conversation. changing the conversation means making it not only about our policies, which are the best policies, but about our values. and don't let anybody tell you that values is only something to think about on the conservative side of the aisle. don't let anybody tell you that freedom is a conservative value. it is an american value, and we know it. [applause] there is more to freedom than getting government out of the way. sometimes freedom means building of the possibilities for a better life.
9:25 pm
you are not free if you don't have health care and you can't start a small business because you are afraid leaving your job means losing your coverage. health care is part of your freedom. freedom comes by way of organizing, which is why we stand with organized labor. freedom comes by way of which is why it is time for a secretary of education who believes in public education. [applause] and it is twice at -- as important at a moment like this on freedom that male politicians stand up with females and say that women's reproductive rights are an american freedom.
9:26 pm
[applause] freedom is not a conservative value. neither is patriotism. commonwealth -- i almost said state, but i said it was not a good idea -- we are in to getnwealth -- i have off my chest, because i will slip up and do it at one point tonight. i hope you will forgive me. [laughter] commonwealth, we have seen more of our share of people who serve in civilian and military capacities, people who serve one another. the aircraftnto that was going to take me to bagram airfield, the flak on my shoulder was not a republican flag. it was an american flag. [no audio] [applause] things,g, among other
9:27 pm
represented the idea of free speech and political dissent. you could criticize the president. the press could cover the president critically. and no one would ever question their loyalty to the republic for which it stands. [applause] you could criticize the let's not give an and shun the issue of security. we are the wants another is a lot more secure to them putting up a wall from sea to shining sea. security means protecting from 21st-century threats, cybersecurity, election security , and as virginia sadly knows all too well, you're not keeping this country safe if you are not prepared to stand up and defend us from violent white nationalism claiming lives here and around the world. [applause]
9:28 pm
from virginia tech to virginia beach, we know you are not serious about security if you don't have a plan for common sense gun reform. and yes, and an era of climate disruption, it is time to treat climate change like the security issue we all know it is. freedom does not belong to a political party, and neither does the flag. while we are at it, god does not belong to the republican party. [applause] we know that it is the sacred obligation of anyone in office or seeking to stand equally for people of any religion and people of no religion. [applause] but for those of us to our motivated in part by religious
9:29 pm
teachings, it is worth reflecting that pretty much every faith tradition we know of counsels us to support the marginalize, to heal the sick, to lift of the poor, to welcome the emigrant, and to do it with humility and decency. don't let them tell you that faith is a republican value. if we want to deliver on our ,alues, the good news is americans are with us. people agree with us on the issues. people agree with us on these values. the problem is, our democracy has been twisted out of shape by being hard to get our agenda through. we are going to have to go out there and fix the marketing. -- democracy. that means getting money out of politics.
9:30 pm
it means that every u.s. citizen, whether you with an virginia or indiana, or the district of columbia or puerto rico, deserve full, fair political representation in this nation. yes, and the world's greatest might even go so far as to begin choosing our nation's leader by counting up all the votes and giving it to the person who got the most. to me, that seems like a common sense thing to do. let's talk strategy for a second. i am worried about how we make sure we win. even though this president is deservedly unpopular, there is that he serious risk could win again.
9:31 pm
how does he do it? he does it if we look to much like more of the same. is, theng as it riskiest thing we can do is try to play it safe area -- safe. we have to understand there is no going back to normal, but the chaos of this moment makes us no better off and our vision is a better vision for the future of america. remember that a president like the one we have does not get within cheating distance of the oval office is -- if everything is going ok. that is why we have to fix it. and economycts where a rising tide does not lift all boats. beh effect -- we have to fix government where suppression of votes changes the answer. we must put that to an end.
9:32 pm
we have to do something different. i would argue there is something to be said for nominating a middle-class, midwestern millennial mayor to take the nomination and take back the white house. i know it is not traditional. why would we not want a mayor at a time we're trying to get washington to look like our best runs cities and towns before it goes the other way. maybe someone from the industrial midwest, someone who has seen the challenges such communities face, but knows there is no such thing as an honest politics for our communities that resolves around the world again. why not do something completely different? that is what we are all about. i believe that with a completely different message, we can finally break the spell that this president has cast on this
9:33 pm
country. i know it is hard to look away from the show. i don't even know what kind of show to call it. is it a game show? is it a reality show? maybe it is a horror show. whatever it is, if we are on his show, we are not winning, which is why instead of trying to compete with him on his terms, we have to change the channel. when the president launches his tweets and taunts, what will we do? change the channel. when he tries to bring us down to his level, to command our attention and use our taxes feel to go stronger, what will we do? change the channel.
9:34 pm
when he tries to distract us from the real issues that americans face, what will he do? we will change the channel. politics is not about the show. my speech, but i will get personal with you for a second. tomorrow is father's day. happy father's day to all of the fathers out there. tomorrow is also my first wedding anniversary. it's impossible for me to think of one without thinking of the other. knowledge because we hope to become fathers, but because this my first father's day without my own father. the reason i want to mention this is that in those last days with him in the hospital, one of
9:35 pm
the best things i had going for liken addition to things medicare, the nature of our family would not be financially destroyed by his illness, in addition to an amazing faith community that was there for me every step of the way, there is one more thing i had. someone who loved me. sidene who could be at the of his father in law and the hospital, because in the eyes of the law and our hearts, he was my husband. i bring this up because that is what politics is really about. in the most dramatic and vulnerable moments of our lives, and in nuts and -- those everyday moments when you go to get a safe glass of dropping -- drinking water out of the glock
9:36 pm
-- fossett, -- out of the fossett -- out of the faucet. that is why these choices matter. that's why we have politics and government. we have to bring it back to the politics of the every day. it has got to be a politics of the future. i will be there in the 20 50's, only look back at the 20 20's and decide whether we did the right thing to not only win the presidency, but the era and set america on a better course for the balance of this half century. if we get it right, we will be living in a world where when we hear of a storm coming through, we will have to wonder whether it's part of extreme weather, caused by climbing change --
9:37 pm
climate change, because we know we had risen to the challenge. it will be a world that what we have an election, we know that the u.s. is doing everything it the election safe and the outcome will reflect the will of the people. i want it to be a future where i can say to my kids and grandkids , do you know that president who is in office right now yeah cap he is -- right now, he is from a different party from mine, but in book form, but i can also you she is a good you she is a, she is doing the best she can. the world we could have, the world this chaotic moment is holding us back from is a world we can only build together.
9:38 pm
i am pretty sure that with the energy in his room, we can build it together, not in 2020, but right now in 2019. forget that running for office is an act of hope. giving money to somebody running for office is an act of hope. coming to a dinner with an awful lot of speakers who are running for office is an act of hope. living the hope of our time. are you not hopeful this evening even in the challenging time we live in? whenou ready to unite and not only the election but the era that is ahead of us? are you ready to change the channel to something completely different? i am pretty sure we cannot lose and i can't wait to see you on the trail and celebrate every
9:39 pm
step of the way. thank you, and keep at it. thank you. [applause] [applause] clacks foreclosing closing remarks, please welcome the 70th governor and united states senator jim -- tim kaine. lex hello, richmond. hello virginia democrats. please have a seat. what a magnificent evening in my hometown. i want to do a few thank you's.
9:40 pm
i am the last speaker. i am the last speaker. that is an applause line. you's,to do a few thank and then give you and encouragement. first, and and i want to thank you for 2018. you's, and then give you and encouragement. i have never gotten more than 52% in any race i had ever run. my races were always being called late in the evening. novemberas called in at 7:01 because of your great work. as you all know, there was a lot of drama that night. thatited up late to see jennifer wexton and abigail spanberger flipped red seats to
9:41 pm
blue and helped us take the house back. my wife and i are so very thankful for your support in 25 years serving richmond and the commonwealth and the country. we love you guys. thanks so much. want to thank mayor pete and a senator amy. give them a round. it is wonderful to have mayor pete here in this city where i was a mayor. , works at south bend city hall and is an employee of mayor pete. he says wonderful things about him. we are thrilled to have him here with us tonight. thanks, mayor pete. klobuchar is one of my best friends in the senate.
9:42 pm
she has got just about the highest iq of anyone on the democratic side, which means she has about the highest iq of anyone in the senate. she has hard-working and fearless and she is very funny. we got a lot of people and the senate who asked funny, and only a few people who really are funny. amy klobuchar is very funny. amy, we love you. thanks to you and john for being here tonight. finally, i want to thank all of you for 2019. this generation of virginia the singleas led most powerful turnaround in the state from red to blue in the united states in the last 50 years. you have done that. you have done that.
9:43 pm
when mark warner and i came in together in 2001, everything was republican. everything. now we had all the statewide officeholders, both u.s. senators, a strong majority on , moreuse delegation electoral votes the last few times, and we will win them in 2020. thing we lack, and it is so close we can taste it, is the majorities in our two-state houses. house of delegates, state senate, thank you for ensuring that, come january, we will have the majority in those houses and we will run the table in the last 15 years. you can do that, and i know you will. last thing. take a minute, i want to ask you to do something.
9:44 pm
we have just come through primary week. democratic primaries are tough. my least favorite race was a three-way democratic primary for lieutenant governor in 2001. i like running against republicans a lot better than i like running against democrats. we have folks in this room tonight who ran and won and who courageously ran and lost. let's be honest, there are some raw feelings after the dust settles. there are people, can i be playing? after my race, there are people who want to write a story about divisions within the democratic party. there divisions on issues, between legislative candidates, and our statewide officeholders? is to remindo do
9:45 pm
and canvas go out and reach out between now and november, i want to remind you that the differences within the democratic family are so small, compared to the differences between democrats and republicans in this country. especially during the age of donald j. trump. summarize as i close. voters,re talking to and they want to ask you about differences, or if you ever talk to voters and they ask you the difference between democrats and republicans, just say this. we believe health care is a right. republicans don't.
9:46 pm
we believe women can be trusted to make their own reproductive decisions. republicans don't. we believe in climate science. republican stuff. i believe in common sense steps to reduce gun violence. republicans don't. we believe in the power of organized labor and the need to increase the minimum wage and republicans don't. we believe that voter suppression is wrong and republicans don't. in campaign finance, and republicans don't. we believe in the voting's right -- voting rights act, and republicans don't. the fully quality of every person, including our lgbtq neighbors and republicans don't. we believe in comprehensive immigration reform and republicans don't.
9:47 pm
believe that tax relief should be for people, not corporations, and republicans don't. we believe in paycheck equity for women. we believe in treaties. republicans don't. we believe veterans a john mccain should be honored, not ridiculed, and republicans don't. president that a should not start a war or a trade war without a vote of congress, and republicans don't. comprehensive childhood education and republicans don't. strategies to reduce the cost of college. believe that president should not invite hostile nations to invade our democracy and republicans don't.
9:48 pm
we believe that a president should follow the rule of law. republicans don't. we believe any president should respect allies and respect the press -- and respect the courts, and republicans don't difference between democrats and er than any is vast of us in this room. that's all we have to tell our betweenand neighbors now and november. between now and november. if we do, we will have a wonderful victory. we are a values party. believe in the quality, initiative, community. we know we are more than a party. we are a beautiful, diverse family.
9:49 pm
it has been a great family reunion tonight. we have work to do. let's band together and do it. let's take both houses and celebrate in november. thank you all for being here. thank you to amy klobuchar, pete buttigieg, susan swagger and all of our good virginia democrats. have a good night. [applause] >> thank you for attending the 2019 blue commonwealth gala. have a great evening in richmond. [applause] ♪
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>> i look forward to running against that. >> tuesday, president donald trump holds a rally in orlando, florida. officially launching his run for a second term. easternve at 8:00 p.m. on c-span to come online at, or listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news, and policy issues that impact here. coming up sunday morning, the national redistricting director for common cause. she discusses the legal battle over the citizenship question being included in the 2020 senses. also joining us is brad wilcox,
10:11 pm
director of the national theiage project at university of virginia on the role of fathers in american society. and a reporter for the los angeles times will discuss how the iranian government and its people are responding to increase tensions with the u.s.. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal," live sunday eastern at seven morning -- 7:00 in the morning. join the discussion. democraticy college residents of candidate senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts attended a campaign house party in windham, new hampshire. this is just under an hour. [applause] ["ain't no mountain high enough" playing] sen. warren: thank you, hello. hello, wyndham. it is great to see you. you are really in the sun. ok, ll


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