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tv   Newsmakers Larry Kudlow  CSPAN  March 17, 2019 1:37am-1:40am EDT

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>> 1, 2, 3. thank you, thank you so much. >> the president's chief economic advisor larry kudlow talks about high deficits, trade with china, the future of the u.s. economy and why the u.s. reacted to the boeing jet crash in ethiopia later than other nations. >> can you walk us through what happened? why the trump administration moved so slow on this? what do you think?
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i wouldn't read a thing and to that. >> do you think it would take a long time for them to sort out whether these planes are safe? a lot of americans are wondering. these planes are everywhere. is it safe to get on one? >> i can't answer that. i'm not an expert in that. i'm not directly involved in that. that we will not reopen the boeing routes and so forth until we are 100% satisfied of safety. from what i gather, boeing has come forward to make some adjustments in flight plans and software and sensors and pilot training and all kinds of things. narrative,ving you a they won't be back on the runways until we are absolutely, 100% satisfied that they are safe area >>


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