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tv   Conservative Political Action Conference Discussion with RNC Chair Ronna...  CSPAN  March 5, 2019 3:06am-3:30am EST

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executive nominations with votes expected before friday. senators begin debate next week. the house passed the measure last week in the president has said he will veto the resolution if it reaches his desk. you can follow the house live on to his -- on c-span and the senate on c-span2. >> c-span covered several days of the annual conservative political action conference held outside washington. chairnow, it here is rnc daniel.
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>> hello cpac. any day like caller readers? let us get started there. how many people consider themselves politically independent? anybody? a couple. , we see a lot of people identify as independent. how do you get those people to join the republican party? >> you tout the results of this administration. as people see 5 million new growth,s they see wage as they see our president bringing manufacturing jobs back --and you look at why is that?
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we have cut taxes and regulations. when you make the case that these are not just talking being seen ins is real time making our economy better. you can make the case. i think that is something that we have on our side right now. the democrats are dealing in theory and pipedreams. we can say that we have put this in action and lives are better. how the democratic party has unintentionally helped your cause. this is not an exhaustive list. the green new deal. jussie smollett. conservatives being assaulted on campus. aggressive bills on abortion. openly discussing letting babies die after birth. democrats receiving bipartisan condemnation for anti-semitism.
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thatng for border walls are amoral and should be torn down. you do have a media 93% negative against this president. this is what you will see for the next two years. they will bring the circus to town day after day with investigations and ridiculous committee hearings because they do not want people focusing on the results making lives better and this country. take this for granted or assume that the american people understand what socialism is. about venezuela where 90% of the people are living below poverty. there is no food in the grocery stores. promisingare everything, free health care, free education. that will bankrupt our country and turn us into a socialist
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nation. , nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and others are saying -- give us the rains, let us control everything. let the government make every decision which means they want to make every decision. we need to be out educating. they try to shame us for being republican. they try to make us afraid to speak. this is the time to be bold. we have to share our values. if we do not, they will take our nation down a path where we will not recognize our nation anymore. that is what is at stake. >> conservatives are speaking up. i want to talk to about the american family. increasingly are enthusiastic abortion supporters. open contempt for christianity and judaism.
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care thatms to american birth rates have plummeted to incredible lows. how does the republican party fix that? >> we care about the family. the president, one of the best things he has done on a the first basis, is cut back. being imprisoned for mandatory times. classeschilds led bible and got a law degree while in prison. his 35 year sentence was disproportionate to his crime. those are the things the president is doing to help the family. think about all of the people off of the food stamps. we talk about statistics. think about what that means for
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someone able to make a good wage. they are able to provide for themselves. is our party and of course, late-term abortion. it is not late-term abortion but murder. it is murder what ralph nordstrom talks about. and we need to speak about it in those terms. when you hear a democrat saying -- let the baby be born, keep it comfortable while the doctor and the mother make a decision, that is murder. what the democrats did this week i'm not voting to protect children after they were born and take care of them, that is despicable. and you look at their party look at what they stand for, we stand for life and humanity and treating people, even the most ,ulnerable, a brand-new baby with the dignity and respect and care that they deserve.
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that is what our party is about. [applause] >> polling is already showing that america is with you because the poll released this we can come in a single month, the country is 8% or 9% more pro-life. >> this is beyond pro-life or pro-choice. let us talk about -- on a duty as a mother is giving birth, saying that is the time to terminate a pregnancy or not take care of a baby -- that is reprehensible and every american across party lines should be speaking out about that but democrats are staying silent. they are so beholden to planned parenthood that they will not even say that it is wrong. not much division in the republican party on that issue. but there is division about open
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borders. many democrats are for open borders. the republican party has majority -- had majority control and we did not get a meaningful fix to our out of control, broken immigration system. the question becomes -- is the republican party beholden to the republicans into office or big business that wants to exploit immigrants? house did passé border package and sent it to the president. and then the senate, we had 51 seats at the time, nine democrats had to come across. say, yourats want to control the senate and house. with the filibuster and the 60 vote threshold, we need democrats to pass meaningful immigration reform. that is why democrats need to
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receive pressure. they know what their voters stand for. make no mistake, we have a crisis at our border and our president is right to call this an emergency. [applause] let us get into the business of the rnc. how many staffers do you have tasked? >> i cannot reveal the trade secrets but we are doing our homework and are watching the democrats. the field is getting bigger and bigger. they are so excited about beto o'rourke. his biggest accomplishment -- losing to ted cruz. big hopeis who their is. >> he did go to the dentist. >> and i think he blocked legislation to rename the post office and he can skateboard. kamala harris calling to get rid
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of private health care insurance. they are all trying to out bernie bernie. we have our work cut out to us because they are talking to millennials and going to the college campuses and promising the moon and the stars. the ultimate bait and switch that will destroy our country. we have to expose the reality of the dangers they are proposing. is mitt romney. he was attacked for using the phrase "binders full of women." >> he is attacked for everything. >> now we have a real binders scandal -- amy klobuchar has admitted to throwing a binder and striking one of her own employees.
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there are all sorts of things like this. if you mistreat your own that disqualify you for higher office? met anyone that has done that. i think that is weird. her staff is coming out and saying this is a person that was not kind to us. more concerning about amy klobuchar and these democrats really is what they are proposing for our country which will bankrupt our nation. it is so far left and it is frightening. look itbe a choice -- all of the great achievements of our country. flights, cars, the internet, sorry al gore. none of that came from government but from innovation and the greatness of america. we live in the best country in the world and it is because of
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our freedom -- and democrats want to take that away. [applause] --do wel be an election want the american dream? do we want innovation? or do we want the government to tell us everything that we get. do we want the power to be in washington? that is what democrats want. this will be the most stark choice as to the future of our onesry and we are the tasked with fighting for our country. everyone of us has to take that mantle on. it will be a difficult of -- difficult election and a media in the bag for the democrat party. going to ask you a detailed question. you hired any russians to help you investigate the democrats? [laughter]
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you plan to give any of that research to the fbi? >> isn't that amazing. the democrat national committee paid for this big dossier -- the one thing you saw from michael cohen's testimony who is going to jail for lying but let him bring -- but let us have him come back before congress so he can now tell the truth. dossier was given to bruce's wife who work for fusion gps. adam schmidt needs to recuse himself from this investigation needs to recuse himself from this investigation. there is no reason why he should be part of this and leading this investigation. we shall be calling for his recusal from this investigation. let me ask you about the
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republican side of the aisle. will president trump run unopposed in the gop primary and what do you do if john kasich or larry hogan say they are going to jump in? >> it is fine for them to jump in and lose. the president has 93% approval , the country is booming, jobs are coming back in the wages are up. the military is strengthened. veterans are taking care of. trade deals are stronger. rule of law judges have been put at every level of the court including at the supreme court with kavanaugh and gorsuch. what would any republican be thinking about? waste your tummy -- waste your money and your time. >> you have been advocating that people fight like a liberal. what does that mean? >> i don't know what that means. >> my staff told me about that.
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>> i am not taking anything for granted. , we havenc perspective staff on the ground in the battleground states. please go volunteering get involved. we know the difference we can make if talking to our neighbors and friends. so many people are not paying attention to what is happening. they have turned off the news because it is so negative. they are tired of the liberal spin. we have to have these conversations. that is what will make the difference to reelect president trump in 2020. stars in cpac. >> we have 20 young men and women that we have brought from across the country to cpac. please stand up. there are 20 of them here today.
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where are you? take a look. these are people that will make a difference in our party. they are leaders and doing and outstanding job. we are giving them the tools to be leaders in our party. like can do so in, charlie kirk. we need more leaders like that. we need more young people. the rnc brought them here. they have little badges on. these rising stars are the future of our party and we need to mentor them and bring them into our fold. we are often told that the democratic party is the party of young people. how does the republican party attract youthful supporters? >> we have to go to college campuses. we have to talk to people that have not heard enough from our party. you have to go to places where you do not think republicans will be like college campuses. tell them about what democrats
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are going to say. free education. we have kids that cannot read right now in elementary school. we have kids not graduating from high school. let us fix the education system we have now so people are not bound by their zip code. they will talk about free health care. they want to take away your relationship with your doctor and your ability to make decisions. we don't want that. we don't think the government is the best place to make decisions for your health care needs. about these things with college kids and then we say -- you are upset about your rates going up? look who is running your school. look at the board of trustees and the president. they are all liberal. they are raising your rates. take them on. they are the ones making your high and not too providing you an education to
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get you a job when you graduate. you have to educate these kids. [applause] biden is planning to jump in soon. my husband said if joe biden was a superhero comic he would gaff man.-- great, joe biden, run on your record of stagnant wages, jobs leaving the country, manufacturing jobs fleeing the u.s., bad trade deals, bad foreign policy. look at north korea. we have a president finishing his second summit would be north korean leader. he rightly walked away because we said we would not take away the sanctions if you will not denuclearize. look at the obama administration. the last year of obama-biden, north korea was firing missiles
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every 24 days. president trump come it took 458 days and he has increased the sanctions and the president has strengthened our country with his strong support of our military and his strong stance on the international stage. joe biden, please run on your record. you.ank we really appreciate you this morning. >> thank you so much. ♪ >> c-span's "washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, president of the physicians for health program, and american enterprise institute scholar
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joseph talks about recently unveiled health care for all and how it would change the system. washington post editorial board member talks about climate change and how best to enact a green new deal. the sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern this morning. join the discussion. of our livesome coverage tuesday. 10:00 on c-span with the cdc reporting 150 people nationwide infected with measles, the senate health committee holds a hearing on vaccine preventable diseases. the house gavels and to debate several bills including one directing the veterans administration to carry out a pilot program to provide undergraduate students clinical health experience with the v.a. in the morning on c-span2, amy klobuchar and robert reisch talk
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about competition and corporate monopolies in the u.s. senate returns to continue debate on president trump's executive and judicial nominees. c-span3, the senate armed services committee reviews the trump administration's budget request for the defense department with general heading the european command and transportation command. in the afternoon come the house rules committee will meet to set the guidelines for debate on hr one. measure is set for house floor debate on wednesday. watch c-span3 this week for live coverage of key hearings. 10:00, kiersten nielsen testifies before the house homeland security committee about border security. wednesday, the
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senate armed services committee looks at prevention and response to sexual assault enemy -- in the military. thursday, 10:00, a hearing on u.s.-venezuelan relations with mark green and elliott abrams. 1:30 p.m., samuel alito and elena kagan appear before the general government subcommittee on the supreme court budget. watch beginning wednesday at 10:00 eastern on c-span3,, or listen on the free c-span radio app. >> hr one comes to the house floor this week. cq roll call reports it is the democrat signature overhaul legislature incurred -- including redistricting and automatic voter registration.
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they will set the guidelines for debate. we have live coverage at 5:00 eastern on c-span3. hr one boost to the house floor on wednesday. there will be debate for the next several days. a vote on final passage is expected on friday. there was a three and a half hour hearing on the measure. elijah cummings from maryland and jim jordan from ohio.


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