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tv   Interview Cristina Marcos  CSPAN  February 1, 2019 9:54pm-10:02pm EST

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things. that we play our rightful role in the setting of american foreign policy. and it is important that the united states senate be on the right side of this issue so that we can hope to influence future actions and policies before they are taken and we can help change them once they have been taken in places headed in the wrong direction. mr. president, i yield the >> the senate voted to move ahead on an amendment by majority leader mitch mcconnell, which would put the senate on record opposing president trump's announcement that he is pulling troops from syria and afghanistan. the senate continues work monday on the middle east policy bill, with several votes related to the amendment, and the bill scheduled for 5:30 p.m. eastern. reports on marcos congress for "the hill."
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-- she joins us on the status of border talks. cristina: right now president trump says he doesn't have much optimism in anything they are going to do. he has been suggesting he is preparing to declare a national emergency. committee only just met wednesday and the government funding deadline is on february 15, but the functional deadline on capitol hill is next friday, because the conferees want to make sure there is enough time for anything they produce to make its way to both chambers of congress. host: speaker pelosi said this past week there will be no wall funding in this final agreement. she did mention the possibility of some kind of barrier, southern border barrier, like normandy fencing. what do you hear from democratic
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negotiators on funding a physical barrier on the border? cristina: democrats i have talked to have all said they don't want to fund the wall. outthey are not ruling funding for physical barriers either. i talked to the chair of the house homeland security andittee, benny thompson, he says there is a room for a conversation about physical barriers along the border, if that's what people think is the best strategy in their particular part of the border. that's not to say they would not something -- would not want something that is aac-two-shining-see affair -- a sea-to-shining-sea affair. but they may ok a physical beare -- physical barrier. it's speaker pelosi giving
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the negotiators a free hand? she isa: she -- expressing more confidence in the negotiators than president trump is. but anything that comes out of the committee is going to have to be something that pelosi and if thisll sign off on, is something that is going to avert a government shutdown. host: you mentioned president trump has been making comments. when republicans hear the president say there is a good chance he will declare a national emergency, and that the talks are a waste of time, what impact is that having on republicans in this conference committee? haveina: the republicans been expressing frustration that president trump has been making these comments, and is already dunking on the committee before it has even really gotten started. a lot of republicans have been saying publicly that they would like for trump to stay out of it, and to tamp down on the tweeting. but they also acknowledge trump
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isn't exactly one to heed their advice. steps int are the next this process peered the february 15 deadline, we talked about, in order to fund the government. and also, will we see any more open meetings will roll things continue behind closed doors? cristina: the conference committee has not announced any more public meetings. most conference committees don't get much of anything done in public. they do all the negotiating and private, away from prying eyes .f the media and the public especially if they are hoping to strike a deal within the next week, they are really going to need to speed things up in the best way for them to do that is to actually sit down with each other and hammer this out. but they are aiming to get something done by next friday, so that way there is enough time, since there is a new rule house democrats implemented to
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require 72 hours after legislation is published before giving it a floor vote. host: i appreciate your time and all the information. i will continue to follow you on twitter, and your reporting in the -- -- >> c-span's newest book, the senate, transports you inside the senate weighing of the u.s. capitol, giving you unique architectural details, and this keepsake is filled with beautiful color photos of the art and architecture that pervade the senate space, and offers information about the senate's rich history. to order your high-quality, paperback copy for just $18.95
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plus shipping, visit over the last year, the world has seen what we always knew, that no people on earth are so fearless or daring or determined as americans. if there is a mountain, we climate. if there is a frontier, we cross it. if there is a challenge, we tame it. if there is an opportunity, we seize it. so let's begin tonight by recognizing that the state of our union is strong, because our people are strong. [applause] first state of the union, postponed because of the government shut down, will now take place tuesday night. watch as president trump delivers his estate of the union address live from the house
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chamber beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, followed by the democratic response from former georgia gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams. the state of the union, live tuesday at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span,, or listen with the free c-span radio app. joining us from palm springs, sclapp.nia, matt s steve: i'm wondering if


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