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Kevin McCarthy
  House Republican Press Conference  CSPAN  January 4, 2019 12:54pm-1:04pm EST

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[chatter] [laughter] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> no news from the white house on the status of talks with democrat leaders to end the government shutdown. this is happening this afternoon and planning to hear from members when they leave the white house. our cameras are set up outside. we'll bring you the president's comments from the rose deparden
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after that meeting concludes which could happen at any time. house republicans held a briefing this morning to discuss their agenda in the new congress. here's what they had to say. mr. mccarthy: i'm very concerned also from the standpoint, speaker pelosi, steny hoyer going to say anything about their freshmen, especially congresswoman talib, on her comments yesterday inside her move on meeting? i know she wanted to double down about this, but is this the behavior we'll find with this new majority party here in congress? are they going to govern the way they said they wanted to govern? they are going directly after the president. they have already put impeachment proceedings in. we want to solve our problem about the shutdown. we want to have border security. we're going to go down to the white house again today, hopefully the leadership on the democratic side won't interrupt the secretary from homeland who wants to give us the facts about the crisis happening at the border today. what's very concerning can, if
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this is how they are starting out, i understood why we had to wait to have the meeting today looking at the vote count for speaker pelosi that they had to have a certain number of staying so she could win this election. a number of people who promised their voters they would not vote for nancy pelosi, they have broken their promise to their constituents. i wonder what other things they'll break their promise to as well. we have got our work to do. we should be staying here. finishing the job. opening government back up and making sure we have border ecurity. mr. scalise: the first day in office does set the tone for what kind of administration you are going to have. and when nancy pelosi and her team basically said that they want to leave instead of stay in town for the weekend and work with this president, who, by the way, stayed over the entire christmas break waiting for an offer, not one of which came to solve this problem, in terms of both not only opening the government but securing the
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border. when we go down to the white house today, i hope they'll actually listen to secretary of homeland security neilsen and the things that are really going on at the border that are very larming. when you look at the numbers, over 3,700 known or suspected terrorists that were stopped from entering the united states in 2017. the thousands of criminals who have come over across our border to commit very serious crimes. over 900 kids who were saved from human trafficking by our i.c.e. agents that nancy pelosi and a lot of her team and majority want to abolish. that's what's at stake in this fight over government funding. then you look what bill they passed out of the house yesterday. hey passed a bill to basically allow taxpayer money to go to foreign government entities to provide abortions, but nancy pelosi wouldn't allow taxpayer money to go to the department of homeland security to keep this country safe.
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i think that shows a clear difference in priorities and approaches to what president trump wants to do to keep the country safe. first what nancy pelosi wants to do to ignore this problem and refuse to negotiate. ms. cheney: i think that you also have seen yesterday and over the course of the last 24 hours in particular a real ramp up in rhetoric and name-calling and the kind of politicization and partisanship the american people are sick and tired of. you had speaker pelosi say she thinks the president doesn't know how to deal with strong women. let me just say that in my experience strong women want national security. strong women want to know that we're going to protect the border of this nation. this isn't about strong women. it's not about name-calling. you had references to hitler. ou had foul language used. the necessity to impeach. we're in a situation where the democrats are clearly bringing
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into this office as they take charge a level of rhetoric, a level of attack, a level of vitriol not good for the country and ignores the very real national security challenge we face. i hope that they will today i hope that they will today determine that they have got to stop playing these games, stop passing legislation that will not have any effect, we know it won't get taken up in the senate, and help us secure this border so that we can get on with the work of the people here in the people's house. reporter: there's been a ramp up in the rhetoric and vitriol. two years of president using foul language and vitriol and oftentimes criticized for not calling him out. isn't this just another play from that party? ms. cheney: if you look at what we have seen, i don't want to repeat the allegation, you have seen over the past 24 hours very fowl language, any comparisons to hitler, nazism are utrageous. suggesting we're doing anything here except trying to secure our borders, trying to do our work, eep people safe.
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speaker pelosi gave a speech as she took over yesterday making clear that she wants to herald in a new era in washington. we'd like to hope that that new era includes getting substantive work done for the american people. in particular securing the border making sure we're protecting the security of the nation. reporter: when you guys were in the majority a short time ago, you passed a bill here in the house, sent down the house markers, sent it to the senate on the onus on the senate to open up the government. why is the situation different mr. mccarthy: because the bill that the new majority took up, they already knew in the meeting where you had the leader in the senate said he would not take it up because it would not become law. even schumer has said last week, if you look at the quote, they should not take anything up that the president is not going to sign. nancy pelosi knew this bill would go nowhere. we knew from in that meeting we could not come to any conclusion our get a compromise based upon that she had to have a speaker
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vote. now we have waited, the government has had to be shut down for this. i hope they'll be serious in this meeting, much different than the last meeting. i wish we could have stayed here this weekend and solved it. maybe if you didn't want to keep everybody here, but we could have stayed here and solved this problem. it would not take a long time. we know where the differences lie. we know how to find compromise. we have done it many times before. that's why the president's having another meeting. [inaudible] mr. mccarthy: did she support the language? that was the wrong language? did she talk to her new member about it? she is the speaker of the house. she is also the head of the democratic party. she has a new freshman incoming individual that use that is type of language that has a determination of what she's
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going to do with no facts or basis. i think this is a role as a leader and speaker to have a conversation with this member on whether she approves of this or not. [inaudible] mr. mccarthy: i think these comments as the house majority going to be serious about nything? i sat up on the dais provided the gavel to the new speaker, talked about ways we could work ogether, laid out firm principles that we would not compromise on, and we see this language going forward? how do you work with anybody if this is what they really have planned? that they go down into a place they have a move on to think thers aren't watching, using foul language, they introduce they want to impeach the pr