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tv   Rep. Kathleen Rice on House Democratic Leadership  CSPAN  November 29, 2018 6:41am-6:48am EST

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[indiscernible] [indiscernible] [indiscernible] [indiscernible] [indiscernible] [indiscernible] >> i think there were no surprises today. it was not a terribly productive conversation. we knew she was going to get the majority vote, but it also established very clearly what we have been saying all along, which is she does not have the ability to get votes on the floor. none of us want to pick a short-term fight, but the voters have to be heard.
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we need to protect new members and i hope we will have this conversation in the future. reporter: [inaudible] rep. rice: i think people need to know when this leadership team plans on turning the reins over to the next generation of leader. we just elected the most diverse group of members that has ever been elected to the house in our history. and they deserve to know when leadership is going to change. reporter: do you know the timeline? rep. rice: there was discussion about timeline. but i understand -- i'm a practical person -- i understand the downside to saying this is when i'm going to leave. it definitely has the ability to affect your ability to plan, has the ability to affect getting things done. that's not what you want either, but there has to be some succession plan. there has to be some transition, because the voters have spoken
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loud and clear and we need to protect new members and protect our majority. reporter: [inaudible] rep. rice: we didn't agree on the direction we needed to go in. hopefully we will have additional conversations. reporter: what about the 203 that voted for her? does that affect the momentum? rep. rice: no. there were twice as many people voting against her then we need on the floor. reporter: that happened in the last race. rep. rice: but there was no one running against her. it is obvious why there were a as many votes against her, there was no one running against her. this is all about moving on to the next generation of leadership, and we need to get there. we need to get there. that's what voters want. they're sick and tired of the same kind of establishment politics going on with all the, you know, getting people, giving them this -- it's why people have a lack of faith in what we do here in washington.
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reporter: [inaudible] rep. rice: i have said from the very beginning, this is not personal about nancy pelosi. it is not even personal about her, it is about the entire team. but there was no opposition to them. you know, but i think any conversation has to include the top three positions. reporter: but it is not just about the group -- [inaudible] rep. rice: i have no intention of running. it has never been about me running, but about agitating for change. that's what we need here. my feeling is, if it does get to a floor vote or if we work something out before, then i believe there are other people in this caucus who can serve. there's no question about it. there's so much talent in our caucus. so many talented people. if you look at the new class of people coming in, they'll be incredible in our party. so we have to get there. these are not easy times.
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the voters went and did some extraordinary things. they went out and knocked on doors, made phone calls, they agitated for change. and if we don't take that message and do the same here, shame on us. reporter: [inaudible] rep. rice: 40 seats, that's right, that's great. that tells you that there was a real sea change out there. voters wanted new people here, they -- you have a great group of candidates running who were speaking directly to voters. they were not taking their marching orders from leaders in washington. they spoke directly to their constituents, and a won very difficult races. and they'll have a very difficult race two years from now. it's going to be made that much more difficult if we don't show that we heard the voters, and, you know, let different people. republicans ran millions of ads making this about nancy pelosi. they told voters voting for a
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democrat was voting for pelosi to be a speaker. didn't they kind of say ok" for democrats, knowing that pelosi was the option they were being given for speaker? people supported candidates first and foremost. a lot of those candidates said, i am not going to vote for her. so that sends a strong message right there. this has always been about listening to the voters. we can't forget about thee the entire middle of the country. and think that we can be a party that represents every american. we need to get back to listening to voters, what they have to say, and a lot of that has to do with allowing the next generation of leaders, of which there are many within our caucus, to step up and do their part. reporter: how confident are you that the 16 to 20 members who currently say they will not back her -- because she has been able to peel off votes before. rep. rice: that's true. there are more than 16 to 20 who have said they will not vote for her on the floor. we have to have this discussion. nancy pelosi said it herself.
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power is not given to you, you have to take it. that is what this effort is all about. these are not easy positions to be in, but we have to have this conversation. reporter: [inaudible] rep. rice: we'll see. my hope is we will continue the conversation, because i think the more we talk, the more productive we can be. but i for one think we have to put a focus on listening to the voters and what message they sent us in november. thank you. >> nancy pelosi was selected [indiscernible]


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