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tv   KNXV TV Coverage of Sen. Mc Cain Arizona Memorial Service  CSPAN  August 30, 2018 12:01pm-12:45pm EDT

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action, i can honestly say the 2002 winter olympics would not have been a success. in fact, it would have been an embarrassment. and he was not real excited about putting up federal funds either, but all i had to do was ask and he said fine. so esteemed was john by his republican colleagues that we didn't hesitate to throw our support behind him in the 2008 presidential election. senator mccain mounted an admirable campaign refusing to stoop to in the memorial will be hope. we are moments away from the position beginning. mccain's body will be , goingrted by motorcade
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toward central before finishing at north phoenix baptist church. the process and is expected to begin at nine: fifth teen at the church -- 9:15. >> thank you. this is the day to celebrate the life of arizona's favorite son. have the governor with us right now, a leader of the state and someone close to senator john mccain. personal to you and your family, obviously. >> i think it is for all of arizona.
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if you look at the old -- outpouring of affection. people have lined up for hours yesterday in really hot weather to come in and salute and pay their respects. i think everyone whether they had a personal relationship or not so they did this man -- >> we are bringing you live shot from phoenix as the memorial service is just getting underway here for senator john mccain.
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salute is up. they will move him down 17th avenue and now the motorcade for the funeral here in phoenix of senator john mccain. logistically that is 17th avenue. way toe making their i-17, north wound and then to central and then to the north phoenix baptist church. it is appropriate to do what you see people doing. they are lining their way. dps motorcycle, i-17 to
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camelback, all along that route you can pay your last respects as well. >> let's toss out to megan thompson along camelback. in: if you take a live look you can see some scenes from xavier showing up right now. they have made their way in full force holding science here in meghan mccain graduated from excel ear back in 2003. yo.ave business of people are lining thestreets, holding out signs.
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many people have been lining the streets for hours now. to arrive at 7:45 this morning. we are keeping a lot of the crowds of hated about when the hearse is leaving. --know >> this is history. so many people from the state of arizona, remember john mccain fondly. our stateresented more than 30 years in the senate. ,he hearse is making its way it's almost like a presidential motorcade. you have the moment where you say, i saw it draw past.
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timeampaign signs, one nominee for the republican nomination. side,see on the left hand the body of john mccain in the hearse making its way up to north the next baptist church. they are making their way over from the capital to the i-17. they will take it to camelback. we spoke about the overpasses, or they don't want to block traffic. it was blocked almost as if it was a trade -- parade route atmosphere. again, a somber one. a moment of silence, you could pin heard apn drop -- a drop.
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entire procession, dps doing great work. logistically, this is an effort that has to be applauded as they try to honor appropriately our state senator who died on saturday. services set to get started at about 10:00. 47 minutes from now. let's go to jennifer martinez who is along this route. what are you seeing there? >> they had a lot of people out there. many people are holding american flags and those mccain campaign signs. yesterday, the american spirit, people are blue onred, white, and
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the route and they say they came here to pay respects to the center but also we see people holding signs that said senator john mccain has care for counts -- has character that counts. one man say that is why he voted or mccain. -- for mccain. i also spoke to one gentleman who said he had been in arizona for 53 years. for him theoted first time and it has been an honor to vote for him each time.
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people started coming here at 6:00 in the morning. more people are showing up. jenniffer, we thank you for that. we are seeing the hearse traveling on to the i-17 making its way up towards the interchange with the 10 and they will begin that route. people on the overpasses watching. makes surelow pace, that everyone is getting to where they are going safely. when anybody who wants to gets a chance to see the hearse and pay their last respects. you talk about the political makeup of the state. hue in about the purple election cycles, the senator known for reaching across the aisle.
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senator joe biden will be speaking at his service. that expresses the partisanship that senator mccain is known for. not so much a hardliner but he did get things done working with others. with a lot of different opinions and up to ideals -- ideals. senator mccain was not a quiet person. peoplealking with some about what they remember the most about the senator and perhaps it is his upfront way of speaking. >> he was charming.
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if he wasn't being a bit sarcastic, something was wrong. >> people were wondering if they was in trouble, mccain known to use salty language and be temperamental as well. but he would say maybe i am a little intense on that. everybody comes out of their , his goal was to rattle people and eventually get them to move a little bit in his direction. >> i think the lineup of all the people that will be here today , it'shn mccain
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interesting out here. we are seeing a lot of people, and here we are. >> this is an international story. all of the major networks and national press is here as well. ton mccain meant a lot immortalized almost as a president would be. >> thank you for being with us. what does arizona oh john mccain? now hee were here right would say arizona doesn't owe him anything. he loved the state.
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i was his desk in his office in december and we were looking pictures. much to move the state forward. >> ultimately there has to be a , he did so much for
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.he military it would be nice if there were some way we could do that. they named a ship after him. thank you. we appreciate that. >> john mccain was truly an
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icon. john is bigger than politics. >> thank you so much for your time. when you consider the generations on -- 40's on down there he goldwater -- barry goldwater in our state politically as well and in far reaches of the state. up in a little place named cornwell. ,hey also appreciated the fact growing up as a child of people
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in the navy people --. he looked arizona. we are making our way through the crowd right now. many people have moved to the edge of the street to try to get a glimpse of the horrors -- hearse. huge crowds have gathered here. they have officially entered on camelback. tell me what brought you out here? he was a world-class
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politician. why did you have to be here so early to get a place? he deserves this type of respect. important is -- to have a senator like john mccain representing years day -- representing your state? of person of the type he was, he had integrity and a great work ethic. to be fromvery proud arizona.
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have a huge crowd that has now joined us. >> an hour went by and we started seeing the crowds. so everybody in the world could see how much some work he had at home. they are making their way off to camelback. andhave doors of cars open people using their phones to .nap pictures i saw senator john mccain on one hehis last journeys here,
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talked about being an adopted son here. state once wee planted roots here. roots run deep regardless of when you show up. the senators showed us that. this service begins in about a half hour. he loved his sports teams. how many people across the valley across the state of arizona relocated here and made arizona there home. so many people when it comes to arizona it is part of you, and
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that was senator john mccain. once he got to arizona she could not get away -- she could not get away. folks nowe the getting what they have been waiting for. perhaps talk about this moment with their children. truly talking about naming things after him. maps the office building back in washington dc. i wonder if we have a ground shot now along camelback. this is something that these young people will remember for a long time.
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i know my kids will want to talk about this today. they have been asking questions, and we talked to them about it. this is a special moment. >> the procession is making its way on camelback. heading out for this last chance , after the service he will fly back east. there is a lot of somber folks , ready to the church celebrate the life of this great and.
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man. this great >> these people who have come here to pay their final respects. they have a genuine sense of andmbering and celebrating would want to have been remember. inside you will see tributes from a number of people. ceos, you have people from all walks of life life.ave touched his the ceos of two of the largest come in knees in phoenix -- companies in phoenix. celebrating his life.
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the number of people that he touched. the long list of lawmakers from all over the country, as others making this day a priority. they are paying their respects to john mccain. see folksurprise to from both sides of the aisle. about his influence and the people who are eulogizing him, his political opponents, what does it say about john mccain russian mark --?
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you could honestly disagree with something and then go out and have a beer. a lot of us are going to look back on it and somehow retrieve at some point. where you can honestly disagree with something and go out and have a beer. agee live in a day and where you can watch 24 hour cable news and you can fill your day with politics. it is not just around election time, it is 24/7.
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no one is running for anything. everybody is still connected. >> i flip channels all the time and i see, you are watching two re is ant worlds, the different story. are some things you can avoid talking about, but there is the experience of the world with different information set from the old days of walter cronkite -- it was not the same. we have been fragmented and that. -- in that. might be too idealist, you have been a strategist, maybe a moment like this will hopefully trigger some sort of idea that we can be nicer to
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each other? >> might be too idealist, they are usually fleeting moment. -- moments. >> i think there are moments when the country did come together, everybody are members 9/11. dear member -- do you remember the way the country was right after? we had been attacked. >> it was on ambi. guous.mbi they are usually fleeting and wepatently evil experienced it like no single event since pearl harbor. thing thatt sort of comes together, we remind ourselves that we are all americans, and i do not know if john mccain's death is as cataclysmic like that, but it is
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a reminder of what we have seen after what the country says we are all still together. >> the sad thing is when you think about who else is there of that ilk -- it is a pretty short list. >> there has to be a people out there who are inspired and maybe look at his legacy and step up. >> here's the problem, how do they get through primary election? >> a very good point. >> there is another senator in retiring. that is do you think you would retiring. -- >> if you have a system where it was like top two, you run with or without labels, he would appeal to -- that is the funny
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thing. he was the executive director of the institute, but his problem with the far right is that he has been unwilling that she has been willing to criticize donald trump on personal matters, and that does not pass the litmus test of the republican party. >> it used to, john mccain -- the advantage had and he had the last election before trump, for him to do it in the next election, it would have been a little tougher. >> it is -- unfortunate because the most important issues get lost in arguments and in many cases, just don't matter. >> we are just a few minutes away from the motorcade arriving at the church. this might be a familiar area
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for a lot of you, especially if you have ever attended the parades. t> we are seeing the hurs about the turn. megan thompson on the ground, what are you seeing? we are seeing a massive crowd that has made its way all the way up, some of them in the street trying to get any kind of view they can of senator john rse that will come through the area. we have plenty of people holding mccain signs. meghan unfortunate because the most important issues get mccai3 from xavier. we have police officers and their motorcades as well as the phoenix police helicopter flying upr right now as we gear
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for the senator to make his way down the street. we have people lining both sides hearsea glimpse of the passing through. it will be seconds that people be able to pay their respects, but all of them say this is all worth it. to catch a glimpse of a man who sacrifice to most of his life to serve. >> only about 1000 people were able to get those tickets -- the highly coveted items, to be at the ceremony. this is the memorial for arizona. the senator will receive these honors on the national level. he is going to be flown after the service back east. he will be arriving in maryland and the national cathedral, and on sunday, he will be buried at the naval academy in annapolis. avenue. on 7th
12:37 pm from it is a good feelings to see all of those people lining, and you see all of those flags flying. i believe one of his sons if not both of his younger sons went to brothy. students honoring their alums and the father of their alums. john mccain, part of the phoenix culture. here we are in the west and we like to get the attention on the national scale for good things and that is what we have got here. you can see some crowd control, they are trying to keep people back. they would hate to have some sort of an accident, but my
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goodness, what a large crowd we see out there as the senator makes his way past. there we go. there is the procession from the ground level. they are turning right now, the dps troopers on the leading edge. atmosphere was summoned people lining the streets, and yet, an appropriate show of respect for the senator as he makes his way past. john mccain came to arizona in early 1980's, two terms in congress on the house side, and ran and succeeded barry goldwater, another giant name in arizona politics.
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megan, go ahead. the hearse just passed us and cindy mccain just gave away to the crowd who was all gathered out here to give her husband the farewell he deserves. told, the girls have been put your hand on your heart 2000se they -- their and three graduate, meghan mccain, is here as well. i am getting emotional standing out here to see the show of support from the people of arizona and these huge crowds from law enforcement. the extensive group that has come out to make sure the safely makes it there and to receive his full honors at the memorial service. the very last time all of the people out here will get a chance to honor that senator as he leaves from arizona today to
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go to our nation's capital. we still have this procession making its way down central avenue. troopersore state making its way along the line following all of the vehicles with the family inside as well as the hearse. troopers making its way alongmore patrolg their way down the street as they work now to open the avenue. there are students in the red shirts and we have xavier students showing support for the mccain family. i heard gasps from the crowd in awe of the moment they witnessed. dan: you saw the hats come off and the hands go over the heart s there. you see the flags waving, too, as senator john mccain makes his way. he is getting pretty close
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approaching north phoenix baptist church. arizona citizens have gathered to pay their last respects. quite the list, it is showstudded -- it just you the far-reaching impact of the john mccain has. we are talking people from the world of athletics, politics, local celebrities, upwards of 25 senators from the body from washington dc will be here. a live look outside of north phoenix baptist church where the ceremony will take place in less than 20 minutes. we do not have an exact amount of time that they will be inside for the service. we have a number of speakers, each who would like to give their own personal anecdotes and stories about their interactions with the senator.
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after that, he will fly back east and have the services on the national scale and we will cover that for you here on abc 15. we are beginning to hear that police helicopter which is an indication that the motorcade is approaching closely. you mentioned the impact that the school plays to john mccain's lfi -- life, his sons both going there. there's going to be a moment of the program with "amazing grace" by some of the students. it is an important school for john mccain and a couple of other politicians including governor ducey. >> this is the part of town where john mccain lived, this is his neighborhood. ,o see all those people line up that is such a remarkable place.
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what attribute this is the john mccain -- what a tribute this is the john mccain. -- ost of phoenix neighborhood that is following in the republican category. he did very well in democratic areas as well. >> he has always had crossover appeal. ls that were done shows he has a much higher approval amongst democrats than republicans and that is a figure that has varied over time. >> your been your his daughter talk about the far left and the far right, and somehow trying to bridge the gap in the middle. we have heard her talk about this even recently on the view, and it makes you wonder if that
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is a representative of who we and that we might very well represent here. neighborhood and particularly this year with on a national level, tends to be a very big democratic year, that probably canceled -- of funeral events surrounding the late senator john mccain with the motorcade of his body continuing to the north phoenix baptist church. our coverage is courtesy of abc 15 in phoenix as they are members senator john mccain. >> the motorcade pulling up.


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