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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones Part 1  CSPAN  April 14, 2018 7:00am-8:27am EDT

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for the study of war about u.s. military options in syria. you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. next.ngton journal" is i ordered thep: united states armed forces to launch precision strike on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities of syrian dictator bashar al-assad. ♪ that was president donald trump speaking from the white house last night after the u.s. and european allies launched missile strikes in syria. the military operation in retaliation for what western nations are calling a deliberate chemical weapons attack by bashar al-assad's regime against the syrian people and was bigger than the one the u.s. launched last year after another gas attack, this time hitting three chemical weapons facilities.
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u.s. lawmakers reactions were mixed with some uploading the move and others demanding president trump get congressional approval before authorizing military action. asking our viewers for your reaction to the strikes on today's "washington journal." republicans call 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. -8003de the u.s., call 748 or regis on twitter -- reach us on twitter @cspanwj or facebook at says theork times united states and european allies launched airstrikes on friday night against syrian research, storage, and military targets, the president sought to punish president bashar al-assad for suspected chemical attacks near damascus last weekend that
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killed more than 40 people. the u.k. and france joined the united states in a coordinated operation and did it to show western resolve in the face of what leaders of the nation call persistent violations of international law. donald trump characterized it as the beginning of a sustained effort to force bashar al-assad to stop using banned weapons that only a one night operation that hit three targets. let's look at more of what president trump said last night. president trump: a short time ago, i ordered the united states armed forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities of syrian dictator bashar al-assad. operation with the armed forces of france and the united kingdom, it is now underway.
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we thank them both. want to speak with you about why we have taken this action. assad launched a savage chemical weapons attack against his own innocent people. withnited states responded 58 missile strikes that destroyed 20% of the syrian air force. regimeturday, the assad deployed chemical weapons to slaughter innocent civilians, this time in the town of doma, near the syrian capital of damascus. the massacre was a significant escalation in a pattern of chemical weapons use by that very terrible regime. the evil and despicable attack left mothers and fathers and infants and children thrashing
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in pain and gasping for air. these are not the actions of a man they are crimes of a monster instead. horrors of world war i, civilized nations joined ban chemical warfare, chemical weapons are not only dangerous because they inflict gruesome suffering but because, even small amounts can unleash widespread devastation. the purpose of our actions is to establish a strong deterrent against the production, spread, and use of chemical weapons. establishing this deterrent is a vital national security interest of the united states. british,ned american, and french response to these
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atrocities will integrate all instruments of our national power. military, economic, and diplomatic. we are prepared to sustain this response. until the syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents. host: joining us from beirut to help us understand the strikes more is ben hubbard, a new york times middle east correspondent, joining us via skype. thank you for joining us. explain more about the targets of the strikes. what did the missiles hit? aest: we do not know tremendous amounts about the targets but most scientific research facilities associated with the syrian military. these have been around for a long time and we heard american officials talking about when they announced the strike,
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saying these facilities were involved in research, production of chemical weapons inside syria. it appeared to be a target that was chosen as a direct response to the reported chemical attacks in damascus last weekend. host: what has been the reaction so far out of syria to these attacks? guest: there has been a lot of condemnation with syria and its allies who have condemned them and said it was a terrible thing and you are violating syrian sovereignty with pro-government protest in downtown damascus. we have not seen any significant retaliation. that was one of the things we were thinking about beforehand. you have not only the syrian military but many forces from iran and supported by iran, including hezbollah, and russian troops on the ground. there have been concerned for the strikes that these other
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forces involved in syria would find their own interest and tried to retaliate against the united states. we have not seen that so far. pass as like this will another punishment for the syrian government but one that does not substantially change the direction of the overall war. host: what about the reaction from other western allies who did not participate in the strike themselves as the u.k. and france did? are we hearing from them? >> very few that want to stand up for bashar al-assad. this is a leader who is loads in westest -- loathed in the because of the way he waged war against his own people with war crimes. very few people in the west would be willing to stand up for him. a number of countries said they felt there should be punishment for using chemical weapons but
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did not participate in this, particularly germany. they said the use of these kind of editions is unacceptable but chose not to participate or join this coalition that bombed syria last night. host: what should we be looking out for next? we have not seen any efforts to retaliate. what should we be watching out of syria, and also out of russia and iran? alliesif syria's other decide they can let it pass, if they do come if they feel that we can take this one, they hit us and maybe destroyed some facilities but does not damage our capabilities that much, let's let it go because we have longer-term interest in the country we have invested in and we continue to work towards, they may let it go. if they decide to respond, that could happen in a number of boys. -- ways.
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i would be surprised if there were a direct response to be american military because they do not want to get into a shooting fight with the united states. the u.s. has allies on the ground in syria, people were closely fighting bj -- islamic state. we have allies in iraq. they could try to attack the roughly 2000 american troops based in eastern syria. tied into the alliance with the syrian government like hezbollah could do things against israel. they are probably not interested in taking any action at this moment that would result in full on war. host: the middle east correspondent from the new york times, thank you for joining us. getting reaction from our viewers about the syrian strike, dwight on the independent line from fairfield, california. caller: thank you for taking my call.
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this display of power by president trump with france and england, this is just contributing to the genocide of the syrian people. what is our results on this? this country has been devastated by years and years of war. what does the united states do their? yes, we are the most powerful country in the world and yes, the syrian people have been gassed, but i do not know if there has been proof. being former military and you are watching the film of the supposedly gassed individuals, kimberly, they are washing these people off with water and very hands and it is supposed to be a chemical agent and not being done in anti-contamination clothing? see: what would you like to -- how would you like to see the u.s. and its allies react to this? caller: we need to have proof
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this was done by assad and not the russians. will war settled this? we have been in afghanistan and syria, the countries's are devastated and these people have nowhere to go. i am looking at humanitarian reasons, not more reasons. -- war reasons. host: carl on the democratic's line from massachusetts. caller: i agree with that man, a call, i woke up with a crazy idea, i don't care if people think it is crazy, there is collusion between the united states and russia, vladimir , somebodydonald trump is pulling the strings, i do not know who. tin knows how to act and does not make and ass out of themselves in public.
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the collusion is a want to keep bigted war, not too big but enough to keep the arms industry going and nobody cares how many people get killed. i cannot believe people are so gullible. like the previous caller said, it was film clips, who knows where they came from, people doused with water, there is no proof. i would appreciate feedback from some of your viewers. thank you for c-span. , one of the u.k. allies who joined into these airstrikes, we have headlines about it. the daily mail says that we have gone in, britain, u, france, launching airstrikes against attack asr a chemical donald trump says we have had
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our righteous power against barbarism. the guardian says the cold war is back with a vengeance. in reaction to the cold war as a result of these actions. also from the guardian, reaction , u.k. prime minister theresa may spoke to the press and let's look at that. -- baseday: back date on a pattern can -- based on a pattern of behavior, we judge it highly likely that both the syrian regime has continued to use chemical weapons since then and will continue to do so. this must be stopped. we have thought to do so using every possible diplomatic channel but our efforts have been repeatedly fortunate on the ground -- sorted on the ground -- any attempts to hold the perpetrators to account has been blocked by russia at the united nations security council with
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six vetoes since the start of 2017. this week, the russians vetoed a resolution that would have established an independent investigation into this latest attack. making the grotesque and absurd claim it was staged by britain. wen the cabinet met, consider the advice of the attorney general and the national security advisor and the chief of the defense staff. we were updated on the latest assessment and intelligence picture. based on this advice, we agreed it was right and legal to take military action with our closest allies to alleviate further humanitarian suffering by degrading the syrian regime's chemical weapons capabilities and deterring their use. the best hope for the syrian people is a political solution. we need all partners, especially the regime and its backers, to enable humanitarian access to those in desperate need.
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the u.k. will continue to strive for both. host: ted on the independent line from flushing, new york. what are your thoughts? assad goesonder why too far to use them, he already won the war, unless he is stupid. go, trump.s to america has no interest in serious -- syria and the russians and iran are there, do we go war against syria and iran? i don't think so.
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for pay saving for the united states and russia -- face-saving for the united states and russia, let him go. it is stupid. you bomb these chemical weapons. what is the ultimate goal of destroying chemical weapons? he hide it somewhere else. what is the end game? we lost syria. host: peter is on the republican line from lakeland, florida. what is your reaction to the strikes by the u.s. and its western allies? i do not think the american people got any evidence. bashar al-assad is winning the war big-time. why would he do that?
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it makes no sense. you look at the last iraq war, there were no weapons of mass destruction. , people ingenerals the cia, said there were weapons of mass destruction but it was never true. one,ook at the iraq war when the kuwaiti ambassador's daughter came in and talked to congress and said that babies were thrown out of incubators by the iraqi soldiers. it was propaganda and public relations to start a war. we have a $700 billion a year were budget. -- war budget. presidenttico says trump's supporters are ripping his decision to support a military strike in syria, they say his staunchest backers tour and to his decision to attack syria late friday night, arguing it was unnecessary, reactionary, and like clinton.
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decision tod his attack syrian targets to actions taken by president george w. bush or hypothetical president hillary clinton. we lost, war machine bombed syria, no evidence. bad war mongers hijacking our whoon said michael savage posted a video discussing the missile strike, tearing into the decision by trump, disappointment among a certain strand of trump supporters as the president announced a precision strike against the regime of bashar al-assad. cliff on the independent line from maryland. what do you think? caller: i am one of those trump supporters ripping this decision. like several caller said, there dido proof that assad
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this. host: what would you like the president to do? be as moved by images of children dying of a parent chemical attacks -- he is moved by images of children dying of chemical attacks? we lost him, having issues with our phones. a cnn report of bashar al-assad 's reaction to the strikes, it says he refuses to back off fighting terrorism in syria. bashar al-assad said that saturday's airstrikes will not stop them from fighting terrorism across the country. according to state television, and their state tv, he said their aggression would only increase the determination of syria and its people to continue fighting and crushing terrorism in every inch of the country. that is according to cnn.
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the reaction of the assad regime to the strikes. let's look at what james mattis said last night about the strike. >> the president directed the u.s. military to conduct operations with our allies to destroy the syrian regime's chemical weapons research and development and production area. tonight, france, the united kingdom, and the united states strike the chemical weapons factories. bashar al-assad' regime did not get the message last years and our allies have struck together, sending a message to the murders people that they cannot perpetrate another chemical weapons attack or they will be held accountable.
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the 70 nations any defeat isis coalition remain committed of defeating isis and syria. -- in syria and the strikes tonight demonstrate international resolve to prevent chemical weapons from being used on anyone under any circumstances. i want to emphasize that these strikes are directed at the syrian -- we have got to great lengths to avoid civilian and foreign casualties. it is a time for civilized nations to urgently unite, ending the syrian civil war by supporting the united nations backed peace process. in accordance with the convention prohibiting weapons, we urge condemning me -- the bashar al-assad's regime and stop chemical weapons from being used. host: secretary mattis speaking
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last night after the u.s., u.k., and france launched military strikes against syria. we are having a bit of trouble with the phones but hold tight and the patient. in the meantime, how some lawmakers reacted on twitter to the strike. gop house leader kevin mccarthy said that the barbarism from the bashar al-assad regime will not be tolerated as america and its allies will deliver the consequences from such heinous action, god bless our men and women in uniform. nancy pelosi said the latest chemical weapons attack against the syrian people was a brutally in human war crime, yet one night of airstrikes is no substitute for coherent strategy. republican congressman from michigan said these a visit strikes against syria are unconstitutional, illegal, and
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reckless, the next speaker of must reclaimh -- congressional war powers as prescribed in article one of the constitution, paul ryan has abdicated one of the most important responsibilities. mcfaul, president obama's ambassador to russia responded, i support this military strike against syria and especially grateful we are doing so with our allies. we are continuing to work to get to your calls today about the airstrikes. in the meantime, let's look at more from the new york times about these strikes that were launched last night. it says that the assault was twice the size and hit two more targets than the strike that donald trump ordered last year against the syrian military airfield. reuters, and the most the first of missiles and bombs
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struck syria shortly after 4:00 a.m. local time on saturday. the chemicale of weapons facilities, a research center in greater damascus that was used for research and production of weapons, and to chemical weapons facilities west used for sarah and was partand the other of a military command post said general dunford, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. we will see if we can get debra on the independent line from new jersey. are you there? caller: yes, i wanted to say that our american government officials have become a propaganda machine. i did research on this and would like to read some of this, back in august of 2013 when president obama in the same situation was alleged national intelligence correct or james copper, he said
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,o the president, you know what he guarded against a military strike because he said a sarin was not a slamdunk it was done by assad. colonel sayy concerning the 2017 april, alleged attack by the assad ,egime, this colonel wilkerson chief of staff for colin powell under the bush administration, he said that the entire government story about the recent chemical attacks in april .17 was a big hoax. yet the former c.i.a. officer said that a lot of these issues have been brought up, military intelligence context, believe the stoxx narrative of the trump administration and the corporate mainstream media is a sham. oft: the images we saw people including children dying,
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who do you think is behind that? caller: here it is, this is why the media and the political you will -- political establishment is at fault, seymour hersh's research back in the obama years, august of 2013, he blames turkey and the rebels. the rebels are funded in syria by america. they were being trained by saudi , israel, and the united states and coalition forces in how to do with chemicals. they alleged that there were fights they controlled in syria. whate should investigate theodore postal from m.i.t., an expert in technology, look at his writings. never a slamdunk and compelling evidence. our government refuses to be a peace negotiator, they want to be a warmonger.
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from janice as calling in louisiana on the democratic line. what is your reaction to the syrian strikes? caller: hello? host: you are on, what is your reaction? caller: we should get out of the middle east, period. we are thinking about going into syria? the big question is -- why? we do not understand their culture or religion or history. or their way of governing. sacrifice, do we want to sacrifice our soldiers, or do we want to make millions of billions of manufacturing war instruments and machines? do we understand the outcome of chemical and atomic warfare that could break out? my god. host: how would july to see the
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u.s. react in the face of -- how would you like to see the u.s. react in the face of a horrific atrocity? caller: if we want to help innocent syrian civilians, help them migrate to russia, turkey, israel, iraq, saudi arabia, etc. extend the military transport into load them up and bring them to america and encourage each state to take in as many as they can to help. this actually would be less expensive than out and out war. host: president vladimir putin has responded to the attacks, according to fox news, declaring the strike an act of aggression. it says that russian officials warned of consequences after president donald trump announced his approval of u.s. led military strikes in syria against the russian backed regime of bashar al-assad. the russian president saturday
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issued a statement saying the western coalition act of aggression would only exacerbate the humanitarian catastrophe in syria. vladimir putin calls it a destructive influence on the entire system of international relations and said moscow would call for an emergency of the united nations security council. david is calling in from new orleans on our republican line. what is your reaction? caller: i am calling in reaction to a prior caller's observation, he was a former service member. that themplaining rescue workers at the scene were not wearing protective suits. that caused him concern. my suspicion is that the gas that was used was chlorine gas. that is not a nerve agent.
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it is not a blistering agent. there is no necessity to wear a protective suit. all you need is protection for your eyes and your nose and your mouth. so that you do not ingest internally the chlorine gas. that is basically it. from mark is calling in new jersey on our independent line. what do you think about the strikes against syria yesterday? caller: totally unnecessary. there is no proof. god bless your callers, democrat or republican, speaking out for peace. i will never forget the sight of hillary clinton and joe lieberman as they paraded benjamin netanyahu through the halls of congress and the three of them pounded the drums for
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the unnecessary, you legal, and egal and immoral war against iraq and their innocent people. warmongers like lindsey graham and john mccain, the syrian government is fighting isis and protecting syrian christians and other syrians in that country from the isis murderers. we have no right to do what we did. outrageous.his is it is unnecessary. host: what would you like to see the u.s. do instead? caller: diplomacy. sanctions. sanctions that do not hurt the syrian people.
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no one is asking the syrian people what they want. it is all the talking heads, the military experts. pounding the drums for war. it is easy for them. host: in a new york times, they say officials have lost count of how many have died in the syrian civil war. in seven years, the casualties of the civil war have grown from the first handful of protesters shot by government forces to hundreds of thousands of dead. on, manyr has dragged international monitoring groups have essentially stopped counting. even the united nations, which released regular reports on the death toll during the first years of the war, gave its last estimates in 2016 and relied on 2014 data in part instead that it was virtually impossible to verify how many people died at that time.
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at that time, they said 40,000 people had been killed and they went on to say that without the precise total, it is difficult for those fighting the war to launch a reaction. calling from bloomfield, new jersey on the democratic line. what are your thoughts? caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. way i agree it is tragic what he is doing to his own people and has no place in a society. in 2018. the only problem i have with our government is that he has no credibility. i am a u.s. army retired person. have six boys who i do not
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want in war without approval of the congress. i was in favor of president obama trying to remove this man or help out the people. he has to have approval of the congress. why is this man not seeking that? every person in the gop section trying to give excuses -- stupid excuses to the people to let him do this. it is tragedy. host: today's new york times opinion page has an editorial about the president's decision not to seek congressional authority before launching a strike. it points out that the last authorization for the use of military force came after 9/11 and says president barack obama and now donald trump have used
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the same authorizations at least 37 times to justify attacks from -- therming state islamic state and other militant groups in 14 countries include yemen, kenya, niger, according the project ofm government oversight which has allowed republican led congress to avoid public debate and responsibility for sending american men and women into battle. giving them a free hand to the volatile and thoughtless mr. trump which could prove more dangerous if he were to decide to attack north korea or iran. let -- it says legislation to set limits on a president's ability to wage war against a flight syria without that, congress would be abdicating its responsibility and giving broad powers to the president with -- mike is calling on from rockford, illinois, a republican. i think we are on a
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one-way train. -- i think we are on a runaway train. he knows how to trump the news by dropping bombs. i would like to apologize for the syrian people, the iraqi people, the afghanistan people for this runaway train we have no control of. nose.all about the every country is on fire. there is big israel and little israel and we are big israel. it might be world war iii. his lawyers office is rated and the next day he is dropping bombs. host: new jersey, independent
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what are your thoughts? caller: your last much of colors are now you -- callers are naïve. this should not be entertained to be used as a weapon, it could be used here or anywhere, undetectable and a disgusting way to die. i am talking about siran, not just chlorine, people should investigate what they talk about and maybe get a life because they seem to just revolve around making donald trump look bad. making themselves sound good by making donald trump look bad. let him alone. we are dealing with worldwide problems. we should leave them alone and let him do his job. host: how do you think the u.s. should react to syria?
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what do you think the right approach for the president to take is? got us in there and he wants to get us out and he should continue that. we have soldiers there right now and we should continue with the actions we are doing now. if they do not listen, do it again, i do not care, if they want to take on the world, let's see, this is a disgusting way of fighting a war. if you wanted it in your subways in new york, keep it up. host: other headlines today from the new york times, the president's decision to pardon scooter libb the, the president granted a full pardon -- scooter libby, the president granted a full pardon. he was convicted in 2007 with the disclosure of the identity of valerie plame, scooter libb libby, theer
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president said to not deserve justice, saying he did not know him but for years i heard he was treated unfairly and hopefully the pardon will rectify a sad portion of his life. valerie plame went on to say that she believes his real audience was the associates who may turn on him. he said, if you get in trouble, do not spill the beans, i will take care of you, this is how the market works. sharon is calling in from florida on the democratic line. what do you think of the strikes in syria by the u.s. and its allies? caller: i cannot add a whole lot to what the people who are against this have already said. they came up with excellent sources to bolster their unhappiness with the strike. i do not believe we took time enough to find out if it actually happened.
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ofis easy to show video aildren and people dying from gas attack because there have been many that happened. all of the evidence we had heard didar indicated that this not happen, because the people investigating it were not using protective gear. if it was sarin, they would have. i feel like trump has been led by the nose by neocons. i am a democrat who voted for a republican president for the first time in my life. i am a lefty. i voted for him because i thought he was going to help rebuild our country and pull us out of entitlements that we had no business -- entanglements we had no business being in.
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assad -- it was time to put the country back together and now we have fallen into the pit of being deceived. is listening to the wrong people. host: bob calling in on the republican line from springfield, virginia. caller: thank you for the opportunity to comment. i am deeply concerned about the number of callers who seem to reflect an abject ignorance of our constitution. it is tragic on several levels. on the educational level, nobody should be allowed to graduate high school who does not understand the constitution. number two, the constitution is clear with article two, giving the president as commander-in-chief the authority to make the strikes. , the new york times been quoted as a paper that has the political agenda which so
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far is not journalistic pure. it is not objective, it is anti-donald trump. that reflects on the educational problem we have because the american people are listening to people who pretend to be journalists who are not. we are looking for the truth and the truth is very hard to find. in terms of the attack on syria with pinpoint strikes by 136 direction,red in the the fx were to limit the damage the facilities presumed to be chemical production oriented, and not to involve any civilian casualties. not only at the number of people who do not know their constitution, who do not understand the president's authority, who are jumping in to criticize him because it is proper, and failing to understand that when evil arises
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asked has that in syria many times, you have to smack it down. you cannot ignore it. host: let's look at what general dunford, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, said last night about how last night's strike differ from the strike one year ago. >> last year a unilateral strike on a single site with a focus on the aircraft associated with the syrian chemical weapons attack in april of 2017. this evening, we conducted strikes with two allies on multiple sites that will result in a long-term degradation of syrian ability to research, develop, and deploy chemical and biological weapons. important infrastructure was destroyed with will result in a setback for the syrian regime. they will lose years of research and development data, specialized equipment, and expensive chemical weapons precursors. the strike was not only a strong message to the regime that the
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russians were not it's usable but also inflicted -- not a feasible but also inflicted damage without risk to civilians. congressional reaction from congressman jerry nadler of new york, he said that to be clear, the syrian president bashar al-assad is a monster who has committed war crimes against his own people but that does not absolve president trump from getting be congressional approval required for military action. senator ed markey, democrat from massachusetts, said there is no congressional authorization for the use of military force against the syrian government targets, the strikes are not constitutional or wise. he is a cosponsor of a bill to require -- to limit the president's authority to strike. senator bill nelson, democrat, said i support the attack because assad must be held accountable for the use of chemical weapons. some reaction from members of
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congress to the strikes yesterday in syria in retaliation for a parent chemical attacks on the people of syria. republicans call 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. outside the u.s. -- 202- 748-8003. debbie on the independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have been listening to a lot of the callers this morning. everybody has input on how they feel and they are entitled to that. honest, when they came on and announced president trump announced what he had done, i just started praying. because we are living in a world that is so unstable.
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not just in the middle east but in the united states. there is instability all over the world. my prayer was, lord, do not let these people retaliate. i know these machines have to go up and our forces have to know about it in advance but we do not know because we live in a world that is so unstable. whether bashar al-assad chemical eyes -- did chemical weapons against his people, they may have found that the evidence or not, but what happened to humanitarian and diplomatic talks? wherejust bomb everybody there are chemical areas just because it came through the grapevine and we heard it? or do we sit down at the table and try to come together as people because we are all human beings first? nobody has a right to bomb people and kill them, it will come to our shores. i heard things this morning i did not disagree with, we can
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agree to be disagreeable, we have to -- everything has consequences. we are living in a world that is unstable. opinion, he, in my does not know a lot about foreign affairs, let alone domestic affairs. he is listening to his generals and people telling him what to do and not to do. i hope and pray he did not do this based on his personal problems that are going on in this country with him legal and so on and so forth. besides that, these are god's children, we are all god's children and for people to want to blow stuff up, is that solving the problem? will we just keep bombing and bombing until there is no more earth? host: dan on the republican line from california. what is your reaction to the strike? caller: i left -- i have to let
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the people know that assad is an existential threat to the united states of america. and europe. you know the river of people that came out, the ones that are flooding into europe, thousands of them are coming to our shores. sayingevious caller was it has not come to our shores, it has by the thousands. the result of this genocidal maniac, syria have a military that israel was afraid of. when isis first came up, it could of killed it but did not because they wanted a fourth multiplier so that he could murder the people he did not like and force the rest of them out of syria. that is what he has been doing while all of these so-called hi theird heads in the sand and said we will take care of the refugees and it sucks to be you if you are quick enough
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--not quick enough to get out of the country before assad murders you. that is what we deal with in syria right now and what donald trump knows. this is what president trump realizes and putting a stop to it. he is stopping it in its tracks and people have to know this. president trump is saving lives. and keeping a threat away from the united states. the threat of thousands of people coming here and using our syriaces, and making this a monster state. host: let's look at a few reaction from our viewers on twitter, once is that i support president trump and his decision to find chemical weapons -- by chemical weapons. another says the response is much better than throwing red lines in the sand and doing absolutely nothing. .hen they cross it another viewer says that refusing u.s. policy to hold skirmishes like this, which may
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lead to all-out war in order to bolster the commander-in-chief's popularity. in other news headlines, fox syrians areo-assad demonstrating in damascus, supporters flooded the streets of the capital at daybreak on saturday in a show of national pride after airstrikes by the u.s., britain, and france against the regime of bashar al-assad. convoys of cars accompanied syrian flags and victory signs in damascus after the attack. some residents waved the flags , while othersiran danced in a show of defiance. we are going around in our cars to prove to the whole world that syria is fine and everything is fine, one driver told syrian state television, the los angeles times reported.
7:51 am
lee calling from omaha on our democratic line. caller: i wanted to say that this is just a direct result of 2002 or whenever the first gulf war when w went against saddam. they had all the time in the weapons, there were weapons of mass destruction, the smart people know there was. tripst about 50 different they move them -- it said about 50 different trips they move them to syria. i have been a democrat for 40 years and sometimes maybe some of the democrats and republicans should get their head out of their rear end and educate themselves. saddam's generals said they had moved the weapons of mass destruction, i know they were not there, they say, but they were and they moved into syria and now we are having to face what we have to do to clean it up.
7:52 am
it is a shame it goes this way but i hope people educate themselves. no matter what political party, people do not sound the in know what they are talking about. calling from stanley, virginia on the independent line. what do you think of the strikes? caller: i would like to make a quick comment. i have been listening to these calls all morning. , theady from new jersey man from virginia, and the man from california, and the last caller from nebraska, they are right on point. i cannot believe this just happened overnight, it has been going on for a long time, these experts calling in, no as much about it as what i do, we do not know what is going on, we are not behind the scenes and we do not write policy. we do not have a clue but yet they call in and have all of the opinions. some of these donald trump haters and so-called republicans
7:53 am
on the other side do not have a clue what is going on. they make these complaints. against the president for any reason. it is ridiculous. it is more than appalling. we should be ashamed of ourselves. let's wait and see and be patient and understand the facts. none of us are in position to make a decision here -- decision. let's wait and see what comes up. we know there is a maniac in syria and we see people coming in here by the millions. who will take care of this things -- these things? they call it common sense, to these colors calling in, before you are criticizing, get educated. i understand what you're talking about. do not judge until you know. good for all, democrat, republican, independent. host: the wall street journal says a conservative is mulling a
7:54 am
bid to become the next speaker of the house. the leader -- a leader of the group of most conservative house members said friday he is exploring a run to succeed outgoing speaker paul ryan. adding a new dimension to what so far has been a two-way race, i have had colleagues encourage me to continue it and i'm open to it said jim jordan of ohio, a republican, the founder of the house freedom caucus. the wrestling champion and conservative firebrand cofounded the caucus in january of 2015 to push an agenda of limited government and spending. alan on the independent line from stanley, virginia, what do you think about the syrian strike? caller: i made a comment already. host: sorry, thank you for your patience. john from silver spring, maryland, democratic line. that,: i just want to say
7:55 am
i am angry with barack obama about this case. he is not the president. this attack is a joke. we gave them one week in advance what we would do and they did not moving everything. they put it somewhere else. i do not euros and remember the last time the angry, when wem tried to make our enemy, russia is making us fools. they are doing everything they need to play games with us. we cannot allow, when we say something, we have to deliver. one thing, theke syrian president has to leave the country. it does not matter where he goes , russia or not, this issue will stay. i guarantee you, tomorrow, whatever we destroyed they will rebuild and tell us, you waste
7:56 am
your missiles. we will look like. my. -- we will look like fools tomorrow. i do not like anything about donald trump but agree about one thing, as a muslim country, bills rich countries -- those rich countries who have money come everything they do, they should reveal syria -- rebuild syria, as human beings, we will not allow anyone who uses chemical weapons, we should not talk to him. , the syriano option president has to leave, otherwise we will attack and it -- and destroy the whole thing. aboutinside when i heard weaka, when did we become where russia plays games with us? host: clarksville, tennessee, george here -- short.
7:57 am
orge.r caller: somebody asked how world war iii would be fought, he said he did not know, but waldorf for would iv wouldt -- world war be fought by sticks and stones. when i heard about it last night and woke up this morning, that thought kept coming to my mind. have a nice day. host: cbs news reporting that chemical weapons, watchdog groups are sending inspectors to syria after the suspected gas attack. international chemical weapons watchdog says it will send a fact-finding mission to the where aown of douma suspected gas attack took place after a request from the syrian government and its russian backers to investigate the
7:58 am
allegations. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons said the fact-finding team is preparing to deploy to syria shortly, not clear immediately whether the announcement -- they did not avert u.s. military action in syria. the president took that action after differing plans to travel to south america earlier this week. howard is calling from oregon on the democratic line. what are your thoughts? afraid of whatry i am watching on tv. i am from a small town in oregon. if congress does not stand up to the fact and preempt this president, i am figuring this is where the dog -- wag the dog, keep everybody from watching
7:59 am
what is going on and bomb syria. to give donald trump a break on congress does not get him strapped down to we do not go to world war iv because he does not want to get impeached is scary to a few of us. a lot of people want to see him do well and i do too. i do not think he has the fortitude to be our president. he is an embarrassment. he is an affront to anything we know. if congress does not tie his hands, i am afraid we will see russian troops out front of our house. i hope everybody does not get dog.ded by wag the host: how would you like to see u.s. officials react in the face of images of chemical syria? caller: i agree with what he
8:00 am
did, i really do. i think it is an affront to him to stand up and look like he is all presidential. he is pulling the wool over our eyes and trying to do this to keep our eyes off of what is thely happening, as i think prosecutors got him afraid. ouronly way that he can get eyes off of what is really happening is start another war. he was wanting to pull the troops out and now i do not think you will be hearing him say that. it scares me. host: joining us by phone to give us some more insight about the strikes is the pentagon bureau chief at "the military times." thank you for joining us. guest: thanks for having me. host: talk a little bit about the lead up to this strike.
8:01 am
hasow that general mattis been trying to take time to build the case for this military strike. shed some insight on that. guest: you can get your best insight if you compare this strike last night to the one almost exactly a year ago. both inspired by chemical attacks, it seems that chemical attacks and images of women and children suffocating really get to the president. last year, there was a response within two and a half days. -- they fired 59 tomahawks. this time, trump has a team. he tweeted the morning after. one of his military options was and theabout -- bellicosity in his tweets escalated during the week. nikki haley kind of tampering
8:02 am
down and saying, we are trying to get to a brokered peace and trying to do the geneva remains, whether assad in office are not there is a brokered peace. a lot of messaging to russia that this is not meant as an escalation. they were not going to engage in the syrian civil war and certainly did not want to escalate things with russia. last night, you saw basically attacks on facilities. they did not attack syrian airfields like last time. they went to a resource and dust research and 2 -- research and two chemical weapons sites. they are trying to avoid any sort of escalation. host: we have had a lot of viewers wondering what the proof is that syria was even behind this attack. what are u.s. officials doing to
8:03 am
ascertain that, and what is it that led them to that determination? guest: that is the real interesting thing, because thursday, secretary mattis on the hill was saying they were still assessing the intelligence, but later thursday he became convinced chemical weapons were used. they think for sure that chlorine was used and they are not as sure about sarah and. -- sarin. they said more assessments had to be made but they had drawn their own conclusions that definitely chlorine had been used, so therefore it justified last night's response. we will have to see more of the details of how they drew that conclusion about the chlorine. host: some other countries, including russia, are denying that syria was behind the attack, blaming countries like britain.
8:04 am
what has been the international reaction? guest: the international reaction, last night, secretary mattis, almost one of the last things he said during this dramatic, 10:00 at night briefing, was to caution that in the days to come, he was possible there would be misinformation by the russian and syrian governments. today, both russia and serious signal thatria's they are casting doubt on claims of whether chlorine is true, and this will be two information campaigns going at it with each other for the next couple of days and hopefully there will be a third independent party that can get on the ground. inspectors that were supposed to be there yesterday, to see what really happened. host: talk a little bit more about what we might expect next diplomatically. we have heard the president and secretary mattis say this is not
8:05 am
an ongoing military operation. what else do we expect to come next? guest: that is a really interesting question to me, because last night president trump suggested there would be an economic element to that. obviously, there has been a diplomatic threat. for the u.s., the diplomatic front has been using the weight of the military to force assad to a negotiated peace. i do not know how much more economic pressure can be placed on him. that remains to be seen. from "the copp military times," thank you for doing us -- joining us. we are getting reactions to syria. republicans can call (202) 748-8001. democrats can call (202) 748-8000. independents, call (202) 748-8002, and if you are outside
8:06 am
the country, (202) 748-8003. terry is calling on our independent line. caller: thank you so much for having this topic today. -- and i'm going to make a statement of some facts -- number one, the united states represents 5% of the total globe. of the rest of this globe are other people who have other ways of life. so, therefore, when i think about this civil war going on in syria and i look at this small minority called the so-called united states, it is very muscle strong but numbers small. they are sending all this military weaponry and what have , and we dovil war not even know what these people, that culture's civil war is
8:07 am
about. some people say it is about climate change. having the type of land to deal with their herds and what have you, i don't know. some of it has to do with the water supply. the second thing is -- what is the role of the united nations? it seems like they have all of a sudden, like always, when it comes to roles that this government wants to play, it simply bypasses the united nation. it seems to me the united nation is a place where you want to air this out. listen and think about chemical weapons, i think it is horrible, absolutely horrible, any type of chemical. and i at flint, michigan, want somebody to explain to me how this week we are hearing that perhaps they want to discontinue giving free water to the people in flint, messaging -- michigan.
8:08 am
this is where chemicals were used, where the water supply was switched from a healthy supply to a chemical polluted supply. you want me to think you care about women and children. host: we have a caller from michigan on our democratic line. mario, what do you think about the military strike in syria in retaliation for a chemical attack? caller: i personally feel it was illegal. when president obama and 2013 asked for congressional approval after syria had another chemical strike, our congress, our gop congress denied him. that its always stated was our constitution if he did, and he does the same thing and it is ok. i do not understand the hypocrisy. i understand that syria has to be dealt with, but we are a nation of laws and our
8:09 am
constitution is the top of our lost. war,sident cannot declare and this could have led to war. any mishap, a missile going away could have caused well for ii -- world war iii. more at whatook president trump said about the war and its allies in syria. >> the united states has a lot to offer, the greatest and most powerful economy in the history of the world. in syria, the united states, with a small force being used to eliminate what is left of isis, is doing what is necessary to protect the american people. over the last year, nearly 100% of the territory once controlled by the so-called isis caliphate
8:10 am
in syria and iraq, has been liberated and eliminated. the united states has also rebuilt our friendships across the middle east. we have asked our partners to take greater responsibility for securing their home region, including contributing large amounts of money for the equipment, and all of the anti-isis effort. increased engagement from our friends, including saudi arabia, the united arab amit's -- united arab emirates, qatar, egypt, and others can assure that you ron does not profit from the eradication of isis. does not profit from the eradication of isis. america does not seek an indefinite presence in syria. as other nations step up their
8:11 am
contributions, we look forward to the day we can bring our warriors home, and great warriors they are. looking around our very troubled world, americans have no illusions. we cannot purge the world of evil or act everywhere there is tyranny. no amount of american blood or treasure can produce lasting peace and security in the middle east. it is a troubled place. we will try to make it better, that it is a troubled place. the united states will be a partner and a friend, but the fate of the region lies in the hands of its own people. fay is calling on the republican line from livonia, michigan. caller: what people do not understand is why we had to go in after the chemical attack. regardless of what anyone thinks, people are dying.
8:12 am
did america forget our troops are there fighting terrorism for us and our freedom? we do not need our troops getting affected with these chemicals. as for the videos, we cannot make little children fake breathing problems, and the foam coming out of their mouth. wake up, america. our president is protecting the country. if president trump did nothing, people would still have something to say, regardless of what he does. host: we have a tweet response to the attack from house speaker paul ryan -- in coordination with our allies, the u.s. took decisive action against the syrian regime. the regime's unconscionable brutality against in dissent civilians cannot test innocent civilians cannot be tolerated. let us all pay tribute to the men and women of our armed forces. we continue to discuss and get reaction to yesterday strike by
8:13 am
the u.s., u.k., and france against syria. neil is on the independent line calling for massachusetts. caller: i am appalled at what is going on. it is just amazing to hear many of the callers calling in and supporting this attack. tracks are important. there are people going to investigate whether there was a chemical attack. there is no evidence, other than what the media tells us and what the government is putting forth. the u.s., u.k., and israel have created this war on terror in the middle east and have killed this population for decades by design. i suggest people turn off their tv and do their on research, and i think without any doubt, if the mandatory draft was reinstituted in the united genocide would have ended now.
8:14 am
general wesley clark was quoted as saying that the u.s. was going to go in to take out seven countries in five years, , and thenith iraq finishing off with iran. we have got to be suffering from cognitive dissidence or stupid to believe that what happened last night was legitimate and was for any -- had any sense of purpose other than to continue this phony war on terror. host: george is calling on our democratic line from gardner, kansas. what are your thoughts? caller: yes, ma'am. i am pretty upset because president trump is getting us involved in wall for -- world war iii. we are instigating this war. we are instigating a war.
8:15 am
i am really upset about it. host: how do you think the u.s. images ofct to these chemical attacks that we see coming out of syria? we have known that stuff is going on. stuff and then these thousands of american troops over there bring. it is diplomatic stuff. we need more time. any diplomatic stuff. -- we need diplomatic stuff. world war iii going. "the wall street journal" is reporting that yesterday, a new reporting out about, that led to the firing of andrew mccabe from the fbi. it is the justice department's
8:16 am
internal watchdog that concluded that former fbi deputy director injure mccabe misled investigators -- andrew mccabe misled investigators probing his role in providing information in october 2016 to a reporter for "the wall street journal." the report said mr. mccabe flecked cancer in -- lacked candor in conversations about the leak. those comments he made in connection to the clinton probe that the fbi was conducting at the time. norman is calling from new castle, pennsylvania, on our independent line. caller: being a veteran, i am absolutely against it. i am not a trump supporter or hillary clinton supporter. as far did last night, as i am concerned, he is a war criminal.
8:17 am
the woman from virginia -- new jersey said you cannot detect sarin gas. how did she know who did it if you cannot detect it? the guy from virginia interpreted to congress the constitution. that is for the courts, not him. i am absolutely angered at the trump supporters. these people were that way before trump. don't let nobody fool you. host: charles is on the line, our democratic line from new york city. caller: thank you. you can't just sit around and not do anything under the circumstances. is somethinging similar to a transfiguration of what we hold dear as it relates to the truth of the matters,
8:18 am
which we cannot know, most of us cannot see. the irony behind what is going we are at aing that , proper proportion as it relates to troop -- truth and all our assertions about how we feel about the notion of right and wrong, which actually has no real meaning in this stage in politics. i am hopeful that we can come out of this respectfully. i do not think we will. say, i think we have not seen anything yet. host: randy is calling on our independent line from the louisiana. what do you think?
8:19 am
caller: i got a big question mark on this one. they should have done more research, investigate, let people get in and see exactly what happened. this could be a big old false blew just like the bushes up the world trade center, the clintons blew up oklahoma city. there is no telling what happened. the british could have planted that and blamed it on assad. i ain't no assad fan. they need to get rid of him. israel could have done it. i was listening to a man on coast-to-coast the other night, and he was saying that all these countries, saudi arabia, israel, england, the united states, all they want is war. i like trump, but this one here, i got a big question on it.
8:20 am
they should have taken time. i can understand doing a launch, but they should have taken time to research this. ide groups are saying that the use of chemical weapons in syria is no longer unusual. ," says ayork times suspected chemical attack that killed thousands through a retaliatory strike from president trump, but if chemical weapons were used in the attack, which president trump blamed on the syrian government as well as russian and iranian allies, it would be the latest in such a string of attacks in syria in the last five years. syria, russia, and iran have all denied the government used syrian -- chemical weapons. internationalt commission of inquiry on syrian
8:21 am
arab republic says it is confirmed at least 34 chemical attack since 2013. all but six were confirmed to have been conducted by the syrian government. the commission which is currently investigating the bodyk is an independent established by the united nations human rights council to investigate human rights violations in syria. connie is from kentucky on our republican line. caller: i think donald trump is the best president we have ever had, and it was right for him to do what he did. if everybody would shut up, give them a chance, he would do the right thing. host: gary is calling from atlanta on our democratic line. what are your thoughts? caller: i want to say kudos to some of your callers. let's get this straight. remember, i just got started. donald trump did something he said he would never do. he said he was going to leave syria in six months.
8:22 am
that is what he criticized president obama for doing. why would they use those bombs, there's gas bombs now when he said he was leaving in six months? it does not make sense. i remember when president obama is going to bomb syria in 2013, donald trump and other gop people said he could not do it unless he came to congress. if he did not come to congress, they was going to impeach him. he hesitated, and then russia moved into syria. my thing is, this country is not motivated by anything other than race. they wanted to make that president look like he was incompetent and jura redline and made sure -- drew a redline and wanted to make sure he did not carried out. the people who patted donald trump on the back for doing it are the same people who told president obama he better not do it. host: we have a tweet from president trump, reacting after
8:23 am
the strike -- a perfectly executed strike last night. thank you to france and the united kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine military. could not have had a better result. mission accomplished! darnell is calling from north carolina on the independent line. caller: my thing is this -- trump got no permission from any congress anywhere to do anything and he is just doing what he wants to do. everybody that is sitting there talking about, thank you, donald trump, patting him on the back, look at it like this. why don't you pass him on the back for beating up people while he was running for president, talking about he will pay for this or that? think about what kind of monster he is before you start thinking about what kind of monster that guy is. host: coming up, we will talk to jennifer cafarella with the institute for the study of war
8:24 am
about the strike in syria and what is next. we will be right back. ♪ >> next weekend, live coverage on booktv of the 22nd annual l.a. times festival of books. starting saturday at 1:00 p.m. gretern with journalist jor ramos, roxanne dunbar ortiz, political reporter sarah kenzie or with her book. on sunday, our live coverage continues at 1:30 p.m. eastern with journalist david corn and michael is a cough's book, "russian roulette." black lives matter co-founder
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with her book, "when they call you a terrorist, a black lives matter memoir ." political commentator roger simon with his book. watched our weekend long coverage of the 22nd annual l.a. times festival of books, live on c-span twos booktv. -- c-span2's booktv. >> sunday on q and a, neil ferguson on his book "the square and the tower, networks and power, from the freemasons the facebook." >> what is striking to me when i interact with these groups is not their power but also their sense of powerlessness. if you think about the events of 2016, just to take an example, not many members of the supposedly government planned that britain would vote to leave the european union and that
8:26 am
donald would become president of the united states. donald trump is definitely not somebody who gets invited to those meetings. then take the financial crisis. at the meeting in 2008, no one said, what we need for the world government is a massive financial crisis. >> q and a on sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we are joined right jennifer cafarella, a senior andlligence planner at -- she is here to help us continue to break down the strike yesterday against syria by the u.s. and its allies. thank you for joining us. before we get started, remind our viewers, what is the institute for the study of war? guest: it is a nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank.


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