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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones Pt. 2  CSPAN  February 17, 2018 9:38am-10:01am EST

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war." scott shapiro with how a radical plan to outlaw war we made the world. and celeste headley with her book on how to have conversations that matter. watch live coverage this morning beginning at 9:00 eastern on c-span's book tv. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we are taking your calls from republicans, democrats, and independents. some, a quick look at front pages from across the country courtesy of the museum -- newseum. more coverage of the horrific
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shooting at a high school. "the l.a. times" is led by the indictment of russian nationals for interference in the 2016 elections. tribune" is led by mitt romney who yesterday lost his bid for the u.s. senate from utah where he now resides, calling him candidate romney. "the monitor" from a gallon, texas, talks about vice president mike pence touring the .order ellen is calling on our republican line from indiana. good morning. caller: good morning.
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when i call, i would like to give information that c-span and the listeners can check out for themselves that might help bring democrats and republicans together by looking at information they might not know. i recently ordered a small where anyone can get it inexpensively from grass grass it has 20 chapters with what the president did in specific areas. it is very interesting. when they talk about russia involved in our elections, i am 85 years old. many years ago, before rush limbaugh had a talk show, a man named paul harvey had a talk
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show. i will never forget the week he started talking about russia and china both wanted to take over communist,socialist, but they knew they could not beat america militarily so their plan was to infiltrate our country and bring it to a socialist type ideas. unfortunately, i feel that the have been the one they infiltrated the most. and the evangelicals and christians were the ones who primarily supported trump. i hope people will get the booklet. it is called "making the fromdency great again
9:42 am host: ok. other headlines from "the hill" today. it reports two house chairman requested and f.b.i. briefing on the school shooting after the bureau admitted standard protocols were not followed after it received a tip about the 19-year-old suspect. host: gary is calling on our democrat at line from indiana --
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democratic line from indiana. caller: thoughts and prayers to the people affected by the shootings the other day. my heart goes out to all of them, so i want to extend that first of all to all of them. the main topic i want to discuss briefly is voting. i want to tell you all right now, you people need to wake up because you don't seem to realize what is at stake here. hillary clinton lost. i voted for jill stein. donald trump won by default because the other voters said i will let someone else do my voting for me. realizeon't seem to they think their vote does not count, maybe it does not count , but in a collective
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is when they count people. when there are not as many collected, they do not count as good. do you understand what i am saying? fail to get the right person in office, you are partly responsible. if you think this does not affect you the way it affects me, i question who you are as an american and what it really stands for. that is all i have to say. thank you. host: jim is on the republican line from dublin, ohio. caller: good morning, kimberly. just another 85-year-old .epublican it took 84 minutes to get around ,o the most important topic what you discovered, the news of the day. the mueller report was only to cover up the inefficiencies of
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the f.b.i. the f.b.i. has not carried the ball. three different reports went into the miami area. the miami shootings, the fort lauderdale shootings, and now this shooting. mueller has absolutely covered up the most important thing that americans should be looking at. how effective is the f.b.i.? and the governor of florida is absolutely correct. leader should resign. sessions not take jeff or the president to get into this. he should just do it automatically. mueller should get out of this whole discussion. i hope trey gowdy and good latch
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-- goodlatch will accomplish that come monday morning. interviewedakers" the head of the house judiciary committee. bob goodlatte talks with the reporter about school violence. [video clip] the comment was made that congress needs to hold hearings looking into these type of issues dealing with school shootings. on your committee, you have not chosen to go that route and hold hearings into gun violence. think the recommendation is a good one? >> we will certainly look at what she has to say and consider that. we believe communities need to make sure they are doing everything to keep their schools secure.
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when i visit schools around my congressional district, i know that a lot of measures are taken today that were not taken 20 years ago when i first started visiting schools as a member of congress. have -- each time we have a major tragedy like this, i have staff on my committee communicate with law enforcement to gather information so we can look at what might be done. i think most of the things that need to be done relate to laws already in existence. obviously, we need to do more because almost all of these mass shootings involve an issue of mental illness. we need to do more to make sure people are getting treatment. but also, people in these situations are not getting access to gun or when they act out they are probably -- promptly reported. i also have always been a very
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strong advocate for enforcing the hundreds of federal and thousands of state and local gun laws already on the book. i commend the justice department for making this a higher priority. i think even more can be done to when people lie on check forms and do other things theyrchase firearms that are not entitled under the law to have, either because they have a mental health commitment or a criminal convention, -- criminal conviction, but more can be done. host: you can watch tomorrow on c-span or find it online at speaking of school shootings, the wall street journal found more than 180 children and adults have been killed in more schoolsshootings in
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since 1990. on page 87, it lists every one of those names and shows pictures of scores of young people who died in school shootings, today. rick is calling from louisville, ohio, on our independents line. what is on your mind today? caller: 40 years ago, we were the greatest civilization in the history of mankind. inwere number one infrastructure. our banking system was the greatest man has ever seen. that was done throughout the midwest through the labor unions. the greatest generation comes back from world war ii and the korean war. they create the u.a.w., the teamsters, the steelworkers, skilled labor. it literally becomes the greatest civilization in the history of mankind.
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today, we are 30th in the world in education, health care, and infrastructure. we are a fascist country, a military-industrial police state. i have written three books on all of this. i grew up in detroit in the 1960's and 1970's. i have an economics degree, so all of this is simple to me. you have to ask yourself, who was responsible from taking us from being the greatest civilization in the history of mankind to what we have today? it is real easy. you have to go back to the 1860's in the south. the midwest was capitalism and democracy. the south, we fought the south because they wanted slavery. you can see the different ideologies of the north and south. today, the south controls the country through war, oil, basically the state of texas,
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oklahoma, and louisiana with the oil. what is interesting about the south and the media is there are six states that control all of the media. georgia with cnn. florida is disney. the other half on the equation of who destroyed our country is the east coast and the state of california. of the 1960's -- 1950's, 1960's, 1970's were the labor unions. today they are billionaires that live in california. you have j.p. morgan, goldman sachs and those individuals. connecticut with its insurance. california and facebook. it is all laid out. the greatest civilization creates the greatest economic
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system in the history of mankind. you have a history of the south, east, and california. how do they do it? it is called financial engineering and social engineering. host: we have a lot of callers. if you can wrap up in one more sentence, that would be great. caller: you just talk about the n.r.a. and these shootings. the n.r.a. is actually a terrorist organization. andtalk about the f.b.i. the f.b.i. never went after the n.r.a. or the tea party. can i plug my book? host: we have to move on to rudy on the democratic line from sun city, california. caller: good morning, kimberly. after the indictments yesterday, trump tweeted out that we should beware of false allegations and
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conspiracy theories. i almost lost my lunch when i read those tweets. i guess he must have been talking about alex jones, hannity, and fox news. and of course, donald trump himself. that is about all i have to say. thank you very much. "the washington post" says the white house has curbed access for some staffers as john kelly announced beginning next week, the white house will no longer allow some employees with interim security clearances to .ccess top-secret information jared kushner has been able to see some of the nation's most sensitive secrets even as the background investigation has dragged on for more than a year. white house officials have privately discussed concerns his s,earance faces obstacle
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according to people who spoke on the condition of anonymity. host: charles is calling on our republican line from south carolina. caller: you are a serious journalist. i had a question. there are a couple of stories out there that have gotten reasonable attention. i have been surprised they have got gotten -- not gotten national attention. one is the story on the west coast which deals with a prominent democratic contributor and some things going on in his private life. rosenbergston, stan
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which has political corruption, sexual-harassment at the statehouse. it has been surprising. your audience can google either one of them. i have been surprised at virtually nothing in the national news. i was curious if you have followed either one of the stories or why you thought they have not gotten more attention than they have. host: we focus on federal policy issues. we appreciate your call. calling from alabama on the democratic line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have a few points i want to say this morning. number one, when trump was running for president, this bothered me. he said this. .his has been weighing on me
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he said he did not have to ask god for forgiveness. on his campaign, he put out a of of bad words and tone racism. when the shootings came up, everybody says it is mental. it is not mental, it is hate. , murdernothing but hate innocent people. and another thing. i was watching yesterday on fox. couch, they wanted somebody to agree on their side about high-powered rifles. they brought in ted cruz and another guy to go along with this. you have children. i have children. i don't want nobody harmed. a christian does not do this.
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asking americans, starting with our president, to take time and look at yourself and see. i am a genuine christian. this is the way a christian is supposed to act? is calling on our independent line from eldridge, iowa. trump owes putin and his friends so much money that he is willing to sell america to him. thank you. host: john is calling in from sun city center, florida, on our republican line. caller: the problem with the school shooting is, number one, you have to put metal detectors in the school. what are these people thinking? they are not using any common sense whatsoever.
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they have metal detectors in airports to prevent guns. guns do not get in. the n.r.a. has to raise the age limit, number one, ok? and number two is the parents. where are the parents of all of these other shooters as well as this one? and the students at the school all knew what was going on. he showed the pictures of the guns and the dead animals. those are a red flag. it is a shame the parents are not getting into it to take care of their children, number one. ok? the other problem is we are talking about race, ok? white people do not hate black people because of the color of their skin. they hate lack people for the black they commit -- people for the crimes they commit the same way they hate
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white people for the crimes they commit. they beat to death a seven-year-old black boy. we had two different daycare workers, both colored, and they had colored children they were in charge of. they left them in a locked car and killed them. host: all right. virginia is on our republican line from north carolina. we have a little bit of time left. what is on your mind? caller: i have a couple of things. about theof hearing russians and trump because they have nothing. they have 13 russians they cannot get because they are in russia. on isn't hillary indicted uranium with the russians? i am still waiting for those indictments. if they are worried voting, why don't they just cap citizens only vote, and you have to have
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id, and that would eliminate dead people voting and illegals voting. host: tomorrow on "washington journal," we will be joined by dr. amy cleaner from the nonprofit rural education safety network. the concord coalition robert bixby will be here to discuss the impact of u.s. debt and deficit as well as max richtman to discuss the future of social security and medicare following the release of president trump's budget. that is all for today's "washington journal." we will be back tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. eastern. have a great saturday. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] >> next on c


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