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Paul Ryan
  Speaker Ryan News Conference  CSPAN  December 7, 2017 3:41pm-3:54pm EST

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>> they see the old broken system slipping away. we believe that hard-working people get a break and people real t a paycheck get relief. more jobs, a healthier economy, faster economic growth, more andness, more peace of mind it is beyond the status quo. cut through the noise and go through to fairandsimple and see
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what it is what we are doing to improve the lives of millions and millions. thank you. anybody got any questions? reporter: leader pelosi just a few minutes ago that democrats cannot be supporting the c.r.. do you have enough republican votes to avert a shutdown? the speaker: i feel good where we are and let the whip comment. it's kind of basic governing is keeping government going while we negotiate the final details. reporter: i wanted to ask in light of the promises the president and mitch mcconnell made to susan collins do you think the bill -- [indiscernible] the speaker: i wasn't part of those conversations and not familiar with those conversations, health care is broken and we are going to have to fix health care and put
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constructive solutions on the tail. our members are looking at the same kind of solutions and the individual mandate should be repealed and that will invite a new conversation about how we fix health care and that is all productive. reporter: do you think it is truly an omnibus? the speaker: if we try to tell the appropriators on the 7th, write an omnibus, it would be written by the staff and members of congress wouldn't have a hand in writing this. it is too much to ask the appropriators in this short game. i was hoping we would get this agreement a while ago. the democrat leaders walked away from the table. that cost us weeks. in order to write an omnibus appropriation that takes weeks to do and you want to do it write and thoroughly and right now, they don't have that kind of time. reporter: when do you anticipate
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moving in late december? the speaker: we are going to start this conversation back up today down at the white house. it would be nice to get back to the table and start negotiating companies caps. but those conversations have not been taking place because our partners on the other side of the aisle walked away. if they come back to the table, we will start conversations. it takes time and we have to find time to do negotiations. reporter: he hasn't offered to make, is there a counteroffer from republicans and has the freedom caucus' support secure in that? the speaker: are you talking about appropriations --? reporter: appropriations. the speaker: we want the conversations to start back up. we haven't had conversations how to move. we want these conversations started back up. in the meantime, we need to keep the government funded while we
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get the conversations going on again. i meet with people constantly about everything. reporter: a two-week c.r. will they proceed? the speaker: ask the whip. you think i'm going to speculate what is in the conference committee? i'm not going to get ahead of the conferees. what i'm not going to do is start speculating what is or isn't what i want or don't want in the conference report. so it would be poor form of me to negotiate the media on tax reform but get ahead of the people that we just delegated to negotiate the fine version of the tax reform. the speaker: on parity, house -- ity leader pelosi said the speaker: i'm not going to negotiate that either.
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reporter: she thinks that fiscal 2017 did not change the parity argument. how are you going to move forward? the speaker: but not negotiating through the media. reporter: mr. speaker, your conversations with republicans from what we have been told has revolved around december 22, fully fund defense and end the fiscal year and fund the remaining agencies and set up an omnibus. is that something you are supporting? the speaker: i try to open up the playbook to our members so we have a candid conversation. we are very frustrated. you know why? we passed every appropriation bill here in the house before september 30 deadline. the senate didn't bring up a single appropriation bill. so we are frustrated in the
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house because we have done our job and the senate has different rules and different procedures, nonetheless we are frustrated because we have done the work and passed the bills. what we are doing with our members is having a conversation about how to advance our priorities and make sure we can get to the big things done that we are working on like tax reform while minding our equities on the things we care about like funding the military and how do we do that to get these conversations back on the table, get back being constructive and productive and working with people across the aisle so we can get funding for a long term next year and that's the kind of conversation we are having. we are trying to figure out how do we make government work and make good on our priorities and get through these moments where you have friction not just between the house and senate and democrats and republicans. reporter: are you supporttive of
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that concept? the speaker: i would like to keep the conversations within the family. i need to listen to our members and come up with a strategy that we think works to make sure we can get our work done here. reporter: where's the bar set for calling for resignations for members of congress. democrats are doing that and then you have congressman farenthold. the speaker: it's a really good question. so, for instance -- well, first of all, every one of these claims -- whether it's in business, industry or in congress, they have to be taken very seriously. in that particular case, that claim was taken seriously and referred to an independent ethics body, the o.c.e. that body reviewed the claims and then they unanimously voted to dismiss those claims. in that particular case, that did go through an ethics
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investigation. there is another one pending in the ethics committee. so we have to figure out how do we make sure all of these claims are respected and honored and that there is a system of due process and there are standards that are being met. that is why we have these hearings right now in the house administrative -- i have learned so much about this. your first reaction is full total transparency and then victims don't want that. you have to be careful you protect victims and their needs and their concerns as well. this is why we need to be painstaking in making sure we get this right and get it fair. this really is a watershed moment for our country and what i hope we get out of this is real positive lasting change that just not fixes the laws and the procedures but changes the culture. i want my daughter to grow up in
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a country going into the workplace where she is empowered and respected and not fearful for reporting harassment. so we got to get this right. and that's why it is important to have standards and procedures in place and we are having this eview so we can get this done. reporter: last month you called on roy moore to drop out of the race in alabama. given he hasn't, are you comfortable leaving that decision up to -- the speaker: i think he should have dropped out. just because the polling has changed, doesn't change my opinion on the matter. i stand by what i said before. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> remarks there from the house speaker and the house expected
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to start its second and final round of votes here in the house today including a short-term funding government measure. while they are gaveled out, we ook at today's briefing by house minority leader, nancy pelosi. ms. pelosi: good morning. good morning. be with you momentarily. sadly i begin by saying once again we are heart broken by the images of wildfires in california. it's so sad having just experienced this in northern california. it's easier to understand how field in a otball second, the fire travels that quickly. so we're praying again for all of those who are affected and praying also for our first