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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate GOP News Conference  CSPAN  December 2, 2017 6:18pm-6:25pm EST

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hours' notice and has not been read fully or considered fully by a single senator, i move we adjourn until monday so we can first read and then clean up this awful piece of legislation. mr. president, i move to adjourn until monday, december 4,
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>> this is a great day for the country. it has been 31 years since we have gotten comprehensive tax reform. makeve an opportunity to america more competitive and to keep jobs from being shipped offshore and provide substantial relief to the middle class. there are a lot of people to thank -- chairman hatch, chairman makowski, all of the folks you see behind us have worked together as a team, and at the end there was not a single democrat who thought this was a good idea. we are going to take this message to the american people one year from now. toant to turn it over chairman hatch who was here the last time this was done years ago and got a chance to do it one more time. up. up -- come on
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>> i wish you hadn't mentioned i was here the last time. this is a great achievement and something that will help millions and millions of young people and our society as a whole. i'm grateful to all the folks who made this possible and work so hard to make sure we passed this bill. it is a great achievement and i'm grateful to everybody here. mr. chairman, thank you for your leadership on finance and in tackling title i. incredibly important for our country when we think about the growth opportunities that now stand before us. i was proud to be able to pages,d title ii, five of your provision.
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did.perfect job, you >> a measure that has been an issue for even longer than the last rewrite of tax reform. we have been trying to open the oil area for responsible and gas production for close to 40 years. we have come to a good place tonight. we recognize we still have a good -- a bit of process yet to go to get this over the finish line but this is good for alaska and more importantly good for , combined with what we have done tonight with tax reform, this is truly a win for america. of questionsple and that i assume you will have to fall your stories and go to sleep. >> the legislative victory important but you got a lot of criticism for the process and
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the fact that the substitute amendment was not out until 8:30 p.m., the fact that things were written in the margins, is this how you envisioned passing such a large regulation? >> this was done through the regular order. the chairman can attest to the multiple hearings and markups, open amendment process, everyone had plenty of opportunity to see the measure. you complain about process when you are losing and that is what you heard on the floor tonight. can you talk to us about the evolution from last december over the summer when you talked about a neutral bill, there's been an evolution from that? i'm am confident is -- confident it is a revenue neutral bill. i think it is going to be a revenue producer. can be filled, it
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only requires us to go -- to grow .4% over the next 10 years. that is very much achievable. i am totally convinced this is a revenue neutral bill, actually a revenue producer bill that is going to get america moving again. tonight everyone, see you soon. conferencexpect a deck of -- do you expect a conference? >> on monday, the house will vote to send the tax reform bills to a joint committee to work out the final versions.
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both bodies must work out the final version before goes to the president for his signature. before departing for new york city this morning, the president spoke briefly to reporters at the white house about the passage of the tax plan and spoke briefly about former national security advisor michael flynn's guilty plea yesterday. pres. trump: it was a fantastic evening last night. we passed the largest tax cut in the history of our country and many other things along with it. tremendous tax reform, it was the biggest package in terms of tax cuts ever passed in our country. now we go on to conference and something beautiful will come out of that picture. people are going to be very happy, they will get tremendous tax cuts and tax relief. that's what this country needs.