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tv   North Korean Foreign Minister Says President Trump is on a Suicide Mission  CSPAN  September 23, 2017 3:46pm-4:09pm EDT

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and your family are free to go. thank you. mr. mitchell, would you care to join us? >> the pentagon says the u.s. has flown a mission in international airspace over the waters east of north korea. the u.s. says it's the farthest demilitarized join, fighter orerican bomber has flown in this century. dana white says in a statement that the mission shows how seriously the u.s. takes what she calls north korea's reckless behavior. she says we are prepared to use the full range of military capabilities to defend the u.s. homeland and our allies. today, we heard from north korea's foreign minister
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inthe u.n. general assembly new york city. he spoke about the country's nuclear program and its relations with the united states. here are his remarks. >> i will now give the floor to of theency riyong ho, people's republic of north korea. >> mr. president, first of all, me to congratulate your election asn your the president of the 72nd of the united nations' general assembly. i look forward to a successful outcome under your able
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guidance. before going into the main points in my debate, i feel make comments on the speech uttered four days ago by called the u.s. president that renders this u.n. arena tainted. since trump uttered such reckless and violent words, ofvoking the supreme dignity the democratic people's republic platform,t this very i think it is fair enough for me theake a response in corresponding tone. during his eight months in the whitehas turned house into a noisy marketing crackling sounds, thenow he has tried to turn u.n. arena into a gangster's
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blood shed is the order of the day. observed reality that trump, fulltally deranged person, of mania and complacence, a person chastised even by american people as a commander president evil is holding the seat of the u.s. president as the dangerous gambler who grewa old. he holds the nuclear button. these are what constitute the threat to the international peace and security today. lacking of basic knowledge and proper
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sentiment, he tried to insult dignity of my auntry by referring to it as rocket. by doing so, however, he irreversible mistake of making a rocket visit entire u.s. mainland inevitable all the more. none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission. thease innocent lives of u.s. are harmed because of this becide attack, trump will held totally responsible. supreme leader of jong-un, tainted, as a man drk and ong the behalf of the dignity and honor people and myf own, i will make the man holding
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the prerogative of the supreme the u.s. -- his for totallyng destroying the drk. have been aware what is uttered from his mouth, that heill make sure bares consequences far beyond far beyond the scope of what he can handle, even if ready to do so. mr. president, focusing on people, striving for peace and a decent life for all on a sustained planet, this is the crux. all countries and people to enjoy peace and a decent life, to realizeative genuine international justice before anything else. realizing international justice is one of the main missions of the united nations.
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article one of the u.n. charter stipulates to bring about by peaceful means and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law settlement of disputes orl situations which might lead to a breach of the peace. high-handedness and arbitrariness of one particular however, as president, the purpose and principles of the u.n. charter and other established basic principles of international relations are now wantonly u.n. arena.he legi legitimizing high-handedness and violating and justice are not tolerate. violation ofant international justice can be seen on the koreanen peninsula. acts of injustice,
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such as imposing harsh reason thator the the victim chooses to stand up to the offender, openly in the name of the u.n. the essence of the situation, on peninsula, is the the drkation between and the -- national dignity and sovereignty. the united states is the country produced nuclear weapons and the only country that actually used it, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. tois the u.s. that threatens use nuclear weapons against the the korean war in to introducerst nuclear weapons into the korean after the war. the u.s. startened large-scale againstlitary exercises the dprk during the cold war
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further increased their scope and aggressive nature after the cold war, staging the exercises several times a year by mobilizing more of the assets. else could be a bigger the violent remarks and fury,uring fire total destruction, coming from the authority of the world's biggest nuclear power? had toy reason the dprk possess nuclear weapons is because of the u.s. strengthen and develop its nuclear force at the current with the u.s. the u.s. hostile policy and continuedreats have over 70 years and these have led the koreanon on peninsula to a touch and go point. the united nations,
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unjustifiable resolutions which illegalize justice, as justice are randomly adopted due to the highhandedness of the u.s. kimrespective leader, jong-un, chairman of the saysssion of the dprk international justice is never achieved by itself. achieved when the independent countries are strong enough. unless true international justice is realized, the only valid philosophical principle is that force must be dealt with nuclear weapons must be dealt with nuclear hammer of justice. the possession of nuclear by the dprk is a righteous, self-defensive as an ultimate option pursuant to this principle. recently, the dprk has
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conductedly icbm h-bomb tests as a part of achieve the goal of completing the state's nuclear force. dprk has entered completing the nuclear force in accordance with of simultaneous development of the economy and nuclear force. is,national nuclear force for all intents and purposes, a war deterrent for putting an end the u.s.r threat of and for preventing its military invasion. and our ultimate goal is to establish the balance of power with the u.s. distinguished delegates of all countries attending this session fact that thehe nuclearlike other weapons state, made public every time to the world the test in all and its result
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stages of the development and advancement of its nuclear force. since the war deterrent for safeguarding peace and security thehe korean peninsula and region is strengthened enough, the united states and its now think twice before launching military dprk.ation against the although they talk about fire and fury, total destruction and every time they have conditions such as beefully this will not necessary. that is not our first option and so on. accordingly, we are convinced security of the region as a whole have been as much consolidated. we do not need anyone's our status as a
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nuclear weapons state. sacred name of the dprk, flew over the universe sky. the endless blue the warhead of our rocket left of trace on the blue waves the pacific ocean and the tremendous explosion of the were recorded by this planet. although our desire to possess were anweapons inevitable option forced by the inted states, it resulted our country achieving rocket power. now become theas destiny of the dprk. mr. president, the failure of nations in fulfilling its role in realizing genuine isernational justice primarily related to the practices ofold the security council. it is none other than the council which has
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revised the u.n. charter from and onlyfirst article acts in pursuit of the interests of its prominent member states. not incidental that the issue on reform of the security council had already been decided 1992 by resolution, the 47th session of the unga. u.n. has -- it's been discussed every year during the past 25 years, but without any progress at all. itself clearly shows how deeply the current prominent members are obsessed in their vested interests. one prominent member alone can veto over 190 u.n. member states. undemocratic is the security council. reminde to once again
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all the distinguished delegates of the unjust and unfair nature of the resolutions adopted by the security council against the dprk. first, the security council fabricated illegal and double-standard resolutions, which only prohibits the launch dprk, in violation of the international law prescribing peaceful use of outer space as a sovereign right of every state any issuet taking with all other launching countries. second, the security council cooked up illegal and flexible as to the sovereignty of every state. it has not yet entered.
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there are countries that conducted many more nuclear tests. third, the security council developments this condemns the development of nuclear weapons. aggregated thehe resolution and conservation of is the. charter which right of every state. this calls into question the other countries with the latest nuclear weapons of various kinds. these unjust and unfair resolutions continue is the members of the security council -- all nuclear powers have common interests in there's -- their control.
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from the perspective of it islear proliferation, a righteous self-defense mechanism. the international agreement was possible because the nuclear weapons state had made the promise of the threat of nonnuclear weapons. each one will have the right to draw from this. this article recognizes that states have evolved beyond the nuclear proliferation. did not give up the nuclear threat against this but rather compelling the letter to possess nuclear weapons. the eloquently shows that
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resolutions are not based on any established principle and they are nothing less than the of all practices of the security council and the collusion of their interests. that the h-bomb and icbm constitute a global threat, even at the u.n. arena. such a claim is a big lie. the democratic people's republic of his irresponsible weapon state. we will take preventative measures with merciless and we willction
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show any kind of operation on her headquarters or military attacks against our country. to turn we do not have any nuclear weapons that do not join in the us military action. resulting -- resorted to condemn the dprk's location as a global threat. the is about incrementing dprk's sanctions. this is a sneaky and selfish attempt. the governments made a request
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that a form of international law be organized to assess legal grounds but they have not heard secretary in the nine months already. same is true of the fact that the dprk made repeated requests to the united nations security council to assess the serious threat of international peace and security posed by the aggressive and provocative u.s. south korea exercises but these requests were never put on the agenda, turned down every time. that.n. charter stipulates the members of the united nations except that they care at the decisions of the security council. it is the resolutions of the cpr -- on the dprk that are truly lawful and fair. all u.s. ambassadors abroad and even the president and the state
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secretary turn out to course other countries into implementing their resolution. furthermore, there will be no need to the u.s. to bring its stooges like south korea and japan into this. the u.n. member states should pressure of big power. they should make independent judgment on lawfulness, impartiality and morality and reformute to promoting of the u.n. by further raising their voices against high handedness and arbitrary and. the u.s. has put sanctions against our country from the very first day of its foundation. the over 70 year long history of the dprk has been a history of struggle along the road of self-development under the harshest sanctions in the world.
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now we are finally only a few steps away from the final completion of the state nuclear force. hope toly a forlorn think that the dprk would shake or change its stance based on the newer sanctions. all the suffering but against our men, women and children will be accepted. we will make a comprehensive study of total damages and what did on our republic i all caps of sanctions. this committee will thoroughly investigate and compile all moral damages
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imposed on the dprk by the u.s., it's followers and also by those countries that committed to the u.s. portion. the pressure will reach a critical point and drive this into a control the situation. the investigation results of this committee will have a huge up at in holding those accountable, mr. president. my delegation takes is opportunity to extend strong support to an solidarity with the cubans, government and while fighting national sovereignty and realized international justice just began . these are the most contemptible


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