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tv   President Trump Remarks at Church in Pearland Texas  CSPAN  September 2, 2017 10:42pm-10:49pm EDT

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>> the president and first lady also visited a check -- a church in houston. also on hand were texas governor wreck abbott and ted cruz. -- greg abbott and ted cruz. >> [indiscernible] [cheers and applause] >> the governor of texas, i am proud to introduce you to the president of the united states of america. [applause] president trump: thank you very much, governor. i want to congratulate the governor. i want to congratulate everyone who has worked so hard. it has
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been an credible five days, six days. it seems like it as much longer than that, it is going so well that it is going fast in a certain sense. but i want to tell so many of you are faith-based and i just want to tell you tomorrow we have national prayer day. [cheers and applause] president trump: i don't think we have done that for a while in our country. tomorrow is a big day. enjoy the day. congratulations. congratulations on that. i want to thank ted cruz for working so hard with us. and he does not know, but his work is just starting. we have very big authorizations. and come here a minute, brought. what a job you have done. thank you. thank you. the weather is disappearing and we have a long way to go. the
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weather is disappearing and you look at the neighborhoods. even yesterday they had water and today it is all cleaned up and we've got a lot of hard-working people, i will tell you that. a lot of hard-working people. so, i want to thank everybody for being your. you know ben carson. the great ben carson. and it lane, and who likes -- she just had a front page story in the wall street journal, was actually a very good story. did you like it? thank you. thank you. from the v.a., david shelton. [applause] and most importantly, the real boss of the family, right? meet the real boss. thank you. i just
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have to say and i was just telling ted, you have a great governor and a great first lady of texas, special people. they have worked so hard and the coordination between the federal and the state and the local has been terrific and we will keep it going that way. i don't know if it gets better, but we will try and make it at her. what i have to say this. the cameras are blazing. i have to say it. you have a great, great governor. so, on behalf of melania and myself, i want to thank you, governor, for everything you have done, and first lady, thank you so much. thank you very much. i appreciate it. it's really -- it's really, david, seeing something like what has happened here -- david has taken the veterans administration, the v.a. -- we have really been here for eight months, if you think
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about it. those of you who are not vets, we have others who are waiting in line for nine days, 15 days. we take care of it. it's fast in texas. probably in the end it will be less expensive when you think about it, and it will be fixed up perfectly in a matter of minutes. in some cases, bad, bad things happen because they do not get to see a doctor. now you get to see a doctor of your choice. they go out and they get great medical care quickly, governor. you will do it. i go that. [applause] [applause] president trump: i have said this for years. this is so,
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complicated. we read these horrible stories about our great people, a great veterans standing online and waiting for weeks to get to see a doctor and we have great doctors and the v.a., some real talented doctors. are you a doctor in the v.a.? but you see what we are doing. thank you. i appreciate that. we are doing it and we are really proud of it. and, ben, you're doing a spectacular job, really spectacular job. ben has brought a lot of spirit, i can tell you that. i know it well. thank you very much. thank you, everybody. and governor, congratulations on doing a real job, and another congratulations. and then it is a long-term. they say, two years, three years? because this is texas, you will probably do it in six months. [applause]
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president trump: i think a lot of places it never gets done. i think for your place it will get done really quickly. thank you, everybody. national prayer day tomorrow. a real honor to be with you. thank you. thank you. thank you. [applause] [applause]


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