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tv   Vice President Pence Hosts Students at U.S. Naval Observatory for Solar...  CSPAN  August 21, 2017 8:55pm-9:02pm EDT

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verified general relativity with this. >> that image he is showing in the book, 100 years before we could actually see it with a telescope. it is amazing. >> coming up up at the top of the hour president trump will speak about u.s. policy and afghanistan in south asia. meyer inrage from fort arlington, virginia at 9:00 p.m. mike pence also watch the solar eclipse today. he was with students from the cornerstone school at the u.s. naval conservatory.
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that is incredible. >> that is just incredible. you have to look at this. did you see the sunspot? i see something.
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you have to shut one eye. >> i am on the board of this nonprofit. i would like to get a shot. >> it is coming back out. while. -- while. >> we are at 81% everybody.
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you are now in the shadow of this. isn't that amazing? that is incredibly inspiring. i don't. what year was that? think.i backyard. i was in my we put a pen hole through a piece of cardboard. does that sound right? let's get a grip shut your. don't anybody look up.
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just look at me. >> isn't that amazing? we got to get a group shot. can you get a group shot of everybody? >> just a reminder, all of today's solar eclipse coverage available at next on c-span, we will take you live to joint base my henderson
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hall near arlington national cemetery in alexandria, virginia. president donald trump will be speaking to military officials to talk about u.s. strategy and collisionthis after of -- after the conclusion of a policy review. the president will talk about troop levels and strategy. we will follow this with your comments, thoughts, and reaction to tonight's speech.
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