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tv   G20 Summit Closing News Conference With German Chancellor Merkel  CSPAN  July 9, 2017 5:55am-6:40am EDT

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>> thank you, it thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. announcer: president trump did not give a closing news conference before departing the summit but we did hear from other world leaders. german chancellor angle of merkel talked about trade stability and climate change. she also commented on the protest that occurred during the summit. this news conferences 45 minutes. chancellor merkel: eight very
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warm welcome to all of you. i would like to give you an overview of the results of the summit. i told you before the summit the conditions for the success of such a meeting are a little bit complicated. chancellor and hostess of this summit is to continue to show german interest, european interest. is clear that we should not gloss over the differences and the spirit with which we were guided in our work. we had anterday action plan statement on
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terrorism and the meetings yesterday were dealing with the adopted issues. we adopted something here today which in many ways is the basis of what we have been doing here. we in germany have adopted a shaping -- we in germany adopted the motto "shaping an interconnected world." in the communique, we point out the fact that the g-20 revealed its specs at the beginning, and we were able to stabilize the world, and we also say what was true then continues to hold, but we can achieve more together than by acting alone, and this, indeed, was the spirit which guided us. we were able to achieve results.
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the first big set of issues we worked on was trying to assure each and every one participates in and benefits from the opportunities of globalization. the global economy and growth, trade and investment, sustainable global value chains, tapping the potential of the organization and also boosting employment. it was clear there would be discussions on trade, and i am satisfied we were able to say markets need to be kept open. this was all about fighting protectionism and also unfair trade practices. we said we are ready to -- all of the member states are ready to put the oecd, the world trade organizations forward and to allow them to supervise what we are doing and we also see that the benefits of international
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trade, of global trade, have not reached each and every one. so, what we call it an inclusive growth needs also to trickle down to what is happening in the member states. the chances that plays a crucial role in making this possible, and complement tree to that, bilateral trade agreements can be subdued but have to be in line with wto rules, and we therefore wish every success. there was one specific issue, the steel sector that loomed large. we agreed on setting up a global forum that will be supervised and it has worked rather slowly. so it is very important
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so that in november, a substantial report can be tabled, which will also than offer effective solutions to this issue of excess capacity, and i hope this format will be used in order to address those contentious issues on the table. in a second session, we addressed the issue of security stability for civilians, which means we need a resilient financial system. finance ministers did exemplary work preparing this. sometimes, the hamburg action plan reflects that. it is important that we work systematically in bringing this forward.
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it was pointed out that we absolutely need to be vigilant establishing a level playing field for the international financial market structure. we then also mentioned the erosion in profit shifting issues. that, too, is of central importance for establishing fairness in taxation. we also pointed out how important it was for those who may well cast and pall over the stability of the global economy. we talked in a special session together with the head of the who. we had for the first time leading up to the summit a meeting of health ministers.
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we think we are better equipped to show a common and determined front. another very important area and health is fighting antimicrobial resistances. the first session deals with sustaining livelihoods, improving sustainable livelihoods. we talked about participation and empowerment of women. that is something where we build on the meeting in brisbane where we said we wanted to close the employment gap and participation gap. two further initiatives were added to that. on the one hand, these skills
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initiatives we consider to be of primary importance because this really is a central factor of education and skills and with regard to digitalization, our african colleagues highlighted the importance of education is key to promoting sustainable growth in africa. we also at some length discussed the german initiative that was supported by colleagues in africa of the g-20 shouldering responsibility. a central element of that is our compact with africa and with individual african countries. there, too, we have adopted a trade agreement. this is a very important initiative because the african union that was represented, with
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its agenda outlined for the first time what they envisaged for the future of africa. we then also looks at migration and flight and discussed this at some length and particularly on corruption, a number of very important things. one crucial thing was climate energy, and what came out of the meeting was what i had already said at the beginning of this meeting. wherever there is a consensus that can be achieved and agreement has to be made clear, you know that, unfortunately -- and i deplore this, but the united states of america left the climate agreement or,
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rather, announced their intention of doing this. but i am very gratified to note that the other 19 member states noted that the paris agreement is irreversible and we feel committed to what we agreed on, and that it is to be limited as quickly as possible and we also agreed on a hamburg action plan. ladies and gentlemen, this brings me to the point that this declaration is one document, but what we have also adopted that i pointed out to you already, we have committed ourselves to a number of obligations. in 2019, japan will take over the presidency and in 2020,
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saudi arabia. the margins of such a summit meeting, there will be always opportunities for meeting leaders and bilateral meetings. i think this is a very useful tool, not only for discussions between the american and russian president, but the french president and i were able to talk about the future of the normandy format. and we also were able to work on a number of other issues and achieve goals. the results that i outlined to you and all of the success we achieved throughout these two days was only possible because of the policemen and women, security forces, insured our safety during this summit. they had a very difficult task. they also saw to it it was their
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mission that those who wanted to peacefully demonstrate could do so. they have tried their utmost to do that. on behalf of all the members of the g-20, i would like to thank them. i conclude each and every one who has seen to it that the summit could take place. the brutality with which the police forces were attacked i condemn wholeheartedly. there is no justification whatsoever for pillage, arsenic, -- for pillage, arson, for brutal attacks. those who act in this way are not at all interested in entering political criticism or standing up for people on this planet. to act like this can no longer be called a democrat.
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i talked to the chief of police forces who was responsible for ensuring our security. i will later on talk to the first mayor of hamburg and ask him also to pass on our thanks to his police force. as you know, this operation is still ongoing, and they have done a tremendous job, and i am truly grateful. i talked to the finance. we will see to it how we can together with the city of hamburg try and alleviate and also look at how, not if, we can offer compensation for the personal damage that they incurred. that is my way of introductory statement. now i am open to take questions.
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>> madame chancellor, you talked about violence. my question is to what extent have the guests, the presidents, the heads noticed the violence? what about the protests, violent and peaceful? have they had any impact on the ability to go up with a general shared communiqué? >> i believe in the many activities of a civil society, and i would label these peaceful demonstrations on the margins of this summit civil society engagement. i think they have contributed to our observing that when we meet here, many, many people are expected to come up with results. a citizen at the beginning of
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this meeting. i also set it in public. on the other hand, the guests obviously also saw that. some of them had first-hand experience because they were not able to leave their hotels or get to their hotels and also they watch television, so you may rest assured they were familiar with what was going on, but they were impressed also by the work of the policemen and women, and this is why they asked me to pass on their gratitude to the police forces and security forces. >> you mentioned the africa partnership. are there specific amounts which were agreed upon? how much money would be used to promote the partnership? >> this compact with africa is more about how. i think we have all seen traditional development aid for many years has been used as a
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single instrument, almost exclusively. all investments were taken out of a few countries with a very active state in investing in africa, but this is itself would not bring africa forward. there had to be the right mix of private investments, good government, the right conditions in place so private business would become interested. for example, legal certainty, transparency. what we also brought to the conference with africa, namely that these agreement with individual african countries ought to be forged, and also these partnerships where some have already been put in the window, if you like, so it is not a donor conference, but more an organization trying to place the spirit of partnership into the foreground and develop instruments to do this.
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africa is going to be very much invested in from this. 325 million euros can be put into this, and, obviously, they will be leveraged to the tune of several billion so they can then go towards helping young, female entrepreneurs. the united states would earmark for the world food program a substantial sum. if you look at south sudan, somalia, the south lake region, the sheer number of people who are affected. >> i would like to come back to the climate.
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there was an argument about how the americans could get there reservations into the communiqué. why has there been no improvement in the communiqué? are you condoning that? are the 19 others condoning that? is this not a major concession to the americans you are making? and there was hope the prime minister might return to the paris agreement. do you share this optimism? >> at this time, i do not share this optimism. we took this up in the communiqué in the passage that describes the american position. it becomes clear that this is the american position.
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the united states of america announced its own position. that clearly shows they are not in on this. second, it shows the position of all of the others, which is clearly stated, namely that the paris agreement is irreversible, so i think it became very clear. unfortunately, we were not able to come to a compromise. it is very clear that there is a disagreement. >> thank you very much, madame chancellor. i have a question on the riots. there has been talk of anarchy and the failure of the state. it is very atypical for germany that this should happen. are you thinking about consequences should this happen again? >> i believe the police
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operation was executed very carefully. i believe i told you what i think of the violence at these riots. the fact that unfortunately citizens of this city had to suffer, i said we could offer compensation to the as quickly as possible and with as little red tape and bureaucracy as possible. as we all know, demonstrations are still ongoing. i hope they will remain peaceful, but they may well turn into riots again, but our police are here.
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our security. there are apparently people who have no interest whatsoever in making any substantial progress, but who in blind fear is simply destroy. >> we would like to come back to the sentence on the climate question. we heard this morning this was the only sentence which was pending. what changed between last night and this morning that europeans did agree to that? >> we amended the declaration, and it says very clearly without
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a doubt, the united states of america, underlined very clearly what they want, and then we state very clearly what the european position is. in the english version, the united states of america states and the other members state, it is clear that this is not a common position. the united states thinks of it in this way and the other member states think of it in that way. so it was very clear. we worked on it until noon today.
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>> i'm from the kurdish news agency. madame chancellor, you have been talking to your guests about terrorism in the middle east. anyone who is against isis -- they are not a state yet. are you in favor for or against the independence of kurdistan? >> i am for the kurdish territories being part and parcel of iraq. this is a condition for our support, and we say this in all of our talks with the kurds in iraq. >> allow me if i may before mr. freed takes the floor. because you asked questions related to climate and energy.
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the concern we had was that when it is about what further forms of cooperation, is this only about renewables, about low carbon technologies, how can we continue to cooperate? because the united states as regards gas, as regards clean coal, they want to deliver this to other countries who might look at all the others who are supporting this as well and this is why we clearly stated -- if you look at what you have, the declaration before you, you will see that there is a very clear distinction in the second paragraph, that it is only the position of the united states. >> can i come back to the question of violence, madame chancellor?
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if there are recriminations, i would like to ask your opinion. people are saying it was a mistake to hold the meeting in a large city in the newer district, and secondly, that u.s. federal chancellor took this into account because of a good photo opportunity, and you jeopardize the well-being of police in so doing. would you say to that? >> let me say that first and foremost, we have a situation where the g-20 is awarded to individual regions, and this year, europe was the region to which it was awarded. we had it in london before which is not exactly a small city.
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all g-20 members in the european union, we have the g-seven meeting in italy, and this is why -- well, germany, in a way, lends itself to hosting this. frankly, as a big economy, as a country that has always been out there advocating as a country interested in many developmental issues and supply chance and so on, to see to it that this is all forward, that we would achieve progress on these issues i felt was very important for us. secondly, we talked about all of the different issues about security and police forces with the city of hamburg. i do not think we can accept a situation where we say in certain areas you cannot simply
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hold conferences. we have here the facilities. the police have done their best. they continue to do their best. i can only say that i very much wish for a very clear distinction made. i at least do this all the time, between peaceful demonstrators. they have every right to peacefully demonstrate. but this blind fury that was unleashed -- that is something we cannot tolerate. >> chancellor, i wanted to ask about your relationship with trump. i'm over here. i wanted to ask about your relationship with the american president. you were rather critical. you said that the europeans
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would have to learn henceforth. now we have seen a trump that has had a certain compassion towards you, would you per this -- would you perhaps say he has praised your conduct -- would you say he has learned more about what multilateral -- multilateralism means, or is he going to go home again and slept more duties on steel and such things? >> i can only take things as they come along. there are certain areas where i feel we have actually achieved very good agreements. the head of the world trade organization was quite satisfied with what we achieved. it is in many ways a more independent observer than i can be as host of the meeting.
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negotiations remain difficult, but we have been able to get results. what will happen tomorrow or the day after is not something i can make any safe predictions on, but i can only hope that what i said holds true, that we as europeans have to be the drivers of a commitment and engagement. we have to do more. this remains true, and also the fact that we need to take a stronger interest in settling international conflicts peacefully. that remains true. there are many areas where we made clear that together we can achieve more than if we stand alone. this actually is the position that i took here.
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continue. steel, that was difficult. we have a spirit of compromise. we are ambitious. this,do not do retaliatory measures that are bilateral are possible. >> i have a question which comes from that. warnedthe summit, it was that there could be a trade war opening up.
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what is the probability of such a thing diminishing? >> my beliefs are that the is ans in the global form important step forward. a lot of work still has to be done. steel is only one issue of the many trade issues out there. discussions will continue to be difficult. what we were able to do within the framework of the g 20, including the importance of roles-based international trade, these are the steps that can be made but -- and this will continue to remain on the agenda. chancellor, right on the side care. -- right on the side here. the g to the summit -- there has
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-- the g 20 summit, there have never been such riots. >> i think that one needs to take each case individually. riots have to be fought against. the police have done an exemplary job addressing that. it is clear that violence and been broughthave here. many came expressly to riot here in hamburg. and we condemn this, obviously. the images are not nice at all.
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and in many ways, they are the -- they are a slap in the face of those that want a civil society. i think we have to clearly show that we have worked hard, we have achieved something we have been able to ensure the safety of the participants of the forearm. we cannot lump it all together and provide the same yardstick. back to turkey and president erdogan. he met turkish ministers. there were clear tensions earlier on because of being able to speak or not. what happened over the summit with president erdogan? a bilateral meeting at
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his request. i would say that turkey and president erdogan showed a lot of contentment and -- showed a lot of commitment and were very engaged. we also paid tribute to turkey's actions regarding refugees and the migration agenda. but we also, clearly pointed to the many differences we have. the large number of arrests and the fact that members of parliament were not able to visit the base in incirlik. we have not glossed over the differences. madame chancellor, when it
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comes to ukraine, we were told that there would be a new range of negotiations. new round of talks. in your talks with vladimir putin, did you feel anything was changing? is there any reason to be optimistic that a resolution could come? >> we held this meeting because has not hadresident an opportunity to meet. i spoke with the ukrainian feel wet so he didn't were talking about issues important to the ukraine without him. i spoke with the french president that we were going to
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continue this process. it is a slow process. there are sometimes setbacks. we did not klos this over. -- gloss this over. we said we wanted to find an appointment with a telephone call with the ukrainians. we did not klos this over, again. -- we did not gloss this over, again. madame chancellor, how would you assess his contribution to the discussions -- regarding president trump? did it cause confusion when it trump wasp -- ivanka sitting there with other heads of state? >> the delegations themselves
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decide, should the president not be present for a meeting, who should take over. was part and parcel of the american delegation. that is something that other delegations also do. it is well-known that she works and that shehouse is also engaged in certain initiatives. activelycan president participated in drafting the declarations. the climate document showed there was disagreement. we have different divisions but the negotiations on trade were also quite tough. right now, the united states has taken its position.
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on steel for example, we have a very ambitious timetable. it also has something to do with concerns that maybe if we do not do this, we will not be able to solve this issue in the multilateral way and in a global forum and people will resort to bilateral measures which is something people do not want. the u.s. delegation and the chinese delegation and the europeans said they were ready to accept the global format and activity. the declaration came about and could only come about together with the united states of america. but as i said, there were tough negotiations. the man with the red tie, three lines from the back. >> thank you, madame chancellor. i'm with shanghai media, china.
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my question -- thank you. the g the topic back to 20 itself. how do you see the future of g 20 as a powerful international organization promoting openness against the head when of -- the headwind of isolationism and populism? the chinese president had a very successful state visit to germany. you are also the european leader who visits china the most openly . how do you characterize the relationship between china and germany under your leadership? thank you. as you know, we have a very special cooperation with china that goes beyond i lateral cooperation. the cousin of the fact that china was hosting the g 20 last
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year and already addressed issues that we felt were very important. were example, health. in thecluded that concluding statements and in the declaration and we have built on that. there is a very clear link and this will continue with argentina. ,he on to bilateral cooperation we see eye to eye in many areas. there are also differences of opinions in other areas. where we wantes to discuss shaping globalization and together we were supported by china in developments of that topic. china knows a lot about development. they also feel it is important for african states to develop. very good and intensive cooperation and bilaterally we all benefit from it as well. that there should
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be advancement in rwanda and angola. agency foris an development founded by the germans and the chinese. seat -- seed first to confirm that this cooperation continues. >> last question from this gentleman here in the second row. gensler, you were saying that free trade was a tough subject to discuss. the high-level representatives from russia, the usa, and the eu president. there anygins, was discussion on the north stream to project? >> not in my presence and i have not heard anything about it. i cannot comment at all.
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one more question because that was so brief? the thirdy there in row who has been waiting a long time. >> despite what is happening, the question is, do you think there will be any warming of relations with vladimir payton after the meeting with the russian federation? i was delighted that on the margins of the g 20 meeting, there was a first meeting between president trump and president vladimir putin. i always say that one should always talk to one another. it may not settle all conflicts
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but it is a start. they have made a start as well. i was gratified to know that they spoke at some length, at great length, and they will continue their contacting we can trust that the relationship will come out of it. that are certain problems can only be salt by the united states and russia together be it syria, disarmament issues, be it north korea, another issue that was addressed here. absolutelythey will need it on north korea and south korea and here also, we stand ready to support them. and it can only lead to the benefit of all if there is a good, candid, and open dialogue the unitedna and states of america. thank you very much.
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>> russian president vladimir putin also address the media on the final day of the g 20 summit where he once again denied russian involvement in the u.s. elections. summit is 20of the minutes. it starts with the question on ukraine. or do you think that russia and ukraine will continue to drift apart. if you look at the background of the special representative who's been nominated, what do you think of that? the interest of russia and ukrainian peoples, i'm absolutely convinced of that.


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