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tv   Jessie Opoein on the Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin  CSPAN  July 7, 2017 8:13am-8:19am EDT

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for crafting a bipartisan health care bill as a christmas present for america in 2017. senator schumer has called for a bipartisan crafted plan. i want nelson and rubio to join the bipartisan congressional working group. i want my congressman to join. i want the democrat east of us, join andarlie crist to be leaders for the country.ation of this george mason university can schedule this because they have a conflict resolution department . it is time for congress to take over control of the united states. , we canonstitution says on occasion when necessary. i want senators to start joining the bipartisan congressional working group. senatorsessage to his
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ben nelson and marco rubio. let's go to wisconsin. "theitical reporter with capital times" joining us via skype with what senator ron johnson is thinking. what is ron johnson's position? caller: ron johnson has slowed down the process on this bill, somewhat surprisingly took people that have watched him campaign against the affordable care act in his last 2 elections . he is not so much opposed to the content of the bill, though he does have some objections. he has decided the process needs to slow down. he has been holding telephone town halls to get more input. it is not necessarily going to be a no in the end, but he is
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putting the brakes on it. host: he wants them to slow down? why? caller: he is hearing a lot of opposition. there is a marquette university law school in wisconsin that said 54% of people in the state want congress to keep the affordable care act and fix it as opposed to repeal and replace . the repeal and replace number was 27%. a smaller portion of the routetion in favor of the they are taking. he is hearing a lot of anger, fear, sadness, what a lot of senators across the country are hearing. he has been holding telephone town halls. no matter what his vote is at the end of the day there will be frustrated constituents, but he is definitely getting opposition
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to it here. host: he was on "meet the press." here's what senator johnson had to say about rising premiums under the affordable care act. [video clip] obamacare as at crazy system, talking about the people busting it working 60 hours a week and left with premiums that have doubled and coverage cut in half. those are the forgotten men and women in the health care debate. we have done something with our health-care system you would never think of doing with auto insurance for you would require auto insurance to sell a policy to someone after they crashed their car. guaranteed issue, guaranteed for pre-existing conditions, causes markets to collapse and premiums to skyrocket. you can address people with pre-existing conditions without collapsing markets by designing .igh risk pools
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they have to institute an invisible high risk pool. we don't have the honesty to talk about these things with real information, real facts, go through the problem-solving, and agree on achievable goal, set strategies, then pass legislation. what has been the impact of the affordable care act in wisconsin? who you ask.pends senator johnson and president trump have pointed out people in wisconsin who have had negative experiences with the affordable care act. the flipside is all of the stories of how it saved people's lives. you will get a little bit of both. wisconsin did have a high risk pool system prior to the affordable care act, something senator johnson has been pointing out. what makes wisconsin different in terms of republican states is
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that governor walker did not accept the medicare expansion. a bigger concern here is what happens with the language in the bill the way it is, is wisconsin negatively impacted? , whensenator johnson would he like them to try to repeal and replace the affordable care act? the senate leadership would like to hold a load when they return next week, but there are folks like senator johnson and other republicans who say we are weeks away from an actual vote. caller: i have heard anything from two to four weeks to even longer. i don't know if he has a specific timeline. but the immediate vote they were looking for was something he would take flak for. he is not beholden to the party leadership. he is not running for reelection and did not get a lot of help in his last election. he


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