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tv   Senator Bernie Sanders on Shooting of Congressman and Capitol Police...  CSPAN  June 18, 2017 1:34pm-1:36pm EDT

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well, luckily, it is good that he doesn't go so far as to blame us for that. he says he wrote a memo of his conversation with the president, and then he leaked it via a friend of his to the press. it looks really strange when you memorized your conversation with the supreme commander in chief and leak it to the press. does it make him any different to mr. snowden? mr. snowden is a human rights activist who defends some kind of position. again, this some kind of persecution we would be ready to offer political asylum to mr. comey if he was persecuted in the u.s. >> we have many questions in our call center, and i am
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transferring to natalia. >> our call center is overloaded. we have 2 million calls coming in from russia. we received 700 video calls, per minute. social media is overloaded. we are being watched and listened to by thousands of people. i give up floor to one of them. hello? please, ask your question and introduce yourself also, please. >> good day. my aim is andrea. i am very much worried about the coal dust problems. when the coal is being loaded openly, it poisons the air.


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