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tv   Washington Journal Richard Wolf Previews Neil Gorsuchs Swearing-in  CSPAN  April 10, 2017 7:21am-7:27am EDT

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i watched our troops come home in 1969. are we going to do this again? my brother was in iraq and afghanistan. he can't even talk about the horrors he went through. so disappointed in the republicans at this point. i have always been an independent. i'm going to go file to become a democrat at this point. i am just sick and tired of this country not standing up for something firm. our framers of the constitution had something in mind. ended late toess stop. thank you very much. host: we want to let our viewers know that judge neil gorsuch, soon to be justice neil gorsuch officially takes his seat on the supreme court bench today.
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talk about his day we bring in richard wolf, usa today supreme court correspondent. where and when does judge gorsuch's day start today? starts at 9:00 a.m. at the supreme court where he will be sworn in in a private ceremony. he is just given the judicial oath by the chief justice. the entire swearing-in will be private. at that point is officially a justice. at 11:00 that there will be a public swearing-in at the white house. i think it's in the east room with president trump present. that will be administered by justice kennedy.
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that's the second both. it's actually a different post. that's the one all federal employees take. he does have to take both of oaths. you need some sort of public ceremony so that will happen at 11:00. host: how soon can he actually get to work? does he have a team of clerks already in place? caller: he can get to work today and i presume he will. there is no time to waste basically for the very reason senate republicans wanted him on the bench. so he could participate not just in the cases that come before , the courthis month sits from october through april. about six days per month.
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starting next week he will be on the bench. that will be the first time we see him on the far right as we view the bench. i mean literally, not figuratively. he can get to work in his chambers as of today. he has a full slate of clerks for the remainder of this term. most of them -- i think all of them are former gorsuch and circuit clerks, most of which are not very straight out of law school types. they are lawyers who have been working in academics or in private is eight to 12 years. a lot of them graduated from law school in the early part of the 2000. starred in one of the advertisements recently saying that he should be acceptable.
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she is someone who had worked in the obama administration and clerked for one of the liberal justices on the court. i believe it was justice kagan. his clerks one of for the remainder of this term. the first big case that judge gorsuch will hear? a number ofe is different ways of answering that. the simplest way is one of the cases that comes before the court next week is a case involving trinity lutheran church of missouri, which wanted to be part of a state grant program. the state gives out grants to nonprofits who want to improve the floor of their playgrounds. but it is a big state church case about whether churches can participate in these types of programs.
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the constitution says separation of church and state dictates the church isn't allowed to be an applicant. the church has applied for this grant and came in fifth out of 44 applicants. the state had enough money for far more than five. over theped right church and said, we can't give money to a church. the church has lost all of the lower rounds of this case. the court clearly delayed hearing this case for the longest time. they agreed to hear this case about a year ago. they delayed scheduling it clearly so that whoever would be on the bench. thinkis every reason to based on the way that judge gorsuch has ruled on religion cases on the 10th circuit that he would be a vote in favor of the church.


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