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tv   U.S. Policy in Asia- Pacific Region  CSPAN  March 19, 2017 7:50pm-8:01pm EDT

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if i don't get reelected, i did to come home and spend more time with you, and i am ok with that. thank you, god bless you. [applause] i want to thank everybody for coming. make sure you have filled out your contact sheets. if there are any cards, please get them to the people at the doors. thank you again for coming. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016]
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announcer: secretary of state rex tillerson's last stop on his asia chip -- asian trip was to china, where he met with the president. they made remarks to the press on u.s.-china relations. [indiscernible]
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>> said very tillerson, welcome to china. it is my pleasure to meet you here for the first time.
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you have made a lot of active efforts to achieve a smooth transition in our relationship under the new era. we also appreciate your comment that the china-u.s. relationship can only be defined by corporation.
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president trump and i have spoken to each other twice on the phone, and we exchanged three letters. both he and i believe that we need to make joint efforts to advance china-u.s. corporations, and we believe that we can make sure the relationship will move ahead in a constructive fashion in the new era. i am confident that as long as we can do this, the relationship can surely move in the right direction.
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in the recent period, the officials of the two sides have maintained intensive communication. and to push forward the relationship in a constructive manner, that includes your visit this time. i know you had productive meetings with key officials on the chinese side. i have followed his meetings and received reports. i glad to see that good progress has been made -- i am glad to see that good progress has been made. sec. tillerson: thank you very much for that warm welcome and for receiving me in beijing on this, my first visit to china as secretary of state.
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president trump places a very high value on the communications that have already occurred between yourself and president trump, most particularly the very lengthy telephone conversation, where they were improved exchanges to the understanding of china's view of the relationship with the united states, and in president trump's view, as well, he looks forward to enhancing that understanding and the opportunity for a visit in the future.
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we know that through further dialogue, we will achieve a greater understanding that will -- ato a strengthened strengthening of the ties between china and the united states, and set the tone for future relationship of cooperation. i appreciate very much the time that the foreign minister and senior counselor had extended to me on this visit. we had very conference of dialogue regarding important areas for future discussion, and also important elements to ensure a successful visit in the future.
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announcer: tomorrow, live coverage of the confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee neil gorsuch begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span two. it is expected to last three days. you can also find it online at, listen on the radio at, and we will re-air it monday night on 8:30 p.m. eastern on c-span 2. announcer: monday night on "the communicators," acting chair of the federal trade commission talks about the role of the commission and protecting consumer privacy on the internet, the internet of things, and how the ftc is functioning with two commissioners.
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she is interviewed by the tech policy reporter for "morning consult." >> reset your feelings is the ftc is not primarily a regulator when it comes to mandating best cyber security practices for internet connected devices, whether those are thermostats, refrigerators, cars. what is the best way to secure the ftc is an >> enforcement authority. we have brought a case several years ago against a company called transnet that had an internet enabled candler -- internet enabled camera that had a security flaw that allowed anyone to post a live feed. announcer: watch "the communicators," monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span 2. a" withr: next, "q and author and writer sheelah kolhatkar.
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then british prime minister theresa may takes questions from the rich house of commons. after that, talk about supreme court nor many -- supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. ♪ announcer: thiweek on "q&a, "new yorker" writer sheelah kolhatkar discusses her book "black edge, inside information, dirty money, and the quest to bring down the most wanted man on wall street." host: sheelah kolhatkar, author of "black h," who is stephen telling? >> he continues to be a legendary figure


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