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tv   SOT - Ferguson on ABC This Week  CSPAN  February 12, 2017 7:57pm-8:01pm EST

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already admitted into this country. are you thinking among these lines? >> legal permanent residents were not subject to the trouble restriction. house set up by the white counsel because it was the meaning of the executive order. it was the same fact that led order.ton judge to there is no cost usual right for a citizen in a foreign country to demand entry into our country. willa right cannot and never exist. this is an ideological disagreement between those who believe we should have borders and controls and those who believe there should be no borders and controls. that is the essence of this debate. the bottom line is the president's power in this area represents the apex of executive authority. we have multiple tools and get
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-- among multiple fronts to ensure that those entering our country share our values and our people, something supported by the overwhelming majority of the american public. >> for judges have looked at this case, all four have completely and utterly rejected the present arguments in this case, and we anticipate winning going forward. going anticipate winning forward. it appears the ministration will come forward with a new executive order. if they come forward with one legalncludes language on permanent residents, would you still fight? if what theyght come up with violate the constitution and is unlawful, which the current executive order most certainly is. that is my job that everyone in this country, even the president, upholds the constitution. >> we will put the lot of right up right now.
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it says that it would be entryental -- if the would be governments of the united states, he made, by proclamation, deem necessary suspension of the entry of all aliens. securitynal responsibilities put him in a very difficult situation. >> absolutely. there is another document that the president is not reading from, which is becomes intrusion. people have the right to due process. no one is above the law. an executive order must still be constitutional -- consistent with the constitution. that is the problem that the president keeps running into in the ninth circuit. a," then,q and
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theresa may takes questions from the house of commons. then, a discussion on u.s. policy towards russia and ukraine. ♪ q and a,"eek on " edward jay epstein discusses his book "how america lost its secrets: edward snowden, the man and the theft." edward jay epstein, in your opinion, why did president obama pardon edward snowden? president obama, in this case was the man who knew too much. unlike the world of journalism, the world president


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