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tv   Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Holds Weekly Briefing  CSPAN  February 2, 2017 9:14pm-9:25pm EST

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fallen over the 14 days and is there something specific that is most disappointing? ms. pelosi: it's not a question of crest falling. my crest fell on election day, but you are ever hopeful. i don't have great expectations from what i heard, but that day was a matter of courtesy, peaceful exchange of power is a matter of courtesy. there wasn't anything jovial or lighthearted. don't mistake courtesy for approval or anything else positive. the next day -- on january 20, we had the peaceful transfer of power with inauguration of the new president. the next day we had the peaceful show of power with millions of women, men, and families turning out across our country and across the world to say, here we
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are, we are paying attention, and we have concerns. many of them marched to protect our care. i was happy about that. but they had other issues about -- other issues as well. it was organic and spontaneous and we have concerns. and wasn't organized by any elected officials or political party. it was the people turning out. i thank them for that show, that show of we are listening and watching, look at us. but also, i think that led to people showing up at the airports last weekend. they saw their power. they knew their power, and they said, ok, we'll show up again. thousands of people across the country, and into airports that didn't have some of the challenges we had in san francisco and kennedy and other places. so that is where you are less crestfallen. on the steps of the supreme court, we had a press conference
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and thousands of people showed up there. i think you have heard me say over and over, president lincoln said public sentiment is everything. and the more the public shows they are aware of what is happening and hold us all accountable, democrats and republicans alike, this is not political, it's about america and our patriotic duty to be informed and weigh in and hold people accountable whose decisions affect their lives. that is what lifted my spirits, the women's march, certainly not the inauguration. reporter: regarding rex concerned now you that he has been confirmed that there will be moves by the white house and the state department to lift sanctions? rep. pelosi: i would be concerned about it. i don't know. what the president has to understand is that when you are president of the united states, your words weigh a ton. so even with your administration putting out that we are going to
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review that is staggeringly dangerous. because the sanctions on russia and their aggressive military behavior are very important to us, our allies in europe, and to global security. i visited the countries, talked to members in the e.u. about this, and this would seriously undermine our nato alliance as well. these sanctions have to be multilateral. and hurtful to the europeans to -- who have have proximity. but the fact is they're necessary. there should be no doubt in anyone's mind as to where we are on the sanctions. somebody said if they reduce their nuclear arsenal, then we'll lift the sanctions. sanctions have nothing to do with a nuclear arsenal, they have to do with their military
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aggression, and that's where the relationship is. i'm concerned about it, but as i have said before, i'm more concerned about what the russians have on donald trump that he is flirting with the idea he might lift the sanctions. is there any discussion about legislation to codify the sanctions? i know there has been discussion on the senate side. rep. pelosi: the sanctions exist. i don't think there should be any doubt as to whether they will be enforced. the president has to make that clear. he has to make that clear. otherwise, putin will be laughing all the way to the bank and also to the military front. reporter: i wanted to ask you about nondisclosure agreements and whether you believe it's appropriate for congressional staffers who are paid by the american taxpayers to find them to work with the administration. rep. pelosi: no, i don't think
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it's appropriate at all. and what bothers me in addition to that is nondisclosure agreements on the part of the administration with members of the staff of the house of representatives, serious separation of power issue, a. b, in keeping with a nontransparency attitude of the administration, where they are saying those tweets from the e.p.a. and other places jeopardizing the rights of whistleblowers in our system. and so transparency is a very important value that produces better results for the american people. and what they are doing is shutting down. in fact, they want to shut you down. and i think our freedom of the press is their biggest guardian of our democracy. and you see this being heralded around the world as a concern
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that other journalists have in other countries that nationalist governments coming in there might have the same attitude. we are all in this together about openness and government and transparency in what we do. and this nondisclosure is another manifestation of their suppressing information. i have had conversations with our ranking member on the committee, mr. conyers. they are having a hearing today. i don't know that -- it's not on this subject, but it may be brought up there. but we definitely cannot ignore what has happened there. reporter: thank you. something you just said, you mentioned vocabulary. a lot of discussing over the use of repair. they are pulling back, republicans, and saying the health care system and not the
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health care law. do you buy that explanation? rep. pelosi: the health care system is what it is, and the legislation -- if we had no health care system, we probably would have had a single payer with community health centers all over the country as the bulk of delivery of service to our people. but we do have a health care system. and some of the provisions of the affordable care act, we attempted to affect behavior, behavior of how doctors charge, behavior of how safety in hospitals is protected and how we address disparities among minorities, how we address culturally appropriate approaches to health care, but also how we rely more on technology in terms of electronic medical records and the rest of that. so, there is legislation, in
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order to honor our three pillars, our three goals, which were to expand coverage, which we have done by 20 million, at least, people. and to improve benefits, which we have done for everyone in our country, including 155 million who get their coverage through the workplace. and third, to a lower cost. and all of these areas, we have been successful. we need to be more successful in lowering costs, because we have to address the prescription drugs, which are the biggest increase in our care. but the rate of growth of health care in our country is the lowest in the 50 years they have been measuring it. so, certainly as you expand, improve, and lower costs, you are addressing some of the systems of our health care to name just a few. but the bill is fraught with things that improve its value, not volume.
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that is one of the important principles of the affordable care act. about procedures, it is about progress in the health of the person. in other words, if you live in a place where a person goes in and they receive care, but they care is not as value based as it should and they are dismissed, and then they come back, remittances caused a great deal of the cost, increased a great deal of the cost. the bill, again, as one of its priorities, has value, not volume, of services, progress, not the number of procedures. .hat is written into the bill if they have good ideas, we would love to hear them. they have had seven years to come up with it, and so far we hear vocabulary changes and the rest, but hopefully we can find common ground.
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to we will stand our ground protect the affordable care act, because we believe it is a right , health care is a right of everyone, not just a privilege for the few. that's it. reporter: thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: later, house speaker paul ryan spoke about the affordable care act and president trump's executive order on immigration. this is 15 minutes. rep. ryan: we continue to make progress on the american people. this week, we have wiped out a rule that threatens to wipe out thousands of dollars --


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